The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C41-50


            I rolled my eyes while watching Yuric’s embarrassed look showing off his dagger skills.

Suddenly, I remember how Dietrich taught me how to shake with a rattle with a rising sword.

‘The guys called my brother teach my younger brother how to silently deal with enemies!’

I was openly disgusted and wanted to refuse, but the influential power was shining brightly as if it were really fun, so I was forced to swallow the horse.

‘Should I get a moral book and read it?’

No matter how sweet and open-hearted Yuric was, he realized once again the set value of a villain’s dream tree.

“Now let’s go see what you want to buy. What do you want to have?”


“… … Lottery ticket?”

“carbuncle. Look.”

I took out a coin that had been stored in a one-piece pocket by a force who frowned a little in my eyes as if I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

“What are you doing by buying a lottery ticket?”

“In-shak herbal medicine!”


“Insham is a big deal, Yuri. Let’s see what we’re doing.”

“… … Sometimes you don’t really look like a baby.”

‘I don’t think you’re like a kid.’

I laughed at Yuric’s words and opened my arms to hug me.

After picking me up, Yuric started looking around the square as if he didn’t know where they were selling lottery tickets.

‘There must be a lottery ticket issued by the imperial family.’

The imperial family of Valleere, who couldn’t get involved in the battle between Lagrange and Euclid, was not as good as Paris.

‘It’s a good thing if there’s no presence.’

The imperial Bernoulli was unable to control the large Lagrang Province and Euclid.

The hole that could come out of money was stolen by criminal duchess, and the scarce finances were even issued by issuing lottery tickets.

‘If you buy a lottery, you should buy one for Dietrich.’

Do you know where the younger brother who takes care of him like this got married? I don’t even have Dietrich, but I groaned alone and frowned.

Veronica seems to think that Dietrich has the money, but in reality it was not.

The funds of the successor candidates were a kind of labor cost from the Earth where the Grand Duke entrusted the management to each of them.

‘Because you’re very polite to the subject of a large nobility.’

I grumbled only inside.

Unsurprisingly, Derek gave Dietrich a field for harvesting grain, a mine for jewelery, and a place where there were no corners that could become tourist sites.

“Aren’t there regular stands?”

No matter how much I look around the shopping street, Yuric mumbles next to me when I can’t see a place selling lottery tickets.

“Where do I go to buy a lottery ticket here?”

“Well. I would have to go to a gambling house in Saint-Dena district.

‘Are you alive?’

It’s a name I heard from somewhere.

Yuric and I were children by all means, so the uncle Yuric caught talked about as if we were very suspicious.

“But the cadets and the Earth are dangerous for kids to go.”

“Ah. Well, thank you for letting me know.”

No matter where you wander in the Lagrange Estate, it will not be as dangerous as LaGrange Castle.

As if Yuric had a similar idea, he shrugged rather than scared at what the uncle said.

“Now there is no loan, you can go.”

The attitude of raising his chin while struggling in engineering was unmatched.

The uncle frowned as if it was a little unpleasant. If he noticed that the influential power was the nobleman’s burgeon, he disappeared without taking any notice.

‘Well. It was a country with a status system.’

Confucian thoughts in me flutter, wanting to scold Yuric, saying what makes it a habit to speak to adults-

‘If it were Dietrich, I wouldn’t have done engineering.’

I’ve never seen Dietrich do anything but Derek Lagrange.

“Then let’s go to Saint-Dena.”

Despite hearing the warning that it was dangerous, Yuric took a step to Saint-Dena Earth without hesitation.

In the meantime, the sun gradually set down and the sunset fell through the alleys.




“I am an older brother. Not an older sister, but an older brother.”

“No! There’s an older sister.”

Yuric turns his head toward Bing, which I cover with my hand at my words.

When I saw it from a distance, it was Ginga Minga, but after all, Veronica was right.

With a whip in one hand, she was strangling the man who struck him in front of him.

‘… … What day is it today.’

No matter how good they are and how good they are, they will remind me of the fact that their essence is a villain.

‘Can fifteen girls go with a whip so well?’

Since there is no detailed description of Veronica, I now know that her weapon was a whip.

“character. I was wrong! veronica! Sorry!”

“Well, I was wrong, who said I didn’t do it wrong?”

Veronica squeezed it with the head of a man crying and raining, an adult man who seems to be ten years older than her.

“I know it’s punishing you, but I guess your head is not going well.”

The man screams and wriggles as Veronica presses the cheeks with his heels. She then grabbed the whip’s hand further and pulled it further.


“You were the one who told Derek Lagrange that you could see the shadow frame in return.”

“Ahhh! veronica! I am your uncle.”

“No one in the North knows that the Lagrange family wants to monopolize the demons. So there’s no way you didn’t know.”

Veronica spoke coldly and laughed like the same thing. I thought it was more beautiful than scary. I was a little admired because he was a perfect villain even to wipe the shoes with blood on the sulfur.

“Why is he going there again?”

Yuric, watching Veronica, sighs. Turning my back as if trying to avoid her, I lightly jumped out of his arms.

“Get hurt! Be careful.”

“Steam the sewage.” (You can do it.)

I ran to Veronicable before Yuric lifted me up again. It was the one who ran with my short legs, but fortunately Yuric didn’t catch me.


Veronica, who was concentrating on bullying the man, couldn’t hear me. She grabbed the fat of a man who seemed to have lost her mind.

“My mom didn’t want me to go to LaGrange! Everyone in my family died because of you!”

‘No matter how much she yelled, the man who had already passed out could not answer.’

“Is the money and land you received from selling your sister’s life?”

I stared at Veronica’s bright red aura slowly turning blue. Although the pale mist surrounding her gradually took blue paint. She was still smiling as if painted.

“Sister… … .”

As Veronica’s sadness spreads, his heart screams. She opened her big eyes wide as if she had found me that day.


“Are you here?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Veronica hurriedly rolled the man down under my feet out of the alley. Like a child caught doing something bad-although it was actually terrible-she stuttered with great embarrassment.

“Do not misunderstand. This. So-“


I didn’t know why Veronica was making excuses for me as if I couldn’t stretch, she bites her lips and turns her head as I wait for her next word with her eyes wide open.

“Ha. okay. I can’t help it because I got caught.


“I’m actually bad. He’s a bad boy.”

“… … cellar?”

‘Why are you suddenly talking about confession?’

Of course, I knew from the beginning that Veronica was a villain, no, the children of LaGrange were all villains.

I couldn’t understand what she meant, so I tried to frown on my forehead, where my strength wasn’t going well.

“… … Don’t look like that. I’m not the one you think is trapped by the moon.”

“You didn’t say that my sister, who wasn’t cheap, seemed like a little bit?”


“You said that because it’s pretty?”


At my words, Veronica stupidly spread her pretty lips.

‘A pretty girl is pretty even if she bruises her.’

I looked up at her beautiful face like the moon in her fairy tale and grabbed my hand. She took turns looking at my squat hands and face.

“Aren’t I scared? Why are you scared?”

“I was just torture that man.”

I glanced at the man’s foot protruding from the end of the alley. By analogy from Veronica’s conversation with a man, her uncle, he sold her to Lagrange for money.

‘If such a bad guy dies, it’s cheap.’ The setting value of Veronica as a villain would not change, but that did not justify the actions of others.

Her mother, who opposed sending her for adoption to LaGrange, was eventually killed.

“I was the only one who punished me.”

Veronica’s shoulder was too high for me to knock. I pat her thighs instead.

“I knocked on it. Don’t be sad. One or two choreographers.”

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