The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C71-80


            “What? Who dare you drive as a thief!”

The knight who apparently didn’t know me was full of minutes and screaming.

“What’s missing from our princess on the theme of a wheat-smelling southern guy?

Shinmyeong I was the site of local feelings.

The knight who was defending me with a fever rang out as if he hadn’t found me.

“And! If our princess is sick of Euclid’s junk, she can steal some, what!”

“okay! Take a little necklace!”

‘No, I didn’t steal.’

Fortunately, the knight standing in front of the gate bite quickly and no one was hurt. I flagged and stepped forward.


“It must be dried. How many eyes are there to see that it is in the middle of the capital.”

The people in the capital mansion are just Marilyn, an old butler, and a few knights. What kind of havoc is this?

The only downside to making a fuss here was Dietrich, who had to be granted anti-aircraft clearance. The knights of LaGrange weren’t even wearing full armor like the Euclid knights.

“What do Euclid’s knights have to do with this mansion?”

When someone approached, the knights, who had raised their spears as if they were wary, confirmed that I was a woman and took up their weapons.

“what! Don’t interrupt kids!”

I repeated the same question, frowning at the knight’s rude speech.

“My name is Anissa Lagrange. My brother is not in the seat, so if you have anything for it, tell me first.”

‘The people in the south said they were polite and kind, and they were all lies.’

I poked my mouth out into the faces of the savage knights. Well, kind people wouldn’t throw out the newborn baby just because it had the characteristics of a northerner.

“Are you a princess from Charlotte?”

A tall man walks out of the knights who snort while looking at me with excitement. It was a little smaller than Dietrich, but it was very haunting, so I had to bend my head to see my face.

‘surely… … .’

In the new blue wall that contrasts with the dark pink hair, the gorgeous beauty clearly reveals that it is the lead role of’The Men’s War of Roses.

“I asked if you were Anissa Lagrange.”

I stared at the boy with thin and slender lines for a moment and nodded.

“I am Hermann U. Clyde, the Knight of Ingullem.”

It would be enough to say that he was the eldest son of Euclid.

I felt a little lazy and gazed at Herman, kneeling in front of me.

He was Anissa’s real brother, but he didn’t feel like a family at all. It’s just that the appearance that resembles me feels strangely new.

‘The tear point under the right eye is the same.’

It was similar to the softly drooping eyes and the pale white skin, but there was no particular intimacy.

‘Blood is thicker than water, so I guess it’s not.’

As for Hermann, his eyes were polite, but it was as cool as winter frost.

“You stole and heard my benefactor, Charlotte’s castle.”

“… … Yeah?”

What the hell did that crazy woman say? I leaned my head to the side and waited for Hermann’s next words.

My lips seemed a little embarrassed by my confident attitude, and then I finally spoke again.

“It’s a very important necklace to her, but I’d like you to return it.”

“Are you talking about this?”

“okay. The tacky purple amulet. Don’t be greedy and return it.”

I pulled out the necklace I bought from the merchant and shook it.

Hermann quickly reached out, but instead of handing him a necklace, I crossed my arms and stepped back.

“I stole this? Did Charlotte do that?”

“I didn’t say it was stolen, but it was something that I would have had to sleep in the arms of God. It seems that the princess’s knowledge is lacking, but the relic is-.”

“I paid and bought it, but why do they say they stole it? Unlucky?”

Herman’s eyes widen with the small additions I can hear. He soon approached me, frowning as if he was unpleasant.

“What did you say now?”

“I gave money and bought it, but why did they say they stole it?”

“Who did you pay the price to? Relics are forbidden to trade in this city.”

“I bought it with money, whatever it is, but why do I just ask for it?”

At my question, Hermann shook his shoulders and laughed in vain. My words wouldn’t have been funny, and that’s an obvious ridicule.

“I will pay for it. It’s still a child, but it’s obvious that he’s a Lagrangian. It’s computational.”

‘Because I’m originally a southerner? This stupid male protagonist.’

I wanted to put up some medicine, but I couldn’t reveal my identity like that, so I bite my lips tightly.

“good. If you pay for it, I won’t dry it.”

“How much can I do?”

“Thousand blue.”

I replied slowly, raising my chin. Hong Jeong was over if he was lost in the flag fight.


Herman, confused, opens his mouth. Even though it is Confucius, he cannot move a large amount of money like a thousand blues.

“Wow, Thousand Blue?”

However, even though Herman is the main man-made man, he suddenly treated him as a thief, so he was unhappy and did not want to give it back.


Herman’s hand, which opened his pockets vigorously as I bet and nodded loudly to his head, was embarrassedly lost in the air.

“Yes, I’ll sell it for a thousand blues.”

“Because how much was the price paid to the merchant?”

“It’s ten blue.”

“Aren’t you taking too much profit?”

I shook my index finger in front of Herman’s nose and opened my mouth.

“It’s a big deal. Don’t you know the principle of supply and demand? There is only one amulet that Confucius wants in this world right now.”

“Ha. Are you saying you’re going to do business with me now?”

“Then what should I do with Confucius? Do you even have a duel?”

Herman’s mouth was hardened as if I thought I was insulting his chivalry. He inevitably warns.

“Be careful with words, a duel with me in a woman’s body. It’s not like a lady.”

I smoked, sticking my hand into my ear hole at Hermann’s quaint words.

‘It wasn’t wrong for Lancel to swear to the people of the South for being quaint.’

Originally, I wasn’t the main character I like that much, but I felt like I wasn’t able to talk to each other.

“Well, if you have no idea, please get out of the way. I have to go in.”

Hermann opened his mouth to see if I was shocked by my open-minded disregard. I grasped the front door as it passed by him, who didn’t even think about leaving.

“Well, wait a minute!”

As if I had waited, I walked through the open door and caught me by Hermann. It seemed that he had not learned that it was rude to touch the body of an unknown’lady’.

“Please do not touch my body carelessly.”

When I shook my gripped wrist, he bite his lips and frowned, but soon he softly apologized.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t pay a thousand blue ah right now. I’ll give you a hundred blue ah.”

“I don’t want to sell my neck hanger anymore even if I bring a thousand blues.”

Even if I now show goodwill and return the necklace, it does not mean that the relationship between Euclid and La Granjo will be better.

“Well then.”

I drew a firm line and then turned my back on. I could hear Hermann moving from behind to catch me, but his hand couldn’t reach me as before.


There was a sound of something falling, and in an instant, my view was completely black. This is because the coat decorated with the shiny marten hair spilled over the head.

‘It’s too thick to wear in the capital.’

The smell of a cold winter night. As I grabbed the coat full of familiar scent, I hurried up and raised my head.

“I said where the dog is barking.”

Dietrich threw it up without waiting for his reply, as Hermann held it with a positive hand that it could be a straw doll.

How hard she threw Hermann’s body flew out of the road.


I heard the sound of chae-kang, and you, Donna, began to take out the real sword.


The southern knights trying to rush to Dietrich were stuck in the middle of the road, not sloppy because their shadows were tied to the ground.

“Ji, did you show your talent in the capital right now?”

“It’s treason! Punish the traitor!”

‘It was forbidden to use this function in the capital.’

Somehow, he thought he was so easily overpowered by Dietrich because he was the main character.

I suddenly got up and glanced at Herman, staring at Dietrich in a distant posture.

“What is my intention to use the power of shadow in the capital?”

He lifted his sword with a hard face. A sword engraved with the symbol of Euclid, the white lion, glows coldly in the sun.

“If you don’t answer, I will tell your Majesty!”


Dietrich approached me standing blankly instead of confronting Hermann, who was staring at him as if to kill him. She puts out a big hand that you don’t know when it was covered like that.

“Are you going out and coming?”

“Yes. I went to the market.”

“Come on. It’s cold.”

‘She just put it up like a folding screen?’

I wondered if I could ignore the male protagonist like that, but Dietrich dragged me into the mansion.

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