The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            No matter how stupid I said, it was a journey that I couldn’t help but notice.

‘It can’t be that Dietrich didn’t know.’

While sleeping at night, he was a sensitive kid who stood up at once to pretend to be an assassin and raised his sword. There’s no way I can’t figure out my flimsy stomach.

‘You must have known. Why did you pretend you didn’t know?’

The vague and faint suspicion was convinced as soon as I turned around after leaving the three twins to Lorraine in the gold and silver room.


There weren’t many reasons to guess if I deliberately pretended not to know. What was certain was that he didn’t want me to remain in LaGrange.

‘Derek said I was Dietrich’s sacrifice.’

Wasn’t Dietrich pretending to be precious to sacrifice me as a sacrifice? I was stunned and turned around.

“I didn’t even ask me.”

I never asked if I could sacrifice for myself.

‘If you ask, do you know how to answer me?’

I looked back at the triplets who wrestled their breath at the overwhelming emotions of not knowing whether they were anger or repression, and tilted their heads without knowing the spirit of the moon.

“You are here.”

“Where is Anissa going?”



“I left something.”

What? I hear the children ask again.

My damn Dietrich.

I hurried my step, answering that pretending to be a bad guy had left the fool who lived only for loss while doing everything alone.


“… … .”

“Baal! Where are you!”

As soon as I entered the castle of LaGrange, I found Dietrich’s demon, but I can’t see where I was hiding after washing my eyes. With a sigh, I caught the little devil hiding in my shadow and pulled it out.


“Where is your king?”


“If you don’t answer, I’ll burn out all the tails.

The little devil that Dietrich had planted for me one day, though, was a good listener because it had been quite a while since I had an enemy in my shadow.

The devil, whose black tail that I had burnt by mistake in the past, covered the floor with a gloomy expression.



“How do I get it out?”

At my question, the little devil reached out a tiny hand and exposed my teeth. It was a request similar to the Tooth Fairy that I encountered when I was missing a child.

‘A kid that looks delicious.’

I can’t forget that the devil who turns a child’s teeth into money looked at me and greedyly lit his eyes. I rolled my stuttering sleeves and extended my wrists.

“Bring Baal.”

Dietrich’s demons liked me to a strange extent. They wouldn’t like me for no reason because they weren’t working for nothing.



Whenever the little devil bites my wrist without hesitation, he shows a little sorry expression. A demon, gained strength through blood, quickly rolls through the air.

“come out!”

I quickly squeezed my hand into the hole in the demon world that opened in front of my eyes and pulled everything down as soon as I was picked up.

“Ouch! Oh! Princess! that! head! head! Wow, hair loss! Precious hair!”

Whether he opened the portal properly, Baal’s hair was caught in two gestures. I screamed at the whale and pulled him out.

“Come out quickly! I don’t have time!”

“Oh my, oh my! The devil is dead!”

Baal rolled through the ground with a sound of sickness, but he wasn’t particularly sorry for it. I grabbed his legs and raised them up, raising my voice.

“Don’t pretend to be weak! You wouldn’t have known it all!”

“I didn’t know, I didn’t know! How do I know that Your Majesty was such a mad man? What can I do to see me going to die!”

Baal distorted his face as if it were unfair. I opened my mouth with excitement, trying to clear my hoarse voice.

“What’s going on with Dietrich now? Are you really dying?”

“… … Princess, the gate has already been opened. There is no way to stop it anymore.”

“I came. He said I was a sacrifice.”

“To make a sacrifice, you have to bring it in when the gate is open. Once closed, a gate never opens again.”

“Is there really no way? Are you sure?”

Baal’s resolute voice is choking. I cried alternately as Derek melted in the mud, and Dietrich, who disappeared without a trace, was sucked into the void.

“You can open it with a cheaper, but it’s sealed.”


I muttered the familiar devil’s name and rubbed the ribbon neatly tied to the neck collar. The brooch that holds the ribbon is the sealing stone of Bassago, dark red, like Dietrich’s eyes.

“So I just have to wake him up.”

“Yeah. But you can’t. Anyone can break that seal… ”

“You can do it, but it’s not yours.

I stopped talking to Baal and held the brooch in my hand. The darkness of the air that is already closed and the brooch come into my eyes one after another.

In the meantime, Bassago’s Sealing Stone sucked in blood from the wounds bitten and ripped by the little devil.

“Wake up, it’s busy.”

“… … .”

“If the threat of being thrown into the jeonghwamok doesn’t work.”

Having laid the sealing stone down in the air, I stood firmly on both legs. I’ve already lost my head because of the blood sucked, but I can’t stop here.

“I will drive the shadows out of Lagrange.”


“I’m going to purify all of you.”


Quarreuk- bang!

Leaving behind the embarrassing call of Baal, I stretched out my hands toward the aura that covered Lagrange.

As if responding to my own abilities, the sacred trees that were holding their breath as if they were dead in Joseph’s research room and Dahlia’s garden begin to take root one by one.

‘Joseph’s psychic heavy bomber did a good job not to sell it.’

It would have been insufficient if I had the power of my own, but the opal with my abilities gave me more power with a strong light that flickers in front of my eyes.

As the thickened tree roots waved behind the building and climbed to the ground, Baal reached out to me with a pale face. I said, avoiding his touch.

“I am not a saint who will save you, because I will not be surprised if Lagrange is destroyed.”

Because only Dietrich was important to me.

With my words, the purified waters bloomed at once. The shabby branches that didn’t smell anything emit a deep scent that seems to paralyze the sense of smell.

Lagrange was quickly buried in a bunch of flowers. As the shadow-grabbing flowers bloomed, Baal’s appearance only faded.

Standing in front of the darkened air, I stretched out my arms again.

‘Wait, wait a bit.’

It was spectacular to see the harsh winters in the north bloom more white flowers on the pure white snow as if they were a sin, but there was no time left to admire its beautiful power.

‘I wasn’t the one who laughed so much.’

It seemed that Dietrich’s tough smile grew in front of my eyes, and my reason was going out. I clenched my teeth and made my way toward Bassago buried in the petals.

“Wake up, it’s busy.”

“… … .”

“It’s the last. Either die together or open that door.”

“It’s been a long time even for a stubborn person like you.”

The brooch begins to sway with a low-key laugh as if laughing at my actions. Darkness was leaking from the gold of the fine brooch.

“Very, it’s been a long time.”

White arms pop out of the dark. Baal, who has not yet completely disappeared, caught me in an urgent voice, but I did not look there.


I was busy holding me and jumped into the air.

“Yes, how did you come in here!”

Alphonse, who found Dietrich, came in through the gate, flagged and shook back. The crown, too large for his head, swayed over his neck.

“You have no offerings! It’s a foul!”

Alphonse, who had already known that Dietrich’s Anissa had run away, had sacrificed the Shadow Demon, which is all of my force.

For Alphonse, the devil was the most precious. The devil who is the source of his power, not his family, his lover, his friend.

“Asmodeus, take care of that child! It’s like I’ve already been selected as the Grand Duke!”

Dietrich turned around, ignoring the evil Alphonse. Soon I checked the tightly closed door and felt relieved.

That door would never ever open again. He chose to leave Anissa outside the gate.

Now no one could turn back his choice.


Behind a huge black door that pierces the sky, there was a demon as great as that door. A gigantic laughter rang a thousand thumps as if tearing my ears.

“This is the first time anyone has entered my gateway without a demon or sacrifice.”

Asmodeus laughed for a long time. The mighty demon king and the god of demons, with a legion of seventy two at their feet, was a terrible figure with a goat’s left head and a sheep’s right head, but Dietrich still looked up at him with insensitive eyes.

“Your brother Alphonse, like his father, sacrificed his demon. Do you have nothing to give me?”


Dietrich responded firmly to the devil’s question and pointed his sword towards the floor.


The sound of a knife approaching rang out loud in the empty space. There was great pressure on the subject of a human boy, so Asmodeus laughed, trying to hide the fact that he had flinched.

“Please praise the opening of the gateway without offerings.”

“I don’t need your compliment.”

Dietrich showed a sharp anticipation, leaving a deep dent on the black floor. He slowly raised his sword and laughed slowly. The devil was embarrassed by his unhurriedness and gave strength to the crowded hands of the throne’s armrests.

“Is that your throne?”


“Come down.”

Dietrich ran quickly without waiting for the devil’s answer. In an instant, Asmodeus jumped into the air, trembling with a blade that hung around his neck.

“It will be my place now.”

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