The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            thud! An old man, who was struggling with a few large boxes, was summoned before his eyes.

“… … uh?”

“It’s been a long time.”



Joseph, who hugs me, pats me on his back.

I was amazed by his sudden appearance, and I rectified my breathlessness.

“Why haven’t there been any calls in the meantime?!”

‘I thought I had died in the woods!’

“You look worried.”

“Absolutely! How can I not worry when the letter I was sending for a long time ended up being cut off?”

I looked closely at Joseph’s face, gently sweeping my head. Even when I saw it last time, there wasn’t a particular corner that changed, perhaps because he was an old man.

“I really grew up a lot. I’m all grown up now. It’s amazing to remember me.”

Joseph said with a bitter smile.

“sorry I can not help you. Derek Lagrange sent the devil to Romandorf, as if I thought I would be involved in the successor gateway.”

“The devil?”

“okay. Thanks to that, I was thrown away in the desert of another country and wandered out for a long time.”

I opened my mouth in amazement at Joseph’s words.

I was asked to find it because I had something to ask, but still, longing flows into the happy face I see after a long time.

I smiled and looked back at Damon.

“No, I will tell you if I brought my grandfather. Then I would have been a little less angry.”

“I’m trying to explain, but didn’t you get angry first?”

“What are these boxes?”

“I think you’re wondering what the contract with the devil is like. This is all the data I have.”

Damon seemed to be defending his own loyalty, so I scratched my head in the dark.

“Big, big.”

Joseph, watching us, spit out. He looked down at me, pushing Damon with his shoulder.



“How do you know the Marquis?”

“Well. Well, I know it’s something like that. These days, we are also giving and receiving help with each other.”

At my vague answer, Joseph frowned around his wrinkled eyes and glared at Damon reluctantly.

“So it turns out that Anissa is your scent?”

“Don’t get me wrong.”

Damon narrows his handsome brow that appears to be unpleasant. I shook my head as I dried up Joe Jeff.

“It’s not like that, Grandpa.”

“It’s because you don’t know this guy. Do you know how many women this nom-pang had just a few decades ago?”

There weren’t one or two shocking elements, but I frowned at the most incredible words.

“How many decades?”

‘How old are you?’

“Aren’t you sure you don’t know the age of the Marquis?”

“Be quiet and carry your luggage, Joseph.”

Damon pushes me off with one hand, shining lanterns in my eyes because I was curious about Joseph’s words.

He alone lifted several heavy boxes full of books, and then turned his back.

“How old are you-”

“I told them to move my luggage.”

Damon’s words, unwillingly, force him to bend his back. I grumbled against his cold back and outstretched my mouth.

“You have to think about your grandfather’s age. I’ll take the box, Marquis.”

He spoke confidently and bent his back, but the box was heavier than expected, so it wouldn’t budge even if he tried hard.


‘Isn’t there a rock instead of a book?’

Damon sighs and shakes his head as he stares at my pathetic behavior.

“Just put it there. I will move it later.”

“I can hear you!”

I glanced at Damon’s hard arm and bite my lips. Joseph whispers to me whispering to me because of the useless coming.

“Aren’t you curious about his age?”


“It’s similar to me.”


“I beg your pardon?”

I was amazed at Joseph’s confession of shock, and I looked back at the knight holding lightly boxes that would not move no matter how much I used the dragon.

‘I just thought it was about a while!’

I ran to Damon in horror and grabbed my arm to take the box he was holding.

“Please bring the box, Marquis!”

“What is it?”

He pushes me away from running to me with a stunned face.

No matter how much I finished adjusting to the social class, I was a person who knew Yu-Seo Jang.

I forcibly stole the box from Damon, whine and hugged me.

“Elderly, it’s so unreasonable.

“… … .”

I searched through Damon’s Matop and Joseph’s lab all over the books, but I couldn’t find a single passage about the person who ended the contract, let alone how to revoke the contract with the devil.

‘No one knows only Hermann? really?’

How do you stop knowing that even the alchemist and the magician who have been stuck in the lab for their entire lives don’t know?

‘Is this the protagonist buff?’

I curled up in the corner of the study, groaning my head with both hands.

Dietrich summons it in a very short time and does not want to return to the demon world.

“What are you doing?”

“Go away, I’m not in the mood to hang out with you.”

The devil, who was a bit disappointed by my sharp speech, approached me with a gentle gesture like water flows.

“Are you still looking for a way to break your majesty’s contract with me?”

He squatted next to me and scoured the books I had seen with his fingertips. Then he mutters a small weird word.

“It turns out that your Majesty is a little extraordinary.”

“What’s different?”

“You signed with me when you were very young. So it’s usually normal to be crazy at this point.”

“What does that mean?”

I opened my eyes to Baal’s words and held onto his power-where it should be -. He continues his words with a trembling expression.

“It’s been a lot more than ten years since I’ve already signed it, and the people of Lagrange, where Asmodeus’s blood flows, are more easily affected.”

“What happens when you receive that influence?”

There may already be a number of symptoms that Vaal did not notice. I was terrified and swept my white cheeks down.

“There are many things. If you can’t manage your emotions properly, or just look at a person wearing a skirt, your eyes will turn, well.”

“When you see what, what goes back?”

I had no memory of meeting an insensitive child like Dietrich. So, aside from the first symptom, the second symptom was really weird.

As I look back at myself with a frowning impression, Baal shakes his hand as if in excuses.

“Did you forget what kind of devil Asmodeus is? It’s the devil of lust.”

“… … .”

“So, even if such symptoms appear, it is not your Majesty’s fault.”

Baal whispered in a subtle voice.

“Why are you so surprised? Do you know anything?”

“No, it’s not.”

Dietrich wasn’t a blind man who was close to women.

‘But I don’t know again.’

We spent over ten years together on one roof, but there were times when we thought we didn’t know each other too much.

‘So you can’t be completely off guard.’

I’ve never been fiercely exposed to my anger like Derek, but Dietrich was certainly more angry than before.

I shrugged, forgetting that the accidents I had committed were enough to upset his anger.

“Girl, you need to prepare for growth.”

It’s time to hold a banquet and greet winter.

“Huh. I will go out now.”

I’m a dunning letter from Hermann- although the content was sweet. -With his hand, he threw it into the fireplace and left the room to grow.

‘Because I’ll be terribly angry when I hear a letter sent to and from Hermann.’

However, Joseph and Damon promised to return to the tower to find out more, but both were skeptical.

I can’t even expect it because it’s clear to my eyes that I can’t break the contract once signed.

So I sent a reply from my dragon asking Hermann for a little more deadline.

“What about Madame Celine?”

“I went to help you grow. I left her dress here.”

“Oh, yes. Dietrich, too, should have his face on the ball today.”

Even though it was just a regular ball, it was common sense that he showed up, but Dietrich was not a common nobleman who kept that common sense.

However, the banquet meant to prepare for the long and harsh winter of LaGrange was a big ball that also served as a festival for the common people.

“I asked for a similar feeling to the last dress. What do you think?”

“You look better on you than then, my lady.”

As Tally said, I smiled happy with the appearance of an “adult woman” with her abundant eyelashes in the mirror.

“I guess my growth is getting faster later.”

Rosé has already caught up with my height and is a little upset, but it certainly looks like a mature dress like this one more than the last dance.

Although she was skinny, her swelling breasts didn’t look just as flat.

The light blue silk flowed down as if sticking along the curve of the body, and pearls were decorated under the elegant mermaid line without being tacky.

“It’s Madam Celine, too.”

Barnetsa, who applied finely ground pearl powder on the exposed clavicle, raised her voice as if there was no start to my murmur.

“No, you are a girl too! Since it’s a young lady, you’re dressing up like this with grace.”

“Yes. How difficult is it to create an innocent yet bewitching atmosphere?”

Tally’s unfathomable match, I scratched my sloppy cheek.

‘It’s starting again.’

I listened to their compliments with one ear and looked back at the door that just opened.

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