The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C61-70


            I couldn’t easily respond to her suggestion. Even though it was my long-standing plan to quietly leave LaGrange when Dietrich is safely played.

“Do you really intend to stay in Lagrange?”

Veronica frowns as if she can’t believe it. I hesitated as I met her eyes, resembling Dietrich, but much more lively.

“Lagrange has changed a lot. You know, too.”

“Yes, the relationship between us has changed. But it was possible because Derek emptied LaGrange.”

I bite my lips at Veronica’s words.

“But, someday, Gaju is supposed to change. When Dietrich becomes California-.”

“Anissa, Dietrich must have changed. It must have been completely stained by the devil.”

“… … .”

“It’s because you didn’t see Dietrich during the war. If you think he’ll take care of you like he was young, it’s a mistake.”

Veronica had been called to the battlefield several times because of her unique hallucinogenic ability, and she shook her head as if she had a real limp.

“And that’s not his fault. The power of the shadow devil is the power that loses the mind and loses its mind the more it is misused.”

“… … okay.”

I answered without strength, but in fact, none of the plans I had devised after realizing that I had become an’Anissa’.

I survived safely under Dietrich’s protection, and I haven’t even discovered my abilities yet.

‘If Dietrich really has changed, it’s okay to disappear like this.’

Without Heredia’s intellect, I was just an ordinary girl, and I agreed with the saying that mediocrity is not worth it in La Grande.

‘Even if I was gone, Dietrich wouldn’t mind.’

Nevertheless, he kept getting caught in his heart.

Dietrich, who went to the battlefield, made a great stride while listening to the sound of a demon.

Although he was too young and inexperienced to serve as a commander, he was engaged in a battle more dangerous than a mercenary and wiped out all of the southern soldiers.

Derek wanted Dietrich to die, so he only pushed him out of the unlikely battle, but he came back with victory every time.

‘Wouldn’t it have been difficult?’

“I have nightmares.”


“The dream of Dietrich knowing nothing about me.”

The dream of returning from war and just passing by me was the nightmare I feared most.

I was intimidated to abandon him anyway, but I feared that he would be abandoned, cowardly, I was very scared.

“Sister, is it weird that I miss Dietrich?”

“No, it’s your only family, of course. It’s just the subject of a contract that I can’t luck with.”

I grinned at Veronica’s words, rubbing my hair around her waist.

“My sister is also my family now.”

Veronica smiled silently and stroked my hair.

“Princess, are you going out?”

Marilyn greets me when she leaves the library with her.

Dietrich’s publicly recognized Lagrangian territory increased as the territory of Lagrange expanded, and the evaluation of him within the castle changed, and Dahlia’s condition began to improve naturally.

As his only’sister’, I had as many as four attendants by myself, and Marilyn, who is like the grand feeling of Dahlia Palace, naturally became a maid.


“I will prepare clothes for going out.”

As she crackled her chin, the maids hurriedly moved and opened the door to the dressing room.

As she sits on the velvet sofa in the middle, she brings some clothes to wear and shows them. The eyes of the maids glistened with excitement strangely.

“Try on this first!”

“no! From this one!”

“Princess like this suits you!”

“Our princess doesn’t suit you, Vanessa!”

“Well, that’s the way-.”

The conversations we share with each other energetically come into my ears. I shook my head fluttering because if I left it like this, I would continue to bring it even if I tried wearing dozens of suits.

“Just give me something comfortable today.”

“Oh, then how about this dress? This time, Marilyn-sama put an order to the salon and made it.”

Tally, a cute freckles studded in the back of her nose, trembles and pushes a wide sky blue dress. The white neck collar that reminds me of a sailor suit was a cute design.

“Oh, I’ll wear that.”

Tally, who changed her clothes scaredly to finish my words, rolled her feet and clapped her hands before I could even look in the mirror.

“I’m so- so- pretty! Our princess will be the cutest and prettiest in LaGrange.”

“Wow… … .”

Tally’s aura, who wore a big red ribbon over her half-tied head, was shaking violently.

There was one thing in common with the lively maids Marilyn chose and hired outside of LaGrange.

“Because the peacock is a maid for this taste.”

Everyone was passionate about decorating me.

It was very burdensome at first, but now I am a little used to this handling.

‘I don’t hate the feeling of being pretty.’

It wasn’t until knee-high lace socks and black Mary Janes that the maids let me out of the dressing room.

‘Today, though, it ended quickly.’

I looked into the large new mirror set by the door.

‘Even if it’s like me, I would have tried to decorate it with a younger sister like this.’

The girl with her fine eyelashes raised like a doll, blinks big eyes and looks at me.

Even though I was only 12 years old, the features that had already been completed were shining brightly.

“What a child’s nose is so sharp.”

Still, it was the author’s effort because it was the’voice’ role in the book. In’The Men’s War of the Roses’, I compared Anissa to a delicate spring rose, but it really fits perfectly.

‘Oh, it’s too self-contained.’

I frowned in front of the mirror and shrugged.

‘Hmm. Well, how about a little. It’s true that it’s pretty.’

If it weren’t for Dietrich-related worries, I would be able to wander around just by having such a brilliant appearance.

“I didn’t reply to the letter once.”

I guess who’s not the villain. I couldn’t say much to my sister who was left alone.

I slowly walked to the front door and kicked the floor once and for all.

The wind blowing through the open window is chilly. Time passed as much as the fallen leaves piled up in the garden.

‘3 years… … ‘The

boring war lasted for three years, and I was already twelve years old.

I didn’t remember exactly when, but since Dietrich was 17 years old, the day he would return would not have been long before.

I stood tall, forgetting Veronica waiting for me.

“Ah… … ”

Tears fall when I press my two eyes with my palm. Sometimes when I think of Dietrich, I want to cry to the point where I get tired from time to time.

I thought of everything to remain alone in Dahlia.

One day, he was a villain anyway and I was thinking of escaping from LaGrange, so now I thought it didn’t matter if he hated me or not.

Then, another day, suddenly, I thought of his cool eyes, which became cold to me, and my heart thumped.

“bad guy.”

Maybe you haven’t read my hello letter asking if you’re hurt or not.

I thought I could endure anything like loneliness now, but Dietrich’s vacancy was much bigger than I thought.

‘It seems worse than then.’

On the day the report card came out, my parents ate out with only my sister and brother. Because I didn’t have’qualification’.

When I was eating half a cold cup at an empty table, my breath was choked by loneliness.

I didn’t want to eat delicious food. I also wanted to be with them.

It was then. Sometimes I felt lonely and I felt like I was going out of my mind.

Some philosophers made fun of saying that humans are originally lonely beings, but just because everyone else is lonely does not mean that I do not become lonely.

But I, who became Anissa, was different. Because I had Dietrich.

When I was in a dangerous or embarrassing situation, my brother gave me a hand while sighing as if he was pathetic.

“no. I will still trust Dietrich.”

If I don’t believe, who will trust me? He was originally a villain who didn’t have anybody who believed in him.

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. The tears that were flowing rattled into the road.

‘It’s not the time when you’re wasting your time like this.’

I hurried back to find Joseph’s lab. No one visited the building, which was pleasantly piled up with dust, reminiscent of an old library.

“I read all the books on this bookshelf.”

I used the duster like a cane and picked out the books I had read. The three years were quite long, so I was able to read all the books and materials that Joseph had left behind.

When he stayed in Lagrange, books were piled up in the bookshelves surrounding the slopes of the room, but now there is only a three-quarter schedule.

‘Of course it took quite a while to read all this.’

There were also a lot of data that I left behind as if I was in a hurry. In particular, the sources about Heredia were very helpful to me.

I approached the window and confirmed Joseph’s Shin Seong-su, which I secretly raised.

“Child, be pretty.”

The light green leaves of Shin Seong-soo in the sun sparkle. The barely blooming white flowers are as beautiful as pear flowers. I touched the soft petals one by one and moved the aura of the divine water.

‘I knew that animals and plants also have auras, but I didn’t know that even teeth could move.’

At first, I thought the book was wrong because no matter how much I tried and tried, the book was wrong, but in the end it was a matter of my ability.

“When the holy water grows, it becomes a purified tree, right?”

I smiled happily as I spoke to the plant, knowing that the answer would not be returned.

‘What can I do with Jeonghwamok?’

If you look at Joseph’s writing and research like this, there must be some use.

As I look around my attention while worrying, there is a sound of something thumping from the floor. I was amazed and squeezed myself to the floor.

‘Is there a basement in the lab? ‘

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