The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C81-90


            The faint silence subsides.

I see Dietrich with an unpleasant face as if pulling out a sword, and Charlotte shrugging his shoulders as if he couldn’t understand the displeasure as I stare at him. looked alternately.

“Why are you angry eunuchs? There is also the northern part of the promised freedom of religion Valliere Royal.”

“It’s freedom of religion. I’d be glad if it didn’t freeze in the cold of the north.”

“I’m surprisingly strong. Don’t worry.”

Charlotte laughs with a pretty blinking eye:

‘No, I don’t think I’m worried, it looks like a twist.’

I rolled my eyes to the positive Charlot’s reaction and looked at Dietrich’s

stubborn face, which , of course, felt upset from his point of view. Sending a priest,

“But can the main characters who will lead the romance create such a bloody atmosphere?”

It’s an atmosphere that won’t be strange even if a fight begins right away.

If I left it alone, it seemed that I would have trouble in front of the emperor again, so I forced myself to squeeze my head between them.

“Charlotte, can I just give you a second to the castle in LaGrange?”

“no. I’m talking about guaranteeing the status of the Lagrangian guests that I want to stay officially in the north. Do you have any idea of ​​the Royal Guest System, Princess?”

As Charlotte looked at me as if unexpected and opened his eyes wide, I scratched my chin and lowered my head.

‘I think I really need to be educated by a tutor.’

He was so urgent to survive that he had only been studying heredia, and he lacked general knowledge of the empire.

I became a little embarrassed, and I laughed lightly as I felt my face burning hot.

“Ah, um. Of course I have heard of it. So you’re saying you want to be the official Lagrang State guest, right?”

“Yeah. If the Duke allows you to stay. Even in the north, there are few members of the Solis Church. I want to take care of those who are persecuted.”

‘Is there anyone in the northern part who believes in the sun god?’

I tilted my head at Charlotte’s words. It would be fortunate if you didn’t hear a yelling about where you dare to preach a special southern god.

“In any case, if only Charlotte welcomes us as our guest, then the duke is officially granted permission, right?”

“okay. In the name of Valier, I guarantee it.”

At my question, the emperor hurriedly nodded and came forward. At that appearance, I held Dietrich’s hand and whispered a little while running.

“Just say you know. Huh? Don’t grow more work.”

It has already been evident that Balier Whanga and Euclid are tightly bound together. Even if the forces of LaGrange are very powerful, scratching them now will only bring ruin earlier.

“Are you really going to wage war? No, it’s not you.”

At my rush, Dietrich reluctantly and slowly nodded. Even in front of the emperor, he raised one eyebrow with his arms folded.

“good. only.”


“Let’s stay and don’t bother my eyes.”

Dietrich’s cold words are familiar, as if they’ve heard it anywhere.

‘I think those words came and went even in the men’s War of the Roses.’

Charlotte and Dietrich were not in love at first sight. Would it be more like a love that falls in love like a drizzle and wet sleeves?

‘Are you going to keep feeling that you’re bothered and finally you can’t take your eyes off?’

I laughed lightly, wondering when that dry relationship would turn pink.

Dietrich presses my straight forehead with his fingertips to see if he doesn’t like me like that.

“Why are you laughing.”

“never mind? I have to ask the deacon to organize the room where St. Mary will stay.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

Being a regular guest in LaGrange didn’t seem to mean simply visiting the estate. Charlotte laughs at me to see if I’ve pointed out right away.

She took a leisurely step and came closer to us. She has a brown briefcase in her hand, standing in front of her nose.

‘You must have decided to stay.’

It seemed as if Dietrich had packed his luggage as if he was convinced that he would welcome him as a guest.

She shook the briefcase sideways and smiles like a bleeding heart in spring.

“Then, thank you in the future.”

She raises the hem of her modest white dress and lowers her head. Silver hair that looked like a thin gift poured forward for a moment.

“I’ll greet you formally. My name is Charlotte Vallandia. She is a saint of Vallandia and a faithful servant of the sun god Greek.”

It was a perfectly elegant greeting that seemed full of elegance to anyone. I wasn’t particularly suspicious of her intentions. I could see her aura.

However, Dietrich remained suspicious of her intentions.

Charlotte watched silently as he climbed upstairs in the mansion without receiving a greeting.

Charlotte, who stayed in the capital mansion as a guest in LaGrange, was invited to the imperial ball, thanks to the emperor’s beauty.

”Your Majesty asked you to come by all means and only the Princesses. By the way, I think your Excellency is not in the mansion.”

“I’m in the office. Can I take you?”

“Oh, no! Fine!”

The emperor’s messenger, who came from the imperial palace with an invitation, could not hide his fear, as if he was reluctant to even face Dietrich.

“It’s a good thing to be able to pass it on to the princess instead.”

He sighed, saying that he was fortunate to face me, who lacked the sharp energy peculiar to Lagrange.

“It’s not that scary, my brother, my brother.”

“I’m sorry if you felt rude. Because my nickname on the battlefield is my nickname, people who are far from the sword like me are scared first.”

‘What is your nickname on the battlefield?’

After I finished my job, I looked at the back of the man running away from Burinake and stepped toward the office.

‘You would hate this very much.’

“What is this.”

“The imperial palace is about to be held. His Majesty asked me to come.”

“Is that damn woman telling another person to come and go?”

As expected, Dietrich was not pleased with the Emperor’s invitation. I glanced at the emperor’s invitation, which was crumpled in the envelope and buried in the corner without even opening it.

A pale lilac scent was smelled from the sparkling envelopes sprinkled with gold powder.

“If I don’t like that, can’t I say no?”

As I went up to the capital of Yiwang, I wanted to go to the famous ball, but it would not be a comfortable place for Dietrich. At my careful question, he bite his lips as if he was struggling to endure irritation.

“If you don’t go, you’ll be rebellious again.

As he rolled through the battlefield, Dietrich’s words and actions felt a little rough. He scratches my chin and sighs.

”As well as the Principality… … ‘


“I have no choice but to establish a Principality and become independent.”

“Don’t say that out of your mouth!”

So, aren’t you listening to what you’re simulating treason? I looked around, shook my head at Dietrich’s harsh words.

“The main enemy of LaGrange is Euclid. Not the Balier Whanga.”

“okay. Even if you establish a principality, you will be first.”

As if I was going to bring Hermann’s throat right away, I sweated at Dietrich’s inevitable appearance.

‘No, I was told to be careful with words and actions.’

When Valier and Euclid joined forces, Dietrich had no way of dealing with it in the end. If you tell me in advance that you will eventually lose the war, you won’t believe me.


“Sir, can I go in?”

“Shall I open it? Looks like a butler.”

I approached the door, worrying about the upcoming future of LaGrange. A dark gray tailcoat was on the arm of the butler who carefully knocked on the door of the office.

“It is a gift from your Majesty.”

Dietrich frowns after accepting a flat, ironed shirt without any wrinkles. I rolled my eyes while looking at his luxurious tailcoat.

“You also sent it to the princess. It will be ready in the dressing room by now.”

How beautiful is the dress sent by the emperor of a country?

‘okay. You have to get these things to get the taste of going to the ball.’

I entered the dressing room with overwhelming anticipation.

“miss! Look at the dress your Majesty sent!”

Apparently, it seems that Lagrange had disappeared when it was overturned, but when she slowly came back, Vanessa and Natalia were shaking their feet in a fuss.

“When did you come back?”

“Do, come back. When the gateway is in progress, it is the duty for the users to empty the Lagrange.”

“Hmm. okay?”

‘I simply thought I was lacking in loyalty, but was there such a tradition?’

“By the way, look at this dress, Princess. So pretty.”

“How pretty are they?”

Vanessa and Tally’s mouths were grinning almost tearing, but I had no choice but to harden my expression on the exposed dress.

The dress sent by the emperor was indeed beautiful. The yellow satin was shiny with a smooth luster, and the laces that adorn the retail and hem were even with pearls.

‘But… … ‘

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