The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C161-170



I get the aggregate of the aura I threw, and I bow down, making a painful sound.

The devil woke up and stretched out to reach me, reaching out to reach me, but I very easily sent a bassago that came close in front of me to the other side.

‘The power of the bussago is only this much?’

Power overflows as if the dam that was blocking the strong current has barely collapsed.

The past days when I grunted to cleanse a piece of Asmodeus were incredible.

‘Now I think I can destroy Asmodeus without Bassago’s help?’

I was able to soothe my overwhelmed body only after I had opened my arms and released some aura.

“But it’s still weird.”

I tilted my head, trampling on Bassago’s hand sitting beneath me. The devil’s face is humiliatingly distorted.

“It smells too light.”

As my intelligence became stronger, I sensed a change in my sensitive sense.

When I faced the demons of Baal or Lagrange, I was always choked by the stench that pierced my nose.

Maybe my ability to come back with memories hasn’t been strengthened, but it’s not that it has become poorly weakened.

‘So it turns out, why did you stay with Charlotte after Busago?’

I opened my eyes to the shape of Bassago’s bite rising.

“Why did you pretend to be a priest as Basha?”

“Because Charlotte cares about what it looks like. I didn’t think they would listen to me if I said that I was a devil.”

In the end, it means that Bassago needed Charlot’s help.

But what kind of help did the devil want to get from her, who claims to be a saint, whatever the nature of it?

‘The aura is flowing toward her.’

I only noticed that Bassago’s aura was moving along a long stream toward her.


“I said it was too late, Anessa.”

I glared at Bassago, and I turned my head to follow the shadow slowly escaping from his fingertips.

Kwakwang, bang!!!

I thought I could hear a loud roar, and then I saw Dietrich’s cave collapsing.

‘Are Charlotte and Dietrich confronting?’

“You said it’s not your decision unless it’s late, it’s busy.”

“Keep! Put this!”

I grabbed Bassago’s nape and started heading towards the cave.

I said confidently, but I was anxious. Even though it was close enough to be seen by the eyes, I felt frustrated at the feeling that it was hard to narrow down.

The smell of evil demons, which was not entrusted to Bassago, only got thicker as they got closer to the cave.

‘Somehow it seemed too weak compared to before.’

It seems that Bassago was secretly sending strength to Charlotte.


I urgently visited Dietrich, but I couldn’t see him as the additional dust covered the cave like a fog.


‘What if it’s on the rock?’

He wouldn’t have been worried if he was usual, but he was in a state of distraction. I was worried about the defenseless Dietrich, and I rolled my feet.

‘There is no answer. It hasn’t happened yet.’

I started digging through the piles of stone that had piled up without ever wiping the dripping tears.

There was blood on the palm of the hand pierced by a sharp fragment, but there was no spirit left to feel the pain.

“home! class!”

‘Is it hurt? No, what if I’m dead?’

“Wow, crush it completely, turn it off, if you lose, turn it off, what should I do?”

The regret that he left him in the cave fills his throat.

Charlotte’s strength was too easy to judge, saying that her attack power was not as good as my abilities.

“What are you doing.”

At that time, someone pokes a finger on my side of my crying face.

I replied nervously, digging through the invisible pile of stones.

“What are you doing! Hi! I’m looking for you!”

Ask something and sit down!

I looked back at Dietrich, sighing silently at my irritation.

Stepping on the broken fragments, he was just fine without any wounds.

“Why are you crying?”

He laughs low, looking at me while standing at an angle from a distance from me.

I gazed at him with his hand outstretched towards me.

“Stop crying and come here.”

“… … .”


Crack. widely.

As I leap through the distance not too far in one month, he hugs me as if he had been waiting.

I bowed my head with a lot of strength in the arms that held him tightly around his neck. The moment the forehead touched my hard shoulder, the cries that had stopped bursting again.

‘Ah, it’s not when you’re just crying like this.’

When Bassago and Charlotte gained strength, they may attack.

Even though I thought so, I kept getting distorted.

“Shy, turn it off.”

“It’s strangely crying.”

Dietrich patted me tenderly with his hand, but he condemned me with words.

I’m listening to that blunt Pinzan, so I feel like I’ve returned to LaGrange.

“Poetry, off, hurry! It’s so good.”

“I got a runny nose.”


It can’t be. I turned my head away from Dietrich, who moved my arms that didn’t hold me, as if to wipe my face in denial.

But as he grabs my back neck, I turn to face myself.


“… … .”


Stick out a hundred handkerchief and sniff, I am the one.

He shook his hand in front of me to shed his eyes on him, but I snatched the handkerchief he gave me and blew my nose coolly by myself.

‘He carries a handkerchief even in such a situation.’

The dirty handkerchief is returned to him, and he holds it in his hand and looks at him, and the smell of the devil is faintly smelled from a distance.

Again, I was nervous and looking around.

‘It looks like it smells like a barley without a glimpse.’

It wasn’t another demon and I couldn’t confuse Baal.

“Did you call Baal?”


I distorted my face in amazement at Dietrich’s calm affirmation.

“What do you want to call Baal?!”

He had already abused the powers of the devil, and his soul was in jeopardy.

‘No matter how Baal is, he’s a devil anyway… … .’

I bit my lip as if I was going to swallow Dietrich right now, looking at the insidiously moving moon.

“It’s okay now.”

“What does that mean?”

“It would be okay to call Baal. Perhaps.”

I gathered the beauty of his small additions.

If it’s okay, it’s okay. Maybe it’s okay.

With his hand on his shoulder, he closes his eyes to determine the location of Baal, and he feels his familiar odor and aura that he sees for the first time mingling with each other.

“Who do you think you are fighting with?”

“I told them to take care of the bussage.”

“No, it’s busy and it doesn’t smell.”

I looked at the place where I threw Bassago to find Dietrich.

The devil’s scattered appearance had already disappeared without a trace.


But before I can even find out where the disappeared demon has gone, a voice calling for me resounds.

I found Charlotte on the pile of stones, glimpsing us with still eyes.

‘Aura has changed.’

She was still picturesque, but because she absorbed all of Bassago’s abilities, she didn’t look like Charlotte as I know it.

“Annissa, do you want to stop accepting your fate now?”

Another voice overlaps with her calling me. I opened my mouth as I looked into her bright yellow eyes.

“… … Hella?”

“You recognize me. I borrowed Charlotte’s body for a while to talk to you.”

Her voice, speaking with strength to each syllable, even felt holy at first glance.

An intense desire to kneel and bend my head soared, but instead I bite my lips, holding Dietrich’s hand tight.

‘You said you’re a benevolent goddess?’

I don’t know when it became compassionate to manipulate the human mind.

“Are you okay?”

When he notices that I’m overwhelmed by Hella’s aura, he holds my hand.

I nodded a little and looked into Hella’s eyes as if my actions were interesting.

I mean “Dietrich.”Hella”… … .”

“She is the devil. Like Baal, Jiro.”

‘I knew it.’

I thought it was strange from the time when the peace-loving, impartial god threw only the northern child as a prey for the devil.

‘People seem to think that the North is usually okay.’

Wasn’t that even the Greeks wielding people’s thoughts?

At Dietrich’s words, Hella frowns as if expressing displeasure. She pulled her tongue and shook her head.

“In the end, you brought Baal back. Just because it wasn’t a fair price doesn’t mean that the promise disappears.”

Charlotte, Ani Hella, raised her right arm high and pointed to Dietrich’s darkening tattoo.

The moment she recalls the curse on him, the air begins to freeze.

“Stop, stop!”

As I screamed in surprise, Hella threw Dietrich into the air.

The moment he raises a shadow and strikes back, a pure white curtain arises between him and us. Hella, holding my arms hard, whispers silently.

“Annissa, I don’t want to persecute you in this way either. Accept my will and give up only Lagrange. I am like your god.”

I scoffed at the solemn Greek tone of saying that I could really be a god.

‘Let’s see it on the topic of the devil.’

Her eyes are colored with embarrassment as I sneeze.

“Who is wondering, God and the devil?”

“… … What?”

“Don’t touch Dietrich. Otherwise I’ll tear you up and kill you.”

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