The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C51-60



Assassins usually aim for Dietrich, and they didn’t come directly to my room. I opened my eyes and stared at the shadow that was covering the moon.

The shadow was a very familiar Inyeong.



They avoided me these days and I wonder for some reason.

He hurried up and opened the window, and Dietrich fell into the room as if poured. Hook, the scent of thick blood, lighted the lamp with fright.


Drops of blood were dripping into the cracks of the old floor. The wound that you don’t know whether it is a cut or something is so severe that you can see it even if you don’t lift your clothes.

I grabbed Dietrich, an adult and an adult, the spreading yellow light. He, who had come with me to see if he had no strength, leaned against the bed and sighed for a long time.

“Don’t be mad again. It’s not a big deal.”

As usual, I say my wounds as if they were nothing. I was more upset with the words, and I pouting my mouth.

“How is this nothing?”

Dahlias now had bandages, ointments, bruises, and even pain relievers, because

dahlias are now just that much less poor and Dietrich’s just that much stronger. I wasn’t strong, but

“Why are you so easily hurt by the villain topic?”

Look I eongeong weeping glazed makdeut balm for his wounds Dietrich watched in silence. Sure even painful moan no time. The TT avoid the ten-year-old little boy topic does not seem to even springing Even though the inspiration tummy.

I’m late is the fact that It felt terrible.

Demon Archduke Dietrich Lagrange, without conscience on a subject that I never thought of when reading the background in print.

“Turn off!”

Dietrich hates crying children.

He twisted his face to hold back the tears, struggling, and opened his mouth like a sigh.


When I didn’t respond, a stinging gaze poured out on the top of my head, so I couldn’t even wipe my runny nose and raised my head.



“The far bar! Why are you watching!”

“why are you crying?”

“I just pretended to meet, and I don’t even know why I’m crying!”

He would have frowned at the eyebrows saying he wasn’t a habit, but Dietrich just laughed at the powerless sound of an affair.

He wipes my tears from the tip of his chin with his palm. White fingers shimmered transparently.

“Don’t cry. There will be no crybaby like you in the history of LaGrange.”

“If you’re sad, you cry, right?”

He was silent again. It only slightly frowns as if the wound he touched while wearing the bandage is sore.

“When I see Anisa, I run away and come because I’m injured like this.”


“I’m a good place to live. It’s good again.” (Upset.)

It was surprising that I knew that Dietrich was avoiding me. Forgetting that he was injured, he opened his eyes wide and groaned for bitterness. He replied soon as if excuses.

“I’m confused when I see you.”

“I don’t know?”

“Because I don’t know if the decision I made was correct. Even though there is no way other than this path, I only worry about no answers.”

I glanced at him, muttering words that I couldn’t understand, and tapped my lips.

”… … Do you know if you run away?”


“Should Dietri be the state of California?”

Dietrich’s becoming Grand Duke of LaGrange felt like an inevitable order.

In’The Men’s War of the Roses’, he was the Grand Duke and Hermann Euclid’s only rival.

But is this a position that has to be won so hard? If he became the Grand Duke, he would start a war with Hermann, and he would be sealed.

Charlotte saves him, but if he wastes the power of the devil to protect her, he will eventually be eaten by Baal.

It wasn’t even a childhood that could be summed up in a single line like a novel.

We had to endure these days without being able to skip every moment.

“There is no option to run away in Lagrange, Anessa.”


“Because I already have Baal, and Derek Lagrange isn’t the only one who covets Baal. I just swallow it before it is swallowed.”

Dietrich’s words slowed to see if his mind gradually faded. I wiped off the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead.

“The other side of the moon where children can hide is in a fairy tale.”


“I made up my mind. That’s all.”

‘What kind of mind did you decide?’

I was curious, but Dietrich closed his eyes at the end of the words, and

I looked down on my knees, exhaling a little while he was asleep.

“… … .”

I clenched my fist. A moan leaks out from the evil door.

If Dietrich’s becoming a grand duke is a fact that doesn’t change, couldn’t the degree of the process be varied?

‘If Dietrich could be a little less difficult.’

I closed my eyes as I looked at the three red gems that had dropped on the floor.

‘I’m purified. Be purified!’

It was a terrible thing that made Lagrange’s children lonely. A curse that makes the family unable to exist as a family.

Still tormenting children with demonic subjects that were sealed hundreds of years ago?

I hated Asmodeus, so I couldn’t stand it.

I only thought that Heredia’s abilities should be exercised with a good heart, but his hatred toward Asmodeus increased my abilities beyond my thoughts.

The white aura that came out of her fingertips wraps around the jewel and begins to shake wildly.


The black mist hidden in the jewel gradually faded, and the red jewels turned blue.

‘Please, I hope it works.’

Lancel, who was easily affected by the curse, could see the effect quickly, but there was a fear that others might not have been affected in the first place.

I drew my hands together, restlessly, with Dietrich in front of me.

The curse that I purified became the starting point, without knowing what kind of wind would blow on Lagrange.

Dietrich woke up with the warmth that kept wriggling and digging into my arms. When I slowly open my eyes, the red hair comes in first, making a rumbling noise and fluttering in the wind.

Moonlight poured over the child’s round, white forehead.

In the cool breeze coming through the cracks of the open window, Dietrich covered Anissa’s neck with a blanket.


He reaches for a hand to clean up the hair sticking on the cheeky cheek, and clenched his fist.

Dietrich frowns his handsome eyebrows and stares at the shadows over them.

Baal, who did not know when he appeared, was smiling with a red mouth open.

“There is no eye to see, Your Majesty. Agares has torn limbs, so he won’t be able to chase us for a while.”

Dietrich listened silently to his abrupt report. The devil laughs and attaches four legs

“There is no need to pretend to care for the princess. Only me and your Majesty are here.”

“… … Right.”

The boy slowly nodded at Baal’s words. There is no eye to see, so there is no need to pretend to be precious It wasn’t wrong.

“Agares and Derek seem to have been completely deceived. I only know that Anissa is the dear brother of God.”


Realizing that Baal’s words weren’t wrong, the devil was upset, not seeing Dietrich’s face hardening, and the devil continued to say:

“ I don’t know how to pretend to cherish her in order to make her a scapegoat. If you cross the gate well -”

“It’s noisy.”

Dietrich chopped off the giggling Baal’s words. The embarrassed demon bumps his long fingers and tilts his head.

“Oh, if the princess wakes up, you’ll be in trouble! You have to pretend to cherish it again. You’ll be bothered.”

Dietrich whispered his teeth at the words of the devil. However, the devil, who does not know the delicate feelings of a person at all, only approaches the window lightly with a refreshing step.

“How much do you care for that ugly doll that your Majesty gave you? If I was a human, I almost felt pitiful.”

Dietrich looked back at Baal’s finger pointing at the raccoon doll. Perhaps because he got up, Anessa was buried in a doll that was almost as big as his torso.

“Is that so.”

“Yeah. Look how old the doll is worn. You dragged around here and there.”

Baal fluttered his long tongue and stretched out his shadow, rummaging the doll’s limbs. As the devil said, the doll, which was definitely new, had stitches loosened here and there.

Dietrich slowly removed the dry leaves from the gray-colored raccoon’s soles.

“It’s nothing.”

He looked at Anissa’s petty dolls for quite some time.

“Would you like to tell me that you are leaving for an investigation near Euclid?”

The devil insists on Dietrich, who is silently staring at the doll.

He seemed to have hidden Anissa tightly, but slowly glanced over the three necklaces that seemed to have flowed out of sleep.

“You said that Joseph Euclid was in Romandorf.”

“I see. The plan was to connect with the informant planted at Euclid there.”

“I have to check the abilities of Anissa.”

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