The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            The man who looked blunt, but quite gentle, got up from his seat only after wrapping my bleeding soles in my handkerchief and putting on my shoes. A beautiful yellow sunset sinks over his open shoulders. The long spider was covering the wild flowers I was looking for. 'Ah, it's not when you're relaxing like this.' Even though I thought so, I couldn't take my gaze off the smiling man's face. Rather than just because he is handsome, he looks so sad. “You came to find someone you love?” The man was smiling, but he looked sad as if he would shed tears any moment. Without realizing I put my hand around his eyes. "okay." He raised his head as if he had no intention of pointing out my rudeness. Rather than getting bite, I touched my dry eyes without even traces of tears, but I was amazed at my own actions and pulled my body back. “Oh. I'm sorry." "done." “I thought it was crying for a moment.” The man just blinks slowly and slowly without responding to my words. His eyes, dyed red in the sunset light, were staring at my face tenaciously. “Is the one you love here?” I asked hard as I cleared my sinking throat. "Well. You have to look it up to find out.” “What is his name?” The estate managed by his own was only a very small rural village. If you're a person here, I might even know your name. “Why do you ask?” “I can help you find someone you love.” The man laughed at the words I added belatedly. He was a person who smiled easily despite his hard expression being a cool impression that suited him very well. 'And when you laugh, you must... … .’ I listened to him, pressing near my heart that was beating loudly, as if running out of my heart pounding. “You don't have to call me to be better.” "Yes?" ‘I thought I would be a semi-noble because of the fact that I was squeezing a semi-word at the beginning.’ The man was tall and quite large, but it seemed that he was not even a knight. 'Are you just a servant of the Grand Duke?' As I roughly guessed the man's identity, I opened my eyes narrowly. What was so good, the man couldn't think of lowering his mouth at an angle. “And I'm sorry, but I can't tell you her name.” “Yes, what. If you don't want to tell me, you can't help it.” “What is your name?” “It's Anime. It’s your own maid.” I scratched my cheek with a name that felt a little tacky compared to the man's sophisticated attitude. 'It's a little embarrassing.' Lorelai or Fredia. It would have been better if it had been possessed by someone with an elegant and aristocratic name. “What's your name?” "D… … .” "D?" “Dylan!” I nodded at the short name from the man's mouth. 'I guess he's definitely noble.' Because Dylan, Annie, and Lindsey were common common names. “So, is Dylan a servant of Grand Duke Lagrange?” “… … What. Can you say that?” Dylan freely answers my question. I only woke up in a hurry to think of my original purpose. "Ah! Flower!" "Flower?" “I came out to pick flowers, but I was too late.” I set aside the bewildered Dylan and looked for the white wildflowers. 'It's gathered over there.' She limped towards the place where wild flowers were gathered, and her body was lifted as before. “Why, why?” Not to be surprised by my body floating in the air, Dylan put me in the same position as before. I'm not a knight, but I don't know what kind of power is so strong. "there is. I will break you.” “Then, please make it a flower with intact petals and vivid leaves.” I wondered that my feet might be uncomfortable, so I blinked my eyes and opened my mouth. He laughs at my shameless attitude. “You’re good at pampering others, saying you’re a maid.” “Think of it as someone who knows how to be grateful for the favors of others.” Dylan laughed low, as if it was a joke, and soon returned with a few bunches of white wild flowers. A kind servant of Lagrange. That was Dylan's first impression. *** “Your Excellency said you just want to rest for the time being. I think I just came to a nursing car.” “Recuperation?” "okay. There are rumors about his poor health.” I tried to decorate my hair with pretty flowers and went to the maid's house, but she glanced at me and shrugged, saying that there was no need for that. “While you're staying, you don't know when you'll need it, so keep your clothes well.” “… … Yeah." “There are a lot of things that you've been stuck with all day, just dressing up. I'm doing some hard work until late today.” 'Did I do the dressing because I wanted to do it?' The maid had forgotten that even the dressing was her own, dragging her tongue and holding a mop in my hand. "Yeah. You just have to finish the corridor on the balcony, right?” "Huh. Good job.” I can't do chores in a pretty dress, so I hurriedly changed my maid's clothes and went out of the hallway, but a short on the top and an elongated person on the side block me. "young master?" This is Donovan. He was staring at me, snorting his nose at what was upset. I took a step back, frowning at my bad foresight. “What's happening?” “You said you wanted to see Grand Duke Lagrange and asked your father to buy you a dress?” "Yeah?" Does it make sense that I'm not the daughter of any self-made, and a maid teases the owner for a dress? But stupid Donovan spoke with a brightly stained face, whether he couldn't realize that my words weren't like words. “Do you hate my concubine position and want to become the government of the Grand Duke?” I hated both. I bowed my head and exhaled a quiet breath, avoiding Donovan's gaze. “It's a leap. I haven't even seen the face of the Grand Duke.” “Then why does a maid or something go around in a dress?” It seemed that the people who didn't like me had spoken strangely to Donovan. Excited Donovan grabbed my chin and started looking for it to be pierced as if it were going to be bitten. “What did you paint on your lips?!” “Not that-” “I can't. Follow me!” “Because it was your name!” “That's an excuse, damn it!” 'So it's not an excuse!' I was less afraid than resentful at Donovan's act of grasping my wrist. 'Wouldn't it be better to sell it somewhere else?' Jajak was an arrogant and aristocratic man, but he was a master who knew the culture, and the maid was chilly but not bad at heart. 'Besides, I was stuck here because there was Lindsay.' Donovan, who only thought he was a stupid, inexperienced bum, is going to come out so violently. “Now, wait a minute, Master!” "Noisy! Don't let go of your hand?!” “It was really your name! W Please ask!” "Do not lie!" Donovan grabbed the railings of the stairs and kicked my legs to avoid being dragged. “Let it go! Follow me when you say good words!” 'Because I've never said anything good!' A big fuss comes out of the hall and looks at us. There was a servant who was heavier than Donovan, who often flirted with me, but he turned his head when he made eye contact with me, as if he had no intention of helping. I closed my eyes tighter than aiming at those who were just looking at me like a blue man who was being captured by Donovan. Because they are cowards, I have no desire to swear. It was about a maid, because even if you were beaten for no reason, you had to shut up your mouth with a few pennies. 'I would rather go to a city with many people.' If Donovan gets hit for no reason, wouldn't his own work forgive my debts, even if I'm sorry? I struggled and missed the railing I was barely holding. “Kak!” Donovan grabbed my hair lying on the floor roughly. He looked down at me with a bent head and exhaling, and raised his mouth sneaky. "Do you follow me when you say such good things?" “Do, Master... … .” 'If you're like you, will you follow whether you speak good or bad?' Something filled my throat, but I swallowed it hard, saying that I had done nothing wrong, but put my hands together. “I was wrong, master.” “What did you do wrong?” “… … Because a maid or a maid is wearing a dress.” “If you want to wear a dress, don’t you want to listen to me when I tell you to become a concubine?” Donovan listened to persuade me with a voice that softened his anger a little. I struggled to get out of the grip of his still holding my head. “Have you changed your mind a little now?” “… … .” “It was said that a servant who does not listen to be beaten to wake up, and it would be like this.” I bite my lips at Donovan's act of shaking my head back and forth in a well lit lobby. “I'm just saying that I'm going to give a maid or something like a concubine of this body, and they say I don't want to be cocky!” Even though he was the only son of his own, he was a man who was so frivolous, he did not know how terrible he would turn into a monster when he climbed the place of the lord. It might be better to bite your tongue and die than to become Donovan's wife. Thinking so, I swallowed a bunch of tears that had accumulated, but at the end of my blurred vision, a familiar character was caught. '… … Dylan?’ It's definitely the first time I've seen it today, so why do you feel so familiar? As if he was carrying even the grand-duke's luggage, he slowly began to walk toward me, holding a box and holding a beautiful box. The sound of dumb steps rang out loud. “What, what!” Donovan shouted out loud at Dylan's appearance. “That's what I want to ask.” Dylan's bite, asking Donovan, was drawing a smooth line, but I didn't feel like he was smiling pretty at all.

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