The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            Dietrich slowly sat down on the throne, not immediately following the runaway demon, as if he had achieved a certain purpose. He was so enchanted that there was no human being better suited to the black devil’s throne.

Asmodeus growled like an animal and sharpened his hand. Its wings are rough like crocodile skin.

“The door is said to have been opened, but how the hell are you going to open the door without even a small sacrifice?”

“Kill Asmodeus, kill that child!”

Asmodeus was embarrassed, but not very scared. I was confident that no matter how hard the little human struggled, he couldn’t escape the devil’s grasp.

“Once you kill the bitch.”

Dietrich chinks at Alphonse, sitting in Asmodeus’s hands and ears. The man who laughed triumphantly while wearing the devil’s crown trembled with excitement.

“Kill it?”

At Asmodeus’ urge, Dietrich tilted his handsome face at an angle. Soon he whispers silently.

“If I get rid of you, it’s enough.”

Asmodeus aimed at my neck and was not afraid of the sharply draped sword.

Humans could not do anything with the devil.

Returning the summoned Shadow Demon back to the demon realm was the only way to cut off the material power, but the first Gaju of Lagrange, the contractor of Asmodeus, died without returning his demon.

“No matter how much you cut me, I will not disappear.”

Asmodeus said confidently. Dietrich reached the devil without stopping, drawing a clean path like a bow demonstration.

“It’s useless!”

Asmodeus firmly believed in his permanence, but nevertheless, the sword that pierced my heart flinched at the ether.

‘But I didn’t mean to be right.’

Of course I thought I had avoided it, but Dietrich’s sword quickly followed my movements and stuck sharply. It was that kind of movement without demons, so I felt sad to think that I chose the Duke incorrectly.

“If you cut it until you die, you will see it.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t you really lying down?”

Asmodeus, faced with Dietrich’s cold gaze, stood up from his seat, thinking that he had been neglected. Alphonse raises his voice, hiding behind a pillar for fear of them, trembling.

“okay! Get up and fight! What’ll I tell him Cocking Weapon cub? ”

‘That kid?’

If Dietrich had only brought in the sacrifice, he would have stepped on it and destroyed it. Asmodeus frowned and glared at Alphonse.

It’s already been several hundred years since those inexperienced guys were chosen as the mainstays. It’s been a long time since there weren’t any true rulers who could properly rule Lagrange.

“Are you really without a sacrifice?”


“It’s unfortunate.”

There was no reason to look after a candidate who couldn’t even be established as a grand duke. The devil set his claws and began to scratch the floor. With the dangerous sound of the heart pounding, black ether makes a sphere.

“I won’t take away your soul.”

The power of the devil had no choice but to resist with the same darkness.

The moment he faced the devil’s essence he had ruled his whole life, Dietrich had foreshadowed the end. He turned and jumped towards Alphonse instead of Asmodeus.

“What, what! Why me!”

“If you become the Grand Duke, the meaning of leaving that child is no longer.”

The boy’s sword quickly cuts through the air and aims at Alphonse. But faster than that, Asmodeus stretched out his arm.

“I don’t like it, but I can’t let the only candidate of this generation die.”

Instead of avoiding the demon’s attack, Dietrich leaned deeply and cut off Alphonse’s leg.

“No, you will have to find another candidate. Alphonse Lagrange will be buried here with me.”

Hearing his half brother’s screams, he boiled one knee and put his sword on the floor to prevent recoil. The breath filled to the tip of the chin disturbs the view.

It was about the time when the soaring ether began to turn towards him.


As soon as she found Anissa screaming and screaming down the stairs, Dietrich woke up from her seat, profanely swearing.

Baal with one face is seen behind Anisa’s squirrel like a squirrel rushing towards him.

“What did you do without stopping.”

Dietrich sharpened his teeth, staring at a grown-up demon who couldn’t properly fulfill even his last command. Baal looks at Anissa with an unfair glance as if he is not at fault.

“Because the princess was very, very strong than I thought.”

“What bullshit are you talking about!”

“No really, uh, look at that.”

While Baal exclaimed uh, Anessa passed Dietrich and approached the black sphere. In his hand, he held the jewel of Bassago that he had left behind.



It is a red spot. Anissa raised her eyes fiercely with her temper as described by Dietrich’s bewildered cry.

Even though it didn’t seem so scary thanks to the softly lowered corners of the eyes, Dietrich was stunned by Anissa’s first rebellion-well-being.

“What! If you sing, talk!”

“You now! Come in where you are here! Are you sane!”

“Then why did you come in? He said he had to offer me as a sacrifice to live. He didn’t even say anything to me!”

The back door returns without losing a word. Without waiting for Dietrich, who hesitated for an answer, Anessa reached out to the enormous concentration of ether.


A pure white aura from Anissa’s fingertips began to permeate as if wrapping the ether of Asmodeus.

It wasn’t enough to purify them all, but to Asmo Deus, who hadn’t met anyone who rebelled against me for a thousand years, the moment the Aura was purified, it felt terrible.

“Who are you! What are you doing now!”

The embarrassed demon hurriedly stretched out his arm to grab Anissa.


However, it is not the human child’s fragile body that is caught on the tip of the demon’s black nails, but a darker sword.

“Do not touch.”

Dietrich moved forward with Anissa behind me. It is a different momentum from the previous one that seemed to have given up halfway. Asmodeus straightened his posture while laughing at his tongue.

“Don’t you say that there is nothing valuable?”

“I just said that there is no one to give to you.”

Dietrich, who was quick to answer with the answer, climbed on Asmodeus’s arm as it was. A sharp sword sticks into his ear hole with the whistling sound of the wind.


Even though he couldn’t die, he couldn’t feel the pain, but Asmode Usz struggled strongly and bowed his back. It was because he was vigilant because he thought he was only a human boy.

“Clean up! hurry!”

Asmodeus’s mind was shaken, his ether began to stir up. Anissa did not miss the name and tried harder to hang on the sphere more strongly.

Once again, Dietrich’s sword attacked Asmodeus’ neck with a delicate trajectory.

“I won’t see you any more.”

Asmodeus, grasping the sword stuck in his neck with his hand, sharpened his teeth and struck Dietrich with the back of his hand. It was as if humans were chasing Paris, but the power cannot be ignored.

He stepped back, missing the broken knife.

“I don’t know where the kid rolled in, but he’s cheeky! Interfering with the consciousness of the sacred Lagrange!”

“Noisy, you ugly goat!”

“Wow, it’s a goat!”

Asmodeus distorted his face at the end of Anissa, and pulled Dietrich’s sword out of his throat. Black blood rushes out and wets the floor.

“You like the sacred Lagrangian ritual! Swing the kids who don’t know anything at will! Use it! Just making sacrifices again!”

As Anissa’s voice increased little by little, Asmodeus’s sphere decreased in size. Feeling a sense of crisis, the evil devil steps forward with strides.


Dietrich hurried to stop Asmodeus, but the devil flew in the air, sending the boy away with a rough kick.

The aura flowing from the wings of the devil was filled with the disgusting smell of Anissa’s pain, but the child never let go of the sphere in his hand.

Hongan, shining like a morning star, faces the evil demon’s eyes without avoiding it.

Asmodeus inevitably grinds his teeth and strengthens him to separate Anissa from the sphere.

“Let it go! The history of this family is something you can’t change!”

“Hate! Don’t talk to me, this weird goat!”

“Lagrange is indebted to us!”

“So what should I do!”

Anissa laughed at the devil’s words. As if the humans in Lagrange were owed to the devil, as if they did not know.

“Dietrich didn’t do anything wrong with you. How well did you do to Baal too? How sweet and friendly he is!”

“… … .”

“Sometimes you behave badly, but the kids can make some mistakes, you don’t know if it’s this ugly lizard or goat!”

Anissa breathed the last words to see if she had lost all her strength.

Taking a precarious moment as an opportunity, Asmodeus picked up the girl and thrown it away.

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