The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            Dietrich, 17, boasted a body as big as a grown-up, but his face was as young as it was, so I felt a little cute in his troubled face.

‘In the book, even at this age, he was a wicked villain.’

But where else is the villain who suffers from such a petty guilt?

I laughed at Bash and grabbed Dietrich, who was still holding my hand, and hugged him tightly.

“Why why.”

The wide back, which is bigger than me, is fluttering. I replied, slowly sweeping down his stuttering back in embarrassment.

“OK. Don’t bother with that.”

“… … .”

“And if you hit it like that, I’m like using Dietrich.”

Because Dietrich knew the future of being a victor of the War of the Roses and tried to show it well.

‘Well, did you say this for nothing?’

It would have been difficult to ask what he meant, but fortunately Dietrich only stared at him with his big eyes and did not question him.

“But is it raining now?”

I blinked my eyes, pressing hard on his mouth with apologetic.

‘Where seems to be dripping water.’

As soon as spring had come, the cool, soft spring breeze broke through the open window.

The wind that touches my cheek makes me feel good and smiles.

The problem was that it felt like raindrops falling down.

‘It doesn’t seem like this drizzle will just pour through the window.’

With reasonable doubt, I turned my head and looked at the ceiling. We were not in the greenhouse, but in the bedroom, so the beautiful sky that should never be seen comes into our eyes.

”… … Where is the ceiling of my house?”

Then I got a sense of my mind, and when I turned my head around, there wasn’t one place that was strong.

Purified water, which I had grown to suppress Asmodeus’s power, was wrapping all the pillars like vines, and for some reason the ceiling was halfway flying and raining.

Even the fruits of purified water, which bloomed in spring, are carried by the wind.

“I flew with a sword.”

Dietrich replied a little late, raising his hand over my face dripping raindrops.

Thanks to that, my face was able to avoid the rain… … .

“Then do we have to live in the rain now?”

It’s a great gong-ga?

Even when I was an ordinary Korean citizen, I never lived in the rain at home.

“Well, we don’t have money to fix this… … ”

I muttered out of the grass. Dalia originally had no money, and the money I had saved was not enough to repair all of this spacious palace.

The property belonged to the Grand Duke of Lagrange, but Dietrich was not yet formally succeeded to the Grand Duke.

‘Is poverty my life?’

I feel a little sad, and I pout my lips, and I hear the sound of him sticking out over my head.

“there is. I have money.”

“When the hell does it melt? Even though the sunlight is so strong, you are fine.”

“It won’t melt even in summer. Until Marguerite II officially sanctioned my Grand Air Force.”

In early spring, the weather was warm for the northern part, but the ice sculptures in front of them showed no signs of melting.

I start to worry about it.

‘Isn’t it that you keep in this state?’

As I stuttered Yuric and Veronica, who had been frozen, I shook my head to get rid of the guilt.

‘Even if I knew it in advance, there would have been no way to do it.’

“I was told where the hell had gone, but I didn’t know it would have frozen like this.”

“Because the direct line of Lagrange cannot leave the north until the succession of the motive is determined.”

‘No, I didn’t know if the saying that I couldn’t get out of the north meant that it freezes like this.’

Is the reason only I am fine is that the blood of Lag and Lord does not flow to me?

‘Well. But I’m the only one who doesn’t freeze, but you don’t ask?

I opened my mouth as I glanced at Dietrich as he glanced over the statue with an indifferent face.

“Wouldn’t it be cold? Do you have any awareness of freezing?”

“Well. I haven’t frozen it, so I don’t know.”

I pouting at Dietrich’s blunt answer. To be honest, I thought Yuric and Veronica had run away from the crisis of LaGrange.

I was the sacrifice that Dietrich needed, and Asmodeus wasn’t what they could do.

“Isn’t it that there is no harm in life?”

However, Yuric and Veronica, frozen as if silently bruising me, froze, reaching out to the nature of LaGrange.

From a distorted face in astonishment, you can feel a long feeling. Both seem to have been running to help us.

‘It’s a bit like a work of art.’

In particular, it was believed that Veronica was a sculpture of a craftsman with delicate expression of the long eyelashes.

“Then, did the triplets froze like this?”

“We sent someone to Saint-Dena, so we’ll be in touch soon.”

The fact that all candidates who fail to enter the successor’s gate will freeze is not mentioned in the original.

However, Dietrich, as he had known beforehand, was not surprised when he discovered the frozen Yuric.


I’m sorry for this.

I had a little bit of resentment in my mind asking where I went without helping me.

I put my hands on my chest, reflecting on the fact that I had a terrible misunderstanding.

“Is your Majesty coming to the north to get permission for succession? Or should Dietrich go?”

“The king’s feet are like the giant’s. She doesn’t move around.”

You just need to say that you are going, because it makes it so difficult to say.

“The capital is too long, so go carefully. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for a way to repair the palace.”

The nature of nature, with holes everywhere, had no place to be repaired.

It was believed to be the castle of the royal family that had fallen a long time ago, with the collapsed pillars on the blown roof.

‘That’s all money.’

I wasn’t feeling bitter to spend wasting money on my fortune-many people-that I didn’t have.

As I pat my tongue in regret and sweep my hand over the broken marble fountain, my strong gaze is refocused as if it would pierce my side face.

‘Why do you look like that.’

Dietrich and I were the only ones in the grove of withered roses, so the only ones who could look through my face like that.

”… … Why?”

I slowly turned to face Dietrich. He is just looking at me without answering what I ask.

‘Are you going to have a snowball fight?’

I didn’t want to lose, so I opened my eyes and observed him.

Despite the three years of rolling on the battlefield, Dietrich looked like an elegant scion if he wasn’t holding only a sword.

“The capital is far.”

“Huh. Not far. Be careful in the future.”

Dietrich slightly frowned and pressed his finger on the temple. The silver cufflinks glisten in the breeze under the blazing noon sun.

‘It was actually Confucius.’

No, I should now be called Mr. Grand Duke.

Dietrich’s stubborn bitterness momentarily twists, feeling stubborn as he waits for the next word while thinking about it.

“I want to go alone?”

“Then who are you going to go with?”

Are you saying you’re going to take even a frozen Yuric?

I leaned over, catching Dietrich’s straight gaze.

At first glance, his speech sounded as if he was angry, but his face, as always, was as calm as the sky at dawn.

“I think it would be better to come back in a hurry. You want to keep Yuric and Veronica frozen like this?”

“… … .”

A short silence flowed, but he didn’t open his mouth again to see what he was thinking.

‘Have your personality changed a bit?’

I think he was a more readable kid before leaving for the battlefield.

”… … Go together.”

The words I heard were a little unexpected. I looked up at him in wonder.

“Let’s empty Lagrange?”

“What the hell does that matter? Did you hide any treasure in the castle?”

It was a small property, but it was hidden. I tried to answer, hiding my hot color.

“Of course it does. Then who is protecting the last name?”

The gate opened by Asmodeus was not properly closed, so all sorts of devil’s filth spilled out, and the purified water I had grown arbitrarily broke through walls and roofs, regardless of nature or other buildings.

All the surprised servants ran away except Marilyn, but who would sweep, clean and repair this great castle or me?

“I didn’t know if you cherished the last name of LaGrange this way.”


As I opened my eyes round and asked me back, he smiled as if he was overwhelmed.

“I have nothing to keep except you.”

“… … .”

“Where am I going to leave you.”

The fact that it came from such a blunt little boy’s mouth was an incredibly hot word.

Of course, it didn’t mean that there was affection between men and women.

“Is that?”


“Then let’s go together! I also wanted to see the capital, but that was great.

Isn’t the capital Balier one of the most glamorous cities of the Empire Bernoulli? I’m going to look around, it’s going to overflow

I woke up from my seat, scratching my cheeks with my fingertips in a fuzzy feeling.

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