The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            However, Anissa didn’t fall right on the floor.

“Baal. Are you betraying the race now?

“I didn’t want to be busy and look good.”


Baal takes Anissa and breathes a long breath and hides the half-lost girl in her arms.

“Because of your ethereum being smashed, it seems like I’ve chosen the right owner to be loyal.”

As Baal said, the ether of Asmodeus was less than half left. Baal lifted the tail of his mouth and grabbed the fallen sword back to my master.

As the disorganized devil’s essence gathers again, the sword finds itself. Dietrich gasped a tight breath and wiped the blood flowing from his mouth with the tip of his sword.

“I may hopefully win. It’s because the princess worked hard to cleanse it.”

“… … If you leave this place, you will have to be punished for not properly stopping Anissa.”

“If you can go out, Your Majesty. And know it right. It’s Bussago who opened the door. Although it is hidden inside the brooch.”

As Baal shrugs, Dietrich glances at the serene brooch. It wasn’t a situation that I was holding on to Bassago right now.

“Because I am not particularly regretful.”

With his sword in one hand, he swept Anessa’s forehead in Baal’s arms.

“I thought it wouldn’t matter if I died.”

I don’t know why the decision to think that I’ve gotten it is shaken when I face this delicate yet confident face.

“To die, die in my hand.”

At that moment, Anissa, who thought she lost her mind, opened her eyes. The child muttered a little, staring at him with tears, so brighter eyes.

“Don’t decide on your own.”

“… … .”

“The family is not like that.”


Dietrich turned around, raising his mouth at an angle. Asmodeus, with his knees bent halfway, waits for him.

The devil, sitting down and eating Alphonse, opened a huge mouth.


I cried as I watched Dietrich run to Asmodeus, leaving me to Baal.

‘I have to get up.’

Even if he was given the set value of being the strongest villain in the world, it would be insufficient for Asmodeus.

Because Asmodeus was the god of all shadows ruled by LaGrange.

I tried hard to get my body up, but the power didn’t go into it properly.


At that moment, Dietrich’s sword and Asmo Deus’ claws clashed. The sharp metallic sound resonates loudly in the space.

‘The setting of the strongest villain in the world view suits you.’

As I watched Dietrich fight, who hadn’t even finished growing yet, I remembered the former commitment of’The Men’s War of the Roses’.

‘If it was that much against Asmodeus, then Hermann couldn’t even be an opponent.’

Despite the nickname of the evil god, Asmodeus was easily cut out like a radish sliced ​​on Dietrich’s sword.

“I would know that your attack is useless to me!”

However, no matter how sharp Dietrich had his sword, it was of no use to the Shadow Devil. I glared at Asmodeus, which was constantly regenerating, and gave strength to my shoulders.

‘You came in to help! Wake.’

As Dietrich was getting tired little by little, he bite his lips tightly and touched the floor, but he pounded his head thanks to the blurry vision.

I woke up again without groaning once. Dietrich will be much harder than me, so don’t get frustrated easily.

‘Can I help you?’

At that time, the busier whispered to me as if I had been waiting.

As if not even Baal could easily get involved, he was confident that he could only solve this situation where he was chewing on his nails.

‘I can help. You only have to pay the right price.’

After entering the gate, I wanted to see why the devil, who seemed to be dead, suddenly made a voice, but I picked up a brooch that glowed dark red.

“Yes, help me. please.”

As soon as I answered, the blood ran out of the body without warning. I was in a bad mood with the cool sensation of my neck standing upright, but the brooch was soaking my body with my blood.

Bassago’s sealing stone soon became engulfed in dark red mist as if it had solidified blood, and then began to bloom in human form.

“Heredia’s blood is always rewarding.”

In an instant, the image of Bassago was revealed in the fog. Bassago was a demon that looked much more like a human than Baal.

Except for the fact that the fangs are a little long, I thought I would believe it even as a human.

“Aren’t humans in the southern regions sucking on medicine without our knowledge?”

His blazing red hair and his contrasting dark green eyes sparkle like that of a snake. He spoke with a heavy voice as if he had brought hell into reality.

“But you shouldn’t think that this is all the price.”

“It’s okay to take anything! It’s all good, so save Cather Dietrich.”

As if my words were funny, the devil temptedly twisted his thin mouth.

“Humans make swearing so easy, both before and now.”

After sucking up to the last drop of the red liquid, presumed to be my blood, on my fingertips, I turn my back.

Even if I called the Bassago, I couldn’t be relieved right away. I barely found Dietrich in my view of a crushed oil painting.

He never changed direction while he was pushed back little by little by Asmodeus’ fierce attack under evil.

I was behind my back. I just endured foolishly.

Since then, it seems that I have lost my mind at all, and it seems that I simply can’t make up my memories properly.

In any case, when I regained my spirit, it was all over.


I woke up from my seat, flapping my arms like a fish from the ground.


My whole body aches and my limbs are numb, but the most serious problem was my limited vision.

As if you would dig your eyes, you can’t look ahead in the bright sunlight. I was scared and stretched my hand forward.


“… … .”

“Here it is? Dietrich!”

I can’t hear the answer.

Could it be that he couldn’t do anything with Asmodeus even though it was cheap? It was not without the possibility.

Bassago was just a heretic child who was rejected by the same demons, but Asmodeus was literally like a god.

‘Isn’t it dead?’

I felt like I was about to cry at any moment with such terrible thoughts. I bite my lips tightly and barely endured my tears.

“Turn off.”

‘Maybe he’s dead.’

It is because I am too late. Because I misunderstood Dietrich. Even though I vowed not to believe only the settings that the original gave him.

Because I couldn’t recognize Dietrich.


because of me.

There is a lot of unpleasant resentment.

A shadow popped over my head, which I hated and didn’t know what to do.

The shadow, which can be felt even with a blurry vision, opened up late after opening a blunt mouth.

“Why do you call me that way.”

“Are you next to me?!”


“But why answer now!”

The voice grows in resentment. Stealing my dry eyes filled with tears, I turned to the roughly guessed position of him.

“Are there any injuries?”


“Where does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.”


It is clear that I’m lying that I can’t open my eyes properly now. There were more than ten injuries I witnessed.

But I stumbled into the air, pretending not to know Dietrich’s lies. He grabs my hand to see if he finally understands my meaning.

As always, the cool temperature gave me barely peace of mind. I grasped his hands, hard with calluses, with both hands.

“I can’t see in front of me.”

“It’s because I wasted my talent. It would be better to take some rest for the time being.”

“What about Asmodeus?”

“It has disappeared.”

Little by little, the vision begins to become clearer, as if that word had been a spell.

Only then did I find a long marriage on Dietrich’s cheek.

“Liar! You’re hurt!”


As if he was stunned, he raised the tail of one of his mouths and asked back. Seeing that I was looking at my cheek, he stuttered, stuttering, dismayed.

“this? You said this was hurt?”

“Then it hurts, what?”

Besides, it was even serious. It was a scar on my face.

‘On this million blue-eyed face!’

However, it seems that Dietrich was not even aware of the scars on my face. He leaned his head, scratching my cheek.

“Isn’t it all right if there’s only a hindrance to life?”


“Is that all you need to ask?”

“What do you ask?”

“I… … .”


Dietrich, at my rush, blurs the horsetail and does not immediately connect. I could guess what he wanted to say.


“You were trying to sacrifice me as a sacrifice at the last gateway? So, did you protect me?”

He couldn’t answer my question and kept his mouth shut. It was obvious that he was holding invisible sweat droplets in his back.

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