The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            As I was looking for something to say to Dietrich’s warning, I ended up avoiding my gaze.

Luckily, he let go of my hand if he didn’t want an answer.

‘Aren’t you angry again?’

Raising my head to check his expression, I found a strange pattern near his messy neck collar.


It’s a mark you haven’t seen before. At first glance, it looked like a tattoo, but in the empire it was a stigma of ordinary slavery.

So, there was no way Dietrich could have broken such a complex tattoo on his body.

“Wait a minute!”

I lifted my head and grabbed his wrist, turning his back. Not knowing what the tattoo meant, my heart became uneasy.

Thump, thump. The sound of a dangerously beating heart rings in my ears like a beep.

“That on the neck, what is it?”

In an instant, he found my face turned white, and he hurriedly tightened the cravat to cover the tattoo.


The expression was still insensitive, and even though there was no shake at all, I intuited that the words were false.

The moment I found the tattoo, my blood felt cold.

‘It’s obviously dangerous.’

With an ominous premonition, I went out of the hall, holding onto Dietrich’s wrist.


“Don’t talk, follow me.”

Dietrich kept his mouth shut at what I said with his teeth clenched. It was the main customer evangelism.

I pushed him quietly following me into the bedroom closest to the hall.

People may find it strange because the Grand Duke and Princess suddenly left, but now is not the time to take care of that.

“It’s really nothing.”

He soothes me, who is hardened with a shaky face that doesn’t look like him.

I grabbed the end of his cravat covering his neck and pulled it.

‘Obviously, there wasn’t a time when I tied it up earlier.’

Then it means that it disappeared and appeared, but such a tattoo could not have been a common symptom.

“Take it off.”

“… … What?”

“Take off your clothes.”

Dietrich wriggles his eyebrows at my resolute words and then steps back.

I didn’t feel embarrassed in this situation, and I’m sure there’s something to hide, so I guess.

“It’s not that much? Then you can show it.”

He sighs at me, pushing himself to the corner and raising his eyes. No matter how long I waited, I felt like I wouldn’t take it off by myself, so I ended up getting close in front of him.

As he throws the Krabat in his hand on the floor and opens his shirt, he sees a black mark that descends from near the sharp neckline to his firm chest.

Funny enough, it was a familiar pattern.

“… … Where did you see it?”

It was me who rummaged through all the books of the tower and alchemists’ tome to break the contract Dietrich made with Baal.

‘There was definitely a book mentioning these symptoms.’

The geometric pattern was none other than a sign of Baal. If my memory is correct, it was one of the symptoms that appeared while the soul was being eroded by the shadows.

‘It must be a symptom that appears quite late too!’

It was a symptom that had never been seen in the original work that Charlotte saved him. I laughed haha ​​haha ​​because of this situation.

“Since when?”

“… … .”

“I’m asking you when did you do this!”

‘There is something to hide.’

He quickly hid his injuries, but he didn’t know he would hide such an important phenomenon.

I shook my body, clenching my fists in the rush of betrayal.

“Why did I start planting purified water?”


“Why did I try to collect holy things like that?”

It’s all about joining hands with Rüzen instead of the South, and creating a place where Lagrange will go to the social world.

When Dietrich disappears, it makes no sense. He can’t be unaware of my efforts.

‘But Asmodeus is gone.’

Besides, hasn’t the war of roses been over yet? If Dietrich was already being eaten by the shadows, it was hard to believe that the erosion was proceeding faster than the original.


What am I missing? What didn’t you do?

‘Or because I’m not Charlotte?’

I thought that I had done everything I could, and that I was preparing for danger step by step, but in the end, it was to no avail.

Enlightenment struck like a thunderbolt. As if being trampled on the feet of a giant called fortune, even a proper scream does not come out.

He put his hand on my mouth, biting it to bleed.

“Stop it. It bleeds.”

“Is it important to see a little blood on my lips right now?”


“… … .”

“That’s more important, for me.”

It’s kind of a word, but I’m not happy now.

I grabbed his half-skinned shirt rather than glaring at him so hard that I was younger in my eyes. A squeezed voice barely comes out.

“Do you know what this sign means? Did you know what it was and hide it?”

“Okay. Because it can hold up.”

“If you hold on, it doesn’t mean that it will be solved.”

Dietrich sighed at my anxious voice, then tilted his head at an angle. Densely elongated eyelashes settle down comfortably.

“It’s really okay. I bet that the worst thing you can imagine won’t happen.”

As he asserts, he slowly tightens the open shirt. I frowned at his unfounded confidence.

“What do I imagine?”

“Aren’t you worried about my soul being eaten by the shadows?”

Dietrich’s voice, insisting that it will never happen, was so calm, that I belatedly subsided my excitement.

“Is there any way?”

Do you know anyone who terminated the contract like Hermann?


“What is the way?”

He asked urgently, but his mouth was closed like a clam and could not be opened again. A silence that feels like a time of regret flows.

I couldn’t tell you any more, so I sat down on the sofa, tapping my chest with frustration.

“Herman wants to come back to Euclid.”


“I know someone who has ever terminated a contract with the devil. If I come back to Euclid, I said I’d let you know who I was.”

A heavy gaze falls over the bowed crown. Dietrich only spoke with a sorrowful voice only after I told Hermann’s story.

“No need to go.”

“I have to tell you why. Did anyone, like Herman, know who terminated the contract with the devil?”

At my question, he struck again and closed his mouth. As if to answer, only my mouth is sweet.

“If I stay at Euclid and it turns out that I’m not possessed by evil spirits, I’ll send it back. It’s not a bad condition.”

“How do you believe those words?”

“Because I’m not the one to lie.”

Dietrich rains up at my hard answer. A cold laugh burst out.

“And when he saw the young.”

“Even if you dry, I will go. It seems that only Hermann Euclid knows how to save you in the current situation.”

“I would have said no.”

“So don’t just say no, tell me how you know. How can I not get eaten by the evil demon?”

“… … .”

“I don’t think I’m going to say anything, so I’ll go there.”

I got up and turned my back, saying I was going out, but there was no hand holding me. I was nervous about his silence and slammed the door.

I wondered if Baal would know if he wasn’t talking only to me, so I called it up again, but not Baal, even Yuric or Veronica didn’t seem to know what Dietrich was thinking.



Damon, who was browsing the books with me next to me, glances at me as I quickly read the book and breathe a deep sigh.

“I’ll go out, Princess.”

“How can I find out the heart that I can’t read even with Heredia’s abilities?”

It wasn’t a question I asked for an answer. Damon seriously stiffens up my words, which are close to self-talk.

“When I need to find out a secret, I plant a spies.”

I couldn’t have a man loyal to me until I was tricking Dietrich into LaGrange.

‘Because even if you plant a little devil, you will surely be caught.’


I clapped my hands in a sudden flash of thought, then grabbed Damon’s arm sitting next to him. When he finds me clinging to me and shining in his eyes, he frowns with a shaky face.

“What is it?”

“Camouflage magic, can I use it on others?”

“But I don’t think your Excellency will tell you what you think is someone else who is not a princess.”

“If it’s not human, it’s okay.”

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to be an animal that would not drag him around like a devil and would easily be there.

There was no need to find out the deep inside.

‘It’s enough for a wife to know only about the sudden confession of self-talk and emotional fragments that are revealed for a moment.’

Dietrich is very good at capturing my emotions in front of me, so it was the placenta that was difficult to read even with Eredia’s abilities.

“Damon, let me turn into an animal.”

“This is an irresistible request.”

“He said he’s a grandfather friend! Then Damon is the same as my grandfather, but can’t you do that much?”

“Again, I don’t get old. So don’t treat it like Joseph’s.”

Damon grunted as if offended, but put his hand on my forehead. After all, he is a wizard who knows loyalty.

“With my horsepower now, a day is the limit.”

“But what kind of animal-”

The downside was not to listen to people until the end, but it was a downside.

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