The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80



“Do you want to go to the Imperial Palace?”

“No, isn’t it really that way?”

I replied, but Dietrich’s stiff expression didn’t go away.

‘I mean, sometimes he feels out of control.’

I tilted my head because it was a little difficult to measure his feelings.

“You have to be officially recognized anyway.”

I thought of Yuric and Veronica, who were only waiting for us in a frozen state.

Dietrich replies, pressing my temple firmly, whether I know the cause of the guilt that occupies a corner of my heart.

“Don’t worry because you’ll receive it. The emperor is a man who is timid and lacks patience.”

No matter how much he has no ears to hear, he has no hesitation in evaluating the emperor who should be loyal.

‘The emperor is openly only Euclid is pretty, is it natural?’

And, as if proving such a harsh evaluation of him, the emperor took a walk directly to the mansion soon after.

Walking without saying he was coming, we had to hit her suddenly. The emperor who appeared gracefully stepping on the red carpet on the front door of the mansion finds me and smiles brightly.

I wanted to run away right away, but since I was already found by her, I greeted her countless times.

“I greet your Majesty, the only sun of the empire.”

“You are still a cute child.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

I bowed my head, trying to avoid the emperor’s profound gaze. Dietrich, standing next to him by summoning Vaal as if he was looking forward to him, stepped forward with his hand stabbed in his pocket.

“I am disrespectful! Can’t you say hello to Your Majesty, Dietrich Lagrange!”

Dietrich’s cocky demeanor seems to be unpleasant to the heart of the emperor’s bodyguard. The moment when I was scared of him, I raised my voice by waving a big spear to see if I had forgotten my sins.

“Did you decide.”

Dietrich opened his mouth profoundly without even looking at the knight. The emperor replied, raising his red lips as if he was stunned.

“Are you asking if you would respond to your threats?”


“Are you acknowledging the fact that you threatened me with the possibility to wage the Rose War in the middle of the capital?”

I opened my mouth, flagging at the emperor’s words. It seemed like the Imperial Palace and the letter were coming and going a few times, and you said that.

‘Hey, if you start a war of roses in the capital, it’ll be a big field.’

The emperor was hoping that Dietrich was in trouble, but he shrugged both that he was not aware of my rudeness.

“I don’t like lying. Even more obvious lies, such as saying that Hermann Euclid never used this skill in the capital.”

I was awakened to his words that I hated lies, so I noticed. The emperor gently shook the fan and covered his laugh.

“How does Gong know that Hermann has ever used this skill in the capital?”

“The capital’s crushed ears aren’t just yours.”

“Well, everything is good. Instead, there is one condition.”

Reflexively at the word condition, I hid behind Dietrich. Hiding on a wide back, the emperor was not visible.

“It won’t happen that I hand that child over to your Majesty’s hand.

“Yes, I know I won’t. The condition

is- ” The emperor didn’t make another bullshit asking for me. Soon, I heard a rustling sound as if I was pulling something out, and it stopped momentarily.

“Oh, I forgot her. Come in and tell me.”

‘Huh? Who is coming again?’

I held my head out at the sound of the front door squeezing open. Dazzling sunlight pours through the cracks of the open door.

”… … Charlotte?”

The woman, with her bright silver hair tied up high, as if it had been sprinkled with the moon finely, stood next to the emperor with a proud step like a goddess.

I suddenly wondered why Charlotte appeared here.

‘Was the saint related to the emperor? Was it such a setting?’

Since the sun god was the state religion of the empire and the only god attended by Charlotte, is it natural if it is natural?

“See you again, Duke.”

Charlotte smiled and asked for a handshake, as if he was close to Dietrich. He exhaled a small breath as he looked at the white and fine hand that was in front of me.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“What about the trick? I just found it because I wanted to pay back for finding my wallet.”

“I would have said that there is no need for such a return.”


Clearly, Charlotte’s lost wallet was a keyword in the original. Because Dietrich helps her in their first meeting.

‘But obviously Dietrich didn’t help at that time.’

It was I, not Dietrich, who helped Charlotte in crisis at Saint-Dena.

Didn’t the settings of the original twisted at that time go back to the original while I wasn’t there?

I opened my eyes round and focused on the conversation between Charlotte and Dietrich. Knowing that I’m looking at herself like a rabbit, she looks at me with a laugh.

“You, no, and the princess are also seeing you again. Thank you for helping me out at the Great Market then. I’m sorry to have brought the necklace.”

“I said that again what I bought with money, yo.”

For some reason, Charlotte is respectful, so I think I should do that too. She laughed beautifully and waved her hand in front of Dietrich again.

When he doesn’t accept his handshake until the end, he retreats without embarrassment.

“After that, I met the same man again and was in a difficult situation. At that time, the Duke saved me.”

‘… … Dietrich?’

I couldn’t believe her words. It wasn’t the nature to step out and help others.

‘Is it the original set value?’

Dietrich and Charlotte will eventually become lovers.

I nodded, feeling uncomfortable for no reason.


“Yeah. Today I came to pay back for that day. I also apologize for Herman’s misunderstanding of my words and his misfortune at the mansion.”

It remains to be seen whether Hermann was really misunderstood by himself or whether Charlotte preached strangely. I stared at her and slowly blinked.

‘It’s a good orai no matter how much I look at it.’

Charlotte’s aura, a pure white bluish light, was clean enough to be without any flaws. It’s like a person who hasn’t had any malice since he was born.

She smiled gracefully and folded her arms friendly to the emperor.

“In return, I eagerly persuaded Your Majesty. I preached how well the Duke is for the Grand Duke of LaGrange and has the right to do so.”

The emperor confronted Charlotte with a proud smile on his face, as if he were his daughter.

“okay. I was very persuaded by Charles’s words. I wanted to know that Gong wasn’t too young to lead the Grand Duke.”

‘lie. It was because the northern army was large and powerful, and the power of the shadow was scary.’

I don’t know why Dietrich needs Charlotte’s persuasion and emperor’s approval to become Grand Duke, but he said he helped me and I bowed my head.

“is that so?”

“Yes. Instead, I have something to ask of the Emperor and the Duke.”

Is there no free thing in the world?

I was very suspicious of its intention, but I laughed hard as I looked at the good and clean Charlotte’s aura.

‘okay. Anyway, you’re a female protagonist. I’m not a bad person.’

“People in the North do not believe in Hella. Because there are many people who worship the devil.”

I don’t think I really adore it.

Unlike the sun god, who does not show up unless it is a priest with strong divine power, shadow demons often popped up for no reason.

For the northern people, the shadow demon was a real force.

‘Sometimes I use it when I need a lot of power or repair a dam.’

As my expression stiffens into antipathy, Dietrich and Charlotte, who looked at me alternately, add words as if sorry.

“Oh, of course, I don’t want to blame them for their ignorance. Because the benevolent Greek loves the lost lambs.”

“Yes, it is. Hella is a man of mercy. That’s why you love the righteous Euclid.”

The emperor was nodding hard, as if he had sympathized with Charlotte’s words.

‘The word Euclid’s puppet wasn’t wrong.’

It seemed that it was a great prestige to be a family loved by the only god believed in the empire.

I laughed invisibly at the emperor’s words, waiting for Charlotte’s next words. However, the emperor opens his mouth before her.

“Yeah, anyway, that’s why he wants to do missionary work in the north of Charles.”


Dietrich laughed at the emperor’s declaration. As if I can’t believe it even when I hear it with my ears.

“Are you crazy? Or do you want to blaspheme me?”

As if protecting the emperor, Charlotte approached him in front of Dietrich, frowning as if unpleasant.

“It’s blasphemy. Do not misunderstand your Majesty’s words. I would never do anything beyond the line. I don’t have the idea of ​​forcing Solisism on people.”

“I don’t need the sun in the northern wilderness.”

“Don’t you want to get your peacock licensed?”

When asked by Charlotte, Baal said,’Oh, God.’ I muttered something unsuitable for me and touched my forehead. Little by little he was melting in her divine energy.

“Take me a guest in LaGrange. That’s the condition your Majesty has imposed.”

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