The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150



As Dietrich enters the room, Lansel runs in an hurry.

He hung his teeth like a child on Dietrich’s arm with a white-stained face.

“Why are you coming now?! How scared I was that I would be caught!”

“There was some work.”

“No matter what, you said you’ll be with me!”

At Ransell’s resentful words as if he were an abandoned lover, Dietrich frowned and sprinkled him.

He replied, rubbing the part of Lancel’s reach on his pants.

“If something happens, I think I said.”

“I’m not good at lying, so don’t let go of it.”

Lancel’s hair, spoiled by Dietrich, was dripping black water, whether he had just washed it.

This is because all the hair dyes available in a hurry in the countryside were cheap.

Dietrich took a step back and swept my chin, as if the lancel dripping was dirty.

“Okay, so be careful not to get caught.”

“Why are you trying to hide your identity even though you are not inspecting our estate at all?”

The butler, who was thinking of enjoying vacation on the excuse of taking the master to leave the village unexpectedly, took on an unplanned role and was not only dissatisfied with it.

Dietrich shrugged and approached the window to see if he couldn’t hear Lancel’s voice.

The garden was overlooked from his room, as Viscount gave up the bedroom of Zea to Grand Duke Lagrange.

It caught my eye when Anissa was using the garden with a broom.

“Oh my gosh.”

Looking at her, Lancell coughed, rubbing my eyes, when she found Dietrich, smiling pretty enough that her eyes might have become weird.

“Maybe your sir, did that girl like you?”

Lancel was a butler from a family of deacons who served LaGrange for a long time. The butler, who was dyed black with a whitish blond to match me, stiffened his chin and spoke seriously.

“But it’s a maid, so even if you use it as a concubine, you’ll hear back words.”


Dietrich, leaning against a sunny window at Lancel’s words, distorts his face.

The butler, frightened by the sinking air, couldn’t answer immediately and rolled his eyes back.

“Then it turns out that a man named the son of a self-made writer said that.”

Dietrich tilted his head, recalling a memory that would be unpleasant to remember.

“What was that baby’s name?”

“Do you speak of your only son, Master Donovan?”

“Without knowing neither the mouse nor the bird… … .”

Dietrich was obviously obscured by his backstage, but Lancel, who had been by his side for a long time, could understand his meaning without further listening.

However, instead of showing embarrassment, the faithful butler sympathized with the owner by striking fingers.

“Don’t you like it? Shall we handle it?”

“No, wait for now.”

Dietrich remembered Donovan’s insult to Anissa.

It seemed that she herself didn’t care, but she couldn’t easily kill him.

‘What did you do to make me angry?’

Lancel was just curious.

My master was a surprisingly careless and cold-hearted man, but he wasn’t a demon with a cruel hand as people thought.

“Okay. Do you need anything more?”

“Get more clothes for the servant.”

“… … If you intend to continue serving as a servant, please be more careful.”


“I mean, make the cleaning a little less clean. There are already three people who have slipped and injured in the porch that your Excellency wiped out.”

Because it was so clean, it seemed that it was unexpectedly not suitable for the servant’s work.

Still, Dietrich was quite satisfied. Anyway, I met Anissa again and I was able to get to know her a little.

‘Although you don’t seem to remember me at all.’

Dietrich recalled a bet with Bassago. With the price she would pay if she couldn’t remember him forever.

‘If you are really destiny, Annissawa will be able to remember it.’

Bassago was a clever demon and a man with great grudge against Lagrange.

He knew love, and he understood how blind humans in love were.

‘So even if you say it’s just being used, it can’t be helped.’

Dietrich had no choice. Because death was better than life without her.

They knew what she put down to save him, but they wanted something too different.

“You mean the servant of Grand Duke Lagrange, isn’t he very handsome?”

I squeezed my eyes to hide my face that was embarrassed by Lindsey’s secret question.


“What was your name? Was it Dylan?”

“Yeah, what. You were handsome.”

“Sarah is brightening her face. He said he was aiming hard.”

“Go away?”

Sarah was the second most popular among maids for her beauty and stubborn hands.

‘I heard that the male partisan is great… … .’

Sarah boasted of a splendid dating career in this small town that no one hasn’t met, and was famous for throwing away when interest cools, whether or not her partner clings to her.

‘I’m a little worried.’

But Dylan said he had a loved one, so why don’t you go over it?

‘no? Dylan was like a playboy too.’

He said he came to find the woman he loved, and even said that I was prettier than her.

It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t excited about that, but I was also disappointed.

‘Well, I guess I was disappointed with him, who wasn’t even close.’

“But it looks like a man named Dylan a playboy.”

“Annie, how did you know that?”


It was meant to talk to Dylan’s backstory to Lindsay, who was injured, but she unexpectedly began to actively confront her.

“There is a saying that it is worth a face.”

I turned to Lindsay’s words, holding the duster in my hand.

“Why? Who said he was a flirt again?”

“There are rumors that Jesse visited me at night the day before yesterday and opened a door. It seems that any woman will be accepted if you just hold it in.”

“… … Really?”

I was so amazed that I could no longer hide my disappointment at Lindsay’s words. It becomes unpleasant to feel the heart pounding.

“Huh. Dootea saw it.”

“bad guy.”

“uh? what?”

“Oh, no.”

Lindsay’s eyes wide open, embarrassed by the swear words I muttered. I shook my hand hurriedly saying I said it wrong.

“I’ll do the laundry on the blanket!”

I took my mother’s summer blanket in my arms and hurried out of my seat. Muslin busts in his arms.

Perhaps because of the rough fabric that touches the skin, my chest tingled to a strange degree from before.

‘Why am I upset? It’s not upset, Annie!’

I tried to read myself, but I wasn’t the woman Dylan was looking for, but I didn’t like it, as if I was betrayed by him.

‘It looked very desperate, but I guess I didn’t see it well.’

When I first saw Dylan, I thought he looked sad as if he was crying even though he was smiling.

Because my eyes were full of longing for my loved ones and seemed desperate.

“Hey, she’s a pure liar and a playboy.”

Donovan always told me that all men were there and urged me to be his lover, but his words may not have been wrong.

Sticky, sticky.

I started stepping on the blanket soaked in water.

Thanks to that, the splashing water droplets reached my face, but if I didn’t do this, it didn’t seem like it would ease the person.

‘Somehow he suddenly gave me a strange look!’

Stepping on with full of anger makes it easier to wash the blanket than usual.

After throwing away all the broth when it was dirty, I felt a little better, so I sat down on a secluded laundry and enjoyed the sun.

Summer was already coming.

Grand Duke Lagrange was staying with his own work longer than I thought.

‘Aren’t we supposed to go back to Lagrange?’

The War of the Roses has ended, but as a great nobleman, there must be many provinces to manage.

‘It looks as good as it looks.’

As I recalled the daunting face of the Grand Duke, I listened to the words heard from the back door.

“How long are you going to hide it?”

I can hear the sound of two people flirting as if they were arguing.

“If I love you, I just say I love you, why can’t I say it!”

An innocent man who went like a boy was resentful.

‘Are you having a love fight?’

The funniest thing in the world is that you are maimed, and love fights beyond the wall.

I brush my wet hands off, then sneak up to them. The face was not visible because the sound was being heard from the other side of the building.

“Just confess, what have you been doing?”

“… … I love you.”

I couldn’t hear the previous words properly, but the voice was so sweet that it was romantic enough.

I closed my mouth with both hands and began to steal the secret secrets of my lover.

“I love you enough to die if I can meet again.”

It was an earnest confession that would make me flutter just by listening.

But when the couples walked and showed up, I had no choice but to frown.


One of the men who showed up was someone I know.

Next to him was a man with a bright but a little slender body and a gorgeous and pretty face.

‘Jesie Sarae, now a man?’

“… … goat.”


“This horny! flirt!”

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