The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            I was well aware of the myth that using too much of the devil’s power would wear out the soul–but for that reason, I even doubted Dietrich, who returned from the battlefield–and, as far as I know, he was consistently unchanged.

Indifferent but friendly child. Even if I’m dull to my injuries, I hate my injuries.

Because such a delicate and warm affection cannot be the devil’s.

So I was off guard.

Even though the demons of Veronica and Yuric were actually Dietrich’s, and knew that the contractor was one, and that he had to pay the price alone.

‘Why did you think Dietrich would be okay?’

The reason was simple. Because it didn’t appear in the original. It was overwhelming just to cope with the crisis that was approaching my nose, because I couldn’t think deeply.

In the end, it was not to blame Baal for not warning in advance. I sat down, letting go of his legs that I had held with great strength.

“… … Princess?”

The devil calls me in an anxious voice.

Are you pretending to give to come now? I was stunned and raised my wet eyes.

“You say there is a devil who has terminated the contract?”

“How else did you know that?”

“Can’t I cancel my contract with Dietrich?”

“… … I don’t know how.”

When I open my eyes, suspicious of the authenticity of his words, the devil makes a mouth that doesn’t seem to be unfair and pouts out.

“It is not a lie because I bet on the honor of my god who died and disappeared.”

“On a subject that Asmodeus didn’t like too much!”

A dog that bites its predecessor’s paw doesn’t know when it will bite my paw as well. I completely forgot that I had been assisted by Baal to defeat Asmodeus and grunted.

“I know who the devil is, but humans don’t.”

Feeling sad about my attitude, Baal began to draw on the floor with his fingers.


“The Princess is so enormous that I have to tell you why-”


“Oh! Ouch! It’s cheap!”

As I recite the cleansing spell again without hesitation, Baal hurriedly vomits the truth. I raised one of my mouths as I watched the demon biting the crab foam.

“huh. I will tell you earlier.”

“Black, huh! There’s nothing wrong with the old saying that it’s not about reaping the pink-haired beast… … !”

One day, I released Baal, who shed black tears, muttering the same words that Yuric had said.

‘Why everyone said they raised me?’

It was Marilyn and myself that raised me. When I was hungry, I took care of myself and studied alone!

“I’m busy and I have to wake up. Thanks for letting me know.”

As I snorted and left me, staring at me as I was moving away, I could hear Baal’s Aye, Aye, and hitting the ground, but I still ignore it.

The cracked brooch was a terrible, crude item, but it was a very cheap and sealed item.

It was good to have the Bassago’s brooch out of the library’s safe, but the problem is that it’s been a few years since the Bassago wasn’t shown.

‘Shall we threaten like before?’

He ran to the forest made of purified water and pressed it as if breaking the brooch, but he didn’t budge.

“Why can’t I feel any aura?”

Did they disappear inside the brooch? I was so terrified that I walked with my brooch in my hand.

Like the curses left by Asmodeus, objects touched by the devil always felt a sharp aura like a scar.

However, the bright red brooch only shimmered beautifully according to its original purpose, but did not shed a dark energy.

I hurried back to the room, wondering if Damon or Joseph knew anything, and I picked up the stationery.

[Please come as soon as you receive the letter from Marquis Deus. p. s Could you bring Joseph’s grandfather on the way? — Anissa]

“Lancel. Please send this to me, Marquis of Deus.”

“Yes, Princess.”

I left the letter to Lancel, who was chasing me instead of the Grand Duchy Dietrich on the subject of being the butler-because I believed that I was real-and I sighed and washed my face with dry face.

Even though I did everything I could, I couldn’t stand my anxiety, so I bit my fingernails.

As I felt my burning throat, I took out all the books about the devil and began to scrutinize.

A few days after skipping meals and digging through the books, the maid informed Damon’s visit to see if the letter had finally arrived.

“Dear, Marquis Deus is here.”

“Yes, come here.”

The maid bows politely to my words and then steps back.

Since the war started, the drawbridge was completely abandoned, so everyone entering the castle was under control.

‘It will take quite some time to get from the gate to here, right?’

I roughly calculated in my head and arranged the stories related to the contract with the devil.

Most of the time, it was a story that came down like a legend and a scary fairy tale created to scare the children.

‘Because the truth may still be mixed as much as the nails.’



Kneeling under the bookshelf, I jumped up, frightened by the low voice I heard right next to me.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Damon apologizes to me with a dark face. I glared at him, scratching his chin, and sharpened his teeth.

“I told you not to come in by magic!”

“It’s because it’s so frustrating to wait for the beginning. Please put down the drawbridge.”

“No. I mean, it’s not allowed to enter the shopkeeper.”

Why on earth do people who deal with this ability do not use fine doors?

It seems that he even intended to drop a person’s heart. I narrowed my eyebrows, recalling Dietrich, who loves to use windows instead of doors.

“You’re a little late. It’s been over a week since I sent the letter.”

“I’m not the kind of person who plays like the princess thought.”

Damon laughs at my bruises.

I never thought he was idle. Management of Marquis would not be enough for a day, but he was the owner of the tower and was also pursuing treason.

“But would you have any sins against me?”

Damon shrugged and shook his head.

“I apologize for letting Herman run into it.”

“I didn’t tell you in advance that Euclid was collusion with the royal family of Valier.”

“I didn’t know that either. Because Hermann didn’t know. It is an agreement between the ancestral Duke and the Emperor.”

I woke up from my seat, widening my eyes to Damon’s excuse.

“Isn’t Euclid too much of an advantage? That would be against your purpose.”

“Because I didn’t expect to secure as many relics as this in the North. Didn’t the holy sword fall into the hands of the Grand Duke?”

He was saying that he would somehow balance the North and the South for my benefit.

At the moment, all kinds of betrayal flooded in, but I bit my teeth and endured the idea that there was something to be gained.

‘I wasn’t on the Lagrange side anyway.’

“What Hermann said, remember?”

“Is this about anti-aircraft? I do not know. It was the first time I heard that there were humans who broke the contract with the devil.

“I squeezed my voice to Damon’s calm answer.

“… … So what about Joseph? Did you find Joseph?”

As soon as the ceasefire between Lagrange and Euclid came to an end, I tried to find Joseph, but the alchemist headed for Romandorf’s forest magically disappeared.

“I guess I couldn’t find it.”

‘I asked him to bring Damon with his wide feet in order to be able to find him.’

“Princess, I am not your messenger.”

Damon replies with a hard face. I didn’t hide my disappointment because I didn’t think it would be helpful, so I wanted to do something about it.

“Then what did you come for? Do you want to warn you that you’re not an errand?”

“I came because I thought I should apologize to my face anyway.”

The face that I didn’t even look very sorry for, I was stunned and reached out.

“If I’m sorry, can I give it with money?”

Haven’t you even heard that a true apology comes from a purse?

“… … The emperor handed over all the relics kept in the imperial family to Hermann. In exchange for marrying the prince to Euclid’s princess. Isn’t it more valuable information than money?”

They don’t have a princess, but by what number do they get married? I glanced at him annoyingly.

“Then there will be no relics left now?”

After acquiring the Holy Sword, I spent a year releasing my hand, so it was a natural Causal and Ramen Causal.

“Yeah. However, since the most important holy sword is in the hands of the Grand Duke, it is not without odds.”

“In other words, Lagrange is still at a disadvantage!”

“The Imperial Family and Euclid are very nervous. Even I didn’t expect the Princess to really succeed in blackening the Greek sword.”

I stomped my feet to kick Damon’s unequaled knees.

“Ugh. If I can’t say anything!”

“Don’t be too angry. Instead, I brought that Liun person.”

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