The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C91-100


            Sweet, sweet.

The refreshing metallic sound of metal clashing against them makes listeners flinch.

I glanced away at the people who couldn’t adjust to Dietrich’s lowly mood and tremble.

“Dietrich, just by chance.”


Dietrich, annoyedly touching Musket’s barrel, turns his head toward me silently.

All I had to do was turn my head, my body and my guns toward me, and I was surprised at home and put my hands forward.

“You can’t shoot that gun at people.”

“… … Don’t shoot.”

“I promised. Understand? If someone piss you off, never shoot at people.”

“What do you see me as?”

‘The villain’s dream tree?’

No, you’re all grown up now, so you must be a villain.

I couldn’t answer that much, so I laughed and groaned.

“No, just in case.”

Dietrich glances at me with a futile laughter.

‘But you still don’t say you won’t shoot.’

Of course I understood being pissed off.

Dietrich’s anti-duke title had to be finally approved by a nobleman, but the meeting was eventually pushed down by a hunting competition held by the emperor whimsically.

‘If it’s that atmosphere, Dietrich will surely be the first place in this hunting competition.’

If you count the lives of those who killed him because it was annoying.

The noisy ball, the dude nobles, and the knights sticking to him as heroic.

The capital was all filled with things Dietrich hated.

I sighed deeply, worrying about his temper, like a time bomb that might explode.

“The ground will go out.”

Dietrich, looking back at me with a sigh, puts down his rifle and throws a horse that doesn’t sound like a horse.

“Should I get approval?”

“Is it something you couldn’t get?”

“There are not few precedents that have not been approved by the AA. It’s just a cumbersome procedure anyway.”

“Then what about the kids?”

Are you saying you’re just leaving it frozen?

The predecessors had already killed all their motives, so it would have been possible to make such a choice, but aren’t we?

When he opened his mouth wide open, he shook his head as if he knew it would.

”… … I just said it.”


‘I don’t think I just said it.’

I nodded recklessly, doubting Dietrich’s intentions.

“Your Majesty has arrived!”

The noise outside the barracks, which had been quiet at the beginning of the day, became noisy, and the sound of people moving busily was heard.

I grabbed the Juseom Juseom musket and picked up the black cloth from the barracks.

‘It’s pretty flashy for a sudden tournament.’

Even though Lagrange didn’t even show a willingness to participate, the emperor even built the barracks and invited Dietrich and me inevitably.

The barracks depicting the wolves of Lagrange with red eyes and open mouths are too luxurious to be considered impatient.

“I see the brightest sun of the empire.”

I greeted the emperor as he walked toward the barracks of LaGrange and grabbed the hem of my pants instead of a dress.

“You look good in kiang, Princess.”

I thought it was sarcastic that I didn’t come in a dress, but the Emperor was smiling wide as if he was satisfied with my appearance.

‘Why is your face so blushing?’

She is really a burdensome woman anytime.

I glanced at the emperor’s red cheeks and lowered my eyes.

“What about the peacock?”

“He is inside.”

“Because of seeing holding a gun, it seems like a princess is also participating, right?”

“If it’s hunting, I’ve done it before.”


The emperor opens his eyes wide, as if surprising at my answer.

‘There shouldn’t be anything to eat in Dalia.’

If you say that you have followed Dietrich to fill your stomach with wild animals, it will only worsen the image of La Grange.

‘You’re a barbarian, there’s a lot of backstory.’

I smiled and shook my head.

“Because Dietrich, no, my brother loves hunting. As a hobby.”

“okay? Well, many people hunt as a hobby.”

She replied roughly, nodded, passed me and stepped onto the podium.

“It’s late, so I’ll shorten the opening remarks.”

Contrary to the first word, while the emperor gave a long speech at the temple, Dietrich, who left the last barracks, climbed on the horse with an awkward look.


The black stallion goes well with him. He pointed at me with a chin gesture and asked briefly.

“Women should go to play near the barracks… .”

I suddenly shrugged, pointing to the women who had gathered together and formed a group.

“Then come back.”

Dietrich glanced at me to see me off and flicked his finger.

Soon, a black aura that can only be seen by my eyes moves procrastinating and seeping into my shadow.


‘It’s been a while, Princess.’

I looked up at Dietrich, frightened by the feeling of the sticky hands grasping my ankles.

“Why is Baal?”

“If something happens, don’t delay and call it.”

“The capital said that you shouldn’t use Lee Neung.”

“What do you think is the reason for such useless formulations?”

At Dietrich’s question, I looked up from the shadows and looked up at him.

His face, engulfed by the backlight, dims for an instant.

“Because he is an emperor and nobleman and is afraid of Lagrange.”

I recalled the eyes of the capital aristocrats looking at the northerners.

Is their hate without context in the end because of fear?

“And you are my only weakness. The emperor cannot overlook it.”

I laughed obliquely because Dietrich’s slow words were a little ridiculous.

“I say those words later when you have someone you love. It was like an older brother who was exerted right now.”

‘If I fall for Charlotte, I might be completely unaware of me.’

His eyebrows silently soar into the sky if he doesn’t like my reaction.

I wondered if he would leave, and I hurriedly added words.

“You’ll be careful, so don’t worry too much.”

“Oh, did Robert really say that? Oh my gosh.”

“Is that so? Julia says… ”

Balier’s social circle was a conservative society with very solid extensions.

Donna Euclid and Dorothea Hilbert were wives at the top of the social world, and Charlotte was a superstar who emerged from their beauty.


Dootea Hilbert warned me outright, and I could never get into their conversation, not knowing who Robert or Julia were.

“Mrs. Asand is really good at speaking.”

Among the people, Charlotte makes a good laugh.

She, like the other women, wore a white dress suitable for a picnic.

‘Anyone who has received an invitation can participate in a hunting competition.’

In the end, I was the only person who believed in the invitation and wore pants.

‘If you know in advance, let me know

I sighed, pulling my tight leather pants.

‘No one is hunting.’

Ugly hair was stuck because I did something bouncing at the ball, but it was obvious that if I preached that I was going to hunt because I was a northerner, I would be talking about that.



“Don’t be alone, come here.”

Charlotte beckoned to see if I was pitiful for me, squatting away from the crowd.

The good female protagonist seemed to be unable to ignore the lonely man.

Eventually, when I went to her side, my skin hurts at the stinging gaze of how people are staring at me.

“Sit here.”

Charlotte raises her body and gives her a side. At the glances of those who watched me as if to know with glory, I spit out words of gratitude that I didn’t even have in my heart.

“Thank you for calling.”

“Did you bring a gun? Do you want to hunt?”

Charlotte grabbed a musket gun lying quietly on my lap with her fingertips.

Unlike the black Dietrich’s, it is a beautiful gun with a silver barrel.

‘I brought it with you knowing it would be useful.’

“Oh, just sitting and I feel bored.”

“I didn’t know if Anessa enjoyed hunting.”

“It’s not fun, wouldn’t it be better than just boring?”

I raised my mouth, thinking that if I could hopefully, I could lure Charlotte into starting the hunt.

But she seldom frowned and held my shoulder firmly.

“Anissa. I’ll help you change.”

“… … Yeah?”

“That’s the kind of cruelty of Anissa. After all, living in the desolate north would have no choice but to be like that, right?

Charlotte seemed to really care about me, so I wasn’t even out of touch.

“I can help.”

“… … .”

When I’m speechless, I have lost my words, and she takes the gun from me.

“Hunting has to kill innocent animals. It doesn’t suit people like us. Your Majesty and knights, we have to prepare for war, so we can’t help it.”

Charlotte groaned, watching as if the gun could be an ornament.

“They take their lives with such a beautiful gun. Just thinking about it is so sad.”

“Oh, Charles. Here is a handkerchief.”

Charlotte hung tears in her big eyes, as if her heart hurt just by imagination.

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