The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            “Okay, wait a second.”

“Annissa, this is Charlotte from Vallandia. There are not just one or two people coming.”

I wasn’t even given a chance to persuade Charlotte.

“Then take care of it.”

She scans my face into the calm wall. I swept down my creepy arms in a clear, clear gaze like the summer sky.

As always, with a good face and quietly, but firmly rejecting my request, Charlotte left the parlor, leaving me in vain.

The priest catches me trying to follow her.

“It is a time for Saints to pray. Please come again next time.”

But there was no next thing to me.

‘I don’t know when Dietrich will disappear right now!’

I bite my lips tightly and glared at the priest, but he shook my head and didn’t let me go.

‘Is this really the end?’

I thought Charlotte would help him. It was helping Dietrich, not me. Wasn’t the salvation of the north her mission?

Having regarded Charlotte as a kind of safety net, I lost my mind to the body that was pushed to the floor by the power of the priest.

“Wake up, Princess.”

The priest didn’t wait for me for a very short time and got up and put me out.

I returned to Lagrange with Damon waiting for me with an impatient, impatient face.

“Thank you. I wouldn’t have been there if the Marquis had not helped me.”

Warp was a magic that even an excellent wizard could not easily use. I greeted Damon, worrying about her pale complexion.

“I think it would be better for Princesses to take a break.”

He looked at my white face and advised me, but I didn’t listen to Damon.

‘I don’t have time to rest.’

As a result, I entered Dietrich’s bedroom, a new wall where even insects could hold their breath.

‘I won’t wake up.’

Unlike in the past, when he couldn’t fall asleep easily even with the slightest footsteps, he didn’t know whether he couldn’t hear the sound I heard.

A deep shadow is formed over the thick lashes. Normally, the impression was so cool that only the cold air was blown away, but the appearance of sleeping seemed very docile.

‘Is it because you’re not making an impression?’

I touched his towering nose with the tip of my hand and swallowed it.

‘If Hermando and Charlotte weren’t the solution I was looking for… … .’

On the bedside table was a cheap brooch of the bar I was looking for. I had already had one help from him.

‘At that time, I didn’t respond until it was the end of the end.’

It may be because it is not yet the time that I ignored my words even though I sang them many times.

‘If you want to take the price from me, you will have no choice but to respond.’

Unlike his comfortable face without a frown, Dietrich’s hiding was choppy.

I watched the shadow rise darkly over Dietrich’s throat as he exhaled.

Isn’t he falling asleep, but he’s wandering around.

I was scared and put my finger under my nose, but fortunately, my breathless breath began to subside little by little.

I lingered around until his breath stabilized, and I barely left the room.


Saying hello while sleeping cowardly.

“Hi, young lady.”

As I expected, after losing all my hands, the bussage showed up as if waiting.

“Is your face dark?”

The devil with a vigorously raised corner of his mouth reaches out to me, as if not affected by the hawthorn tree I lean on.

“Is the time to take the price already? I don’t think I have grown up yet?”

The devil with the face of a handsome handsome man smiles refreshingly.

I tilted my head as I remembered Baal, who would quickly lose shape if I didn’t stay with a person.

“If you are strong enough to not lose your human form no matter how long you are trapped, why is it sealed?”

“Did you call me to ask about an old story?”

“It’s an important question. If you’re weak, there’s no reason for me to cling to you.”

He is busy with my hard words and kneels in front of me with a smile. He kissed the back of my hand like a gentleman.

“Because I fell in love with a terrible human being. No, I was alone in love. He was more evil than the devil!”

I opened my eyes to Bassago’s words that sounded like a song.

The devil taps on my chest as if to believe in him.

“I was willing to betray my people for her, but in the end I was only taken advantage of and abandoned. Are you sorry?”

Saying he was betrayed, Bassago’s face didn’t look any sad.

He continued to talk as if he didn’t even want my affirmation.

“But I still love her. The emotion that we have once created has permanence.”

“You mean you loved Charlotte’s mother?”

I was busy with my questions and finally removed the smile from my face. I began to tense at the face of the evil demon.

“You figured out there. Yes, that’s right. The soul of Rona Vallandia, which I love, was eventually drunk by Asmodeus.”

“why? If I cancel the contract, isn’t it the end?”

I was scared by Bassago’s words and held him by the shoulder. As if the devil reassures me, patting my back tenderly.

“Because I found out that I had accepted another human soul instead of her in exchange for a contract. Asmodeus was also quite thorough back then.”

“There is no Asmodeus anymore.”

“No, it’s not here. He can come back anytime.”

I bite my lips tightly at Bassago’s resolute words.

He lowered his eyes as if to sympathize with me on a subject that was not close to me like Baal.

“I was sealed for breaking the rules of the demons, and knowing my terrible ending, I still couldn’t save her. How miserable is a fate that cannot be changed no matter how struggling.”

Bassago’s sweet voice quickly lowers. It was a soft tone as if it were understanding my heart and as if tempting.

“Are you tired?”

He shook his sealing stone in front of my eyes, as if waving a candy in front of a child.

“Anessa, I understand your heart to change Dietrich’s ending.”

“… … .”

“But you already got my help. What are you planning to pay for me?”

“I’ll give you whatever you want. Eredia’s tomb or whatever.”

“Even the soul?”

I nodded at the words of the devil, like a child who listens.

“okay. All.”

“I am saying that I know that all I can have is the soul of the North. Anissa, I’m stupid, but I’m not stupid.”

The devil did not get caught in my shallow tricks. As if laughing at my eagerness, he laughed coldly.

“Isn’t Dietrich all your little ones?”

“No, not Dietrich.”

I wanted to save him, but it was absurd to offer him in return.

As I shook my head firmly, I raised the corner of my mouth at an angle to the expensive price. The gentle devil was laughing at me.

“He’s not everything you do?”

“right. It’s my everything.”

Dietrich is my heart, my feelings, my everything. It was my spring and summer and fall and winter.

Because all of the time I spent in Anissa came down to that one.

“But not Dietrich.”

Excluding him, I admitted that I had only a shell left, but I inevitably insisted.

It was ridiculously busy, and my answer seemed to like it. He brutally tears the tail of his red mouth.


From then on, I had a feeling that something was going wrong, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the evil demon that I called out as if I couldn’t contain the spilled water.

“If you can’t take him away, it’s okay to take you away from him on the contrary.”

Instead of answering, I rolled my head to understand his meaning. As he comforts me, he strokes my head with a friendly hand.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if it no longer exists?”

Of course it wasn’t okay.

I’ve already died once.

And unlike then, there were so many things that were precious to me. But I did not avoid Bassago’s touch.

“Are you that determined?”

I nodded slowly at Bassago’s remarks.

“The karma accumulated for me has no end, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t carry it.”

The devil muttered a little.

I barely overcame his eyelids, getting heavier little by little, and looked at his expression.

“Hello, Anissa.”

It was a busy and happy face.

“Thank you for allowing me to rectify the plan that Damn Camille tweaked.”

‘Kamiyu… … ?’

Why does Camille’s name come out of his mouth now, not Charlotte or her mother?

I wanted to ask, but in the end I couldn’t overcome the drowsiness that came.

I listened as I could hear the sound of paradise in the distance. It was Dietrich’s voice.

Because he was my paradise.

My Dietrich.

Dark, the light flickered.

After waking up, I was in the midnight forest. The forest in winter is a world of black and white.

The feeling of losing something was so empty. Then, my heart ache as if it seemed to me.

‘What did you lose?’

I thought about it, but I can’t remember.

I cried like a child, not knowing what I had lost, in the cold of my jaw shaking.

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