The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            Lagrange was all ruined except for the Dahlia Palace.

The Rose Palace, where the roof of the nature was blown away, was completely destroyed and disappeared.

‘It’s a shame because Catherine Ferma was at her home.’

Otherwise, there would have been a loss of life.

As soon as Catherine, the mother of three twins, heard that Derek was dead, Lagrange said that he was now a mango, and his children pulled out alone without taking care of them.

‘There aren’t any parents who have done something right.’

After moving the children from Saint-Dena-the three pieces of ice-to the bedroom in the deepest corner, I glanced back at Baal, still kneeling in one corner and reflecting.

“How long has Dietrich been doing that?”

“I do not know. It’s hard, so don’t talk to me.”

I laughed at Baal’s uncomfortable attitude.

“It’s Dietrich that punished me, so why are you tempting me?”

“Because it’s the princess who called the bassago and entered the gate at will.”

Baal doubled and glared at the brooch quietly placed next to me.

Bassago, who helped Dietrich deal with Asmodeus, went into the road seal and disappeared. I picked up a brooch and brushed off the pampering dust.

‘But I lived thanks to him.’

“Don’t stare at me, Baal.”

“Are you on the cheap and side dishes that you haven’t seen a while ago than me?”

That’s why humans with black hair or pink hair do not reap.

As Baal grumbled, I approached him and pulled his nose.


“I know that Baal tried to lure Dietrich to sacrifice me.”

“… … .”

“You said it was my nanny, and I was very disappointed.”

In fact, I didn’t even expect the devil to truly care for me.

But as I sighed out loud, as if I had been really disappointed, Baal shook his arms in confusion.

“Then what? If it weren’t for the princess, your Majesty would have died.”

“So, am I supposed to die?”

“Not that-”

I bit my lips because the devil’s innocent face was funny. Baal raised his jagged eyebrows when he noticed that I was making fun of him.

“Stop making fun. I’m not sorry enough already.”

“What are you sorry about? Baal just fulfilled a contract with Dietrich anyway.”

I was puzzled by Baal’s words, and I squatted in front of him. As the length of the contract with Dietrich gets longer, the demon, which is gradually changing into a human-like appearance, now has even lips.

My mouth, which has just been made into Baal, is moved eagerly with filth.

“What promise did you make with Bassago?”

“I asked you to take care of Asmodeus. It’s okay to take anything with you.”

“Princess, you do not make a promise with the devil.”


“Because we pay for whatever we use.”

“What is that?”

He smashes my chest to see if the question is frustrating. I added words with a casual face.

“If you gain something, you must lose, Baal. The devil doesn’t make promises to humans. It was my choice to have an appointment with me.”

“Does he know what to bring? The princess looks so funny at the devil.”

I laughed at Baal’s innocent words.

“You look at humans so funny.”

People are really scary.

It was my first time riding a wagon since I had never been outside LaGrange since I was born.

‘There was a wagon in the Grand Gongga.’

It’s not because the color is dark. The wagon with a delicately crafted wolf, a symbol of Lagrangeism, looked very expensive.

As I looked at the four-wheeled carriage decorated with black stained glass to the window, I hurried to the carriage at Dietrich’s urge.

As soon as I leaned on my back on the soft cushion, I heard the sound of a black horse in the lead and snorting.

“Where did you get such a nice wagon?”

What money do we have now? I was agitated to feel bad again, so I tried to skip the back words, but Dietrich, who figured out my meaning, raised one eyebrow and searched.

“Are you going to play money again?”

“No. Just curious.”

In response to his whispering reply, he threw a pocket over my knee.

“Money is not a problem for LaGrange? I would have said a few times.”

As if to support that, his heavy pocket was full of golden coins. I tilted my head with a gold coin in my hand that had a beautiful scent.

“You don’t have the right to deal with the property of the Grand Duke yet?”

“It’s my money.”

Didn’t you go to the battlefield as a knight of LaGrange, but where did you work as a mercenary? You don’t know where on earth you got this much money.

“Why are you giving this?”

“I have it. I want to see the capital.”

Dietrich said insignificant, but I couldn’t get the money he earned from working hard-I don’t know what he did.

“You use it. You don’t know what to buy.”

I tied the pockets I had loosened back and returned them to him. However, the pockets returned to my knees on the road.

“take it. Also, don’t drool like a beggar looking only at the store window.”

“I have money too!”


This child has been ignoring me from before.

Slightly offended, I frowned on my eyebrows and pulled out a pocket that was smaller than Dietrich’s, but precious.

“Look. I have a lot of money too, well.”

“Is that a lot?”

Marilyn’s hand-made yellow pockets were embroidered with cute parrots, and although they weren’t yellow, silver flowers shining like the moon were heavy and boasting their presence.

“Don’t, even if not many! I open it! core!

Hee! I earned it by working.”

It was unearned income because it was a lottery winning money, but I worked hard to scratch the lottery ticket with pain.

Dietrich’s corner of his mouth goes up as I stand up and show off.

“Why are you laughing?!”

It seemed to be laughing at me, so I was thinking of screaming and screaming.

‘I know you’re looking at you because you’re handsome.’

Thank you for the face Okay?

I forgot about the days when Dietrich was so scared that I noticed.

The road to the capital was very comfortable thanks to the high-quality carriages hung up with magic to increase comfort.

Arriving at the imperial palace without that mixed motion sickness, I was excited to think that the tedious movement had ended and jumped out of the wagon before Dietrich even got off.

“Oh my gosh! Did you jump out of the wagon right now?”

“Huh. No?”

“No, Princess. This is the capital.”

Marilyn, who was waiting for me, got off in another wagon first and blamed me with a pale, tired face.

When I think about it, it was something I would never do if I were an ordinary nobleman, but I have never been educated with a tutor attached, but coming to the capital cannot suddenly become elegant.

As I look at myself with my eyes round, Marilyn mumbles, saying that it shouldn’t be like this, saying that she would have a courtesy teacher at the capital mansion.

“I’ll be careful in the future, Marilyn.”

“I have to go to the capital mansion first. Are you okay?”

“Huh? Are you going to leave me?”

“Bocchan, no, your sir is also there.”

‘I don’t think he knows more manners than I do.’

I raised my mouth awkwardly, fearing that Marilyn would bring even the hardest madam. Suddenly, a man who looks like a servant quickly approaches Dietrich after getting out of the carriage.

“Would you like Dietrich Benwa-Louis Doneur de Lagrange?”


‘Bne, what?’

Dietrich’s full name was that long. We spent twelve years together, but it wasn’t true for the first time.

‘I’m not baptized, so I don’t have a middle name.’

The man who confirmed Dietrich with a strange name that was difficult to pronounce soon turned to me.

“Then, this would be Lady Anissa.”

“Ah, hello.”

“I am Peter, Your Majesty’s direct secretary. Please be comfortable.”

‘It doesn’t look comfortable at all.’

Introducing his name as Peter, I looked up at the man wearing a stiff, trimmed mustache. The secretary with a biting impression of eye contact with me smiles and spreads his arms wide.

“Welcome to the Imperial Palace. Please follow me.”

As I followed in a bell-bellied step behind the secretary walking ahead, I grabbed Dietrich’s arm.

The size was not different from the nature of Lagrange, but it was because of the pressure of the imperial palace that flashed in gold no matter where you turned your gaze.


“Go together. What if I get lost.”

I began to look around, tangled as if hanging from Dietrich’s arm. I heard a laughter from the front, but I couldn’t help it.

“home? Lady seems to be the first capital city.”

“Yeah? Yes.”

“Do not worry. Because your majesty likes girls.”

I wasn’t very pleased with the news that the emperor was brightening the color, but I tried to laugh at Peter.

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