The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C151-160


            “Is that woman your’Anissa’?”

Yuric put his hand on Dietrich’s shoulder, gazing at the back of the woman moving away with a broken face.

“Is that anissa who said it was okay to hand over the seat to me if you were in love so much that we could meet again?”


Dietrich nodded belatedly, listening to Yuric’s words.

“I thought I was even dating because I was going to find it all over again… … .”

His half-hearted brother pulled his tongue out and cleaned up the situation.

“It was unrequited love.”

Dietrich was annoyed by Yuric’s evaluation and touched the temple with his eyebrows.

“You seem to have misunderstood.”

I don’t know what else you’re thinking about being a flirt.

The head of Anissa was already small enough to be a thumb as it was so fast that even if he tried to clarify it by holding onto it, the head of Anissa was already reduced to the size of a thumb.

I felt a lot of anger just by taking a brisk walk, and I was confused.

Last time, I looked at myself as if I was a playmaker, and it was clear that I had a strange misunderstanding as I was alone today.

“It would be a bit unfair to be a playboy. I haven’t tried holding a woman’s hand once saying that he’s playing Anissa.”

Yuric laughed as if teasing him with an empty face.

The elders of Lagrange couldn’t have left the young Grand Duke without a woman interested, let alone a marriage. There was never a single enemy.

“I thought you were making excuses because you didn’t want to meet a girl, but I’m relieved that you’re a real person.”

Yuric laughed slowly and tapped Dietrich on the shoulder. But he still only warns with a smileless face.

“I don’t know she’s Dietrich Lagrange, so I treat me as a servant in front of her.”

“Only in front? From now on? Perfect for acting… … .”

“What do you do perfectly?”

Yuric, who tried to pamper Dietrich as an opportunity, turned away with embarrassing laughter at his bloody eyes.

“Ah, Hermann Euclid is coming.”

For one name, the cool atmosphere of Dietrich, which was a little docile unlike Lagrange, returns in an instant.

‘Then it is.’

Yuric shrugged, blaming himself for thinking Dietrich had changed a little.

“Why is that guy here.”

“I guess where I heard you play as a commoner. He said he’s also coming to play?”

“What did you do without blocking?”

“How can I stop the Duke of Euclid?”

okay. They were now powerless.

Dietrich suffered an annoying groan at the blunt Yuric’s response.

‘What the hell is going on?’

It was strange that there was no war like a novel, and it was strange enough that Grand Duke Lagrange suddenly visited the estate of this Korean-American self-writer.

‘That’s not enough, so now Hermann Euclid?’

Unbeknownst to me, the background of the novel is the snot of an extra self-writer who is not Lagrange or Euclid, but has it changed into a manor?

I looked up blankly at the’protagonist’ who appeared in a flashy fanfare. Hermann, who appeared on a white horse, was a prince-like man with dark pink hair.

The beautiful appearance itself was inferior to Dylan’s, but the main character’s lively charm stands out, and the gaze goes on.

As I stared at him, I made eye contact with him.

I was so frightened that I quickly lowered my head, and I felt that he was coming off the horse and approaching me.

‘Are you going to pay homage for being insolent?’

The nobles didn’t like the use of their servants to look at them.

I was terrified and glanced at the inside and outside of my own work that I couldn’t help with the appearance of the Duke of Euclid.

“Are you your own maid?”

“Yes, sir! This is Annie!”

Fortunately, Herman’s voice was gentle. I even laughed a little as if not to be scared when I answered so hard.

“I like the color of your hair. So, I’d like to take over my dedicated maid.”

“… … Yeah?”

Do you mean choosing a maid to attend my service with sloppy hands or a hair color that doesn’t have anything to do with skill?

I looked back at my own work, swallowing the ridicule of the bloody oozing at Hermann’s ridiculous words.

He nodded loudly, grabbing my shoulder and pushing it towards Hermann.

“You do that, Duke!”

“Wouldn’t this maid’s doctor be important?”

“What kind of doctor could a maid have?”

“That’s not right.”

Hermann hardens his face. He was clearly denied what he said, but I thought he wasn’t very different in essence from his own.

I picked myself from among numerous maids as if I was picking things up.

“It’s only an honor to me to be able to serve the Duke.”

I smiled and thought of Dylan to meet the young Duke.

‘Dylan is not aristocratic even though he is like NomPang.’

I don’t know why he, who must be a horny and playboy, doesn’t leave my mind.

Donovan didn’t see if anything had happened in the last few days, so I naturally turned to Hermann instead of Donovan.

All day I got to know him, with nicknames such as “Main Character” and “Hero,” much more than I thought… … .

‘Is it stupid or sunny?’

It means that he is an easy person.

I don’t know why the busy peacock left my estate and came down to his own territory, but he looked pretty idle.

The first few days I followed him, but after that, he became a form of chasing me who was busy sweeping and cleaning me.

‘I am disturbed, but I go in and take a nap.’

Herman, who said he would help when he said he had to clean the garden, was not helpful, but was bothered by just asking things with his curious eyes.

‘Dylan was very helpful.’

I recently missed the gentle and blunt servant of LaGrange. Of course, since Dylan wasn’t a noble, he did it because he was used to chores.

“Annie, Annie. What is the name of this flower?”

“It’s a mandrami.”

“It’s pretty like you!”

I laughed brightly like a boy and sighed at Herman’s action, picking up flowers from the garden of others’ houses and offering them to me.

Normally, the authoritative nobles would pay homage to this behavior, but I had already figured out how easy he was.

‘You still see my eyes?’

When my reaction wasn’t good, he held the broken flower in his hand and rolled his eyes restlessly.

“Hey, please bring flowers.”

“Why are you sighing?”

“If you hold it like that, you will all die.”

“Ah! I’m sorry!”

He hurriedly drops the cockscomb from his hand and apologizes. I shrugged around him with a broomstick and opened my mouth loudly.

“I can do it myself now, so stop entering.”

“But I want to help.”

“Duke, can I be honest with you?”

“Oh, you can tell me anything oh. I am a person who knows the faith.”


Hermann nodded loudly to my question.

“then. Even wheat.”

“If you keep sticking to me, it will interfere with your work.”

“… … Am I bothered?”

In my words, Hermann carefully asks. If it were a puppy, I couldn’t answer right away because the face seemed to show drooping ears, and my lips were sweet.

“Annie, there is something you misunderstand… … I’m not like a muzzle that’s clinging to people like this.”

I couldn’t believe it at all.

He would be like that, because Hermann was bothering me, chasing me for a while.

‘I thought I was the type of screwing out because I was lonely if there was no one beside me.’

When I open my eyes, Hermann sighs and opens his mouth.

“I don’t know why either, but I think I should have poured it out to you for some reason.”


I scratched my cheek with a premonition that a familiar situation that I had experienced quite often after becoming an’anime’ would come.

‘I was in a similar situation to the kitchen assistant and the reserve butler, so I thought so… … .’

Did the peacock even come to like me?

I placed my hand on Hermann’s shoulder, feeling strangely satisfied with my overflowing charm.

“Sorry, Duke, I don’t look like a man at all.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t see you as a woman either.”

“… … Yeah?”

At my refusal, he hardens his face and colorizes. I rolled my eyes, afraid of his sharp eyebrows.

“I just feel like I have to protect you. I think I’m going to be in danger right away.”

‘Is it a heroic psychology?’

His main job was like a hero, so I understood, but if I’m in danger of using a broomstick, I’ll just fall into a puddle.

“Duke, there are many people in the world who need your help more than I do.”

“… … .”

“They go to help.”

Hermann was drowned by my stern words and turned his back.

I felt a little weakened by the appearance, but if I keep suffering like this, I may not be able to finish my work properly.

‘Then you’ll hear the maid’s nagging again!’

Donovan had an ugly hair and his salary was cut, but he couldn’t get out of the job of my own maid for the rest of my life.

‘That’s not possible.’3


            “Why are you avoiding me?”

“I didn’t avoid it.”

I now try to avoid Dylan’s eyes, holding the broomstick with both hands as familiar as my body.

“Aren’t you still trying to avoid it?”


I couldn’t find any excuses for him with his bruising eyes. Because it was correct to avoid.

“Then why can’t I make eye contact.”

“It was just because I was busy with a bar. How about avoiding it?”

Nevertheless, I naturally lied and turned my head toward it.

‘Are you applying honey on your face overnight?’

Dylan, who is still brilliantly looking, faces me. Even in the sun, I was staring at my deep dark red eyes, and my heart was shaken again.

‘I guess it’s because you’re so handsome.’

I thought I wouldn’t be the one who gives heart to anyone easily.

“Don’t look like that.”

I thought it was because of those eyes.

Eyes so desperate.

I felt like I wanted me very much and felt sad as if I could cry anytime soon, so I felt like I had to do something right now.

“Never see it anymore?”

Dylan, looking bluntly at me with her narrow eyes open to avoid seeing him right away, crushes her lips.

“Not like that… … .”

I shook my hand to his stiff face.

“I was really busy. I’m sorry if I’m offended.”

It was more scary than disappointed because he was really a playboy.

There were so many stories in this small rural village that a man from the city center and a woman who used to work in the countryside fall in love.

Jajak-ryeong was quiet, but there were always tourists due to its simple beauty.

As the knights who claim to be warriors passed by as if passing through this small town saying they were on an adventure, one of them fell in love with the village woman as if they had made a promise.

However, no man settled in this village just because he fell in love.

‘I will come back.’

It’s unlikely that there will be any woman who believes that word anymore, but whether love really blinds people, even Lin Ji believed it.

‘If I don’t come back, look at this certificate and find me.’

With that said, there were countless men leaving Dan Donna emulet saying that they were going to go to the family.

Likewise, Lindsay received an emulate with a purple fir tree engraved by her lover, but it didn’t take long for her to learn that the “heirloom” was cheap, which would not even be accepted at a junk store.

Lindsay, who was crying, still flickers in front of her eyes.

‘I absolutely hate that.’

If I fall for Dylan, it only hurts me. He liked to remain a gentle servant of La Granju to me.

I made up my mind and pushed Dylan’s desperate face away.

“So please get out of the way. You are working.”

At my request, he twists his face and moves away.

‘Because you listen to words very well.’

I thought so, but instead of leaving, he started to follow me.

“Why are you following me?”

The Lagrange Grand Duke seems to have enough money left. Paying Hanyang like Dylan.

“To help with work.”

“Do you have anything else to do?”

“okay. So I’ll help you with your job.”

I shrugged and pointed upstairs at something similar to Dylan’s pledge.

“Duke Hermann Euclid visited my own work? Don’t follow me and eat at him.”

There is a screaming sound from the side even before the end of the conversation. In amazement, I looked around and saw a small statue that was decorating the corridor fell and rolled around.

‘Did you fall because it’s old?’

Standing nearby, Dylan seemed unwilling to pick up the statue, so I bent down and held a little bird-shaped sculpture in my arms instead.

“Why are you standing there? Go see it.”

“… … Did you tell me to wait for that baby now?”

I looked around, amazed by Dylan’s ignorant words. Fortunately, the hallway is only busy.

“Then, What do you mean that guy! What if I call the Duke of Euclid like that?”

I just wanted to go out when I was singing Grand Duke Lagrange or my own work!

However, it was the Duke of Euclid who was more prestigious than the Grand Duke of Lagrange.

Because he was a person who could use the sun’s abilities freely.

‘I think Dietrich Lagrange was a little stronger in the novel.’

Dylan, staring at my confused face, presses my temple firmly. He replied, biting his teeth as if patiently with something.

“Duke of Euclid… … You won’t need my help.”

It seemed that I couldn’t let him go even though I needed help anymore. Because the servant has to have a cheeky tongue over there, he will have his throat cut off in no time.

I nodded, checking Dylan’s neck, which was still well attached.

“Yes, what. If you have nothing to do, follow me.”

I couldn’t make fun of my hands just because I was uncomfortable. With Dylan on my back, I headed to a garden full of dead spring flowers in summer.

“I’ll use the garden first. Dylan is… … Oh, please clean the fountain.”

As usual, I would have been chatting and working with him, but I wanted to keep my business relationship with him as much as possible, so I pointed to a far-off fountain.

“Aren’t you doing it together?”

Dylan, looking indifferently at the white rag I handed him out, complains instead of reaching out.

“Today is separate. And if you have any dexterity, please attach the head of this statue as well.”

Whether it had fallen and cracked, when I looked under the bright sunlight, the statue was skewed as if someone gave it a lot of strength.

If I take it to the maid as it is, it is easy to get suspicion that I have broken it.


Dylan took the new piece and caught me in a hurry to move on.

I bit my lip at his little power, in case I would get sick.

‘If you hold onto it like this, no one can root it.’

However, contrary to my thoughts, it does not easily get rid of it. Since I am always considerate of people, I am not mistaken for being a playboy.


I turned and looked up at Dylan, whose lips were just sweet, as if she had something to say to me.

“If you have anything, tell me now, Dylan.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“Why am I?”

“… … Because I’m horny for a flirt?”

I smiled a little as I looked at Dylan’s raised eyebrows.

‘It’s funny because you say those words with such a serious face.’

Dylan urgently adds to how he interpreted my laughter.

“Don’t think so. Is it a misunderstanding?”

“No, I know it’s a misunderstanding.”


“It seemed that way at first, but even a little thought can tell you it’s a misunderstanding.”

“But why-.”

I pressed Dylan’s lips, trying to push me further, with my index finger, stopping him from speaking.

‘It’s like a confession to say that it’s because I don’t like it.’

He already had someone he loved.

I stared quietly at the face of the man taking my hand and opened my mouth.

“Did you find someone you love?”

“… … okay.”

“Good for you.”

Yes, it was a very good thing.

It’s not been a while, but Dylan is my friend, so congratulations is right.

He slowly opens his mouth to my innocent celebration.

“But I can’t remember.”


“You can’t remember me.”

Dylan’s hand, who said so, was pale as if winter alone.

He spoke with an irritated face, sweeping my eyebrows.

“There is no end to greed. I thought it would be a good thing to see you again, but will you want to remember me?”

“… … Don’t the girl you love know Dylan?”


I laid my hand on his cheek unconsciously at Dylan’s loneliness of self-help.

He came from the North, so his skin was cool.

“I don’t think it’s greedy. Of course, wouldn’t you want it? It’s so hard to remember alone.”

“… … .”

“I think it’s resentful, if it’s me.”

Like others who leave their lover who whispered love last night in this small town, isn’t she forgetting Dylan completely?

It could have been buried like memories, along with the emulates or tokens that I had in my arms.

The memories of sharing love will be forever. How sad is it to be remembered alone?

My heart hurts, and I swept Dylan’s hard cheeks.

“You can resent it, that person.”

As if he laughed at me, he gently rained his mouth and shook his head.

“I do not resent. I think it’s a good thing.”

“What are you lucky? He said he completely forgot Dylan.”

“Because it’s my job to remember.”

His low, sweet voice mixed with the sound of wishes rubbing the leaves.

“Even the morning when I realized I wasn’t there and my feet turned off, or the night when I hurried to sleep in order to come out in a dream.”

“… … .”

“Because there won’t be any of them.

I’m the only one who wanders through this despair, you don’t know how relieved I am.

I seemed to hear such a whisper.

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