The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            No matter how much I wiped, I sighed while wiping the leather sofa, where the dust kept coming out. “This will make the sofa tattered.” 'In addition to my arms.' “Don't quit, Annie. If you wipe it with a damp cloth like this, there is still dirt on it, right?” 'But, to be clean without limiting dust in every corner. Does that make sense?’ At Lindsey's words, the stern face of the stubborn maid comes to mind. The size of the mansion was not large, but only the soldiers were dying in the barrel of a scolding stone saying that the grand duke was coming. “Why is your dear Grand Duke coming to this insignificant estate?” “I mean. I have something to see here.” Even she, who had given the nonsense advice to lure the Grand Duke out of her beauty and deal with Donovan, shrugs with my words. “Besides, it’s called dysphagia?” The villain's grand duke, the murderer, and the terrifying and cruel rumors are all sweet and dying. “How did the conqueror war go out?” As she laughed, Lindsay flinched in the back of her nose. “Shh. That's why the master is trembling. It's a bad place, but it's a big deal if you get a reputation for being dirty.” Those who were not aristocrats couldn't even budge in front of the title of the Grand Duke, even if they didn't treat them as human beings. There were many nobles who couldn't clean the table once with my own hands, but Lagrange Grand Gong was especially famous for his extraordinary dyslexia. 'Even on the battlefield, we all said that once a person is cut, the sword is cleaned immediately.' Dietrich Lagrange, who appeared in the men's War of the Roses, did not seem to have such a setting, but it was strange. 'Is this really right in the book?' I began to wonder if the world I possessed was in the books I read. 'Isn't there no Anissa?' Anissa Euclid, who was not the protagonist, but one of the main characters, was not in the world. Large nobles like Lagrange or Euclid tend to carry rumors. Veronica and Yuric tried to decorate cheap tabloids with promiscuous scandals, but Anessa couldn't find anyone who knew the name, let alone gossip. 'It's a bit suspicious that people don't like Lagrange.' Although it was the placenta among those who feared, many people admired Dietrich Lagrange for his progressive way of managing his estate. Moreover, the endless war of roses had ended several decades ago. 'This world is too peaceful to be the setting for a war fantasy novel.' Well, it was a good thing for me, who was possessed by extras with no power or background. When war breaks out, commoners like me will die. "animation! The maid is calling.” "Why… … ?” "do not know. Go to the second floor.” I woke up from my seat at the words of the young maid who squeezed her face into the study. With the dry mop in his hand, the maid grabbed me and pushed me into the room as I stepped out into the hallway. “You, I have to decorate today.” "Yeah?" A maid was seldom dressed, and she couldn't even afford it. When I opened my eyes round and asked again, the maid raised her glasses and raised her eyebrows. “You would have told me not to answer me?” 'I'm scared… … .’ “No, it’s because I don’t know English.” “You have heard that Grand Duke Lagrange is visiting the mansion, right?” The maid took turns bringing a few dresses that smell like new clothes under my chin on the Odokani line, as if they had just bought it in a hurry. “It is said that Veronica, the top owner of LaGrange, who will come with you, likes beauty. If there is no beautiful woman next to you, he doesn't have a meal.” It was not surprising that the high noble Nari was a pervert. And what does that have to do with me. The maid took off my maid clothes, as if he would not care whether I was embarrassed or not. “Why are you doing this?!” Are you thinking of selling me a kinky strip of Veronica? “I think you will take this opportunity to make a deal with the province of Lagrang. Serve tea next to you.” “… … .” “Wouldn’t it be easier than sweeping and cleaning the mansion? character. Come wash and change clothes.” Fortunately, I was relieved that I had no intention of selling me to a pervert, so I nodded and entered the bathroom. “After getting dressed, go to the garden and pick some flowers to decorate your head!” Outside the door, the maid screams a whale whale. I mumbled in dissatisfaction as I unwrapped the cheap balm in hot water. 'It would be uncomfortable to walk around wearing a dress like that.' “I am myself?” “Ha? Do you really think that you can be a noble young-ae just because you dress pretty? Of course you have to bring it! Today I am very busy!” “Yes.” Okay, if it's kka, it should be kka. Because I was a maid under the grand duke, a maid under the maid, and a maid under the maid. *** 'Would you like a red rose because the dress is pale pink?' Or would a blue hydrangea match the color of my eyes? I noticed a groaning face with Yoon Seul on the pond. A woman with a wall that is blue like the summer sky slowly blinks. The sentence describing Anissa's appearance, saying that she is as delicate as a spring rose, was a very well matched face. 'If only the color of my eyes was red, I would have been mistaken if I was Anissa.' It wasn't a very luxurious dress, but just taking off the drab maid clothes and wearing bright clothes seems to shine a little. I was satisfied with myself and laughed later and clapped my hands saying that I wished the white wild flowers. “Is the flower garden over there?” The Grand Duke said he had already arrived and was looking around the estate with his own work. So, he only had to finish the preparations until the evening he returned to the mansion, but the maid was a very irritable person. As I imagined her yelling, I became impatient and hurried to step. 'Ah, I can't wear it because it's uncomfortable.' I was trying to stretch my legs with stepping stones to cross the pond, but unlike the shoes worn by maids, I felt like I would fall if I made a mistake because of the high heels. 'If I fall into a pond, how much will I be inflicted on saying that I made it impossible to use expensive dress?' I put my tongue out, took off my shoes, and held it in one hand. To go to the hills with wild flowers, he walks with the low wall surrounding the house, and an unfamiliar In-Young gets caught in the end of his gaze. 'Who is it?' The warm spring sun drooped his shadow. I don't know. The white man was certainly the first to see. If you've ever seen it, there's no way you can't remember him. Nevertheless, it was a familiar feeling, so I tilted my head. 'Why do you think your heart suddenly hurts?' I felt like I had nothing to eat. I approached him as he glanced at me, pressing my hands on my strangely throbbing chest. “How did you get in here?” The man had no answer. 'It's neat, but it's plain, without any decorations, and he's not an aristocrat because he didn't even put him next to him.' If you were the owner of the mansion, I wouldn't know. No, he was a handsome man who stood out to the point that it was strange that if you were a person in this province you did not know. 'It's a little scary because it doesn't have a facial expression.' “Are you with Grand Duke Lagrange? You must have taken the wrong way. This is the back door of the mansion.” "Ah." The man slowly nodded at my explanation. I drooled at his suspicious attitude. Come to think of it, the Grand Duke said he would look around the estate first. 'Isn't it a bunch of anti-aircraft? Intruder?’ I wanted to know what to take to this invisible manor, but the man was even wearing a sword on his back. ‘It’s not a knight because there is no pattern.’ I stumbled back at the thought that I had spoken to a strange man. "Ah!" To be unlucky, it is said that if you fall back, your nose will be broken. In other words, there seems to be a piece of sharp stone where you stepped on. Surprised by unexpected pain, a man comes to me in an hurry as I solidify myself. 'Why, why are you coming!' The moment I tried to open my mouth to tell me not to come, the man with his arms outstretched me as if I could be a rag doll. “Keep!” He didn't care about the small screams I screamed, and he started walking around. Lindsay's warning flashes over the amazed accident. 'A country beauty is a good food to bring and sell, Annie.' “Okay, wait a second! Wait a minute!" “… … .” Hiick! Kidnapped! Human trafficking! Why did you do such a terrible thing as your karma with that handsome face?! I trembled and struck the man in the back of the man who put me on my shoulder like a child. “You can’t sell me! I owe it to you, so I wouldn't even sell it!” The man didn't even listen to my ears explaining the circumstances of the week. Soon I put me down on a low wall. 'Uh?' He lifted my feet without socks, and carefully pulled out the pieces from the soles of the feet. A soft glow over the black coriander's head. 'Was you helping?' I looked down at the man's blunt crown and closed my eyes tightly. 'Be embarrassed! Let me talk.’ “… … I'm sorry for misunderstanding.” The man laughed low when I apologized. It was pretty to see the right cheek well being hollowed out. “I asked why you came.” He was a horse, who rubbed his lips with his fingers that were still laughing. "Yeah?" "earlier." "Ah… … , Yeah." Are you saying what you asked how you got into this garden? As I nodded, he responded slowly. “I came to find someone I love.”

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