The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150



I raised my glasses with one hand and looked at the maid who seemed to be wondering what kind of tricks he would catch and punish me today.

“Come here. I have something to say.”

As I stood in front of me, she opened her mouth, brushing off the dust from my shoulders.

“In the future, you will be in charge of serving the Bocchan.”

“Why, why?”

“I would have told you not to talk back?”

Can’t I even ask?

The stocky maid was a man who was shorter than me, but had sharp eyes like a bird of prey.

I was dissatisfied with her orders, but I nodded in terrified fear.


“It was good. Go up to the room when the bocchan finds it.”

Satisfied with my answer, the maid laughed happily and handed her hair down behind her ear.


I sighed, then turned to climb the stairs.

‘Ah, I really hate him.’

The only sons and employees of his own work were oily humans, like applying butter to his face instead of lotion because he couldn’t feel it as a man who calls him a boon.

I was a kind that didn’t want to even look at my face rather than attending, but I was a maid.

‘If it’s black, it’s right… … .’

Because the other person was a noble.

Although he is a Korean-American self-made writer, in this small estate the size of a snot, he could live with only one name of nobleman, and he had enough money to have more than ten maids.

‘Even if you have an instinct, you will be in possession of a maid!’

Two years have passed since I was in possession, but I was still angry.

While enjoying the civilization of rice cookers and washing machines for laundry, I had a very hard time adapting to the work of a maid.

When I think of the novels of the subject of Bing that I enjoyed reading before I die, it is usually a female main man-made, an evil girl who opposes the protagonist, and if it is an extra, then the characters around the protagonist are possessed!

‘Why am I a maid of change who can’t even appear, even far from where the main characters are active?’


I stood in front of the master’s visit, holding back the tears that were about to pour out of resentment.


“Who is it?”

“Bocchan, this is Annie.”

“Five! come in.”

The voice I felt dismisses my visit. Donovan, sitting in an armchair, raised his head as he opened the old wooden door.

“I called for tea.


I turned to the tea table as Donovan laughed and said.

‘I have a tea pot and a cup, but if I drink it, my fingers break?’

Anyway, nobles… … .

I laughed at their laziness and listened to the tea pot.

“Shall I bring some dessert to eat with you?”

“No, your face is sweeter than any other chocolate.”

“Ah… … .”

‘Yes, you are.

Donovan’s pretense of familiarity with me, wearing a pretense mask, only looked up.

“It’s really pretty without fail today.”

‘You really feel the same.’

“Thank you.”

The person I’m in possession of, Annie, was pretty beautiful on a subject that apparently didn’t even appear in the novel.

Donovan was a typical nobleman who brightened the subject.

In this small rural village, I wasn’t going to take on the wrongdoings thanks to a strikingly pretty face, but I had to endure Donovan’s frustration instead.

“It’s kinda only for me to drink. sit down.”

At Donovan’s proposal, I snapped my ass to the sofa across from him.

The mild smell of Gahyang tea made me feel a little better.

“So have you thought about it?”

“What do you think?”

“You mean the suggestion to be my concubine.”

Pooh oop.

It was rudeness that I could not dare to commit in front of the noble master, but I had no choice but to spew out all the tea I had in my mouth.

“Sin, I’m sorry!”

I jumped up and started wiping the loose hair on the drenched roadbed with an apron.

“It’s okay, my little baby rabbit.”

‘Shut up! Don’t sing like that!’

At the disgusting title coming out of his mouth, he almost took off his hair.

“So what’s the answer?”

I barely persevered at the cost of my life, and shook my head with a polite smile.

“I’m sorry. How can a lowly maid like me become the master’s concubine?”

Donovan felt it, but if he had a pretty face, he was confused whether he was progressive or headless, whether he was a nobleman, a commoner, or a slave.

But his father, Viscount, was different.

He was an aristocratic man enough to live with the words of his family, Oilley, who enjoyed the count as well.

“Oh, Annie. Identity cannot separate our love.”

I didn’t even have a love to separate, but I shook my head vigorously, grateful for the fact that my work was a man of the same quality as the status system.

“You won’t allow it, sir.”

“Oh, if you have children first, your father will be unavoidable-!”

‘Oh. I think this guy is crazy.’

I seriously hardened my face as I looked at the roadbed that turned my face red.

“Then I would be kicked out with the child?”

“Damn it! Why did I bring you in the first place!”

I opened my eyes to Donovan’s regretful cry full of excitement.

‘… … Bringing you?’

“You bring me? You said I was a maid who worked here, right?”

Although I became an “ani”, I couldn’t remember her life.

My last memory was my death in a lonely hospital room where no one was looking for it.

‘Although it doesn’t feel as if I died a long time ago.’

I didn’t feel sad because I had no regrets in my previous life.

Unable to figure out how the hell was going on, I wandered through the woods with my eyes open and ran into Donovan, who had just hunted.

‘You, you… … !’

‘Do you know me?’

I was hungry for a long time and ate the jerky he gave me.

To him who looked suspiciously at me, who didn’t know the name of the wandering forest or even my name, I opened my eyes and excused him that I was in the forest and lost all my memories.

‘That’s why you didn’t know me, too? You were my maid.’

Donovan said so to me.

‘A maid?’

‘Yes, you are my maid Annie.’

The maid’s job was so hard that he ran away without paying the debt, and Donovan explained that he had entered the forest to catch me.

In other words, to be possessed as a person with a lot of debt.’

I was resentful of God, but what can I do?

I am so fortunate that I was able to avoid very hard work thanks to the roadbed that I was afraid of running away again.

“Ahhh. So- I was the one who hired you as a maid. It used to be. When you are very young.”


“Huh. You don’t seem to remember it yet?”

Donovan’s argument made sense because the nobles had to bring young girls and train them to use maids that suit their tastes.

He taps on his thick lips and continues.

“You bought it myself for a large sum of money to your parents. So your lord isn’t your father, it’s me.”

‘Why don’t you believe it like this?’

I wasn’t saying I couldn’t believe it, but I’m suspicious of it. As he looks at Donovan with his eyes open, he frowns.

“Why do you look like that?”


“Are you suspicious of me?!”

“Oh, no. young master.”

Donovan wasn’t a violent aristocrat who beats his use if he fits like the count of the neighboring estate, but he was quite hot-tempered.

“Damn, it’s okay if your concubine has a pretty face. Why do you need an identity?”

Fortunately, he turned the arrow to my father. I was bowing my head for fear of Donovan getting angry, but I quietly left the room, aiming for a break.


Someone grabs my shoulder as I sigh while leaning in the hallway.

“Annie, are you okay?”

I nodded, looking at my sensitive eyes. Lindsay rubs my cheeks as she sweeps her curly brown hair.

“You said that the brooch called you again? I thought I was going to be serving them now.”

“Huh. I guess.”

I laughed at Lindsey’s question.

Donovan was very open-minded and favored me, so most of my users didn’t like me.

“Hey, poor thing.”

Lindsay is the only one who has been sweet to me from the start.

She said that when she looked at me, she remembered her younger brother who was forcibly dragged into her concubine by the Count, who was notorious for her ugly personality.

“It’s the fate of women in the countryside that beauty brings misfortune. What can I do?”

I nodded at Lindsay’s lamenting words. She hugs my shoulder and pats me.

“I’d rather marry you so that the master can’t covet you. That would be better.”

“Who am I marrying?”

“If you just make up your mind, will somebody reject you?”

‘I wouldn’t be that beautiful.’

I laughed at Lindsey’s words.

“Oh, look at her. Why are you laughing?”

“No- it’s funny. If everyone else in the world liked me, would I have been a self-made maid until now?”

“That’s the master!”

Lindsay, trying to say something, walks into the hallway and finds a servant, and then suddenly shuts her mouth tight.

“Follow me.”

As she drove me into the corner of the hallway, she looked around and lowered her voice.

“Anyway, it’s just a man with a higher title than the master.”

‘Do you marry any man just because you’re high-ranking, well?’

I thought so, but Lindsay’s face was so serious that I had to listen to her.

“It’s a rumor, but the Grand Gong will visit our estate.”


“Yes, that’s what Lagrange means.”

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