The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            It seemed to me that I had a long dream.

When Dietrich woke up from a very long sleep, everyone except him forgot her, as if they had made an appointment.

Veronica, who was wary of Dietrich because she loved Anissa so much, Yuric, who always took care of her while complaining, and the children of La Granju who survived thanks to her.

There was no trace left in the world.

Lancel gave her the bedroom to the guest as if it was natural, and the doll she had been sleeping with was also considered as Rosé’s.

Someone erased her. It seems like it’s trivial, like scribbles with a pencil.


I asked myself, but I already knew the answer. Because the shadow that had tightened him incessantly has disappeared.

All demons, including Baal, disappeared without even leaving a trace.

I was angry at how dare I could forget her, but I wondered if I was going crazy if I was seeing people who seemed to have forgotten that LaGrange had ruled the demons.

‘Is it really a dream?’

When I asked such an empty question, I felt empty as if someone had a handful of my heart.

No, it can’t be.

It couldn’t have been a dream.

For that reason, my memory, this void, as if my feet were going out, was so vivid.

The round body that I was sleeping crouching at my feet was excited, and I was drawing a line while calling my name.

The small hands, thin shoulders, and nose that crept every time I laughed vividly, but sometimes I was confused about what color only those eyes were.


From moment to moment, Dietrich was wary of his oblivion. If you forget that, no one will remember Anissa.

The empty seat was filled with only pain.

He didn’t know if he was sick even if he struck his side with a knife, and he cried for the first time on the night when his heart aches so much.

Tears fall on the rough palm. I had never cried, so I didn’t even know how to soothe myself.

Even after the breathless night passes and the morning comes, she does not come.

He ran to Euclid to see if he had been taken to the south, but Hermann, who met Dietrich with open arms, could not even remember her.

As if there was no history they were enemies.

“War? It’s not a day’s work for the southerners. What are you doing at war?”

Dietrich laughed at the words Yuric shrugged.

“Besides, Euclid has a boss who deals with this power of God. Are we going to be scared to handle those guys?”

Became. Was enough.

It wasn’t even from Lehman’s past that he went into the sleeping peacock’s bedroom and pulled his head out.

“You seem to have been sick for a long time and still can’t wake up.”

Yuric laughs and brightens his eyes, coveting the title of the Grand Duke.

“For the time being, I’ll be in charge of the job, so take a break.”

Dietrich woke up in fear of killing half of Yuric, who was speaking cheeky.

But now, I sat down to wonder what’s the use of that.


Everything is meaningless. It doesn’t mean anything.

Yuric, looking at Dietrich, leaning on her bed and washing her face, opened her mouth with a sigh.

“I’m the first to live and live, and I see a young man obsessed with dreams like you.

The people of LaGrange, including him, believed that Dietrich, who had been wandering around, had a very long and vivid dream.

“If you wake up, forget it. Is your dream a dream for nothing?”

“Shut up.”

“It’s a fucking jwodo to worry, motherfucker.”

Dietrich glared at Yuric and picked up a stack of papers from the drawer.

“Hey, give it to me. Why are you hugging what you should have done earlier?”

Dietrich kicked Yuric who reached out to me to take the papers.


“Get it off. Don’t touch it.”

These are the documents that Anissa handled when she took over as a secretary for a while. All the letters received on the battlefield disappeared, but only the documents remained.

The characters like crooked children were marking parts that were thought to be important. If you bury your face, you will get a very faint reverberation.

“The crazy guy.”

Yuric glanced at Dietrich, who had his nose on the papers, and muttered a little.

“Isn’t it real money?”

No matter what Yuric thought, Dietrich couldn’t often take the papers out of the drawer to see if the scent would disappear.

“Yes, just have you. You just have to write a new one.”

If a person is going crazy, just dreaming is crazy.

Yuric dragged his tongue and lamented.

Dietrich, while listening to his sneering, fumbled through the marks where Anissa’s name had been erased.

“Who the hell is that guy’s Anissa?”

As he looks at him, Yuric scratches his back and asks.

“My meaning.”


“My everything.”

I didn’t like Dietrich when I was busy.

No, he hated not only that, but also all the grand dukes of LaGrange, who inherited the blood of Asmodeus.

So even when I erased Anissa from the world, I broke it and didn’t erase only his memories.

I wouldn’t even get sick without the memory of losing it.

‘It should hurt as much as me.’

Asmodeus was a devil with nothing precious. As a result, Bassago looked for a scapegoat who would free him for me and wandered around again.

However, all the humans of Lagrange, stained with shadows, resembled Asmodeus, and were greedy enough to bring and offer their precious treasures for strength only.

So Dietrich was the only one.

He was the only one who did not know the subject and made a precious person.

How happy it was when Anessa called himself to protect him.

Bussago took off his jeans to hide my joy. Finally, we have Rag and Lord to take revenge.

Just as he suffered from the loss of the human he loved, he wanted Asmodeus’s child to share my pain.

“Where are you?”

Dietrich, with a emaciated face, pointed his sword at the end of Bassago’s neck. The evil demon, no longer afraid of death, tilted his head.

“Who are you talking about?”

She laughed in the pain of tearing her legs and arms one by one.


“The dream you had? There are many rumors that the Grand Ball of LaGrange is crazy.”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know, it’s cheap.”

Dietrich didn’t believe in Bassago’s casual lie. The sword he held pierced the devil’s neck.

“Ah, it’s great too.”

Honestly, when he found his hiding place, he was a little surprised.

It was after Jagan, Amon, and Baal all returned to the demon kingdom after their contracts were cut off.

Lagrang Joo, who couldn’t handle the shadows, was just an ordinary person.

“Answer me. Before I really kill it.”

Nevertheless, Dietrich found the Bassago hidden in the deepest darkness of the north and pulled it out.

That was not enough, so he was suppressing him with a sword.

‘No way I’ll be able to handle the holy sword.’

He said it was a relic of Helen with a light butt, and he shrugged while looking down at my burning body in vain.

“Either kill.”

Bussage has already broken too many rules.

Real death, not just annihilation, came to my nose, and I no longer had any regrets about my existence.

“Why should I tell you where he is?”

No, I pretended.

Dietrich grabbed the devil’s chin and grinned round and round, and held his brain low.

“Because Anissa couldn’t have been what you wanted.”

Then Bassago faced Dietrich’s stiff face, reaping his smile like a clown.

The devil’s red eyes glisten with greed.


“The demons try to deceive humans with contracts. What you want can’t be simply erasing Anissa’s existence.”

He was busy with Dietrich’s words and distorted his face with a laugh.

“Do you want to take revenge on your king?”

“The unscrupulous shadow has never been my king. But as you say, I hate Lagrange very, very much.”


“As long as the humans of Lagrange are present, Asmodeus will not disappear completely.”

Insidious hatred colored the demon’s black tongue.

Bassago grabbed Dietrich’s wrist, holding my neck, with both hands.

“I paid a fair price to destroy LaGrange. But your mother ruined my plan.”

He was a stupid and clever demon, and his plan was perfect.

She, who seemed to be salvation in the eyes of humans, would lead them to ruin.

“Because Camille Lagrange changed his mind. Because of you.”


Dietrich recalls the face of his mother, who now can’t even remember. As he flinched his eyebrows, the devil continued to joke.

“I think I’m scared to think that you will be wandering through the pain of eternity. Like human women do.”

Bassago gave Camille the name of the baby she had made as a host to Camille, who wanted revenge.

But she, on the contrary, kidnapped the child of prophecy that would save the North.

‘A stupid bitch.’

In the end, my son didn’t know how to find him on his feet and wasn’t cumbersome to raise his work.

However, as a result, Bassago’s plan was a success.

Bassago grabbed her as a bait and began to shake it in front of his eyes, just as Dietrich had caught Anessa as a bait.

“… … What the hell do you want?”

Oh, human beings with precious things are such an easy-to-handle prey.

He was busy and laughed wide.

“Anessa Euclid abandons my existence to save you, but what would you give me as greedy to see him again?”

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