The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            “Did you wait a lot? sorry.”

In the bright light, wearing pale pink hair, which may look like silver hair, was the last time I had grown up, and I hurried to the dressing room at Veronica’s rush.

“The other kids have already gone down.”

“Even Dietrich?”


“Sister today-”

Veronica, wearing a women’s suit prepared by Madame Celine, laughs as she unbuttons her tight shirt.

“Why do you look like that?”

“Too cool.”

I heard that the velvet dress I wore at the last prom became fashionable, but the one that became more explosive than that was the suit Veronica wore.

Because the width was wide, the pants that looked like skirts were comfortable and stylish.

‘Of course, it was nicer because my older sister wore it.’



“Okay, I think he’s more popular than me.”

Veronica enters the hall and jerks at the top. Only then comes Dietrich standing at an angle with a glass of wine on the top of the three stairs.

“Is Dietrich a day or two, well?”

“No, I think Madame Celine really worked hard today. There is no law that allows you to prepare for growth.”

I opened my eyes to her words and observed him. The bright looks stand out by raising all of the bangs that came down because I didn’t apply anything normally.

Even the shirt was black in the conquest, so it might seem too dull at first glance, but the beautiful appearance of the chandelier was brightly offsetting it as if dropping a chandelier on his face.

“… … Yeah. It stands out more than Yuric, today.”

I pressed around with one hand on my strangely thumping chest, and I wandered around. Dietrich’s dry nature was famous, but all the young children who entered the hall were glimpsing Dietrich, but they couldn’t get closer.

‘Is it an opportunity to check the second symptom Baal mentioned?’

I cut my throat so loud that it could be heard by a group of young kids standing close to us.

“Dietrich, I don’t have a personality to refuse when people approach it. Isn’t it soft?”

I frowned at me, asking what Veronica was talking about.

“… … Is he?”


“Are you saying Dietrich? Let’s go? Grand Duke Lagrange?”

“Huh! Even though I don’t reply to the Yeong-ae’s sentiments, I read them all!”

Of course, it was a red lie. Rather than reading it, I cut it all off the Lancel line-because I almost got nervous if I could see it-I wouldn’t have even seen the end of the envelope.

Veronica nodded with a pretty smile, as if he only noticed my intentions.

“Ah, what. There is no such thing.”

There is a peculiarity that it is limited to someone. Veronica whispered, adding words.

However, the young-ae, who could not hear her back, began to approach Dietrich with their fists clenched, as if with courage.

“Is that young-ae the daughter of Gong Luzen?”

“Huh. Camilla Ruesen. Isn’t it pretty?”

I nodded slightly at Veronica’s question. He was certainly as flashy as his name. Even though there are no corners that are not pretty from head to toe, the shy attitude strangely irritates people.

I watched as a beautiful woman approached Dietrich, who was unlikely to lose against Veronica.

“Wouldn’t Dietrich respond to that kind of beauty?”

Dietrich’s weird obsession with me may be because there aren’t any women around him.

I gazed at Camilla’s back, ignoring the feeling of sinking little by little at that thought.

“Well. Why are you curious about that?”

“I heard something from Baal. Dietrich is too quiet for the blood of As Modeus.”

“Hmm. okay?”

Veronica listens, rubbing my lips with her hand to see if my words are interesting.

“Huh. Isn’t that true just by looking at Yuric?”

As proof of Baal’s words, Yuric was so busy dancing with women when he went to the ball that we didn’t have time to say hello.

“Ah, I saw it. now.”

Finally, Camilla Rüzen arrived in front of Dietrich. Young-ae, who are overwhelmed by her bright beauty and the title of a princess, retire as if opening the way.

Soon Camilla seemed to talk to Dietrich first, but his heavy mouth wasn’t even open, let alone open.

Veronica’s mouth opened instead.

“It doesn’t even answer. Look at him.”

He had a face that was hard enough to feel the other person’s fearlessness. The brows raised at an angle can be seen from a distance.

“You even seem annoyed?”

“You may not have liked Camilla!”

I cried out as if to excuse Dietrich’s actions. As soon as he turns away from Camilla, a different young-ae-who was as beautiful as Ramilla-begins to get closer to him.

“Wow. I don’t feel comfortable, that Young-ae.”

He even ignored her thick enough to make a noise alone, and frowned as if he was nervous about the crowds that formed around me.

“… … Anissa, he’s going to go out now and put ten blues.”

As Veronica said, he wondered what he was telling the municipal knight next to me, and soon he turned his back and left the hall.

“I did say that Baal is weird, but it is. Isn’t Dietrich not affected by the contract?”

If so, I had a little hope that my soul might not be taken away, but Veronica shook her head fluttering.

“I won’t. Nana and Yuric, who are indirectly contracted, are not without the influence at all.”

She said so and raised her hand to greet the group of young Young-sik and Young-ae.

“I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t signed a contract at all like the three twins.”

People who mistaken her for greeting her, both men and women, blush and turn their heads shyly.

“… … .”

Marilyn had already given tips on Veronica’s private life, so I didn’t know it, but checking it in front of me makes me feel hot.

She laughed at me as I was shy instead of me.

“But I guess I know why?”


“If you want to check it, you can do it.”

“My, me?”

When asked, she bowed down and spoke in secret like a devil in the back of my ears.

“You know what Madame Celine taught you.”

I was amazed at Veronica’s words, and I stepped back and blushed.

“How do I do that!”

“If anyone hears it, I think it will be great. Anyone can do anything about dropping things on purpose.”

She shrugs and hesitates at me and smiles kindly at the approaching Youngsik.

“It’s been a long time, Lil.”

“Veronica! Are you trying to recognize me?”

“then. I don’t easily forget a cute face like you.”

How easy it is to say something like a playboy. I frowned at me and glared at the girl who was moving away with Youngsik.

‘… … Try it with me?” Some of the socialite tips Madame Celine gave us were all techniques used to catch the eyes of spirits.

The dress alone was effective enough, so I didn’t have a chance to try it.

‘I have to find out if the symptoms Baal mentioned appear.’

In addition, maybe I can check whether his strange aura that I peeked at the last ball was my mistake.

I nodded with a stiff face, then pulled out the fan from inside the clutch.

“Dietrich, where have you been?”

“You went out to the balcony.”

At the polite article’s reply, I moved in peace. Fortunately, it seemed that he hadn’t gone out at all like last time.

With the guidance of the driver, I entered the hidden balcony in the most corner of the corner, turning my back and approached In-young Sun, struck by the wind.

The balconies, mixed with gloomy moonlight and flickering yellow lanterns, weren’t bright, but Dietrich’s cool face was sufficiently discernable.


“What are you doing here. What if Gaju is away?”

I faced the shadows on his sharp nose and shrugged as if I had no purpose in finding him.

Dietrich glanced at me standing in front of me with a cold gaze.

The aura is distant, who seems to have no selfishness even though she is dressed not particularly different from the previous one.

‘Is it also an illusion?’

But why are you feeling bad and angry?

“Because my head hurts all because of the incense.”

He frowned as he pressed my temple with his wrist. All of the cravats that were worn modestly have been loosened.

“Are you so stuffy?”

With my laughter, I grabbed the end of Dietrich’s Cravat. Tie it back on his shirt, and his thick gaze hits his forehead.

“What do you see like that?”

Dietrich slowly opened his mouth as he opened his eyes round with a colder impression than when I was just entering.

The red tongue, visible through the open lips, drew my gaze strangely, and I retreated back.

‘Is it not me who is affected by the devil?’

“… … Where did you learn how to tie cravats?”

His voice was chilly and cold, but the words he asked didn’t mean much. I shrugged and replied, of course not knowing.

‘I ask for that one, but why am I using the impression like that?’

“That’s common sense. How to tie a ribbon or fasten a coat. What Madame Montmartre told me.”

“Is that kid asking you to tie cravats?”

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