The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            Sniffing. I touched my fluttering nose with my paws and looked around. It was a natural act because aura was often judged by its smell, but the scent of joyful yellow blossoms from the side. 'Why are you laughing!' I glared at Damon, who bite his lips tightly and endured with a bursting laughter. He looked down at me as he slammed his feet with his forefoot, and opened his mouth with a laughable voice. “Oh, I laughed because you matched so well.” 'If this is the king, I will make you turn into the hunting dogs that Dietrich keeps!' So, wouldn't it be easier to approach him? Whether or not he knew the complaints I had inside, he lifted me up as a rabbit boasting light red fur. “I made myself the best animal to imitate. So I didn't pick a rabbit because I broke it.” “!” Are you saying that the animal I can best imitate is a rabbit? He had a better sense of smell than others, so if he changed, I thought he would turn into a hound. I moved my nose, proudly recalling the memory of searching for the sculptures of Asmodeus with one scent. 'Dietrich is in nature now!' Perhaps because they disguised themselves as rabbits, people's auras are more easily detected than usual. I jumped out of Deus' arms and then jumped out of the hallway. His office was one floor above my study, so I had to climb the stairs. 'It's a good thing because it's a good animal to run.' "uh? It's a rabbit!” 'Oh.' Before the magic was released, he had to hurry to find out what Dietrich was, but he was unable to reach the stairs and met an unexpected ambush. I smiled brightly and greeted Rosé as he hugged me. "So pretty. The rabbit is pale pink!” When Rosée laughed at me, the fresh freesia scent came out. As if they had just entered the garden, there was grass on the hem of the children's pants. “It’s a white rabbit, but isn’t it the wrong dyeing? It's whitish.” 'This guy grabs my sister's ears without a habit!' I smacked Riesling's hand, touching my ear with a fat face, with my two feet to counterattack. “Woo. Rose, put him down. The rabbit doesn't have a wrap.” 'You are the one who doesn't have anything!' “I hate it because I touch it. You're quiet in my arms, right?” Still, among the twins, Rosé, who plays the role of the eldest daughter, condemns the adult thre Riesling. “I don't like people who are willing to behave either as humans or animals.” “When did you say I did what I wanted!” “Then, did Marie cry for nothing?” 'Who is Marie.' I tilted my head at the unfamiliar name popping out of Rose's mouth. The triplets also grew up a lot and had their own personal life. 'You've never told me you're a kid?' Was it a friend you made outside the castle? As he frowns on his nose, Rosé throws a yellow aura and gives strength to the arms that hold me. “Eh. cute! Shall I raise it?” “Isn't that the owner of the rabbit? I have a ribbon on my neck too.” Meslow looks at me calmly. The child shrugged the blue strap around my neck with his fingertips. “The name is not written.” “What are you doing by naming the rabbit?” “The difference is because you don't have that kind of delicacy, idiot.” “I've steamed Marie, but you've got it!” I clapped my hands with Riesling's words as if they were full of minutes. 'Has you already started unrequited love?' Children are precocious these days. It seems like yesterday that only my sister was chasing after saying she was going to marry me. 'Hagin, now, after winter, they are also 13 years old.' “Riesling, where is Marie's not an object, but a jjim?” “Why not? So what is Dietrich?” I kept my ears on Dietrich's name coming out of nowhere. Go ahead and ask what I mean! As I knocked on her hand as if rushing to Rose, the girl smiled and stroked my hair. 'No, don't touch me and ask!' Fortunately, Messlow received Riesling's conversation. “Why is Dietrich?” “To the guys he tried to ask Anessa to dance at the ball-” “To the men?” 'Yes, what to men!' However, Riesling, who had a sweet lips to talk to, frowned while scratching the head behind me. Soon he shuts his mouth tightly. “Oh, when I said this, I said I killed it.” What on earth did you do and how did you make such a terrifying threat to a child? “Anyway, I do Dietrich, but why can't I?” Riesling's dissatisfied questions shook her head, pulling her tongue out. The child slowly passed the corridor and stood in front of the stairs. “You can't even Dietrich. So you're not letting me talk to Anessa.” 'Oh. I have to go up!’ Rosé's destination seemed to be downstairs. As I struggle to get out of my arms, the child lowers his head and opens his round eyes to me. "Huh? Are you sick?” “Aren’t you supposed to release everything outside?” "is it? I wanted to raise it in a room, but should I just raise it in the forest connected to the backyard?” 'forest… … ?’ I shook my head, straightening my hair at Rose's self-talk. 'How many rabbit natural enemies are there!' There was also a hawk managed by Lagrange, and this is a forest where Dietrich often caught bears. As I shook my head in a hurry, fortunately, Rosé laughed as if he understood my meaning. "Well? I really want to go outside!” 'You don't understand!' Far from finding out Dietrich's insides, isn't it eaten by a hawk? “Oh!” As soon as Rose entered the garden, I snapped the child's hand and jumped down. Jump. It was soft grass, so it didn't hurt. “It's a rabbit!” Surprised Rosé bowed down to catch me, but I quickly moved my short legs out of the garden. 'There was another door behind this, right?' The rabbit's body was quicker than I thought, so I arrived safely at the back door of nature without being caught by the children. The moment I try to step inside in peace, someone grabs my back neck. Sniffing. It smells familiar. I moved my nose with a cool scent like peppermint. 'Dietrich!' It was a little painful due to the sagging of the back neck, but I achieved my purpose anyway. Thanks to Hao's sunlight, Dietrich's eyes shine red. “It's been a long time.” 'What have you been in a while?' He laughs lightly as I flinch his hind feet as a sign of welcome. His aura turned yellow as if joyful. The appearance is unexpected, so my head is tilted. 'Did he like small animals like rabbits?' “Rabbit meat.” “!” When I remembered that Dietrich had filled his stomach with hunting when he was a child, I flapped myself like a fish protruding from the ground to escape him. 'no!' No! I'm not eating! There was goose bumps all over my body, so I wanted to unlock the magic right now, but I didn't know how to do it because I wasn't a wizard. 'I'll ask Damon and come out!' He complains that he has no money-but I don't believe it anymore. -Dietrich had nothing to eat and was not in a position to catch wild animals. 'No, if you go in and say a word, a skillful chef will command you delicious food. Why!' I held me in my arms, pinned him between his armpits so that he could not escape, to be precise, and slapped Dietrich's chest toward the forest with his hind feet. But, of course, it doesn't even budge. He tried to sharpen his nails, but his cotton ball-like paws didn't have such a weapon. 'I'll ask you to disguise yourself as a hunting dog!' I had a belated regret, but now it was useless. I wanted to walk for quite some time, but Dietrich took me to the withered rose bush. I thought no one would come in and out anymore, but as if he had been there, the vacant lot was fairly well organized. 'long time no see.' Nature was re-established, but the old dahlia was still there. Dietrich plunged into the crumbling marble fountain. “Stay still.” Then he pressed and stroked my struggling head. ‘If it’s like you, I’ll eat it. Can’t you stand still?’ There was no noose to hold the animal, and there was no reason for not fleeing if a good look at the opportunity. He bounced with his fingertips my nose, which was swaying with tension. “… … Do you look alike.” “?” Who do you think of when you see me as a rabbit? I wondered if there was a rabbit he raised in the withered rose forest, but I can only remember eating it together. 'Do not eat... … .’ I have a belated regret. It would have been hard to educate them that rabbits aren't eating animals. 'When will you run away?' No, if he runs away, there is no way to find out what he is inside. 'I'll have to take the time somehow.' Although he was really hiding my feelings in front of me, I felt his aura much more clearly than usual. I opened the rabbit's eyes because it was marvelous that his gray aura was shining colorfully. I don't care about it with my free paws and skinny count, but he evaluates me with a small voice. “You look alike.” “… … .” “Is it a little bit to eat.” 'Yes, I thought about it well.' Anyway, you eat wild rabbits because you have nothing to eat as a grand duke? I nodded earnestly at Dietrich's self-talk. As if he changed his mind, he put me down next to him and got up from his seat. 'Are you going?' I haven't figured out what to do yet. 'You have to take me!' Embarrassed, I stretched out my front paws, but Dietrich began to look around instead of watching my actions. Then, isn't he collecting twigs of trees with a very familiar attitude? “… … .” I'm not looking for a lighter. I raised my ears and puffed my hind feet.

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