The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C171-181


            “Sarah is the maid I met. Dietrich doesn’t even know who she is.”

I nodded as I glanced at Yuric confessing with a swollen face, though Dietrich, of course, was beaten by whom I was beaten.

“Huh. I was guessing.”

“Then why did you tell Dietrich you couldn’t believe it!”

Yuric, who grabbed my cheek, raises his throat as if it was unfair to see if the molars were gone.

“I’m beaten to death!”

I am amazed by his resentment towards me. I pulled my tongue towards him, who had grown up promiscuously.

“Well, who wants to play like a playboy like that? And when I said I couldn’t believe it… … .”

I wanted to be grumpy at Dietrich, who thought I would marry myself of course.

Looking at that indifferent attitude, I missed Dylan, who felt like a playboy.

“I want to receive a confession and try everything others do!”

“That’s right. He did it wrong.”

Yurik nodded at my words.


I bandaged his saggy arm and turned to the sound of someone knocking on the door.

“come in.”

“Lee, this is Lindsay. Princess.”

Lindsay was the maid who carefully bowed her back towards me and Yuric.

I opened my mouth narrowed to her awkward behavior.

“I don’t have to sing like that.”

“… … How dare you do that.”

I sighed at Lindsey, who mumbled little as if he couldn’t believe my words.


My call prevents her from making eye contact and avoids her gaze.

I approached Lindsey and spoke with her face held in place with both hands.

“Don’t even think about calling me a young lady or a princess in the future.”

It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand Lin Ji’s reaction as it was a solid society, but she was my only friend, so I didn’t want to get awkward with her status.

“How is it? No, is it?”

As she curls her eyes towards Lindsay, who raises her mouth awkwardly, she raises the tail of her mouth as if she was shuddering.

“Okay, so don’t stare at me so cutely.”

‘I was staring at me horribly.’

Well, whether it’s scary or cute, I don’t care because I have achieved my intended purpose of treating me as before.

Shrugging me, I followed Lindsay and left the room to look around the cluttered homebrew.

‘Look at what we decided to buy, we should pull out everything we can eat.’

My own work itself collapsed enough to reveal the old skeleton, but it was well positioned on a hill where you could overlook the manor at a glance.

“I’m thinking of building a cottage here, Lindsay.”


“Huh. Not Lagrange or Euclid’s, but my own private villa. Sometimes I come when I want to be alone.”

Lagrange was always noisy because there were always a lot of people, including three twins, and Euclid seemed to be as loud as Lagrange because Hermann made himself a single party and talked alone.

“Well. It was strangely noisy these days. Jajak-ryeong is a very quiet place.”

“okay. So I want you to take care of the villa. With my younger brother.”

“… … My little brother? But my younger brother is in a different territory right now.”

I smiled at Lindsey, who was fluttering at me. At my smile, she opens her eyes and asks.

“You did find my brother who was sold?”


“Oh my gosh!”

I laughed lightly as I wiped the water from her eyes with my fingertips.

“It will be arriving soon.”

As soon as the memories came back, I started looking for Lindsay’s younger brother.

I knew that Lindsay had been nice to me when I remembered a younger brother who had been forcibly sold to an old nobleman.

‘It’s a bit hard to contemplate because Oslo is all in trouble.’

“not a big deal? I had a noble friend. Where would I use it?”

It only showed Lagrange’s seal, but the search for Lindsay’s younger brother went on in a flash.

“Okay, really, it’s used when it’s like this… … . Turn it off.”

I tried to read her, holding Lindsay’s hand, who couldn’t connect her words properly.

“Don’t cry, Lindsey. Now only good things will happen.”

I’ll make it that way.

I didn’t want to be a hero who saves the world as Herman dreams, but at least I wanted to live by taking care of the people around me.

“The maid said he was demoted to be a maid, right?”

“Yes. It was her name.”

In response to Lindsay’s response, I asked Lancel, who I met, to call the maid.

Fortunately, the maid hadn’t been chosen yet, and he immediately knew who I was looking for.

“animation… … ?”

The maid, said to have been demoted in the name of letting me secretly escape from Donovan’s eyes, seemed to have been demeaned over a few days.

“Why are you here?”

As if the story of me had not yet been passed on to her, she distorted her face as if she did not understand my choices returned to her work.

“If you come back now, what are you going to do? … No, isn’t it okay because you don’t have Master Donovan.”

“It’s not the maid, it’s Annie, it’s Princess Anissa. Lagrange… … Is it Euclid’s Princess?”

In response to the maid’s worrisome rebuke, Lindsay instead of me speaks out.

She uttered an excuse for my identity, which even I was confused with.

“Anyway, Master Donovan seems to have told a very bad lie.”

Amazement slowly rises above the wrinkled face of the maid who heard Lindsay’s words.

“Anissa? You mean the princess who bought me her own?”

“Yeah! That princess is our Annie. Well, he lost his memory and was tricked by Donovan to act as a maid.”

“Oh my gosh. Princess! How do I apologize for your sins.”

I was amazed and stopped the maid trying to kneel in front of me.

“You don’t need to repay Donovan’s sins. But I have a request.”


“I want you to take over the maid of LaGrange. It will be difficult to manage those very many maids, so I will have to assist for the time being.”

It was a small gift for Marilyn, who was having a child because she didn’t return to LaGrange right after I found her memory.

‘It’s time for her to get promoted too.’

“My dear, what are you talking about? What about Marilyn?”

I was listening to our conversation. I looked back at Lancel, who was intervening.

“I’m going to leave Marilyn in charge of the mansion.”

“It’s up to the butler’s job?”

“Huh. Know. Now Marilyn will take the position of the butler.”

“Yeah? Then what about me?”

I was amazed and snorted at the butler in LaGrange, who opened his mouth because of my jaw being drowned.

“You’re demoted to an average butler.”


“You, are you here to play? On the excuse of advising Dietrich?”

“Well, that’s your sir… … .”

I stared at Lancel, trying to excuse me for my sharp questions.

“Why are you, the owner of the house, here without guarding LaGrange in this situation where California is absent?”

Dietrich was clearly a cold and sexually ill, but he was bothered with dealing with subordinates, whether he held the right responsibilities to the butler, Ran Sel.

‘There’s no way this clever guy didn’t use that point.’

“I don’t want to leave the position of butler to someone who is not responsible like you.”

I laughed brightly as I took back the power of Lancel, who had snuggled up as the butler in the midst of getting rid of Asmodeus.

He raises his voice as if it were unfair.

“Do it too much!”

“Then go and tell Dietrich. I demoted you, but I think you are infinite.”

“I don’t want to be the butler as much as it is okay to die in your hands.”

“Then shut up and send a side to Marilyn and come.”

Now that we have told Marilyn the situation through Lancel, we just need to go back.

‘Is it a form that the work is piled up?

I slowly opened my speech as I looked at Dietrich reaching out with papers piled up on the table.

“Oh, Lindsay has decided to take care of the visceral spirit.”


As if it didn’t matter, he nodded indifferently.

“To build a villa. Come when I want to be alone.”

“… … okay.”

I narrowed my eyebrows to the appearance of Dietrich’s aura suddenly turning black.

‘Break it… … ?’

In an instant, a strong voice of heart is transmitted to me.

“I have to destroy the villa right now, did you think so?”


I shook my head at Dietrich’s blatant answer.

“lie. The aura is shaking like this.”

At my words, he sighs and nodds.

I approached him looking at the documents as if avoiding my eyes and sat next to him.

“Why are you dissatisfied with building a villa?”

“… … .”


“Because you want to leave me and where you are going, you’re so anxious.”

I was stunned for a moment at Dietrich’s answer, as if saying something that I had held back.

“I’m not building it because of you? La Granju is often noisy in many ways because there are so many people… … .”

“Then, don’t we stop if we throw them all out?”

It’s also very easy to say that I’m going to abandon my brothers.

I felt a little cute with his dissatisfaction, so I gently lifted the corner of my mouth.

“I’ll give you the key.”


“You only need to come.”

“Ha… … .”

At the quiet whispering words, he suddenly turns his face dry.


I opened my mouth as I watched quietly as the ears slowly reddened, whose big hands couldn’t cover it.

“Don’t hate it.”

“I don’t like it.”

I also burst into laughter, unable to stand Dietrich’s answer, which was immediately denied.

“Yes. like that. I don’t like it.”

As if suddenly bursting, he tapped his red-stained ear back with his fingertips and made a sound of pain.

“… … Who is playing with who.”


            ‘What if the young people rebel against the fact that Lagrange, who has nothing to do with Oilly’s own artist, buys a manor?’

The people of Jajak-ryung welcomed me with open arms to the news that I was in charge of the management of the estate, as it felt ridiculous to worry.

“It’s a princess!”

The village children followed me and sprinkled flowers as if I could be a princess.

‘I guess there weren’t one or two people who worried about Donovan becoming a lord.’

Besides, the rumors about me about what the maid and Lindsay were spreading were firmly distorted.

“He’s more beautiful than rumors. He really worked as a maid?”

“okay. I know because you stop by our store often, but he was kind enough back then.”

A woman at the fruit shop, who often went to the maid’s errand, waved her hand, pretending to know me.

I shruggedly laughed and rolled my eyes to avoid people’s attention.

“You said you saved the maid’s younger brother who was sold as a slave?”

“The only thing I did was to bother the young people, the stupid burglar was also a deal that the princess took care of!”

They were making noises of their own, but the words of praise that kept getting stuck in my ears kept me blushing.

“Look at the city inspections to take care of the young people already. He is also a princess who is rumored to be a model for nobles.”

‘Shall we go back… … .’

I just wanted to take a walk, but I even misunderstood that I came out to take care of the estate.

“… … It’s not really like that.”

Too much expectation can lead to disappointment.

I was embarrassed, and I muttered a little while pressing the back of my hand on my hot, burning cheek.

“No. Princess.”


“We all know.”

Lindsey’s newly hired maids light up what they were brainwashed by her, denying me what I said.

“What do you know?”

“I heard that the Princess also found Lindsay’s younger brother who was sold.”


“Is there any way the one who listens to the circumstances of a maid would not care about the life of Ji-min Young?”

I found Lindsey’s brother because she was my friend.

‘If people expect so much, it seems like they will have to work very hard to manage their territory.’

Was Lindsay and the maid spreading the rumors about what kind of Saints of Vallandia were they supposed to be in order to take this responsibility?

‘It was like his hometown, so Lindsey, who will be the manager of the management, will be able to take care of it.’

“Don’t be too shy, Princess.”

“I’m not ashamed, it’s because it’s really nothing that helped Lindsey.”

“How. Even to be humble.”

I sighed as I glanced at the maids who glanced twinkling and burdened as if they respected me, but didn’t listen to me with the back of my ears.

‘okay. Let’s match the beats and cuts in this way.’

People who have lived under the authority of their own works wanted me to be a kind, generous, and mature aristocrat.

I walked toward the plaza, pretending to be a’sincerity lord’, countless times.

“Oslo. Tell the people that you’ll hear the story here because I don’t have a working room in my own work yet.”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Emphasis is placed on the point that we will not listen to the circumstances of those who keep order and do not stand in line.”


Oslo bowed deeply, showing loyalty to Dietrich’s own orders.

“Our Princess… … You were so big.”

‘It wasn’t just the maids misunderstanding.’

I tried to ignore his self-talk with tears in his sensibility eyes.

“Oh huh, wait in line! line!”

When Oslo spoke to the young people walking around me, the people who heard the news quickly began to gather in the square.

“Princess, please sit here.”

The clever and fast-paced Lagrangian knights brought me a fluffy sofa and awning to sit on.

I glanced at Oslo standing next to me with a large fan, sitting on a gold sofa carved with a black wolf in Lagrange, which seemed dignified even by pretense.

“… … Where did you get this sofa and shade?”

“Your Excellency told me to always carry it with me because the princess may have a pain in her leg while taking a walk.”

Are you just worried that your legs would hurt, so you ordered the drivers to carry these heavy sofas and awnings?

“Don’t carry it around next time. It’s a useless hardship.”

I followed Oslo’s instructions and opened my mouth like a sigh to the drivers installing the awnings.

“As long as I can help the princess, it’s okay!”

However, only the loud voice comes back.

I blinked slowly, wondering if the news had not yet been communicated to them that I was not a Princess of LaGrange.

‘In the first place, it wouldn’t have been a group that was loyal to a princess who wasn’t even in California.’



“Don’t the knights know that I’m Hermann Euclid’s brother?”

Oslo scratches the back of my head as if he’s asking what’s wrong with my question.

“Of course I know.”

“… … okay?”

“But you are the one who will become your mother. You have to take care of yourself.”

“What does that mean?”

“Ah, um. no.”

I distorted my face at Oslo’s popping answer.

‘Why do everyone know how to marry Dietrich and Mujoon?’

I wanted to deny that no, but Oslo quickly squeezed a young Ji-min into the awning and closed my mouth.

“Dongdaughter, please listen to how much the big capital tops charge us so much. It’s really hard for her to eat and live… … .”

A man who looks like a merchant presents my difficult circumstances in front of me.

I replied, interrupting him briefly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. In the future, the small business owners of the estate will be managed by the top of Lagrange.”

“Is that really? The top of LaGrange knows that they don’t charge three percent of the fees!”

The man’s face turns bright in an instant.

It was planned to attract the top for the purpose of developing a mine owned by the artist, but it seems that he helped small merchants in the estate.

‘Is it like this to blow your nose without touching your hand?’

As he got out of the awning, those who quickly stepped forward began to raise their voices one after another.

Even though there was a lake nearby, there were various stories from claims that drinking water was scarce because the waterway was not properly organized, to asking Donovan’s debt to be paid off, but fortunately, no one brought a problem that I could not solve.

‘Look what day it really is today.’

I sighed slowly as I looked at Oslo, who was always proud of me with a proud face among the impressed Young Ji-min.

“Yes, yes. You can say that our princess is the one who made Lagrange today.”

‘Stop it!’

I raised my chin high while giving him a pincup inside.

“Don’t you feel the dignity on the princess’s face?”

“Therefore, even the grand prince of the world can’t move.”

“I am also a princess who will lead our estate.”

As Veronica or Yuric always treats me as a child, the gaze of respect from the people of Yeongji is burdensome but not very bad.


I listened to their unfamiliar admiration and worked hard to imitate Dietrich’s expression.

‘Dietrich looked cool when he hardened his expression like this.’

I lifted my eyebrows like that and gave strength to my eyebrows.

“That’s right, our princess… … .”

Oslo’s back words, who were struggling with Young Ji-mins, are buried in the voice of the growing people.

‘What happened to you?’

I walked out of the shade and stood at the end of the square and listened to the noise of people gathering together.

“Veronica-sama lost a child.”

“Does Princess Veronica have a child?”

At the moment, two men, who looked like the poet’s servants, talked and were talking.

I tilted my head because I couldn’t understand their conversation properly.

‘Which child?’

“What does that mean?”

At my question, the attendant who found me bowed deeply.

“Let’s meet Princess Anissa.”

“You mean Veronica is looking for someone?”

“I don’t know who it is, but since I asked people if I had seen my baby, I went around… … .”


I was amazed that Veronica gave birth to a child without my knowledge at the beginning of the day.

“Oh, you’re just coming over there.”

“baby… … !”

As he said, Veronica, who looks like a fingernail, was looking for a ‘baby’ with a high throat from afar.

“Here you were!”

I narrowed my eyebrows to see that her face that found me was shining brightly.

‘No way the baby your sister is looking for… … .’

I am not. Probably not.

In the midst of pretending to be a crowd in front of people, she would call me a baby-

“My baby, where have you been!”

There is.

I closed my eyes tightly at the scene where people’s faces were stained with astonishment at the finally revealed identity of the “baby”.

‘My dignity!’

My dignity as a lord leading my own spirit is!


            [Your Sir did not come back for a long time, so I was guessing the general situation.

Still, I am relieved to hear the news that the young lady is safe. Thank you for thinking of me. Rosé-sama, Meslo-sama, and Riesling-sama are all doing well.

Lagrange is leading an unprecedented peace thanks to the princess, so it’s okay if you don’t worry too much.

With love, Marilyn]

“… … Is this all?”

“Yeah. This is all the letter I have.”

I folded Marilyn’s letter finely and put it in my arms to the answer Lancel said with her mouth out like a duck.

‘I’m glad it’s okay.’

Marilyn was the biggest reason I wanted to hurry back to LaGrange, but she didn’t seem to worry much about me, contrary to my expectations.

‘It’s a little sad.’

You might be busy taking care of the three twins who were just going through puberty, but I wanted to see you, so I thought I’d ask you to come back as soon as possible.

‘No way, the triplets aren’t better than me while I wasn’t there.’

I was disappointed, but wondering if I would go back a little slowly, I approached the servants who were eagerly carrying their luggage in the wagon.

“Where is my luggage?”

“Oh, here it is.”

At my question, a boy rushed out and gave me a pack.


With a shabby package in my arms that could be called the culmination of my simple maid’s life, I looked around and approached Dietrich and Yuric, who had just left the mansion.

“Why are you carrying your luggage? Without leaving it to a servant.”

Yuric, who found me earlier than Dietrich, who turned his back on me, opens his mouth.

“I want to go back a little slowly while traveling.”

“Trip? alone?”

I faced the inside of Yuric’s wall, which grew in a circle at my words, but I glanced at Dietrich, who had not yet seen his face.

‘I would definitely oppose it.’

In this case, it was good to hit the player first.

I made a great declaration for the moment when Dietrich opened his mouth, turning his head so hard that there was a whistling sound.

“no? With Dietrich.”

Looking at the shape of his mouth, I think he was going to say no, but Dietrich’s mouth shuts immediately at my words.


I reached out my hand to Dietrich, who looked at me with a stiff face next to Yuric, who had lost his eyes.

“I want to go on a trip.”

“… … Wouldn’t I add a word to go together anyway.”

“no? Do you want to go together?”

My black eyes, which have always been indifferent to my answers, begin to shake violently.

‘I’m going to have a pupil earthquake.’

I laughed as I watched his face slowly fill up with embarrassment.

“Only two. With you and me.”

“… … .”

Realizing the fun that breaks his expressionlessness these days, I smiled strangely and added words.

Then Yuric, who was watching us with a fat face, opens his mouth.

“Why are the only two going on a trip?”


“It looks fun, so I want to go too.”

I was amazed at the sound of hitting, not hard, but loud, and opened the rabbit eyes.

‘I’m going to break the Yuric skull.’

The moment he is worried and wants, he hears more and more, and eventually his body goes backwards.



Perhaps very painfully, Yuric crouched with a grunt sound.

His hand was so fast that I couldn’t even notice with my sluggish eyes that Dietrich hit Yuric.

If Dietrich’s fist, with his bones bulging, had not stayed in the air, he would have thought that Yuric had fallen alone.

I opened my mouth with a sigh as I looked at him with his fists cracked.

“… … Dietrich, then Yuric will die.”

“People don’t die this much.”

“Death, my child… … ! I. It’s you! uh?! This is how I die, uh, everything.”

As if refuting Dietrich’s words, Yuric raised his voice in a prone position,

“Even if I die.”

Dietrich dismissed his dissatisfaction with a word.

I came back to a neat posture and sighed deeper as I looked up at him, chinking me up as if to continue with what I was saying.



“Absolutely no!”

Hermann raised his voice to my words that he would travel with Dietrich instead of going back to LaGrange or Euclid right away.

“If you want to travel with him, I will go with you!”

‘Why are the low-cost gangs?’

So I was a little stunned.

“Is it okay for the peacock to leave Euclid for that long?”

“Isn’t that the same with the Grand Duke?”

But Lagrange had enough manpower to take over Dietrich’s work.

The Knights were managed by Yuric, and the top and financial affairs were managed by Veronica.

‘I hate it.’

Now, I wondered if I wanted to pretend to be an older brother, but I found out that Herman’s aura was stained with pure worries, and I tried hard to choose a horse.

Anyway, he doesn’t have any bad intentions.

“It would not be necessary for Hermann to worry about the circumstances of LaGrange.”

“But I can’t pass the young Young-ae, who hasn’t married yet, into the hands of that war fanatic!”

Lagrange and Euclid shared the history of the war, so if Dietrich was a war fanatic, then Hermann was a war fanatic, but he talked like a quack duck, as if not aware of my contradictions.

“Do you know what the nickname of the Grand Duke is? What a murderer, a murderer! Even when it’s not in exhibition, there is no day when the sword is not covered with blood!”

I didn’t want to be angry with Hermann, but I was frowned upon by the longer-than-expected conversation I had with him.


“That’s why! You don’t even have a man’s eyes, how can you choose a man like that! Isn’t it worthless except for a smudged face?!”

“I only see the face.”

Besides, Dietrich was in good shape and had a lot of money.


Herman laughs loudly as to whether my answer is awesome. He shook his head vigorously and hardened his face as if he was trying to persuade me again.

‘It would be better to stop.’

I only kicked my tongue inside in the black shadow that elongated behind Hermann’s back.

“Anissa, I will be against it until the end. Making the Grand Duke her husband before the sword comes in my neck is- haha.”

Even before Hermann’s speech is over, a sharply shining sword is placed in front of his neck.

I shrugged, alternating between Hermann, who took a breath of surprise, and Dietrich, who casually held a sword that was proud of his anticipation.

“Now that’s it. You have a knife in your neck.”

“… … Well, then before the dirt gets into the snow -!”

Dietrich, holding a sword at Hermann’s words, bows down and touches the ground.

“Gong, what are you doing now?”

“Don’t you say you shouldn’t do it until dirt gets into your eyes?”

Hermann hurriedly closed his eyes, as if foreshadowing Dietrich’s next move.

“Open your eyes.”

“… … .”

“Open your eyes.”

Hermann, awakened to Dietrich’s orders, saw the dirt in his fisted hand and bite his lips tightly.

“The ball is also true! It’s not just a parable. Oh, a parable!”

“You said you’re going on a trip?”

Dietrich glared at Veronica, pouting at the corner of his mouth as if my stiff expression was funny.

‘Is it in the way again?’

He gave strength to the hand holding the sword, remembering the characters who tried to interfere with him.

I couldn’t hold onto anyone and take my anger out of it-because Anessa wouldn’t like it-I wondered if I would pick up the Yuric that I put in the ground again.


Veronica, staring at him without an answer, slows down his red lips.

“Travel, good. I want to go too?”

“Annissa said he wanted to go with me alone.”

“It’s Yuric, Anissa doesn’t really want to go, but I’ll be a little different.”

Dietrich frowned at Veronica’s declaration, but could not find anything to refute.

I didn’t hear her words. Anissa has followed her very well since childhood.

“What should I do? I think you can find someone to entrust you with the top job, but… … .”

However, Veronica did not seem to want to follow her journey.

“What is it?”

“Huh yeah.”

Dietrich noticed that Veronica’s horsetail was getting longer and took a lower breath.

“Anessa wants a simple trip. You wouldn’t want to go together.”

“Oh. Didn’t I say I’m tired of flashy things now?”

“Stop being useless and tell me what you want.”

As if he couldn’t stand Veronica’s natural lie anymore, Dietrich’s voice began to subside little by little.


Veronica, knowing that the patience to hide his filthy temper, was allotted for Anissa, hastily confessed my purpose.

“I do everything on the top, but I think my stake is too small. Your stake is the biggest.”

It was natural that Dietrich, the California owner, had the largest stake, as Veronica’s top management was owned by La Granju.

Dietrich leaned his head at Veronica’s claims.

“I’ll double it.”

“Can’t you triple it?

It was excessive greed.

If Veronica’s stake is tripled, it becomes similar to that of the owner of the house.

But he ended up closing his eyes at Veronica’s black greed.


It was said that Veronica’s desire to be alone with Anissa was three times greater than Veronica’s desire to eat the top.


            ‘Obviously, I grew up with Yuric, but it’s like that.’

I shook my head in the wagon that was moving rumblingly.

‘Somehow I’m naive and I fall for it.’

Dietrich, who threw off the playboy Dylan’s mask, didn’t stick to me, but rather behaved more face-to-face than before.


His gray aura, like a thick fog, flinched at my call, wrapping my ankles and back.

“Would you like to sit next to me?”


Contrary to the decisive answer, his aura is so grievous. His aura was spinning around me like a puppy.

‘When I see an aura, I seem to be wondering if it will stick to me.’

Nevertheless, as I looked up at Dietrich’s side face, looking out of the window, without thinking of sitting next to me, I sighed silently.

All I can know is his feelings, not his thoughts.

‘Are you shy?’

Can not help it. In this case, I have to give it to me, who is less innocent than that.

I woke up from my seat with such thoughts and sat down next to him, who had become strangely passive after I found my memory.

“… … Why.”

Dietrich looks back at me, close to me.

‘Is this such a surprise?’

“Because I want to look out of the window, too.” I slowly squeezed my eyes and responded naturally to Dietrich’s question.

“I can see the outside from your seat.”

“I think I can see this way better.”

I couldn’t say that your aura shouted for me to sit by my side.

‘I don’t know why you want to sit next to me, but you have to endure it.’

Shall I openly ask?

But Dietrich didn’t even know that I could look into my mind this much. It was after the Greek seal that Redia’s ability became more powerful.

I was confused and lowered his aura moving left and right and smiled brightly.

“Where are we going now?”

“… … Kirov.”


“Because this is a city where flowers are in full bloom.”

I rolled my eyes back at Dietrich’s explanation.

Kirov was the name I heard in Damon’s class.

‘I think it was a commercial city.’

Since it was a city where merchants flocked to many craftsmen who continued their workshops from generation to generation, it was naturally one of the tourist attractions of the empire, where there were always many attractions.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, this is the city I wanted to go to.”

At the end of my answer, silence came to the carriage.

When the sound of the wheel gradually subsided, he called me, who was thinking about something with his mouth closed.


As I looked out of the window and faced the cool breeze, I looked after him and smiled wide.


Then, he who was holding my back so that I wouldn’t be thrown out of the room, he suddenly got up from his seat.

Not wanting to attract the attention of the people of Kwang, he rented a small entry-level wagon, and all of them were tall, so Dietrich ended up putting his head on the ceiling of the wagon.

“… … OK?”


“Aren’t you sick? I think I hit it so hard.”

“I am not sick at all.”

Strong negatives were strong positives.

I gazed at Dietrich, who was swaying with a red face because he was sick.

“Why go to the corner?”

“… … .”

“Come and see you. What if I can.”

“… … .”


Dietrich doesn’t budge at my rush.

Eventually, I tried to move my body to look at his head, but he began to hold me up, shook his arm.

“done. I’m there.”

“What is it? Look down your head.”

I ignored Dietrich’s request, approached and grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Look at it.”

At my rush, only then he lowers his head for aesthetic beauty.

I tucked my hand through the many coriander heads, and found a small bump and kicked my tongue.

“I have it, what.”

“… … .”

“When you arrive, buy the medicine first. If it’s swollen, it could hurt more tomorrow.”

“… … .”

“uh? I can see the town. I guess it’s all here.”

When I asked the coachman where he was, as it seemed that the fresh scent of flowers was coming near him, he replied that he had reached the entrance to Kirov and stopped the carriage.

“You can get off now, my dear!”

I opened my mouth, glancing at Dietrich, who was still shouting his head.

“The coachman says we are all here.”

“… … .”

“Aren’t you down?”

“… … Get off first.”


“Just a little bit.”


“If you get off, get off.”

‘Why are you annoyed again?’

I grumbled at what Dietrich had spoken, and I got off the wagon alone, without an escort.

“driving me crazy.”

Only after seeing the carriage’s door closed, Dietrich, with his face in my hand, sighed deeply.


A hot sigh continues through the elongated fingers.

‘Are you really going on a trip together?’

At the moment, he was hit by him as an excuse for training, saying that the day was far away, but he was always not depressed, and the voice of Yuric, who was seriously worried about him, lingered around him.

‘It would be difficult… … ’

‘What is difficult?’

‘It’s going to be difficult for you.’

He had no intention of putting up with it in the first place, and he did not want to continue the conversation with Yuric.

‘Hey, you really! Don’t go! Come and listen to me.’

After catching Dietrich, who tried to turn his back without regret, Yuric recited it as if to show off my dating career, and then went on to the main topic.

‘If you keep going out like that, Anissa will run away.’


‘He’s a delicate kid unlike you. If you continue to be ignorant, you may be completely desperate.’

‘Do you want your hair to fall?’

Yuric hesitated for a moment when Dietrich mumbled coldly, as if he were indifferent, but he spoke steadfastly without losing.

‘Bugger do not listen to me, asshole. ”


‘If you want to kick Anissa before you even start, do whatever you want.’

“… … .”

It’s Anissa, maybe there’s one or two guys who like him.’

Dietrich’s ankle, who tried to leave without hesitation in preparation for the trip with Anisawa, was eventually caught by the murmur.

‘Are you going to listen?’

‘… … Either chatter.’

Having succeeded in putting Dietrich down, Yuric smiled and opened his mouth.

Contrary to his expectation that Yuric, the playboy, was going to run out on the way, Dietrich remained silent.

Yuric finished the lecture by tapping Dietrich’s shoulder with pride.

‘… … Like this or that, huh? Don’t be disgusting.’

“… … .”

‘naturally! Be gentle! Okay?’

Natural and gentle.

It wasn’t that difficult to summarize Yuric’s lengthy lectures in his fine mind.

The problem was that it was unreasonable to wish Dietrich, who wasted by rolling his youth on the battlefield, to do a natural Zen.

So, Dietrich, as if he didn’t know my situation, sat in front of him with an innocent face and fell into trouble.

Hair that looked soft, like a long plucked cotton candy, danced on her white cheeks.

‘When you want to touch it, don’t think about touching it, first ask Anissa’s doctor.’

Dietrich stretched out his hand in hopes of passing Anissa’s hair behind his ear, clenching his fist at Yuric’s advice that came to mind.

Doctor, good.

He also wanted to know.

Dietrich asked Yuric’s words, wandering his head.

‘Can I ask if I can touch it?’

‘Are you crazy? You want to ask me to break the atmosphere like that?’

I want to know if I can reach out, but I shouldn’t ask if I can reach out. It’s too difficult for him.

He couldn’t dare touch Anessa, so he leaned on the sofa with an Amon pod.

“I want to sit next to you.”

Anissa, who doesn’t know his burning black inside, moves like a squirrel and sits next to him.

Even though he held his breath quickly, Dietrich barely endured the sound of pain and closed his eyes at the smell of sweet peaches that pierced his nose.

I want to hug you.

But to do that, I had to ask her doctor.


The moment he finally opened his mouth, choosing a horse with all his passion and passion,


She laughed while folding the clear wall like a sunny summer sky.

Dietrich forgot the words he had prepared for how pretty it was to see the sun shatter on his white forehead.

It looked like someone had his head cut off last night.

‘I can’t stand it.’

He closed his eyes tightly with the desire to overflow as if the dam would collapse if he touched his fingertips.

He struggled to move his legs that weren’t twisting properly, picking up a broken cushion in the corner.

Anissa, who had never seen sore spots in her life, hugged the cushion and groaned, and Anissa groaned with a confused face.

“Why run away to the corner?”

“… … .”

“It hurts so much?”

Now it wasn’t just a matter of asking her doctor.

I didn’t even reach.

I just have a gray face in front of my eyes as if I don’t know anything about my heart.

Instead of answering, Dietrich kicked Anessa out of the door, asking about my condition.


            Kirov was a wonderful city where the fishy smell of the port and the sweet fruit scent were mixed from the entrance.

“Aren’t you down?”

“… … .”

“Then I’ll be watching first.”

Waiting for Dietrich, who showed no sign of getting off the wagon-but not for a few minutes-I stepped outside, shrugging at the inaudible answer.

“Princess, why are you coming alone?”

“Dietrich will see me and get off first.”

Oslo, who followed us with stubborn stubbornness, saying that even though we didn’t need an escort, he screamed at me as I got out of the carriage.

“So I’m going to watch alone.”

“Then, I’ll attach Dina as an escort.”

Oslo, who glanced at me with the carriage alternately to understand the situation, beckoned to the driver behind me.


To my question, Oslo was introduced as the youngest child of the Lagrange Gi division, and put his hand on the shoulder of the knight who approached the dance.

“Yeah. This is Dina.”

I only greeted her with black armor that looked pretty heavy.

“Huh. Then Oslo comes with Dietrich.”

Unlike Oslo, which is like a bear, I entered Kirov with a slim dyna.

“Have Dina ever been to Kirov?”

“Yeah. Before joining the Templars, I traveled a little.”

Dina, with a more suspicious impression, nodded briefly at my question.

“You must have traveled a lot.”

“Because I did some mercenary work.”

Unlike the South, where only nobles were enrolled in the Knights Templar, there were not a few commoners of Lagrangian knights.

‘However, it would be rare for a mercenary to become a knight.’

Dina scratched my cheek as if she had read my thoughts, and hesitated to add four feet.

“If you don’t like me, I will change your escort.”

“Did you not only follow Oslo and Dina?”

“No way. The princess did not want to be noticed, so she hid herself from the eyes of the people.”

‘Then it is.’

No matter how much I was traveling with Dietrich, I thought I couldn’t help worrying Yurik escort my trip.

“Shall I change it?”

As if I was hesitant to answer for a second while thinking about something else, Dina asks, as if he was hesitant.

I shook my head as I glanced at the long cut on her cheek.

“no? I do not need. Why do you think Dina won’t like me?”

“Because girls are usually afraid of mercenaries. There are a lot of people who hate it for being vulgar.”

“When I was a kid, my dream was a mercenary, but what are you talking about?”

“… … Yeah?”

Although he was a warrior to be precise.

However, their daily lives, wandering freely around the world, even though they were much harder than they thought, looked pretty cool to their young eyes.

“I didn’t know there might be a noble lady who wanted to become a mercenary.

“So how hard did you learn kendo.”

I smiled brightly as I faced the stupid Dina.

“Anyway, then I can recommend a place to go!”

“… … Although the annual performances of dancers held every year are the most famous and illegal during this period, the black market is also quite interesting.”

Dina, who was surprised by the story of the mercenary, soon concealed her feelings and spoke in a blunt manner.

“A black market?”

“Yeah. There is also an auction, so it would be okay to participate.”

“It will be fun. Is it open every day?”

“Yeah. And Kirov has a more complicated route than the capital, so be careful not to get lost.”

Dina clearly told Kirov something to watch out for.

“like that. Thanks for explaining.”


‘When I return to Lagrange, I’ll have to ask Dina to take over my escort.’

The knights of Lagrange state boasted a constant loyalty to the state of California, but disputes existed among such knights as well.

Yuric was so self-conscious, and Dietrich showed no interest in anyone, so there weren’t a few articles who were anxious to see me well.

So I liked Dina’s clean and clean attitude.

“Then, can you recommend accommodation?”

“I don’t know very well because I usually stay at cheap inns that come in and out of mercenaries, but the most famous hotel is Loelli.”

Since Kirov, a commercial city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the empire, it looks like a variety of accommodations are lined up.

I couldn’t calm my excitement at Dina’s explanation that the best rooms were the Roeli Hotel, where reservations couldn’t even be made without a high-ranking aristocrat, and the headquarters of Halton, which are scattered throughout the continent.

“Where would you like it then?”

“I heard that there are hotels all over the sea, but there are still no Roelis alone.”

Dina laughed shortly as she looked at me with excitement, adding.

“I heard that this time of year, there are so many tourists that it is difficult to reserve a room.”

I opened my rabbit eyes to Dina’s four feet and moved my feet impatiently.

“okay? Then let’s go. What if there are no rooms left.”

“But you don’t have to worry about that.”


“Did you not come with your Excellency? If you don’t want to die, you will stand on your own.”

I nodded, spitting out a short buzz at Dina’s blunt answer.

Dietrich was the one who would grab the fat of a person sleeping well and pull it out and turn it into a room with no room.

“In addition, there will be no hotels that can’t offer a room for Euclid’s princess.

‘Then, you have to tell Dietrich to do it yourself.’

I was relieved by Dina’s words and went on a lyric trilogy outing.

Not even in a dream that Dietrich, the protagonist who led the War of the Roses to victory in LaGrange, would be devastatingly defeated in the war for securing rooms.



“Did you not?”

“I couldn’t.”

Feeling disappointed, I rebuked Dietrich.

“You mean there are only six hotels in Kirov, but you can’t find only four rooms, now?”


Dietrich failed to book a lodging, as if contradicting my expectation that if there were no remaining hotels, he would convert a house into a hotel and bring it.

He stares at me with his mouth wide open, and he always makes slow excuses.

“Roeli said he only had one room left.”

“The hotel is so big?”

I tilted my head, pointing my hand at a hotel building that was larger than a mansion of a high-ranking aristocrat.

Did you say that it was the tourist season and the crowd was so crowded?

“Then go somewhere else, well.”

“All other hotels are also full. All the rooms left in Roeli are high.”

I narrowed my eyebrows to Dietrich’s aura shaking momentarily, but his aura soon sank silently.

‘I don’t think it’s a lie.’

“Then it can’t be helped. Me and D. I, Oslo, and you and I have to share a room.”

I couldn’t make the knights homeless because they had a hard time working.

However, Dina, standing far from my horse, raises her hand.

“Well, I am.”


“I have a friend who lives in Kirov, so I plan to sleep at a friend’s house, Princess.”


Dina is blunt, but she doesn’t have the ability to speak, but it would be fun to share the same room.


I pouted my mouth out of regret and chin-quicked at Oslo, who felt restless as if she had something to say.

“Why are you again?”

“I also have a relative living in Kirov.”

“How far is Lagrange and Kirov, but you mean that everyone knows someone in Kirov?”


It seemed that only I didn’t know anyone in Kirov. These articles are truly popular on the subject of training only in Lagrange.

‘That’s weird.’

I could see that the fact that there were no rooms left due to Eredia’s abilities was not a lie, but I felt strangely steamed.

If it were not Dietrich, but another man, he would have doubted.

But soon I shrugged and nodded.

‘But Dietrich couldn’t.’

This is a fool who can’t even hold my hand first, well.

Dietrich, who arrived at the parlor of the most luxurious Roeli Hotel at Anissa’s request, fell into trouble again.

Hexion Kirov, the president of the hotel, who had his mouth shut, opened his mouth with a confused face.

“Sir, what kind of room can I prepare for you?”

“… … .”

“If you just speak, I will do my best to prepare this hexion.”

As if he couldn’t hear the restless Hexion’s words, Dietrich tapped dryly on the table and fell in thought.

‘naturally… … .’

He was naturally devising to find a reason to use Annissa’s room.

“How many rooms are there?”

“There are thirteen. The best rooms have been prepared in advance for the news that your Excellency is coming.”

“I will reserve all the remaining rooms.”

“Yeah? But there’s a party… … .”

Surprised Hexion opens his eyes round and blurs his words.

Dietrich glanced at Oslo standing behind me and ordered coldly.

“You grow outside.”

“… … I just wanted to be there when I didn’t stand guard because I had relatives.”

When Oslo noticed Dietrich’s intentions, he rebutted his words by pressing hard on his temple.

“But, sir, what if the princess tells you that she wants to go to another hotel?”

“That’s also true.”

“Yes, it is. It’s a plan that doesn’t make sense. Just be honest with the princess… … .”

Dietrich didn’t even listen to Oslo’s back and cut off his words briefly.

“Then book all other hotels as well.”

“… … .”

“Make sure there is only one room left in the entire Kirov.”


            It was a bit suspicious that there was only one hotel room left in this vast Kirov, a city that was so developed that it was incomparable to the town of Oily, which was a small homegrown village.

“Is there really only one room left?”



“Even so.”

I opened my eyes to Dietrich’s blunt answer.

Perhaps because he showed his abilities in the carriage, it is difficult to read his mind again now.

‘Is it too early to think that you were innocent?’

If he made up a situation where he had only one room left because he couldn’t say that he wanted to use a room with me, it felt like a shallow water.

‘Well, how about using it together?’

By the way, the only room left was the best suite in Roeli, and there were two bedrooms in the living room with a window overlooking the outside.

‘You can sleep in each bedroom.’

Having concluded my own conclusions, I unpacked the luggage from the hotel staff in the corner of the living room.

Dietrich, who was looking at the living room as large as Dukeseong’s living room, with a fire-filled gaze, left the room saying he had a moment to see what he was thinking.

‘I’ll have to unpack my luggage instead.’

You could have the staff or Oslo, but there wasn’t much to do until he came back anyway.

Dietrich’s luggage was as simple as mine, so there was nothing to organize, so his bag quickly barely bottomed out.

“What letter… … ?”

In the deepest corner of the hard, antique leather bag I could find an envelope.

I’ve decided that I’m going to be so promiscuous, but I know that Dietrich is not meant to look back at a woman other than me.

No, I thought I knew.

Why do you see a pink letter in Dietrich’s bag that smells like perfume when there’s no one to trust in the world?

‘Let’s see who came from.’

Eventually, I couldn’t stand my curiosity, and I pulled out a letter that seemed to be hid between the pieces of clothes.

“It’s a letter from Marilyn?”

It seemed like it was a report on Duke Castle, and I sighed and squeezed my head.

‘okay. You have to doubt the person to be suspicious.’

As soon as I tried to put the letter in my bag again, I picked up the envelope again in a strange sense of awe.

“The recipient… … Is it me?”

Why is Dietrich holding a letter to me?

Besides, it wasn’t even the letter that just arrived, assuming that the end of the envelope was a little worn.

I opened the envelope that had already been ripped and checked the contents of the letter.

Dear Lady, our Princess.

I miss the princess very much. I believe you know my heart.

But your Excellency ordered you not to say that you want to see the princess, even if you die… … . I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if you think that I don’t want to see you, I’m going to send a letter secretly as I think you’ll feel so sad.

Lady, please come back to Lagrange sooner.

The triplets and I also miss you very much.

With love, Marilyn.

I laughed in excitement with a letter in my hand full of Marilyn’s affection.

‘You mean you hid a letter like this?’

Even to Marilyn, the words I wanted to see seemed to be pretending not to be silly.

“Inseong, really!”

In my words these days, I forgot to forget because I was so quiet at the time of my death.

The fact that Dietrich was originally the number one villain in the world.

Dietrich was a bit dissatisfied with the’The Royal Executive Suite’, which was booked with the flattering consideration of Hexion Kirov, the owner of the Loeli Hotel and the lord of Kirov.

“Sir, what are you doing here… … , Don’t you like the room?”

Hexion Kirov suddenly came into the boss’s room and was confused as he met Grand Duchess Lagrange, who was sitting across from me.

“okay. I don’t like it.”

Hexion, white at Dietrich’s answer, began to bump his fingers.

In fact, the room Hexion gave Dietrich was a room that no one could book, but it wasn’t the best room in the Loelli Hotel.

‘You haven’t noticed it.’

Although he was the great lord of the north, which was the equivalent of the imperial family, it was determined that he would not have an eye on luxury because he was a knight who was rolling on the battlefield or on the roll.

‘Yeah, there’s no way a person with an anti-aircraft level will not be able to recognize the gap in the guest room!’

Hexion was so terrified that he told the truth.

“Your Excellency is very discerning. It must be a subtle difference that ordinary people would never notice… … . In fact, there is the Executive King Suite, which is the upper level of the Executive Suite Room.”

Dietrich glared silently at Hexion’s three-chested tongue.

Faced with the Grand Duke, who couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, Hexion smiled smoothly, embodying the ten years of running the hotel.

“sure! The king suite room is a bit higher in price and the view is excellent, but the king suite room has an open living room and only the bedroom is enlarged. … I decided that the suite would be more comfortable for the two to use, so I made a recommendation.”

“You mean there is no living room?”

“Yes! There is only one bed.”

Hexion thought that Dietrich had been caught up in his persuasion, so he eagerly began to cut down the King Suite.

“There is no living room, there is only one spacious bedroom, and there is not much difference from a regular suite, but it is only called a “king suite” just because it is located on the highest and top floor, sir.”

Dietrich, listening silently to Hexion’s explanation, squeezed out a hand that wasn’t wearing his chin.

It means to ask.

Hexion said well well.

“… … However, since the King Suite room has only one bed and a bathroom, there will be many inconveniences.”

Dietrich laughed very quickly at Hexion’s further explanation.

“I like that.”

A fresh smile that disappeared so quickly, like a breeze, Hexion began to confused about how he had just reacted.

So I added words that shouldn’t be said.

“But now, Prince Norte is staying in the King Suite.”

“You mean the first prince?”

“Yes, it is confidential, but I think you plan to stay until the end of the day. At Hexion’s explanation, Dietrich woke up silently.

“I can’t help but because it’s already reserved by the customer. I’m sorry, sir.”

Hexion gazed at Dietrich, tapping his hand from his back, listening to him.

‘The royal family, the first prince, who is rumored to be the crown prince, is staying, so no matter how much the grand duke, there will be no answer but to give up.’

“Then, shall we prepare the room right away on the day Prince Norte leaves?”


At Hexion’s words, Dietrich crackled his chin and left the room.

Hexion sighed of relief only after the door was completely closed.

“I don’t think it’s like rumors.”

Compared to other high-ranking nobles, he was a man who was not coercive or arrogant and had a modest attitude.

“I don’t know why such a person is a demon, and a monster calls you.”

Hexion mumbled briefly and reached out to get rid of the teacup that Dietrich had not even spoken of.

I didn’t even dream that he would come back before the car he prepared for Dietrich was cold.


“Oh oh!”

Hexion was held in his arms, fearing that the expensive tea cup he bought at the auction house, which he bought at the auction house, would break due to the loud vibration that suddenly rings as the door opens.

“… … Your Majesty the Prince?”

The cause of the tremor was Note, the 1st Emperor, who was the second noble figure in this empire after the emperor.

“Wow, black!”

Hexion’s reception table topped like a pudding, and Knotte, who had been beaten up by a bad guy who didn’t know where he was named, was crying as he became a chestnut.

“His Majesty! Oh my gosh! Are you okay!?”

In the meantime, Hexion, who returned with an expensive teacup in the cupboard, was surprised by the sound of Note’s sickness and looked around his face.

It didn’t seem like he was injured enough to break a bone somewhere, but he was definitely beaten up by someone.

“Who dared to beat His Majesty!”

“Hexion… … .”

“Yes, yes! Please speak!”

“Bangpe… … .”


“Me, leave the room… … .”

“What room do you mean to pull out suddenly?”

Hexion’s bewildered chin and black shoe nose came in front of his eyes.

Dietrich, with his feet on the back of Knotte’s prostrate, opened his mouth indifferently, looking at my nails.

“Arrange the king suite room.”

“Hah, but what your Majesty is writing… … .”

“Did you say you were leaving today?”

“… … .”

“Answer. Majesty.”

As if he forgot that the character was the prince after stepping on it, the face that added the sound of electric charges belatedly was quite awkward.

“Black, ugh. Do, that’s right, Hexion. I’m leaving today… … .”

Hexion was stunned by the arrogant Grand Duke’s hand, but Dietrich was so scared that he had no choice but to nod in vain.


            “… … So you got the wrong room assignment?”


“He said that there is only one room left.”

“I did, but things have changed.”

I was stunned by Dietrich’s blatant response, and I tried to make a vain laugh, and took the look of my face.

‘If you see that the aura doesn’t shake like this, it means that it’s not a lie… … .’

Then it will be correct that the situation has changed.

‘The problem is that the person who changed the situation is Dietrich.’

I took Marilyn’s letter out of my arms and stared at him, slapping my palms.

“Oh yes. okay?”

Dietrich, seen through his slender eyes, finds the letter and is a little embarrassed.

I nodded the dog lightly as I stared quietly at his face, which seemed to have a cracking corner.

“Is that so?”


“Well, I see.”

I attached a bat to Dietrich, who opened his mouth as if to condemn me, and held his neck.

Surprised by the sudden sticking, he opens his eyes wide.

‘Well, I’m surprised and like this.’

I shook my head hard because I didn’t want to hear what was going on.

“Let’s go outside to play because we’ve finished organizing our luggage.”

“… … .”

“I want to do an auction.”

This may be because I want to travel a little longer with this judo who hid Marilyn’s letter anyway, and the reason for changing the room at will be a similar purpose, but I will not feel the need to get angry.

I dragged it out, holding Dietrich’s cravat looking back at me with a shaky face.

“Aren’t you going?”


Since Kirov’s lord was Hexion Kirov, the president of the Roeli Hotel, rumors spread among Kirov’s nobles that the Grand Duke Lagrang had visited.

I wanted to see the city quietly, so I ordered Oslo and Dina to cover the emblem of LaGrange.

“You too Dietrich.”

“I don’t have a sentence or something.”

“No, you cover your face.”

The combination of black hair and dark red eyes wasn’t unusual in the North, but the problem is his bright face.

‘You should be famous for being handsome.’

I shed my eyes at him, who stands out more than the average men, who is one head taller.


After taking care of me in hot weather, Dietrich asks me back with a slight frown if he doesn’t want to overturn the de.

As if I was a commoner knight, I sighed as I looked up and looked up at him, who caught people’s eyes even when wearing a shirt and just one plain cotton pants.

“It’s so noticeable.”

“I think it’s you who catch people’s attention.”

I laughed brightly as I put my hair down high and tied up at Dietrich’s uneven words.

“I have changed my eye color so no one will recognize it.”

Rumors that the youngest princess of LaGrange was actually the sister of the Duke of Cleveland was a scandal enough to overturn the empire.

So, the rumors would have spread as far as they would spread, but there were few nobles who met me when I was an “anime.”

“All the socialite nobles know I’m red-eyed, so it’ll be okay.”

“… … It wouldn’t be that kind of problem.”

I grabbed the hand of Dietrich, screaming out of the robe, ignoring the small murmurs of Dietrich.

Dietrich was weak against sudden skinships, and he used to flinch a little just by holding his hand.

“Can I hold your hand?”

“Have you caught it already?”

He said a little dissatisfiedly as if he was embarrassed to raise his shoulders at a moment.

“Then, shouldn’t we take it?”

“… … .”

When I asked him like a medicine, he raised his eyebrows and put a pod in my hand.

I grabbed his hand and began to walk, shaking my arm back and forth.

Dietrich’s fingers, elongated and elongated so that the viewer’s eyes were cool, were handsome even with the bulging lines.

‘That’s why Dietrich doesn’t seem to have a lot of bad-looking corners.’

I rubbed my eyes and nodded my dog.

‘The gene is handsome.’

Thinking that way, he tickles his palm with the tip of his finger without thinking, but he, who was walking well, suddenly stands in his place.

“Why stand suddenly?”

“do not do that.”



I wondered if he had tickled his hand, so I let go of his hand and folded his arms.

“Finally. Does it wear out if you tweak your hand?”

“It is difficult to walk.”

“What does walking have to do with touching your hand?”

Although it sounded like a bruise, it was definitely a question, but he did not give an answer.


I shrugged my shoulders looking at his wide back as he walked forward, leaving me alone.

‘If you want to go by yourself, go, what.’

I had Dina.

“Dina, when is the auction open?”

“It starts around sunset.”

“Then I have to go now.”

“Yeah. I said I didn’t want to participate in Lagrange, so I bought a ticket in my name.”

“Thank you, Dina. You are considerate.”

I smiled with Dina’s consideration, which I could not see in Oslo or Lancel. She stepped back, scratching my cheek with a dark face.

“It was nothing. Oh, and this.”

Dina, who had fallen half a foot from me, ran through her arms and pulled out a head ornament adorned with blue crystals on a pale blue ribbon.

The sunlight reflected by the crystal is scattered in all directions.

“Because it looks like it will fit… … It may be presumptuous.”

I glanced at the swaying ribbon in the air, smiled, and accepted Dina’s gift.

“Will you put it on my tied hair?”

At my question, she nodded loudly and moved her hand. I arrived at the auction house, fluttering my ribbon like a butterfly’s wings.

“Why are you going first?”

Kirov would have been the first to Dietrich, but he had arrived at the auction house first without Dina’s guidance.


Dietrich alternately looks at me, Dina, and my headdress with a fat face, and asks in a low voice.

I noticed that he was asking for the identity of the headdress and shook my head from side to side braggingly.

“Dina gift! Isn’t it pretty?”

“… … .”

“It’s been a long time since I like this gift.”

When I was pretending to be Annie, I was bored to receive gifts from male employees or Donovan, but all of them had a sticky and unpleasant aura, so I didn’t want to hold it in my hand.

‘Dina’s aura is so plain.’

And she was as clean and modest as Aura.

Dietrich, who was staring at Dina for no reason for my answer, enters the auction house first.

The dome-shaped auction house was lined with various shelves from the entrance. The format was not different from other markets, but the price tag in front was enormous.

“Aren’t these things that will come out of the auction?”

“Yeah. It just seems to be selling.”

“But it’s so expensive?”

“Because most of the guests at the Kirov auction house are high-ranking nobles or royals. There are also many royal families coming to play from other countries.”

“Why? Are there any status restrictions?”

“no. Tickets are very expensive.”

So when Dina and Oslo looked back, wondering what money they had to buy the tickets, she silently pointed at Dietrich with a finger.

It seemed that he was spending a lot of money again.

‘It’s not like Lagrange is ruined.’

I bit my mouth again, reopening my worries about the budget of Lagrang, which I had been putting aside for a while.

Among the seats in the auction house, he sits in a special class seat that looks very expensive and moves a finger at me whispering a whisper with Dina.

“If there is anything you want to have, tell me.”


‘You should never say anything.’

I nodded at his words, but made up my mind.

Dietrich was obviously going to run for an auction with a year’s worth of budget if he had any qualities that I wanted to have.

‘Let’s just watch today, just watch.’

No matter how well the War of the Roses has ended, the situation in which Dietrich, a California owner, has been vacant for quite some time, is unlikely to have a good impact on the state’s fiscal position.

‘Would you have listened to Veronica’s talk at the top?’

I looked at Dietrich’s side face, worrying that LaGrange, who was going back, had been seated in a pile of debt.

“Dietrich, don’t waste money on auctions.”


“… … Even if the property that I will eventually be called, it will not be called until a certain amount of it remains.”

Veronica was a very capable top lord and I was confident that I would always conquer the northern social world for my needs, but no matter how far I fly and crawl, I can’t create something out of nothing.

‘I don’t think it’s okay to say to eat money over money.’

I grunted and noticed Dietrich, who was standing up and picking up the picket right now.

“Huh? got it?”

But, with a very serious face, he suddenly smiled as he stared at the tears of a mermaid at the auction and a hairpin decorated with diamonds.

“… … Why are you laughing?”

He rarely laughed, and even when he laughed occasionally, the tail of his mouth was soaring, so I blinked his eyes wide.

Dietrich covered the tail of my mouth ascending with a big hand, but the tail of my mouth, which was raised without a subject, was visible in between.

“Why are you laughing?”

“okay. In the end, it’s the finance you’ll be called.”

“… … .”

“I guess you have any intention of marrying me.”

He kissed the back of my hand with a face that couldn’t go away with laughter.

I hurriedly turned my hot head and focused on the auction.


            Dietrich nodded disappropriately to my admonition that he should never spend money, and soon got up from his seat and caught a man who looked like a rich man.

“… … Who is it?”

I glanced at the man Dietrich came back with his neck as if he could be anything.

Dietrich’s grip might be overwhelming, but he seemed firmly frightened by the situation and couldn’t even think of running away.



It might sound like a name I’ve heard from somewhere, but the man was the first person I saw.

‘Who was that.’

I thought it was the person who appeared in’The Men’s War of the Roses’, but I can’t remember it.

“This is the first prince.”

“… … .”

I widened my chin, amazed at Dietrich’s brief answer to answer my curiosity.

“That person is the first prince?”


“Is that man hanging from your hand right now, the first prince?”

I couldn’t believe Dietrich’s words, so I shook my head.

You’ve barely ended the War of the Roses with Euclid, and now you intend to touch the imperial family?

“Let me go. You’re going to choke.”

I lifted my finger and pointed to Dietrich, the first Prince, rolling his feet in the air, holding the nape of his neck.


He had already resigned or was in a state of being quietly slackened by deafness, but he looked light yellow.


Dietrich, at my rush, slammed Note into the seat next to me.

Ugh, groaning, the prince, who was groaning, fell his whole body like an aspen and looked up at me.

‘Why do I feel guilty even though I didn’t bring it.’

I hesitated to bruise Dietrich because he was a little bit sorry for him.

“Why did you bring the 1st Prince Jeonha?”

“If there’s anything they want, they’ll buy you.”

So, it meant that Prince 1 was a kind of wallet.

Since I couldn’t recognize Prince 1’s face, he and Dietrich’s friendship wouldn’t be too deep, and just looking at Prince 1’s tears and sloppy eyes didn’t seem to be saying he’d ever buy it arbitrarily.

“I don’t want to have anything.”

I opened my mouth like a sigh and took steps to approach Prince Note, who was about to burst into tears.

After blocking me, Dietrich turns around and points to the items that come to the auction house one after another.

“Pin, crown, teacup, tapestry.”

Among the dozens of auction items, one of the items he picked up was one that I only liked inside.

‘… … How did you know without Heredia’s talent?’

I thought I had a good look, rather than saying that I was pretty, in case I would waste the budget of LaGrange.

“I want to have it.”

“Oh, isn’t it? I don’t want to have any.”

“Don’t lie.”

I opened my rabbit eyes to Dietrich’s confident assertion. He glanced at my surprised face and talked bluntly.

“I’m afraid I won’t even be able to see what you want.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I keep looking.”

Was she looking at me carefully enough to recognize the extent of my shortness of breath and a long gaze?

I blushed at Dietrich’s indifferent words.

As I watched me scratch my cheek, he patted on the shoulder of Prince 1, who had sat down while watching.

“Have you heard.”

“Yes Yes?”

“Pin, crown, teacup, tapestry.”

“… … .”

“Calculate. Majesty.”

I wondered if he had forgotten the fact that he was an imperial family because he was dealing with the first prince as if he were a ruling, but it seemed that he did not forget whether he was lucky or unhappy.

Dietrich touted the things I wanted to have from Prince 1, with a sound of electric charge.

‘Because they are already auctioned off, I’d have to pay more money to buy them now.’

I don’t know how much money it’s going to be.

Having ordered my attendant to take out a pocket full of jewels, the prince called Dietrich in a deeply distressed voice.

“… … The ball, I paid the price, so can I go back to 20 thousand seats?”


“Why… … ?”

“There may be more items that Anissa wants to buy.”

At those resolute words, the prince distorted his face miserably, as if he had been sentenced to death.

“Gong, I don’t have to think about my face as the prince.”

The nobles around him who recognized Prince 1 began to whisper to each other, and his face turned red with shame.

My name has even appeared in their conversations, so I can’t help but interfere.

I stuck close to Dietrich and whispered so small that the prince couldn’t hear it.

“Why are you doing this to the prince?”

“That’s right. Why are you doing this to me?”

Even though it was a small whisper, the Emperor said that the ears were very bright.

“It is not me who decided to break the neutrality in the War of the Roses, but I would not know that my mother, Marguerite, was defeated.”

Prince Note didn’t look so young that he couldn’t comment on the imperial decision, but, according to him, his Majesty Marguerite was still in existence.

‘So, it must be that the first prince hasn’t even rebuked the prince so he can reach that age.’

Dietrich, who was listening to Prince Note’s excuses mixed with excuses, looks at him in a chin-closed position.

The prince hurriedly shut his mouth in the eyes that were so cold that all of the people who were watching were cold.

‘But you’re quite noticed.’


“… … Why, why are you calling? Am I wrong?”

“No, it wasn’t.”

Dietrich tapped the armrests of the seat with his fingertips and spoke.

“But you dare to forget who the proposal was sent to Euclid.”

“… … That, that.”

Dietrich’s voice only got lower and lower as the conversation lasted.

“I just sat down to see your Majesty holding hands with Hermann Euclid and striking me in the back of my head, but I didn’t forget.”

He hurriedly put his hands on his knees as if it could be seen that Dietrich’s anger was gradually filling up even in the eyes of the prince with no powers of Heredia.

‘The royal family is also very polite.’

I sighed less than I looked at Prince Note, who seemed to be crumpled even in a square box.

“The situation wasn’t different then, Gong.”

As the prince slowly crawled, I nodded.

‘Because the sun in Euclid was strong at that time.’

I don’t know if Hella wasn’t a god, but it’s no wonder that Hwang-ga, who is in the position of bursting the whale fight, couldn’t find out that he could no longer use the power of the sun for whatever reason Euclid’s ball was.

‘So, he might have decided that there would be no way to contain Lagrange anymore.’

There was only one Euclid family in this empire with the same power as Lagrange, and there was no ingenuity to conquer the demons of LaGrange even though it attracted all the knights, wizards, magicians, and priests of the South.

‘It seems that the demons in the North also don’t know that their strength has weakened.’

If my prediction was correct, the prince opened his mouth again, as if trying to persuade Dietrich without a word.

“My mother is also very sorry for taking on Euclid’s side. The imperial family is also planning to show a different attitude now, so please forget about the old days… … .”

Dietrich laughed like a picture at the words of the prince.

It was a beautiful smile, like a masterpiece, but the prince struck down his goose bumpy arms as if he was afraid of his smiling face.

“Gong, my resentful heart is this harm. But.”

“There is one thing you are mistaken for.”

Dietrich, who stopped talking to the prince, was a crying face with a complete smile on his mouth.

“I have never been disappointed because I had nothing to expect from His Majesty and the Imperial Family.”

“If so, isn’t there no reason to blame Hwang-ga?”

I glanced at Dietrich’s side face, cold enough to hold his breath with a single light of his eyes, which I have never shown.

“I do not resent. But the price of holding a rotten hand and sticking to it is a law that must be paid.”

I want you to have that face on the battlefield.

The prince whispered while touching my eyes with bruises left.

“Aren’t Gong afraid of people’s eyes? It is only now that the North and the South are about to achieve harmony after a long conflict.”

Instead of looking at him at the words of the prince, Dietrich raised his head and stared at me.

It is probably because of age that he kept pressing hard on the tempered temper he was paying attention to the reputation of the northern part of the world.

I hated that people who didn’t know Dietrich were pointed at him for being a demon, and Lagrange wanted to remove the stigma of being a family with only murder ears.

‘But Dietrich said all he needed was me.’

Veronica, Yuric, and the three twins would also want to live the way they want to live rather than seeing people’s attention.

“It’s unity.”

I squeezed my face between the prince and Dietrich, striking my throat.

However, I couldn’t stand Lagrange, whom I had dedicated my life to protecting, to be despised or ridiculed for no reason.

“It must be a matter of the royal family.”

“What does that mean?”

Suddenly, the prince asks me back with a fat face.

“It means that the imperial responsibility of the imperial family who was unable to properly maintain neutrality against the confrontation between the south and the north is heavy.”

‘So, you who made a mistake, please do well on your own.’

I looked at the embarrassed prince and smiled.

“Hey, don’t forget that there are many ways to achieve harmony.”

“… … .”

“Wouldn’t it be a kind of harmony and unity that the northern part devours the southern part?”

The prince, who seemed to be a little hopeful to me, was completely speechless.


            “uh? Ugh, I’m going to sleep now. Sleepy. Haha. Ha-Am.”

He yawns with an awkward smoke that even a child wouldn’t believe, but Dietrich moves his body as if he was trying to get closer.

At the sound of my steps ringing loudly, I squeezed my invisible fist under the blanket.


I was nervous, but instead of coming to me, Dietrich plunged into the carpet next to the bed.

“I will sleep on the floor.”

“Uh? Why?”

“Because I don’t want to force you into an uncomfortable situation.”

Just sleeping tightly in the same room was already incredibly tense, but I don’t want to be condemned because his head, whose fingers only flutter without making eye contact with me, looks so grim.

I sighed and nodded.

“Okay. Then I’ll give you a pillow.”

“… … Put it down on the floor.”

In sorrow, I hand over the pillow that I was on, but Dietrich pulls his body back while sitting down, avoiding my hand altogether.

I leaned forward to see if the peculiar conjunctivism had developed.

“I just washed. It’s not dirty.”

As he waved his hand with the pillow in order to receive it, he raised one eyebrow and shakes his head.

“I don’t think it’s dirty.”

“But why are you avoiding your hands?”

“I’m going crazy because the scent keeps spreading.”


“I’m really going to turn away, so get away.”


I noticed that Dietrich’s face, which had just been mistaken for being peaceful, was distorted, and hurriedly shut up.

As soon as he turns off the lamp, confirming that I have been lying down quietly, complete darkness finds itself.


“… … .”

‘Why can’t I sleep like this?’

After several hours of not falling asleep, I rolled back and checked the floor.


“… … .”


“… … .”

Seeing that the answer doesn’t come back, he seems to be sleeping.

He said he would turn away, and then fell asleep alone.

‘I was only nervous for no reason, well.’

I was so nervous at the slightest breathing that I ran away from sleep.

“It’s fatal.”

I want to know what he’s saying is that he’s killing himself while condemning Dietrich, who is asleep with a small voice.

Still, I resent him for nothing.

“… … You can kiss me.”

“… … .”

“I’ll just hold my hand and say something like this.”

Even so, it’s kind of like sleeping while holding hands.

As I whispered a grunt, I gazed at the shadows that slid over Dietrich’s eyelids.

His sharp outline creates shadows even in the dark.

‘But why can’t I hear my breathing?’

I can’t hear the breathing sound I heard well before.

It wasn’t a corpse that stopped breathing, and a sleeping person couldn’t be so quiet.

“Dietrich, are you sleeping right?”

At my question, he slowly opens his eyes.

Dietrich’s eyes, shining dark red in the dark son-in-law, sparkled like a red moon in the middle of the night.

Eyes darker and quieter than the curtain of the deepest night.

I slowly stretched out my hand around his eyes, which felt poisonous red.

“… … no.”

He barely answers in a deeply locked voice.

Dietrich grabbed my hand, gently sweeping my half-closed eyelids, and slowly placed it on the edge of my mouth.


The position of the kiss that falls like bird’s hair is only the back of the hand, but the nape of the neck stands upright.

“sit down. I can’t sleep today.”

At the moment, I tried to ask why, and his answer was expected so obviously that I swallowed the word.



“… … I don’t think I can sleep either.”

Dietrich, who was staring at me at my seemingly small words, pulled me wildly.



            The time I didn’t want to flow passed inevitably, and the morning I hoped not to come finally came.

‘… … How will it happen now.’

It wasn’t that I had an accident because of alcohol, but my thin face was so hot that I didn’t have the confidence to endure the morning.

‘Shall I go out first before waking up?’

When I turned around and checked, Dietrich was still asleep. The warm morning sun sets over the fine eyelashes.

Its appearance was as beautiful as a sculpture in the garden, so I held my breath for a moment.

‘You’re handsome, you’re really handsome.’

I gazed at the finely shaded shadow on his neat forehead, then turned my back in amazement at the moment he frowned slightly.

“You can keep looking.”

You weren’t sleeping.

I bit my tongue at Dietrich’s lazy voice, and closed my eyes tightly with a desire to die.

There is nothing more embarrassing than being caught by stealing.

“Are you awake?”

I tried to pretend to be okay and not ashamed, and then I got up.

“Then will it happen now?”

No, I was trying to get it up.


It was a useless attempt as Dietrich grabbed me half awake and put me in my arms.


With the smooth texture that touched the back of my defenseless back, I hurriedly reached out and squeezed the blanket firmly.

The field of vision flashes and a red warning light turns on.

‘Clear thoughts! A clear and bright idea!’

I wanted to sing the national anthem, but after Donghaemul and Mt. Baekdu, it was unreasonable in my memory.

‘This empire has no country, no country!’

I resent the imperial family, who had not designated a country, and squeezed the blanket that I barely hugged.

I don’t know if you know that I’m on the verge of bursting into my arms and crying, Dietrich, with his nose on my shoulder, exhaled a soft breath.

I trembled at his prolonged breath.

‘Why do you smell like this?’

“… … Do you smell me?”


It wasn’t sticky enough, but the room filled with heat felt a little hot at night.

As I bite my lips a bit embarrassed at Dietrich’s stubborn answer, he slowly adds to the words.

“It smells good.”

“… … .”

“It smells like I’m going to die because it’s good.”

Dietrich, whispering quietly in a quieter voice than usual, began to chew on the back of my ear.

‘I am dying.’

I barely endured sobbing, and I twisted in front of my dream.

Like a caterpillar, I go out of bed, and Dietrich grabs me and puts me back.

My body turned around so I had to face Dietrich in front of my nose.

If you’re a person, you should wear eyebrows in the morning, and your handsome face doesn’t even show signs of eyebrows.

Unlike usual, I held my hand firmly on his nasty nose, smiling slowly with a slightly looser face.

“Let it go. Why are you holding onto it?”

“I’m lying down a little more.”

However, as he said, it seemed like it would be a big deal to lie down a little longer.

I felt the process of becoming less and less fluffy through the fluffy blankets all over.

I wiped the cold sweat that had formed on my forehead, and I woke up with a blanket around my body.

“It’s because I want to go for a walk.”

“Shall we go together.”

“no! alone! I want to go alone!”

Dietrich gazed at me with his peculiar indifferent eyes as he quacked and shook his head, then raised the tail of his mouth.


“Yes. So, can you turn around?”


“I want to get up and get dressed.”

“Get on.”

When I thought about last night, I was so embarrassed that I wanted to find a mouse hole and hide, but his answer is so casual.

‘Is this child a real woman… … ?’

With a reasonable suspicion, I slowly opened my eyes and pulled the blanket down rather than aiming at his well-knitted muscles.

“… … .”

Dietrich didn’t know, but in fact, it was a possible provocation because he was wearing a thin slip.

I grabbed this fire so hard that my veins burst, and I glanced at Dietrich with my eyes closed, and got up from my seat.

‘I’m shy and teasing too!’

I feel relieved when I confirm that I am not the only embarrassed person.

Dressed in clothes that fell like snake skins on the floor, I walked out of the Hodadak room, not knowing what else Dietrich would say.



‘Why is he here again?’

In the corridor of the hotel, a person I never expected was waiting for me.

I stopped Herman running from the end of the corridor to me with my arms, fluttering my fine hair like azaleas.

“What is Herman doing here?”

“Is your body okay?”

“It’s fine.”

“I received a strange message from Majesty Note. I’m worried about you again… … .”

Herman’s shyness at my question makes excuses for dying.

“I didn’t mean to bother you.”

‘It looks like he was screaming at Euclid again.’

I frowned, recalling the depressed face of Prince I.

“There was only a minor trouble with the first prince. I thought it worked out smoothly.”

“His Majesty Notte is narrow and has a little bit of awkwardness.”

“I guess you know why your Majesty has not yet rebuked him as a prince.”

“I don’t think he will be the timber to become a monarch either.”

Herman confronts my sarcastic words.

It must have been insignificant compared to that of Euclid’s work, such as the 1st Prince, who could not be reprimanded as a prince because he could not obtain the trust of my mother to become an adult.

‘However, he also swears very politely.’

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dietrich confront him and have a double swearing.

Again, thinking that he is the main character, he nodded his head a little, but the door popped open behind his back.

“Why are you here.”

Apparently annoying at the fact that Hermann was in the hallway, Dietrich muttered in a nervous voice and glared at him.

“Oh, from His Majesty Euclidro Notte… … . Wait a minute.”

Herman, who was snarling as if trying to explain what he had given to Dietrich, took turns looking at Dietrich, who was wearing half-naked shirts, and me, dressed roughly in clothes.

“Isn’t that the room where Anissa just came out?”

Hermann’s finger, pointing to the door where Dietrich was leaning at an angle, was trembling like an aspen.

“But why is the ball… … Why is that little boy coming out of that room?”

‘You’re good at cursing.’

I shrugged, wondering what the answer would be to alleviate Hermann’s excitement.

In an instant, Dietrich, who became a cub of Nom-Pang, noticed that Hermann didn’t care whether he swears at him or not.

He came to me and grabbed my exposed shoulder with his hand.

“The wind is cold. I even go in and wear it.”

As the words went in, he hugged me tightly from behind, as if to break it.

The moment I kick my tongue briefly at his actions, Herman, who has finished grasping the situation, runs out with a strong breath and breaks between me and Dietrich.

“You bastard, why you stand with me in this room!”

“Because it’s my room.”

“I heard a lot of saying that my northern guys have a light butt! Uh, how can I share a room with my younger brother who is not married yet!”

“I don’t think you care.”

At Dietrich’s cold answer, Hermann despaired with a face that seemed to cry at any moment.

‘I heard that the southern part is conservative, but the reaction was too violent.’

I sighed as I gazed at Hermann’s back, falling on the floor of the hallway and slamming the floor from Dietrich’s throw.


“… … .”


He was fascinated and slowly turned his head at my call. I faced his spiritless face and gave strength to his words.

“It’s not a big deal for unmarried men and women to spend the night in the North.”

“… … But!”

“Sending the night doesn’t mean that the two of you have to get married. So so too-.”


I continued to say that I wasn’t convincing to find Hermann’s soul, but I turned to the violent sound of me ringing out of nowhere.

“… … Why do you tear the door that is fine?”

It’s speculation, but Dietrich seems to have a weird hobby of opening doors and handles.

I looked at him, half-opened, holding the shattered cabin door in my arms.

“You have to ask that again!”

‘Why, really?’

As if he was shocked, Dietrich, who quietly put the door down on my pincup, puts on a dry face.


A long sigh follows.

He soon began to question me with dry lips.



“Why are you saying that?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Dietrich bites his lips as I tilt his head, who doesn’t know English.

I thought that his face, which I felt somehow sad, resembled Hermann’s back head lying on the floor.

“Are you not going to marry me?”

“… … .”

“Spend until the night?”

A little… … .

I wish only one person at a time had a fuss.


            “Get down quickly!”

“Quick, hurry!”

I got out of the wagon before even passing the drawbridge, and I laughed like a sigh at the appearance of Meslow and Riesling condemning the driver down the drawbridge while sweating in this hot weather.

“Don’t look, I’m not going anywhere. As calm as rosé… … .”

I wanted to tell you to wait, but instead of rushing the driver like the other two kids, Rose came to me by taking a pole from somewhere and stepping on a drawbridge that hadn’t all been lowered.


“What if I get hurt! Without fear.”

It seems that Rosé’s physical abilities were better than I thought.

As I wiped the tears from Rosé’s eyes, the child laughed and hugged me.

“Anissa, I really really missed you.”

“Yes, I really missed Rosé too.”

The children who have crossed the drawbridge are embraced as they cling to me.

In the meantime, Maslow and Riesling became so big that I was buried surrounded by boys of the same height as me.

“No, it’s heavy.”

“Ah! sorry!”

When I breathed out of my heavy weight, Messlo retreated back in amazement, but Riesling, in tears, did not let me down as I tried to sit down.


Dietrich, standing behind me, kicking his tongue, grabbed him by the nape of his neck and put him away.

“Turn off.”

“Speak pretty to the kid!”

I was amazed by Dietrich’s bloody voice and opened my eyes to him.

Then Riesling opens his chest with dignity as if he were looking at it.

“Yes, boy! Talk pretty to me!”

“… … .”

“haha! Now your days are gone, Dietrich Lagrange! Because Anissa is back!”

In one of Riesling’s words, I was able to get a rough idea of ​​how Dietrich ruled Lagrang during my absence.

‘But the owner of LaGrange is Dietrich.’

I wouldn’t be too harsh on the children, but I had no intention of interfering with Dietrich’s way of dealing with Lagrangian gasol.

“Rieslingdo, Dietrich is a state of California, and I’m not talking so spoiled.”



As she looked at Riesling, who was trying to make excuses, she gave strength to her eyes, the child quickly died and looked up.

“I should apologize for telling Dietrich that he was this kid?”

I said, Riesling didn’t make eye contact with Dietrich, but hit the floor with his instep and sticking out his lips.


“… … Okay. Sorry.”


Dietrich’s short reply expands Riesling’s eyes as if they would roll to the floor.

‘You must have been surprised.’

I was proud of the child’s reaction, so I put my hand on Dietrich’s shoulder.

“Look, Dietrich wasn’t as bad as you might think, Riesling.”

He was on the side of Yu Hae Jin to a degree that was embarrassing compared to before.

‘If it was the way it was, he would have gone out of hand rather than accepting an apology.’

I noticed Riesling nodded tremblingly and walked to the castle.

Marilyn, who was waiting only for Anissa, runs out and takes her from the city gate.

Dietrich turned his head and stared at Riesling only after Anissa’s delicate back was completely out of sight.

“I think my habit has gotten worse.”

With his tongue short, he swung his fingers, and the long shadow of noon moved and grabbed the cheeky boy’s ankles.

Riesling quickly hung upside down on the tree.

With the horrible feeling of the blood flowing from his body to his head, the child struggled and began to pour out the curse he had learned from the streets.

“Hey! Put this! Fuck your feet!”

“… … .”

“Let’s loose this, boy-!”

“If you don’t want to die, shut up. My head is ringing.”

Riesling was one of LaGrange’s children who was not afraid of Dietrich. Annissa was also extraordinarily pretty about the popping Riesling, so I believe in her and get upset.

“You, you, you’re gonna tell Anessa everything you’ve done to me like this!”

Riesling struck a fist at Dietrich, who was only looking at himself with an insensitive glance, using evil.

“Say it.”

“… … What?”

“Because Anissa will not believe you anymore.”

Dietrich laughed at Riesling with a bit of a bite in one of his mouths.

“I have already earned her confidence.”


“Let’s run every day or so until I’m excited.”

No matter how strong Riesling is, if you hang it upside down for a day, you will be exhausted.

Not knowing that, Dietrich turned his back without regret.

“Damn, nothing has changed.”

I’m being deceived.

Anissa, was tricked by that evil demon.

Riesling inevitably sharpened his teeth while hanging from the tree.

“I heard the news that the Princess is the younger brother of the Duke of Euclid.”

Wordless words are the fastest, and Marilyn seemed to already know my situation.

“Yeah, what. That’s how it happened.”

I couldn’t say that it was something I had already known, so I scratched her cheek with a worrisome glance.

“… … So, are you going to Euclid now?”

Rosé, who was listening to my conversation with Marilyn, shook his head.

I picked a horse while stroking the child’s soft hair.

“Hmm. Well.”

In fact, nothing was decided.

I was right that I was Hermann’s younger brother, but I had no bonds I had built up to be with him at Euclid now.

“Going to Euclid? Why?”

As I hesitate, Maslo, who seemed to be doing my job in the corner, ran up and grabbed my knee.

“You just need to be in Lagrange! There are a few empty rooms!”

“No, it’s not that kind of problem.”

I didn’t want to go back to Euclid, but I needed an appropriate justification to stay in LaGrange.

Rumors that I was Herman’s brother had already spread so much that other families in the north might not have accepted my stay.

‘If the backlash is severe, Dietrich will be quite tired.’

While organizing his thoughts for a moment, Messlot glared at what judgment he had made on his own, and turned to Dietrich when he had just entered the room.

“What the hell have you been doing in the meantime?”

“… … What?”

Meslow jumped up and raised his voice with a lot of unfair faces.

“As long as I marry you, Anessa would stay in La Grange! Because you couldn’t get it right! Euclid!

I’m going!”

‘No, I didn’t say I was going to Euclid.’

He reaches out to dry the excited child, but before me, Rose runs out and stands next to Maslow.

“okay! What did you do with that face, you idiot! Anissa only sees her face!”

Far from drying Meslow, Rosé spoke louder than my brother.

Dietrich, who quietly listened to Rosé’s ridiculous bruises asking if you couldn’t use your face properly, jumped up to the window and flipped his fingers.

The children, whose ankles are wrapped in his shadow, start flying somewhere.

I couldn’t guess at all where the direction was, but I didn’t stop him.

‘The kids were severe.’

Dietrich approached me quietly looking up and knelt on one knee. Tilt your head at an angle and reach for me.

“Isn’t it possible to stay in Lagrange?”

I couldn’t open my mouth because I could roughly guess how he would react to my answer.

“… … This is what I realized while traveling, but I also want to see the world a little more.”

Absolutely no, no dying. Expecting such a harsh reaction, Dietrich calmly nodded.


I opened my eyes to his gentle answer.

“Can I do that?”

“I have no intention of stopping you from wanting to do it. Then I will have to prepare too.”

I leaned to the back of Dietrich muttering carelessly.

“What preparation?”

I’m not saying that I will follow me either, so I opened my mouth before he even answered.

“As I said before, you, the lord, emptying Lagrange-”

“Then kill me.”

I frowned at Dietrich’s bloody words. Whether I am surprised or not, he talks bluntly.

“You can kill it. I would die without you.”

I’ve endured so many days without you, so it won’t be a day anymore.

I put my lips on my knees and shut my mouth at the words he whispered.

Aura, without even a bit of shaking, was telling me that his words weren’t exaggeration at all.

“I hate it so much?”


I shrugged my shoulders as if I couldn’t help it, and then I lifted him up, sitting down.

“Even if I get married?”

As he bites lightly and kisses his blank face lightly, his neck moves greatly.


His point of view slowly returns to my call. I smiled brightly, making eye contact with him.

“Because I originally hated travel.”

“… … .”

“But I’ve been thinking about why I keep wanting to travel.”

I spoke with a long sigh, buried in Dietrich’s tight arms.

“I think it’s because there is a place to go back.”

He listened to me and slowly stroked my hair.

As if touching the most precious jewel in the world, her face turns red for no reason with her delicate touch.

“You made it for me. A place to return.”

I was wandering because I couldn’t find a place to go to the place where I could take root.

“okay. Come back anytime.”


“as soon as possible. I might die because I miss you.”

“I’ll learn how to deal with characters. If I miss you so much, I can fly anytime.”

Dietrich, in my words, is very small.

I laughed as I made a sound of falling in the wind.

I was belatedly relieved by the familiar laughter.

You are back.

To my Lagrange.

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