The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            The lips that I bumped into were cold. It seemed to be in the dew at dawn.


Unlike the rough hands, the tangled tongue moved smoothly.

Stunned breathing dwindled and my heart beating fast as if it were popping out, but I soon woke up and grabbed Dietrich’s shoulder.

“What are you going to do now?”

No matter how angry he was, he was pushed away just as I pushed him to see if he couldn’t forget his neat attitude.


“Have you been holding on to bumping your lips with me? Would you rather have done it before?”

Dietrich’s face is distorted by my sharp words.

“It’s nothing. It’s nothing compared to the kidnapping of the Duke of Euclid.”

It wasn’t Veronica or Yuric, and I knew this wasn’t a light weight for him.

Nevertheless, the blood cools down.

I glanced at Herman scattered on the floor, trying to calm my body trembling with excitement.

“… … Can’t you see that I tried to end the War of the Roses “rightly”?”

The feelings suppressed by the short words were unique.

I remembered the army of the South who would join hands with the imperial family and invade them for saving their heroes.

With the honor of the North, which I’ve worked hard to raise, buried in the ground in no time.

Dietrich lifted her hand with Hermann’s blood on her hand, wiped it with a handkerchief, and raised her head. She sheds a short laughter as cold as me.



“I can’t see it. I can not see. It was you from the beginning that cared about that.”

Dietrich sharpened his teeth low, as if he wasn’t going to match me anymore.

I stared at his cold face and laughed in vain.

“Are you saying Lagrange after the War of the Roses is not your Alba?”

“There must be no reason for you to care. If I go back to Euclid anyway, wouldn’t it be enough.”

I knew why Dietrich came out so hard.

So I got more angry.

“The South, who has lost its head, will no longer be able to move.”

“But literally, it’s just for a while.”

“That’s enough.”


I raised my mouth at an angle to his assertion.

“What on earth is enough? Do you have enough time to die?”

He didn’t seem to paint his own future at all.


I raised my head and looked at his plain face.

“Tell me what the hell are you thinking and why you tried to end the war in this way.”

As I breathe wildly like I chew every word, he touches my hot forehead with my cleansed hands.

“Because I don’t need the answer you’re looking for from Hermann Euclid.”

“… … .”

“I definitely said it was okay, Anessa.”


I couldn’t control my feelings anymore and burst into laughter.

Dietrich nodded at me, wandering around the room like a crazy person, and smiling.


“You’re dying anyway, so you’re okay? Do you think it’s okay to use it when that’s the case?”

I have to bring a dictionary and have them learn again from the end.

“Aren’t you really crazy?”

I was surprised by what I said, and for the first time since he entered the room, he seems confused.


“Why are you surprised? Did you know you could cheat until the end?”

“I don’t know how you figured it out, but I’m fine.”

“Stop saying that he’s okay, because you want to tear your mouth off.”

I held the eerie word in my mouth and held him by the collar. The head that is lowered by my strength is unusually pale today.

“I am the one who knows my physical condition best. There was nothing I could do in the first place.”

It was a calm tone.

Nevertheless, a cruel word stuck in my ear like a blade.

“It can’t be.”

Dietrich’s eyes, facing him from a close enough distance to feel his breath, were dark like a new wall, so he couldn’t see the inside.

“It can’t be, I can’t.”

He slowly opened his lips.

“Annissa, I understand your resentment, but I am satisfied with my life.”

“… … .”

“Because I came this far without sacrificing the most precious things.”

Dietrich’s face looked so calm that I was stunned. The heat on the head shows no signs of falling.

Tears spilled out because I was so angry.

I really didn’t want to cry, but I was so angry.

“Don’t cry.”

Funny enough, it was Dietrich who was more embarrassed than me by my tears.

He hugs my cheek with his big hand.

“Please don’t cry.”

“Then what should I do?”

“… … .”

“What should I do after you die? What can I do?”

I hated Dietrich being an unwanted villain on his own, so I changed LaGrange.

I didn’t want to let Charlotte’s salvation remain as his only hope, so I kept her away.

‘Is it really just the reason?’


It wasn’t.

I believed I could save Dietrich instead of her. I wanted to get it instead.

I don’t want to be taken away.

I didn’t want to take Dietrich from her.

“… … What do I really do?”

I realized late as Dietrich poured out endless questions he couldn’t answer.

It wasn’t Herman, the main character, or the female protagonist, who needed Dietrich the most in this world.

It was me.

I needed Dietrich.

Because he was the only flagpole and mission given to me in this strange world as if thrown into the great sea.

Wasn’t it greedy?

I was the only one who knew his ending, and I ended up being the one who ruined it.

I quickly left the room, throwing away Dietrich looking at me crying anxiously.

Having moved Hermann to my bedroom, I took care of him very much, despite Lancel’s pressure.

Like when Dietrich was injured as a child.

‘I do not have time.’

They didn’t know when the southern armed forces would make up their stance and head north.

Dietrich, who now has nothing to see, could defeat them alone, but that day might really be his last.

“Please wake up.”

I prayed earnestly, waiting for Herman to open his eyes, who was not particularly friendly.

The morning was bright, the evening sun set, and the dark night came again.

Then dawn dawned.

I grabbed Hermann’s hand, sleeping like a corpse.

“Open your eyes.”

“… … .”

“There’s no way the main character can get hit this easily. It’s not like there’s a hole in the stomach.”

I don’t know what Dietrich had done, but Hermann apparently had no place to hit it.

As I whispered cruel words, Hermann’s heavy eyelid squirted. I slowly jumped into his wall in search of light.


“… … Princess?”

“Can you listen to your mind?”

“How did this happen? This is also… … Did you bring me to LaGrange?”

I couldn’t even wait for Hermann to raise his torso and grabbed his shoulder tightly.

“Tell me the contractor of Bassago.”

“… … .”

“Who are you? You said that if I go back to Euclid, I’ll tell you.”

“This is not Euclid.”

“I’ll go. Just tell me now and I’ll go right away. Even if I tell you to die, I will die there.”

His face hardens at my firm words. He looked around, stroked his pale cheek.

“This place seems to be the Duke of LaGrange.”

“Yes. Give it to Lag and answer me when you’re ready.”

“Princess, no one wishes for your death.”

“But you want Dietrich’s death.”

“… … .”

“You, you want Dietrich to die.”

If Euclid knew so well about the devil, he wouldn’t know about Dietrich’s lifespan.

So did you take the time like that?

I stared at Hermann, who was embarrassed and chewed on her lips. I thought I cried enough, but my eyes became moist again.

“I beg you.”

“… … .”

“If you want to keep the devil back in the north, it’s okay. I was overjoyed for no reason.”

It wasn’t my knowledge that they were born again in pain and suffered from the North Korean children.

“I’ll also get rid of all the purified water.”

I began to cling to the righteous protagonist with a selfish, perverse mind.


“So please tell me. Who was Bassago’s contractor? How did you terminate the contract?”

“… … .”

“Please tell me what I can do and how Dietrich can live… … ”

Hermann was the protagonist who struggled to overcome adversity.

He overcame his death several times, punished Dietrich and brought peace to the world.

So, wouldn’t the villain know how to overcome the crisis?

I shook Hermann’s energyless body, thinking that it was a vain hope.

“… … It was Charles’ mother.”

Hermann reached out and politely wiped away my tears. With her pretty face slightly frowned, she continues.

“Bassago’s contractor. It was her father who paid for the contract, but the real contractor was her mother.”

He looked into my eyes, growing astonished.

“That’s the secret and trust of Vallandia, and that’s why Charlotte became a saint.”

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