The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            Fortunately, Dietrich caught me and burned me.

‘What are you doing?’

After collecting twigs and making a fire, he searches through his arms and takes out a few envelopes.


I had my nostrils wide open for something, I smoked and checked the identity of the flaming envelopes, and I was amazed and raised two forefoot on my forehead.

‘Aren’t these letters from Euclid?’

The painting of an eagle piercing the sun was clearly Euclid, and it was also Hermann’s seal.

It seems that the beeswax is torn off, and you have already checked the contents.

‘Somehow I thought there was no answer!’

I was thinking about contacting me again because there was no reply to my letter asking for a little more time to think about.

I was stunned and ran out in front of the fire to see what Hermann had sent.

‘Oh, it’s hot.’

As he pulled in his wriggling nose, a tingling heat hits his cheeks. I didn’t even know the beard was scorching, and I started looking at the half-distorted letter.

‘A positive answer… … wait? will wait?’

It seems like it was something to suggest, but that part had already been burned down and disappeared. However, I could guess the contents of the outline.

‘I think you’re referring to an offer to come back to Euclid.’

Because Hermann wanted me to have only one thing.

“Do you want to be baked?”

Dietrich catches me, momentarily fascinated by the fire, trying to figure out the situation. I opened my eyes round with a fragrant smell that stimulates my sense of smell.

‘Is this my smell?’

Even if I smell it, it smells as delicious as the mouthwatering. I grabbed his hand with his paws, in case Dietrich was so transformed that he would eat me.

Fortunately, he put me back on my leg to see if he wasn’t very hungry.

‘Somehow I wasn’t surprised when I talked about Euclid.’

I raised my head, slapping his knees with my hind feet at the rush of betrayal. A gray shadow flutters under his sharp chin.

I thought it was only hiding the surprise because he was a rare person to express emotions, but it seems that it had already been after reading Herman’s letter. There was no invasion of privacy.

‘Why is the letter coming to me?’

They even burn it without giving it to me. I sat down doing all the wicked things by myself because I wasn’t afraid who was the villain.

The more I chew, the more upset I get, and I beat Dietrich’s thigh with my dissatisfied paws, and he squeezed my back neck.

“do not do that.”


As I struggle under my hand, it releases me. Dietrich soon started stroking my head with dry sex.

“Stay still.”


I frowned, avoiding cooking with his lush touch.

“If I take off the leather, I don’t think I can make gloves.”

“… … .”

I fell silently to Dietrich’s lowly warning. As if satisfied with my attitude, he smiles and turns his head.

His mouth was smiling, but his gaze was strangely dark as he looked at the letter that had been completely burnt and turned into ash.

“I don’t want to let it go.”

I noticed that his self-talk was about me. I moved my tail for something, and he gently scratched the back of my ear.


Soon after Dietrich’s call, a demon emerges over the rumbling fire.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Baal was a little shaky, as if I was bothered so badly. Dietrich glances at his pale face and slowly opens his mouth.

“The contractor of Bassago is.”

“I don’t know if it’s the same person as the contractor that Hermann knows, but I did find it.”

“How long have you lived?”

“… … I think I have lived for about 10 years since I signed with Bassago.”

’10 years?’

I don’t know at what age the contractor met Barthago, but if it weren’t for the old man, it was too early to die.

“is it.”

Dietrich nodded without inspiration, even with the words of Baal’s sensational power.

I forgot about myself and opened my mouth to see what the hell he and Baal were having.

‘No, it must be that Bassago’s contractor did that. Not all demonic contractors will all die in 10 years, aren’t they?’

All of the great dukes of the past died at a young age, but the cause of their death was usually due to the loss of humanity due to dark stains.

With all the reason to maintain the title, he was taken away by the successor he raised.

However, Dietrich still had no children, let alone a successor.

“Your Majesty, what is this animal?”

As if Baal doubted that my amazed face wasn’t like a rabbit, I opened my eyes and looked at me.

I put my front paws neatly, and at the most, I took a pose like a rabbit.

“Are you raising animals now?”

“My dinner.”

‘You said you didn’t eat it before!’

I fluttered my hind feet at Dietrich’s blunt answer.

Huh, the devil with a small nasal sound pulls out a glowing red jewel from his arms.

‘Isn’t it a busago brooch?’

It must have been in my room, but I don’t know why it’s in Baal’s hands. He handed over my things to Dietrich as confidently as mine.

“I brought it cheap, too. If caught, only me will be scolded, so don’t talk to the princess.”

It was suspicious that it had disappeared at all because I couldn’t feel any aura, but it was still sealed.

‘This thief!’

I run forward, resentful, and slap Baal’s right foot, and he gently leans back.

“Your Majesty’s dinner is hitting me?”

He was smiling while handing the pong, but Baal’s aura wasn’t terrifying. I concentrated on a blue scent that I would not normally have known.

‘Why are you sad?’

It wouldn’t be that I felt sad because of the sealed bussiness. Baal didn’t like Bassago.

I thought I knew why. But I wanted to deny it.

I clenched my teeth because I was afraid of the landscape depicted by the pieces that were put together one by one.

“It’s a strange thing I’m saying.”

“… … .”

“There is really little left. I think it would be better to be careful, so don’t call me if you can.”


What it meant, Baal’s aura felt so distinct that I couldn’t even notice it anymore.

I drew my head while holding down my heart beating violently.

‘Are you dead?’

Is it really time for Dietrich that there is not much left?

Even though he thinks it’s ridiculous, he is choked by fear that cannot be shaken.

I jumped from my seat and moved my body. I heard Baal’s embarrassing voice from behind, but there was no room left to care.

When I ran away and returned to the study room, fortunately Damon greeted me as if he was waiting.

As soon as he released the magic, I started writing letters on any piece of paper I could get in my hand. The tip of the nib rattles.

“Are you okay?”

Damon looks at my white-faced face with puzzled eyes. Instead of answering, I halted my head.

The scent of hawthorn trees was blowing through the open window.

It was definitely the scent of purified water.

‘The shadow has definitely faded.’

I remembered the way Derek died. He wasn’t even a human being that Agares ate everything.

His aura smelled so rotten that it was indistinguishable from Baal’s.

‘It was like that long before he died.’

So I understood his inhuman cruelty to be the price of selling his soul to the devil. Because the children of Lagrange weren’t as bad as people’s beliefs.

Slowly, he was stained with evil as if he fell into a swamp that disappeared from the bottom of his feet.

At that time, Lagrange was covered in the curse of Asmodeus, and it was so abnormal that even the people who used it were eaten.

‘… … That’s why I planted purified water.’

I used my abilities day and night to form a mountain pine forest. It wasn’t as divine as Charlotte.

I couldn’t be proud of being perfect, but I believed it was successful to some extent.

Now, Lagrangju was so clean that it would not be possible to wander around without being called out by little demons whose shadows were light, as well as King Vaalzo Cha Dietrich.

“… … Nonsense.”

However, the reality unfolded as if laughing at my incompetence was terrible.

The shadow was still aiming at Dietrich with a huge mouth open. Even faster than the original I remember.

“Hermann… … Whether it’s Charlotte or Hermann, they’ll both be at Euclid anyway.”

I bite my lips firmly as I held the scattered letters in Damon’s hand.

He looks at me with confused eyes and lifts my chin.

“Are you crying?”


I realized the tears falling on the floor at Damon’s question.

“Please tell Hermann.”

“What on earth did you find out?”

“… … Just go quickly. I’ll ask you.”

“Aren’t you crying!”

I quickly captured my facial expression and swept my eyes where the fever was rising.

“it’s nothing. It’s really okay.”

“… … .”

My answer didn’t seem to be pleasing, but Damon eventually nodded.

As I left the study with the letter in my arms, I saw him off and gave strength to my clenched fists.

‘Get your mind straight.’

Dietrich did it before. As if he is insensitive to others, he is indifferent to himself, so he is a child who is easy to give up.

‘So I can’t do that.’

I could never give up on him. I’ve already saved it once, can’t I save it twice?

It can’t be.

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