The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            Thanks to Dietrich’s haunted height, I entered the egg chamber in the form of a cicada hanging from an old tree.

‘The ceiling is very high.’

In the spring breeze from the open window, the enormous imperial tapestry adorning the wall sway from side to side.

Because of that, the one who sat on the bright yellow golden throne was buried in a shadow and could not see it properly.

“I see the empire sun.”

Surprisingly, Dietrich, who set me right next to him, went forward and greeted the emperor in a very classical manner.

‘I thought I didn’t know anything like this while learning a sword.’

It’s a neat body line enough to know that it’s perfect even for my eyes who don’t know how to behave properly.

I raised my hand and bowed down to Marilyn.

“Kyung, no, should I call you Gong now? You’ve grown a lot.”

The emperor rises from the throne and walks down the platform. She was a very beautiful person with long blond hair, a symbol of the royal family.

“Long time no see.”


The emperor blew up a little, ignoring him and quickly approached me. I hid behind Dietrich’s back, amazed at the speed of that terrifying walk.

“It’s a pretty child.”

“I see the most dazzling sun of the empire.”

“Oh goo. You’re good at greetings too. After living for a long time, all these cute children are born in the northern part.”

The emperor smiled and stroked my head. When I step back with a hypnotic breath at the touch of a stranger, Dietrich stretches out his arm and stands between the emperor and me.

“Please be careful because it hides your face.”

The attitude of instructing the emperor to be careful not to dare seemed arrogant, but I knew that the royal family of Balier was on the verge of collapsing.

‘I said everything because I was worse than the peacock.’

The emperor turned to Dietrich with a frigid laughter.

“Did you come to get official approval from the Duke?”


“Hmm. okay. What would you give me if I admit to the Grand Air Force of the Gong?”

“I will promise a three-year harvest from the Balan mine.”

“That’s not enough. Wasn’t it about to start the war with Euclid in earnest? It would be disadvantageous if there was no official status.”

I opened my mouth to the emperor’s mean words. She looked like a person who wanted to incite a quarrel between the peacocks.

“Gong, I can put off your succession any number of times. Even if I’m the only emperor, I’m the emperor.”

No, there are no more candidates left to deal with the successor, and Dietrich was the only one to deal with the grand air. What are you talking about?

Outrageous, frowning and staring at the emperor, she laughed disgustingly, enjoying my gaze strangely.

“What do you want.”

Dietrich didn’t seem particularly offended by the emperor’s attitude. When asked indifferently, she pulled her tongue out saying there was no free thing in the world, and pointed at me with her fingertips.

“Give me that.”

‘… … Huh? ‘

I was embarrassed and gave strength to the hand that held Dietrich’s hem. What is that lady asking for now?

“I didn’t know there was such a girl in the north. I’ll give you the peacock’s stomach right now, so give it to me.”

You were crazy. I looked up at Dietrich, hiding my trembling hands in my sleeves.

‘Aren’t you gonna give me? Huh?’

Dietrich, fortunately, did not betray my beliefs. Shake your head firmly.




“Do you want a deal? Good. If Hermann wants to be Grand Duke of Euclid, I’ll give her the time as much as possible.”

For the first time, Dietrich’s expressionlessness was broken at the emperor’s sweet whispering words. His eyebrows, who have maintained his composure as if wearing a glass mask since entering the room, shrugged upward.

“I think I need Hwang’s help to defeat Hermann.”

“Oh, no, don’t get angry first. Isn’t it a useless girl anyway?”

“That’s not your judgment.”

At Dietrich’s cold words, the emperor scratched his cheek with a dark face. She replied, as if very unexpected, straightening her mouth.

“With temperamental hair. I see -. I’m back in the capital mansion for now. It’s an agenda that needs a meeting.”

He turned around to make a whip, and added words.

“Ah, Hermann Confucius is also in the capital, so be careful.”

“… … .”

“Since I was hit by a ball on the battlefield, I’ve been sharpening my teeth very much.”

Isn’t he an emperor whose head is a very flower garden? Even with my eyes open, I keep laughing at the thought that it was almost sold out in an instant.

“Because you’re a totally crazy lady!”

“Oh, I heard rumors that Her Majesty Marguerite likes girls.”

Marilyn frowns at what I say while snorting.

“I heard that he has the belief that sleeping with a pretty girl keeps his youthfulness.”

She shook her head saying she didn’t know if the rumor meant buying a girl slave.

“Because the imperial family is falling apart. I understand that I’m not sane.”

I buried my face in a bed of fluffy feathers at Marilyn’s words. The imperialists admired the Grand Duchess of Euclid and feared the Grand Duchess of Lagrange, but they ignored Valière Whangaman.

The Hwangga, who could not buy the respect and awe of the people, will eventually collapse. The empire will soon be divided into two principalities.

‘The last and last winner will be Hermann.’

Oh, it turns out that the emperor said that Hermann Euclid is also in the capital.

I lifted my head because I was curious about the news of my brother, who had never seen his face, although Anissa’s brother was.

“Where is the Euclid’s capital mansion?”

“Well. It’s right across the street.”

Marilyn points to the window that opens to my question. The capital mansions of the nobles were on the side of gathering, and a small ivory mansion was situated across the river she pointed to.

I bit my lips as I looked down at the open garden full of hawthorn.

‘I’m sure you’re not meeting.’

The relationship between Hermann and Dietrich was the worst, so it was close to atrocities. Dietrich was even the reason Hermann was full of teeth and became a grand duke early.

‘If I think about it now, it seems that Hermann was conscious alone.’

Dietrich didn’t seem to care much about Hermann.

‘Hermann? Ah. We’re talking about the fate of Euclid noisy bastard. ‘

Even Herman’s name seems to have been completely unknown. Only after hearing the emperor’s explanation, he said,’What should I do?’ I looked at her with a face that I did.

“When is the Grand Nobility Conference held?”

“It takes about a week.”

“Oh. Then can I go outside?”

In Lagrange, I was confined to a mansion, but now I ask for permission first. Marilyn handed my hair behind her ears, tearing me up as if she was pitiful.

“of course. Princess can go anywhere now.”


“of course.”

“Then I want to go there. Great Market.”

The Great Market was the largest market in the empire, known as the Continental Merchants and Ran Merchants.

‘Dietrich said he had work to do in the capital, and he left his mansion early in the morning, so he has to go alone.’

“What is it? It’s been so long since the Lagrange family has left the capital mansion vacant, so I have a lot to clean up.”

“I can go alone.”

I squeezed my fists and pushed forward and laughed at the bash. Marilyn strokes her hair as if she was a dog, as if I was unique.

“You can’t be alone. You can bring a faceless knight.”

With that said, Marilyn glanced behind me. I followed her and looked back and saw a man with a gray cloth covering his nose and mouth, bowing his head to me.

“I will practice it.”

Knights of the Grand Duke of Lagrange are quietly active without revealing their faces or names.

Since Derek died and Dietrich became the state of the house, it seemed that the owner of the Knights was changed to him. I couldn’t see my face well, but looked down at the polite article that was polite.

‘It must be because I did so many bad things.’

On the back of the knight’s hand, the wolf of LaGrange was engraved like a symbol. I was distracted by the wolf’s sharp teeth, and hurried back and grabbed the dress.

“Then I’ll ask you, Sir.”

“Yes, Princess.”

No matter how good the security of the capital is, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go out alone as there was Euclid’s mansion right across the street.

I went out with an article that was a bit cumbersome-it would be a very rude thought.

When I was just entering the Great Market with excitement, I was greatly relieved to have an escort driver at the risk of annoyance.

‘Is it the specialty of the female protagonist to be in a crisis every time we meet?’

It’s really ridiculous, and Charlotte, who appeared in front of me, was in a difficult situation. However, I am not a male protagonist who will save the female main protagonist, but a trivial supporting role.

‘I have to help.’

In the middle of the square, I washed my face with my face looking at Charlotte, whose hair was caught by a nasty man.

“Let this go! Let go of this!”

“Where is this bitch stealing!”

“The thieves are you! That necklace is a relic of the temple!!!”

No, if you don’t think it’s going to work, shut up your mouth.

I sighed loudly at Charlotte’s bold remarks.

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