The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C131-140


            Dietrich had a great time to behave on his own, but he was basically a meticulous person because he wasn’t meticulous.

Since he missed me in front of me, he started to watch my actions to the point that he felt a little overkill.

For example, he wasn’t particularly involved when I met anyone in the castle, but if I tried to leave the castle, he would run like a moon and escort or accompany me directly.

‘So it’s possible that Hermann’s letters could be intercepted in the middle.’

It was impossible to put him back to bed because the method he had already used couldn’t work again.

‘If you want to secretly exit LaGrange, there is no opportunity except when you leave your last name.’

Recognizing my circumstances, Hermann responded with a reply saying that he would send someone out to catch Dietrich’s break on the battlefield.

[If you just come back to Euclid, there is no reason to continue a useless war.]

I was relieved to read Hermann’s last sentence and sat down in the chair.

The northern part was betting life and death in the War of the Roses to get a justification, but for Euclid, who is already fully supported by the imperialists, it is only an exhausting war, so it is not without saying.

‘You need to make sure Dietrich doesn’t use as much energy as possible.’

Just as the more I used Heredia’s abilities, the longer I would fall asleep.

‘I don’t care because I’m going to die now.’

Therefore, the country has no choice but to be on the lookout for situations in which he must use his abilities.

With my lips biting, I looked up at Damon, who secretly warped in my room.

“What is that?”

In hopes that Dietrich would intercept the letter again, this time Damon had to bring Hermann’s letter in person.

He doesn’t even work for Euclid, and he says he’s very busy, and he holds several sheets of paper in his hand similar to the letter he gave me.

“It’s only used by Hermann.”

“Why don’t you write a letter?”

“I wrote a letter to the princess five times saying that the writing wasn’t pretty.”

“… … I care about everything.”

I scratched my chin awkwardly at Damon’s explanation. Compared to Herman’s neat writing, mine was close to bad writing.

‘I think the last letter was even written in a hurry on a piece of tissue.’

“Because he’s a lot more timid than he looks.”

Where does the righteous protagonist who punishes evil go and only these cowards remain?

I opened my eyes to the feelings of hesitation and impatience that I felt in the meandering writing.

All of the writing on the paper that was taken from Damon’s hand was lined up with a pen, but a sentence that was crushed enough to be read hangs at the end of his gaze.

[Can’t you call me your brother when you come home?]

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay at Euclid, but there were also sayings that I would let go of it compared to my best efforts.

I felt embarrassed at my fingertips standing up in tension.

Hermann still seems to believe that my house is Euclid.

I laughed in vain because I was overwhelmed by his innocent, stupid belief.

“Why does Hermann hang me?”

“It’s probably because of the Duchess. Every time he showed weakness in training, he pretended to miss you.”

“You miss me?”

“As if he had to be strong to find his younger brother. It’s kind of motive.”

I shrugged at Damon’s explanation.

“You believe that?”

“Hermann does not have the ability of a princess.”

Well, Donna Euclid was a possessor of outstanding acting skills that would make it difficult to tell a lie if you didn’t see Aura.

‘One of my feelings about being for Euclid was sincere.’

Not for my son, but for my own comfort.

Time has passed.

All the preparations were over, but it was impossible to get out of Lagrange without Dietrich’s knowledge, so it was not possible to draw attention with hasty actions.

‘It seems like I’m alone.’

As I was hanging on the sofa, I got a drooping body.

Yuric didn’t even see a nose for training the Knights, and Veronica left for Ruzen to prepare supplies.

After the ceasefire, the employees were so busy preparing for the war for the end, so I used to wander the hallway and return to the room looking for something to do like a lost child.

‘But Dietrich is probably the busiest.’

No matter how strong he was in the world, he couldn’t fight alone.

We haven’t even encountered Lagrange while he was busy preparing for war.

He seemed busy and didn’t seem to find me, and I couldn’t stand my anger at his carelessness, who regarded my life as less than a bug, and hid in the corner of the room, thinking I would find out his plans.

‘It must be leaving early this morning.’

I hid my fingertips in the main ink, a little trembling in the future where I couldn’t know.

There is a clutter from the door to see if the maid who went to get a snack has returned.

“come in.”


As I turned to the sound of the door opening slowly, Inyeong, who was not expected, stands.

I woke up from my seat with my facial expressions in order not to show off my surprise.

“Is something going on?”

Dietrich’s grimy face, stained with blood, is still shining and handsome.


At my question, he entered the room with a slight frown on his eyebrows.

Rather than being sick, the body that can barely make eye contact by raising his head is strong.

Hana I had to recall that Dietrich’s candle was on the verge of going out.

“Then why?”

“Is it possible to see my face only if I have a business?”

“… … That’s not it.”

Dietrich approaches me with a hand on my face. I leaned my head, leaning my cheek against his large hand.

“Leave tomorrow?”


“be careful. Don’t call me as bad as possible.”

It was a war that would end when I arrived at Euclid anyway, so he didn’t have to waste his power.

‘If you tell me that way, you won’t empty your last name.’

Dietrich glanced down my face silently. After the silence that felt like an eternity, his neck moved greatly.


“… … .”

“Don’t go anywhere, I’m waiting.”

I laughed briefly at Dietrich’s childish words.

“Where am I going?”

Someone pricks the chest like a puncture needle. He tilted his dog at an angle, as if to take a closer look at my shameless face.

“I wonder if I’m still thinking of going to Euclid.”

“Why are you so opposed? Do you hate it even if you come back?”

“uh. hate.”

Still, the opposite is true except for the reason.

I’m thinking that I don’t have much time left.

I nodded, staring at Dietrich’s stubborn mouth.

“I won’t go because I have to keep my castle.”


His eyes open as if he was measuring my insides. I put my hands on his shoulders and sweetened my lips.

“Do you remember what I said when fighting Asmodeus?”

“What to say.”

“Don’t think to sacrifice alone. You said it wasn’t for me.”

“Well.” Are you really not remembering or pretending to be like that? He wasn’t positive enough, and only his lips were sweet.

“Trust me, I’m not going anywhere.”

I reassured him with extensive reading, who seemed a little nervous.

“I believe.”

I didn’t believe it.


In retrospect, he doesn’t seem to believe any of the words I said.

‘If not, does this speed make sense?’

The knights of Dietrich and LaGrange only left the estate yesterday.

It was a disaster called war that lasted for over a year or even ten years at a very fast pace.

‘I thought I had a week to clear up the situation in LaGrange!’

I was surprised by the words of Lancel, who made a big smile saying that your Excellency had returned with a victory sign, and I dropped the pack I had packed hard.

“what? Who is coming back?”

“Because your Excellency has won, Princess!”

“Does that make sense?”

It’s not that Herman is rattled, so is there any way to end it already?

‘It wasn’t an annual meeting to decorate the beauty of the war in the first place, and it must have just begun!’

In addition, the Eschdoua, where they rotated, was near the Romandorf forest, in the central part closer to the south than to the north.

It was too early to say that I left the articles and returned to me alone.

“Where? Haven’t you reached the castle yet?”

I ran out, hoping to get up, and picked up my luggage again.

‘It must be said that it started from Eshudoa.’

Having interpreted Lancel’s words at will, I opened the window and reached out.

Fortunately, the garden was only busy.

“You haven’t come yet. Didn’t Lancel misunderstand the letter?”

“uh… … .”

The scent of spring comes from the cool breeze that touches my cheeks.

As I knocked him out as if he was bruising, Lancel opened his mouth from behind his back.

“Because I didn’t hear it in a letter.”

“Then it is. Wasn’t it just a rumor?”

Even if he exerts power without knowing how much he valued my life, there is no way he could come back with punishment.


I turned my head with a sigh of relief.

‘But why do you think it smells fishy?’

“So it’s not like a letter or a rumor-”

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