The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C141-150


            It has already been a week since Grand Duke Lagrange visited the artist.

He didn’t show up in the mansion, saying he wanted to go hunting or looking around the estate, so I could only confirm his real life today.

“Is that really Grand Duke Lagrange?”



Dylan nodded slowly at my question. I couldn’t believe his words, so I frowned.

‘Dylan looks better.’

Dietrich was the strongest villain in the world, and at the same time he was a handsome man who established a confrontation with the protagonist.

However, it was difficult to say that the “Grand Duke Lagrange” in the distance was a tremendous handsome man.

‘Did you even get a villain buff from the novel?’

The man who Dylan told me to be my master gets off the black stallion and passes my bangs to feel.

The height was also haunted and it was distant, but it was an impression that it was going to be pulled out somehow.

‘You look like a servant who is like a tongue in your mouth while serving people higher than nobles.’


“No, a little… … Than expected.”

‘It’s ugly.’

I couldn’t see his master’s chest in front of the bell, so I shrugged and swallowed the back horse.

“So, can I not go in?”

The Grand Duke, who returned to the mansion with his own work, went inside without even paying attention to the servants.

However, Dylan introduced himself as his servant, showing no signs of following the Grand Duke.

“The Grand Duke told me to help the artist.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“okay. with you-.”

It’s nice to hear that.

I laughed wide at Dylan’s words and handed the broom in his hand before he even finished talking.

“Then, even sweep the front door. I will come after lunch.”


Perhaps he hasn’t done any chores like this, and he grabs a broom in a trance.

“Can you do it well?”

I wondered if Dylan could do the cleaning properly, but I turned around without worrying any more as I grabbed the rumbling belly.

“Thank you, Dylan!”

“… … .”

“Now, here’s the sandwich you asked for.”

After having a wagwagu lunch at a restaurant used by employees, I asked Ronan, my kitchen assistant, to receive a sandwich.

“By the way, are you going to eat lunch like that and have a sandwich again?”

“I’m going to eat it for snacks. Don’t talk about it.”

“Is it what you eat?”

“I see.”

I was going to give it to Dylan, but if I say to take care of an outsider who is not the owner of his own artist, the backstage may come out for no reason.

“When do I say I need to gain some weight?”

I shrugged my shoulders and casually attached my feet.

Ronan couldn’t make a great dish because he was just an assistant, but he made a sandwich with a lot of homemade mustard on a smoked ham and made it taste better than the chef’s.

The savory smell of bread coming from under my nose makes my stomach squeeze, but my mouth is drooling.

‘If I didn’t clean properly, I should eat half of it.’

Because someone who doesn’t work, it seems like someone told me not to eat.

I didn’t expect Dylan to finish the cleaning by himself anyway. Ma Moo ran out to the front door with the intention of doing it alone, and I couldn’t believe the sight that unfolded before my eyes, so I opened my mouth.

‘Oh my gosh!’

It seemed that it wasn’t clean, so I was blinded by the gleaming light.

‘You said the front door looked like this?’

The marble porch, shining white as if it had found its original color, was as clean as it had just been built, without any dust.


I grabbed Dylan’s arm in awe, wiping the column with a dry mop.

“I think I can stop now. It’s so clean that people will slide.”

He turned to me, who was so passionate about cleaning that I didn’t even know I was here. I blinked my surprised eyes, then seriously hardened my face.

“Do you ever want to change your job?”

He wasn’t just an attendant on errands, but a professional cleaner would be able to raise his wages threefold, but he shook his head slowly.


“why? I’m overflowing with talent, so I can’t flow.”

‘If I keep the front door so clean during the short time I eat lunch, I am not a cleaning genius.’

I gave him the sandwich I brought with admiration.

“The cleaning is done, and you’re hungry, right? Eat this.”

As I stared at the sandwich I had in front of me, he stood in place and opened his mouth wide to see if it was enough to eat.

“Are you going to eat here?”

At my question, Dylan turned to me after eating the sandwich.

I pointed at the warm sunlight with my fingertips.

“Go to the garden and eat. The weather is so nice today.”

I took the hand of Dylan, who dared to cut the sandwich so as not to match the aristocratic impression like a brush.

‘I’ve already eaten half.’

“Is it because I don’t know where the garden is?”

When I first met, remembering that he was standing in the garden unexpectedly, I decided that he was going to be a guide.

“Follow me.”

I’m trying to put my hand on the way because I’m afraid he grabbed my hand, but he grabbed my hand tightly. When I glanced in surprise, my blunt face was still there.

‘I’m afraid I’ll get lost, but?’

The mansion of his own author was small, but the structure was complicated and it was easy to get lost.

Being conscious of the hand held, I was belatedly embarrassed. I was in a hurry to move, in case my hand was sweaty.

“You remember here? It’s the garden of the artist.”

I looked after Dylan, pointing to the rose bush that my wife’s hand-carried rose.

It’s because he didn’t let go of my hand even when I arrived at my destination.

“I’m here.”


As I shake my hand, I slowly let go of my hand.

I opened my mouth as I glanced at his cheeks burning red in the sun.

“If I eat alone, I’ll be there because I’m bored.”

I said it as if I was patronizing it, but I just wanted to hit the nongdang because I have to clean it anyway when I return.

He puts Dylan up and tries to sit on a bench, but he takes out a handkerchief from his arms and spreads it out.

“Does the servant carry something like that?”

Although she has been a maid for more than two years, it is the first time I have ever seen a servant carrying a hand towel.

“Because I like clean things.”

He hesitated to answer as if as an excuse, and laid a white handkerchief in the place where I was going to sit. It wasn’t embroidered, but it looks expensive to be shiny.

“Thank you.”

I was grateful to my eyes for the delicate care that the bums would do.

‘Because the owner likes neat things, the bell looks like that.’

Even though Dylan casually took a sandwich from others for that kind of thing.

“The weather is really nice today.”


He was silent, so the quiet garden quickly became quiet.

I closed my eyes, leaning my back on the chair, glanced at him, munching on the sandwich with a whistling sound.

It might sound too romantic to hear the sound of spring coming, but the breeze on your cheeks is really spring itself.

‘It seems like it was me.’

“Oh, and it turns out-.”


“Did you find someone you love?”

Dylan hardens his chin from chewing hard, perhaps too sudden.

‘Have you found it yet?’

It has already been over a week since I met him, so I wanted to help if I couldn’t find it.

“I guess I couldn’t find it.”

“… … .”

“What does it look like? I may know, so tell me.”

I hurried to him for no answer and rolled my feet into the air.


My shoulders stiffen at the popping answer. I smiled and tilted my head.

‘I have to tell you things like hair color, eye color, and features, who asked me something pretty.’

Even though I think so, my mouth moves differently.

“What, how pretty?”

“It’s the prettiest in the world.”

“… … .”

I stared at Dylan’s hard face and doubted his ears.

‘The world is blunt and speaks that well.’

Although romantic, it is not very helpful in finding the person he is looking for.

‘Because Dylan is a handsome man, the person who is pretty in his eyes must be a tremendous beauty.’

I pouted my mouth as I gathered my eyes at Dylan’s unfaithful answer.

“Are you prettier than me?”

I don’t know why the hell came out of my mouth either.

“Oh, no. Don’t answer me!”

I lowered my head, covering my heated cheeks with the back of my hands.

“Because it’s a joke.”

It would be a little less embarrassing to laugh at it, but I can’t hear anything from Dylan’s side.

As I quietly lifted my face, he slowly extended his arm and held the tip of my head in his hand.


“… … .”

“I don’t know.”

He squeezed his chin with his hand on his back and laughed slowly.

I was so fascinated by that low-key laughter that I couldn’t stop him from kissing my hair.

Maybe it’s because of the sunburn, or because I’m embarrassed enough to shrink my hands and feet, or my face has become hot enough to burst.

‘You don’t know if the person you love is prettier than me?’

“I beg your pardon?”

I was embarrassed for nothing and pushed Dylan’s shoulder as if it were shocked.

“Are you bar, bar, flirt?”


At my question, he makes a fluttering sound as if he was absurd.

I woke up hurriedly from my seat, staring at his tilted head.

“Dylan was like a playboy right now!”

“… … .”

“When you finish eating the sandwich, go to work now.”

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