The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            Even when people roar, the voice of Charlotte’s wickedness is not buried. I grabbed the stiff knight’s forearm and turned his body looking only at me.



“Can you help that woman over there?”

The knight’s eyes narrow as if he could count my intentions. I scratched my chin and added words in a gentle tone.

“And tell me your nickname. The person in charge of my escort, can I know the name?”

It’s a colorless knight without a name or face, but there really couldn’t be a name.

As if my question was unexpected, the knight’s bid to see only the silhouette was slick because it was covered with a gray cloth.

“Are you asking for the name of the employee? Damon is not wrong.”


I raised my eyebrows at an unexpected name. Damon was the knight who served Derek’s bodyguard and the man who served as a guard when he imprisoned me.

I know that he disappeared in the midst of an uproar with Asmodeus. Do you have any acquaintances with this article?

“You can call it Oslo. If you want to help a Southerner who has no friends, I will support it.”

“Can I say please? Kyung is not my knight either.”

Dietrich might be upset that I had my driver do the job without permission. I rolled my eyes as I watched Oslo’s eyes.


Charlotte’s fragile scream hits her gold ear again. Oslo quickly moved forward at my glance, and instantly overpowered the man who had confronted Charlotte.

“What, what is it”

An embarrassed middle-aged man raised his voice, but Oslo, who had no use for him, shrugs and looks at me as if he had nothing to answer. I slowly moved forward and put my hand on Charlotte’s shoulder, lying on the floor.

“long time no see.”

“Huh? Ah?”

Charlotte frowned at me as if she couldn’t recognize me right away, and immediately pointed me at me and jumped up from my seat. The silver hair covered with dust is still brilliant nonetheless.

“You, you, you!”

I was so annoyed by her unspoken punctuation. As I frowned a little, she lifted her hand and clenched her fist, as if she had made a mistake.

“Aren’t you a child of LaGrange? Why are you in the capital?”

Are you curious about what’s happening right now? I closed my eyes and ignored her words. Fortunately, the man captured by Oslo seemed to know the name of LaGrange.

”La, Lagrange? Why does Young-ae of Lagrange help that thief?”


I looked at the man who looked at me as if it had softened. He wore his old vest with his arms around him.

“Are you a thief?”

“That woman said that our store was holy water, and carried it cold.”

Charlotte screams at the man’s explanation. She lifted a white staff that looked like a priest’s symbol and shook it.

“I told you that I was a priest from a great temple, right? I mean, relics aren’t something you can sell for money!”

“But I paid for it at the auction house!”

Hearing the circumstances of a man crying as if unfairly, it seems that it was Charlot, who was the one who bothered him. No matter how holy they are, they don’t pay the right price and take things.

‘Isn’t it really stealing?’

Doesn’t it mean that a female protagonist does not always live by doing what is right? I felt regret that I might have helped, and I swallowed a sigh, and I searched my cape pocket and pulled out a small pocket.

‘If you spend money, you don’t have to use force to solve things.’

“How much is that necklace?”

“This is ten blue eyes.”

“Okay, get it here. Didn’t you get hurt where the driver was caught? I’m sorry for misunderstanding.”

The man bent down in great amazement as to whether he thought I would extortion his necklace by exerting the power of a nobleman.

“no! It doesn’t even make sense! Thank you.”

“No, it’s not something you buy for money!”

Even Charlotte’s eyes are getting bigger. She called my name so loudly that I couldn’t believe how such a blazing voice could come out of her slender neck.

“Anissa! Is your name Anisa right?”

I was obsessed with Charlotte and did not feel the need to answer. She puts the necklace she received from the merchant in her arms and walks out of the square, and she follows me.

“Thank you for helping me. Would you like to return the necklace now?”

I was stunned by Charlotte’s words and laughed in vain. Originally, easy money goes out easily, but I didn’t want to spend it like this.

I was sick of being able to wear ten blueanas on necklaces that weren’t really my taste.

“why me?”

“Because that necklace is a temple item. Hela-nim, the sun god, is the result of human beings-”

“Okay. Do you have ten blues?”

I stopped speaking from her and reached out my hand. I’m a little smaller than my peers, so Charlotte just looks at my white hands that look like children’s hands.

“Ship blue?”

“I asked for a necklace. I’ll give it to you, so give me money.”

“I have no money?”

“Then it can’t be helped. Good bye.”

It wasn’t nice to meet you, let’s not see it again.

As a book, I didn’t have much thought because it wasn’t romance-oriented, but in this way, there was no other bitter bitter taste.

“Come on, wait a second!”

Later, if Dietrich was sealed by Hermann, he was a woman who would help, but wouldn’t it be okay because he’s a person who has nothing to do with me?

Without regret, I turned my back and put my hand on Oslo’s arm. He naturally escorts me and walks.

“Oh, let’s go in there.”

Oslo took me to an alley full of shops that weren’t very expensive. It looks like I saw my pocket, which wasn’t too heavy, over my shoulder.

‘She is a princess, but she’s a little embarrassed.’

Did you think Dietrich would get it when he handed it over? I was coughing a lot, then raised my hand and pointed at a store.

“It looks like a bookstore.”

“I have something I want to look for.”

I stepped into the oldest bookstore among the densely packed stores with a small cobbled street in between.


The friendly-looking clerk greets me with a smile. I quickly glanced through the dark shop because the sunlight was not properly lit.

‘This store would be right.’

The store where the nasty smell of dust came up was the reason I stopped by the Great Market, an old bookstore selling books and miscellaneous goods.

‘I don’t need it right now, but I’ve already used what Joseph gave me.’

The heroine, Charlotte, buys a multifunctional amplifier at this store one day at a very cheap price. The male protagonists were so powerful, so there was no opportunity to show their function.

“Do you have anything you are looking for?”

I smiled and shook my head at the gentle clerk’s question. I had to pretend to buy it by accidentally discovering it to the last.

Slowly looking around inside the store, I picked up an earring decorated as a clutter in front of the store. The small, black mineral was not shiny, but it was matte, giving it a sense of elegance.

“It’s a unique earring.”

“is that so? It’s not a trendy design and it doesn’t sell well.”

Regardless of the design, the artifacts that instantaneously call the individual’s strength or magic were traded at a very high price. The clerk added a hurry to see if I would change my mind or stir.

“But I think it will harmonize very well with you. Because my face is white and pretty.”

“I will live.”

I bought earrings for a few shillings, which would cost a few hundred blues if I paid the right price, and then came out with a few books in my apology.

“Girl, wait a second.”


“There are many suspicious shadows near the mansion.”

Sorry to pass all the luggage to Oslo, hugs one of the thickest books and slowly returns to the mansion, where he suddenly stops.

“What do you mean by that?”

As I slowly looked up at his words, I saw a few strange knights wandering outside the mansion. Confronting him, there were Lagrangian knights in black clothes standing in front of the entrance of the mansion.

‘Ivory colored armor… … ‘

Are they Euclid’s knights?

Not on the battlefield, but in the middle of the capital, all the knights dressed in heavy armor were wearing cloaks with white lions in them.

“The poor youngsters in the south couldn’t wake up even though they burst out of their way.”

Oslo, who was so gentle, suddenly muttered a strange word and put his hand on the sword in his waist.

I rolled my eyes as I recalled the explanation I had only read in books.

‘Have there been a scene like this?’

Hermann’s and Dietrich’s battlegrounds were mostly forests or vacant fields. I don’t remember the description of a mess even in the capital.

“Your Excellency will be in the Imperial Palace. Little girl, please avoid yourself.”

“But you don’t know why Euclid’s knights came to the mansion?”

Not Derek Lagrange, and now Euclid’s real life, Hermann, at least, wasn’t a crazy madman.

The Imperial Palace is right in front of you, so I wouldn’t say let’s start a civil war here.

However, as if you say ridiculing my thoughts. One of the Euclid’s knights yelled at a whale whale and poked a long spear through the door of the mansion.

“These nasty northern cubs! Come down to the capital and touch the holy relics!”

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