The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            Damon frowned while listening to the conversation with Anissa and Herman. He appeared only after confirming that Anissa was in a hurry to leave the room.

“Were you here too?”

“I couldn’t stop being kidnapped, but I could stop being killed by the Grand Duke.”

Hermann laughs at Damon’s blatant answer. He shook his head and sighed.

“Is it true that Bassago’s contractor is Lady Vallandia’s mother?”

“The Marquis really doesn’t have a mouse who listens to the night talk secretly.”

“Wouldn’t intelligence be Faber’s weapon?”

Damon replied briefly and swept his chin.

Charlotte was quite famous as the only Saint of Vallandia, but the process by which the temple chose her was not disclosed.

“I will ask again. Are the words you spoke to the princess true?”

“I heard it directly from Charles.”

“If it’s true, it’s weird.”

It was not impossible because there was no law that people who could handle the power of the shadow were born only in the north.

One suspicious part is that Charlotte was the price for terminating the contract with the devil.

“If Bassago had received the soul of a child in exchange for a contract, wouldn’t it not be possible for Charlotte to be dedicated to Hella?”

“Isn’t it a devil whose prestige was that he was crazy among the devils? I don’t know again.”

It was a clear fact that everyone knows that the relationship between the apostles of the sun god and the devil was not so harsh, but Hermann’s words also made sense.

In the first place, Bassago was the one who ran against other demons.

“That’s but… … .”

“Even if I said my words were wrong, wouldn’t it be the Marquis’ interest?”

Damon hardened his face at Hermann’s uneven words. This is because his words struck the corner.

“If your plan is to balance the North and the South and open an era of republicanism, it would be better not to have an anti-aircraft in the North.”

I wanted to remind him that the southern hero wasn’t the person he needed either, but he chose to nod briefly and show no reaction.

Herman, looking at Damon, who has no answer, presses his forehead with his wrist.

“Isn’t you also interested in Anissa?”

“You are saying useless words. Sleep again.”

Hermann, who barely woke up when Damon flicked her finger, fell back into trouble.

He looked down at Hermann, asleep, and began to turn his doubts to the other side.

‘The child Kamayu was trying to bring is obviously… … ’

The trust of the woman who would become the savior and ruin of the north was simultaneously issued.

Along with the priest, renowned scholars and intellectuals were all called out and put into the interpretation of the prophecy.

Of course, a request for help came in from Faber as well, but Camille was the only one among Faber’s colleagues who had heard the oracle in person.

This is because she was the only Greek believer in the group of disrespectful intellectuals.

Damon, who likes to get rid of the tricks, and the other girl, listened to the prophecy, threw a word and disappeared.

‘It means that the destiny of the Grand Duke of Lagrangju changes depending on who makes eye contact with him.’

Damon was a disrespectful person who did not believe in God until then. He listened to Camille.

She, who had been deeply absorbed in interpreting the oracle, soon became resentful in the northern part of Derek Lagrange’s eyes.

‘I will bring the child who will bring death to Lagrange.’

With the help of Damon, Camille succeeded in kidnapping Anissa Euclid.

But before he even took revenge on Derek, he died first.

It can’t be said that they were very lively, but Damon respected Camille’s pride and goals.

I didn’t even think there was a good reason for her grudge, so I wanted to comfort a colleague’s death.

Therefore, the child who had the despair and death of the northern part predicted by the oracle was deceived as the child of an innocent nanny and sent him into Lagrange.

‘I shouldn’t have done that.’

As he went out of the hallway, he found a girl who seemed to be buried in a shadow.

I didn’t even know in my dreams that the child would love the northern part, which was stained with dark nights so much.


As she stood in the hallway at a low call, she turns. His small shoulders were visibly shivering.

Her tightly bited lips were scarlet, and her cheeks struck by the cold wind were peachy.

More than that, tears that had accumulated in his bright red eyes flowed sadly and wet the floor.

“Are you crying again?”

Damon sighed. I think it’s because of my sympathy and too hastily intervened in the trust.

“I’m not crying.”

Anissa’s wet eyes sparkled with the coming. She soon felt emotional.

The idea of ​​having a lot of emotional expression for someone who grew up in Lagrange was soon good, but Damon decided she wasn’t as weak as her delicate appearance.

“Marquise, I have to go to Charlotte. Do you know where it is?”

“… … If she were, she would be staying in a temple in the Euclid estate.”

In response to Damon’s hesitant reply, Anessa nodded.

Seeing that her face was distorted as if in trouble, he spoke with a low breath.

“If you have to leave the estate without the air defense, we will help you.”

“… … why?”

Anissa asks with her round eyes wide open. Damon smiled bitterly and scratched my cheek.

“I have sinned against the princess.”

“Then I’ll get it without hesitation, Marquis’ help.”

When I asked him what he had done wrong, he had a hard time answering, but Anessa laughed as if he would not care about such trivial things.

The face that is still wet shines brightly under the moonlight.

“Please take it to Charlotte.”

Unlike the temple that I visited last time-where Hermann’s holy sword was stolen-the temple where Charlotte resides was very simple.

It looks like a noble summer villa.

“You can wait here.”

I didn’t reveal my identity, but I smiled kindly and pointed at the sofa.

“Thank you.”

As I wandered by the window of the living room, where the garden with dry branches looked out as it was, I bite my fingertips anxiously.

‘It’s been a while.’

It was the first time I was waiting for Charlotte. Even though there were many times I met her who came to me blindly.

We didn’t like the last memories very much.

I remembered the traces of betrayal, sadness, and disappointment as a child in Charlotte’s eyes looking at me for rejecting Donna Euclid.

‘The average person would not help but… … .’

But she was a saint.

It’s also the heroine of the original. It would have been Dietrich’s fate if I hadn’t intervened.

‘So I’ll help you.’

She might know how to help Dietrich.

‘You saved him who was sealed.’

Already he was eroded by the shadows deeper than the original, but she will have a way.

Wasn’t it some sort of setting that her mother was a contractor for Bassago?

A setting value for weaving Dietrich and Charlotte into fate.

When I thought so, my heart was throbbing, but I tried to ignore it.

‘It’s a destiny, so I guess I can help.’

Without letting go of a thin string of hope, I looked back at the door of the drawing room that opened gently.


Charlotte, who is more beautiful than she saw at the end, smiles brightly and calls me.

Her eyes were as blue as the summer sky, as if her sexual power was completely open.

‘The bride in the wall.’

I mocked her nickname inside.

“It’s been a long time since then.”

“I see. Charlotte, thank you for letting me in.”

“Absolutely. I am willing to greet you, even if you may say that the visitor is your enemy.”

At first glance, it was a thorny word, but Charlotte’s smile was kind as always.

I couldn’t wait for her to come over to the sofa, so I went to her.

“I came because of a request. I can’t say hello because I don’t have time.”

“Yeah? Is Anissa asking me a favor?”

Charlotte opens her surprised eyes wide.

I took a deep breath as I watched her delicate eyelashes flicker slowly.

“Yeah. I have a request.”

“Please speak.”

“I heard that Charlotte’s mother was the devil’s contractor.”

“… … Did Herman do that?”


I took a look at her because I was accidentally touching Charlotte’s family history.

Fortunately, she had a gentle smile to make sure she wasn’t offended.

“Well, what. It’s not really a secret. It is true that my mother signed a contract with a devil named Bassago.”

“Then Charles knows well about the Shadow Devil.”

“Yes. Apart from my mother’s job, I am a Saint of Vallandia.”

I was hoped by Charlotte’s answer and took her hand.

“Then please help Dietrich.”

I didn’t explain the details, but she sighed as if she knew what I meant. Soon, the pretty lips are sweet.

“I can’t do that, Anessa.”


“Because my thoughts about good and evil have changed. I believed in the concept of edification, but I saw you and realized it.”

“… … .”

“The defined evil never changes. The same is true of Sundo.”

I am good and he is evil itself, so why should I help him?

I couldn’t believe what she was whispering.

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