The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C31-40


            His clean personality and disorganized appearance were obviously a sign of fighting someone, but he is calm. No matter how hard I tried to read his aura, it was just gray as usual.

‘I don’t know what he’s thinking.’

It was much easier to read the feelings of kids like Yuric. When Yuric’s aura turned blue, it was usually the day he met his mother, Niin Liatrice, and when he was red, it was the day he was bullied by his brothers.

Dietrich, on the other hand, seldom shakes his emotions, whether he is sick or in danger.

‘Because of Baal’s power, the aura may be masked, but… … Dietrich maintained his composure very well.’

‘Isn’t it that I can’t feel my emotions at all?’

Not a robot.

“Did you feel bad?” (Do you not feel good? )

After all, you have to ask directly. I looked up at Dietrich. He put me down on the floor, avoiding my gaze and trying to hold me.

“brother… … ?”

“I heard you are looking for me.”


“Don’t find it. Aren’t you at an age so young that you can’t live alone.”

‘No, if you’re five years old, you’re young enough.’

He wanted to refute his words, but he immediately turned his back and left.

I watched the little back of Dietrich, who grew up a lot more than when I first met him, but who was still a child, fell away.


Yurik is hovering around me, standing blankly, unwillingly. It seems to me that I have been abandoned by Dietrich.

But Dietrich and my relationship were like this from the start. I always had to go after him or watch him move away from behind.

Since that day I haven’t seen Dietrich for a while. Whether in the Dahlia Palace, in the wither or rose grove, anywhere. As if you were deliberately avoiding me.

I rolled my feet as I thought of Dietrich, who couldn’t see a single hair even when I searched every corner of the palace.

“Baal, where are you?”

“I do not know.”

“Baal knows! Let’s take it to my brother!”


I pouted my lips at Baal’s resolute rejection.

“You have something to say, Mary!”

I didn’t have anything to say, but it felt bad to avoid it. I expressed my opinion by rolling hard on the ground with my little feet, but Baal only shrugged and shrugged the presumed ear.

“Oh, I really don’t know, Princess.”

“Baal is Ditri’s Anmajana!”

“It’s not Anma, it’s the devil.”

“C. E.”

Whether Dietrich’s pronunciation correction disease has been transferred, even Baal is that attitude.

‘What should I do if I don’t have someone to talk to!’

I breathed, leaving the devil aside and running into the withered rose bush.

‘Where is Yuric?’

It would be more leisurely than Dietrich, but there were many times when Yu Rick didn’t show up either.

The ranking of the 6th place for successor candidates was not as easy as I thought. In the first place, not all children were ranked.

In addition, even though it was ranked, it was not considered as a candidate for successor if it exceeded 10th place.

‘I… … Did you say it was 21st?’ After Derek became aware of my existence, that’ranking’ came up to me as well, but I wasn’t even in the top 20, let alone the 10th.

‘You said that the youngest of the Riatris Palace is 13th?’

Liatrice’s youngest son was only a two-week-old baby.

‘The rank is lower than that of newborn babies … ‘

As my ranking, which is closest to the bottom, comes to mind, I suddenly lose energy.

I got a little sulky and put my face in the dog’s hole. It seems that Yuric was looking for me as a dark shadow fluttering outside the hole.


I called his name and slid completely into the dog’s hole. Then my arm pops out from the inside and pulls me out.

‘uh?’ Yuric has never pulled me out like this.

‘It’s not Yuric!’

Embarrassed, I struggled to remove my hand that held me, but I was eventually thrown into the Liatrice Palace by rough force.


Plunging to the ground, I rolled around and fell into a rose bush. Stinging thorns poke around the limbs.

“what. Isn’t it a child with nothing to do?”

As I raise my head to the voice I hear from above, the boy I see for the first time is looking down at me.

‘… … Alphonse?’

I haven’t met him, but I was able to infer his identity from the boy’s appearance. He was 15 years old, and he has a red-haired, red-haired look that is much redder than Yuric’s.

The land he stepped on was the garden of Liatrice, so he must be Alphonse Lagrange.

He was a boy with bright red eyes as if he had blood, not as light as me. Likewise, even the aura was stinging like a burning flame.

“Is this kind of girl Dietrich’s cheaper and rounder brother?”

Alphonse lifted my chin with his fingertips, then swung it around and observed my face.

“It’s pretty, but it’s not capable of anything? Well, you’re a petty kid like slaves.”

‘What the hell are you talking about?’

The situation didn’t make sense right away, but in any case, it’s not a good thing to hear. I struck his hand and then jumped up from the seat.

Rose petals crushed to me fall on the floor one by one.

“Where are you going?”

“… … I’m here to meet Yuri. Don’t worry about you!’

Damn it. In front of Alphonse, I wanted to talk like an adult, but at the end, the power of my tongue ran out. Instead, I strengthened my eyes and bit my lips.

“Why are you trying to meet Yuric?”

I replied to the boy’s question by turning my head to see if the damage would go to Yuric. Then he pushes me back to see if I’m offended.

Alphonse was more than fifteen with an adult-like physique, and I was only five years old. As a matter of course, I passed on to the baladang.

“Answer me.”

“Let’s lose!”

I pushed the boy on top of me as hard as possible. Whether the timing was okay, he loses focus. I woke up and crawled back into the dog’s hole.


Alphonse grabbed my ankle protruding out of the hole and swung his force. I was eventually rubbed on the floor and had to be dragged in front of him again.

‘It’s a dress made by Marilyn, this child!’

Thanks to that, the yellow dress, which Marilyn did not hesitate to praise for saying that it suits me very well, became completely stained. I shaved off the dirt from the lace.

“If you bother, Dietrich will run?”

“no! Dietri hug now! Idiot! This idiot! Stupid! It’s ugly!”

“What is it not? Follow me!”

I bite hard at Alphonse’s hand, grasping my legs. The boy screams to sleep as he bites with all his might, containing the resentment for ruining One Piece.

“Oh! Damn, do you know what kind of girl this girl is?!”

Alphonse raised his hand while swearing. It was only one of them, but I was able to handle the power of the devil, so I flew to the wall and struck me.


He approaches me in a circle with the pain that seems to break my back.

‘Derek and Aura are similar.’

I held my breath because I didn’t want to smell him.

Alphonse sharpened my teeth by pressing hard on my back, which was only a little bigger than his two palms combined.

“Dahlia Palace doesn’t seem to teach you to be polite, right? Did your brother teach you this? Anyone wanting to go around?”

‘Are you anyone!’

As I tried to force me to go first. I was unhappy and wanted to say something, but I couldn’t even breathe properly because I was stepped on by him.


“uh? I guess who’s from a lowly slave!”

Alphonse moves his feet as if he was about to kick me.


Finding Dietrich in a crisis moment was like inertia to me now. He is very friendly on the subject of becoming a villain who will endanger the entire empire in the future, so he would always show up and help me when I was injured or in danger.


When I sing it out loud, Dietrich suddenly appeared and got used to holding me.


So, as usual, I predicted that the one who stopped Alphonse’s violent kick would be Dietrich. But he wasn’t the one who saved me.

The moment I try to be beaten by Alphonse, his feet, which have reached my nose, are wrapped in white light and disappear in no time.

It was a light that felt the aura similar to Baal’s aura, but it was a grey-green glow, not Baal’s gray color.


I was familiar with the grey-green devil, also known as the ghost of greenery.

The devil who threw Alphonse far away was Amon, the shadow demon of Yuric. I remembered it as a fight against Herman’s sun god with Baal.

‘Is Yuric already signed a contract with Amon?’

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