The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C21-30


            Unexpectedly, Dietrich was the kid who was being beaten by a man who was big, dressed in a knight, but the atmosphere was close to a mercenary.


If you demonstrate the power of the shadow, you could end up with such a man in an instant.

I closed my eyes as soon as the man raised his big, thick hand. I didn’t have the confidence to watch a child get beaten by an adult.

“If the devil doesn’t lend you, it’s nothing like you!”

As soon as he opens his eyes, Puck Sori and Dietrich’s small, skinny body bump into a solid tree.

The man wrestled his breath, staring at the child, and started spinning the pile of keys on his finger.

“It’s supposed to be worn only during class, but an hour or two would be too short for a cheeky child like you.”

He mumbled a pretense of profanity, spit at Dietrich, and then left.


I ran out and grabbed Dietrich’s shoulder, lying on the floor. He turned away from my help and stood up to himself on the floor.

“This… … “

Dietrich’s wrist was wrapped in handcuffs he had never seen before. It looks too crude to be called an accessory.

“It’s a sealing ball.”

Dietrich slowly opens his mouth when he notices what he is curious about. I opened my mouth amazed at his answer.


It was a world where there existed abilities, swordsmanship, and magic. Prisoners with special abilities could not be confined in a normal way, so it was a seal made of shadows.

“Because everyone can take classes fairly only if they block their ability.”

Although there was a justification for everyone, it must have been because of Hermann, who had a modest ability. I grumbled only inside and frowned a little.

“Does this hurt if I use it?”


Although it looked much smaller than the one that Dietrich in the original book used to trap Herman, the protagonist, it would be very frustrating because he couldn’t summon the limbs that behave like limbs even if he wasn’t sick.

“Who are ten? (What is the key? )”

“Earlier it took its cubs. I will release it tomorrow.”

‘Are you wearing the seals that prisoners or wearables for more than a day?’

No matter how much Dietrich was a child outside Derek’s eyes, he was Lagrange. There would be no way a teacher could be treated as a prisoner. Whether I was surprised or overturned, he avoided my gaze and picked up a sword that fell to the ground.

“How did you get in here?”

I tilted my head, wondering at Dietrich’s behavior not to look at me while talking to me.

I often ignored or avoided my seat because I was annoyed, but haven’t I avoided my eyes like that?

“With Ma Ming Min.”

Even though his mouth was sore, he didn’t say anything more, but Dietrich understood my meaning. He nodded briefly, then pressed his finger on my forehead.

“Nature is not a place for you to come to play.”

“Yes, why don’t you see me?”

Dietrich’s gaze shakes at my question. His blunt face was wounded, but his gray aura seemed somewhat shameless, so I tilted my head.

“Are you getting a diet champ?”


“Because you hit each other and get caught?”

“It wasn’t that way.”

Dietrich answers me, frowning his handsome eyebrows. It was funny to speak faster than usual, so I laughed at Bash.

“Are you embarrassed? Of course.”

Dietrich, who is watching my smiling face, begins to clean up the messy pants. I said, looking down at his new black crown.

“Aizana, who is destined. That ah-jo was a big lazy person.”

“A child can only be weak when he can be a child.”

There was a strange evil in what Dietrich said to give strength to Isae. I raised my heels and stroked his head, which suddenly returned to his neat appearance.

“What are you doing.”

“Whew. Anisa will quickly soak in swordsmanship and protect you.”

“… … .”

“Because it’s a dieter. Arachi?”

“If I’m a baby, you’re-.”

Dietrich, trying to put something on his feet, sighs and bites his mouth. I dragged his hand and went back to Marilyn, who seemed to be wandering in search of me.


She threw a sweet-smelling cloth bag full of sugar on the floor and ran towards me.

In an instant, I was embraced by her, and I fell into the cozy arms smelling of wheat flour.

“Where are you going! You were surprised!”

“My wife.”

I felt a little tingled at the thought of worrying about her, but a smile came to Marilyn’s worrisome face.

“You were with Confucius. Confucius, Confucius must also be careful. It’s very easy for babies at this time to get lost.”

Marilyn, who was still a little scared of Dietrich, cried without fear to see if it was so shocking that I couldn’t see it.

“I am not careless like you.”

Marilyn, who was checking every corner of my body to see if there were any injuries, flinched at his cold answer and turned her head.

“My, was I too presumptuous? I’m sorry. I was so worried about the princess.”

I quickly grabbed her sleeve, hoping that Dietrich might scream at Marilyn. But he just turns his back without returning.

‘No matter how much I think about it, I’m not like a villain master.’

The villains in fantasy novels were usually arrogant and authoritative, so they used to push good users, but Dietrich never did that.

‘Rather, if the users harassed Dietrichble, they harassed them.’

I frowned as I remembered Jenin and the swordsman teacher who was beating him.

‘It seems that the novel was too Hermann-centered.’

Dietrich never told me directly, but the author, the swordsman, seemed to keep tormenting him terribly. Since taking full-fledged swordsmanship classes, he has been called to his true nature once a week, but he came back with a sealing ball every time.

“Bar. Bar!”

I looked down at Dietrich’s handcuffs wrapped around her thin wrists, and pouting her mouth, upset.

“Yes, Princess.”

“Bar will solve this.”

“This is a sealing sphere that contains divine power that prevents me from exercising power.”

Baal, who seems a little energetic, responds with a small voice, perhaps because of the influence of Bong In-gu. I opened my mouth as I shed my eyes towards him of the gloomy Aura.

“Bar. It’s useless.”

“The usefulness is Anma. Baa Anisa is not qualified as a nanny.”

“… … Even though I don’t have a heart, it still hurts.”

After losing my job as my nanny, Baal crawled to the sofa with his shoulders drooping.

Dietrich, who was sleeping in an uncomfortable position as if he was tired, then quietly opened his eyes.

“Don’t be futile with Baal, Anessa.”

“Do you loosen this otoke?”

“All I need is a key.”

“Is that bad Azo’s? No, I’ll punish Azo and come back.”

‘That crazy guy!’

Of course, I really couldn’t be because I was afraid of Dietrich’s swordsmanship teacher. But Dietrich’s mouth smiled lightly, as if my triumphant words were funny.

‘How pretty if this one laughs.’

“huh. I’ll meet you in the story of Azo


“If you meet, hide it. This is one of Derek’s favorite knights. Because I’m Liatrice’s younger brother.”

‘no wonder. There’s a corner to believe in, so I must have just gone out like that.’

There was no way he was able to indulge in violence against Dietrich in the name of being a swordsmanship teacher. I snorted and put my hands on both sides.

“I think the princess was a descendant of the dragon tribe.”


“I think I’ll get a fire from my snort.”

“What? I can’t hear the bar because it’s useless.”

“That’s useless, ha. sire. Please tell me how.”

Baal pleaded eagerly, but Dietrich ignored us and closed his eyes again.

While wearing the seal, he couldn’t handle the shadows properly, so he couldn’t easily deal with the assassins who visited at night.

I bite my lips firmly on my young face with a tired look.

‘I have to do it somehow.’

If the swordsmanship teacher was Liatrice’s younger brother, he would probably work with Leon Euler. It was one of Derek’s vassals that, as soon as Dietrich became Grand Duke, he was ruined as an example.

It was too late, despite the fact that in the end he betrayed Derek and vowed to follow Dietrich.

‘Do you think Liatris and my father, Marquis of Ohler, will be still!’

I remembered it because I was eventually kicked out after using some kind of evil.

‘I just thought it was a poor X-Train from Dietrich.’

From when I was young, I first tried to take revenge on it, what?

I covered my head and struggled to remember the scene where Leon Euler appeared.

‘At the beginning, it seems that there was a weakness that could be used because it was an extra that had a lot of weight… … ‘


What if’The Men’s War of the Roses’ were in my hands?’

It turned out that the relationship between the Marquis of Euler and Derek, who was the only one of Liatrice’s, was not very good.

‘If Dietrich is someone who can’t do anything, Derek should use it.’

He said the enemy’s enemy was my friend.

Like a child, I rubbed my hands with a secret smile.

I heard Baal’s murmur,’The Princess is laughing like a witch again’, but I didn’t intend to listen to the useless devil’s accusations.

The opportunity to punish the swordsmanship teacher who pushed Dietrich came sooner than I thought.

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