The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke

The Precious Sister of The Villainous Grand Duke C1-10


            I was used to being turned away by my family.

In the previous life, there was nothing better than her brothers, so she was treated as an acquaintance or shame by the family.

Now, she’s abandoned that she had no power of the natural sun.

Her name was ‘Anissa Lagrange’, so even jokingly, I can’t say that my family is lucky. Even more, my family in my previous life even raised me.

I lamented a little and sighed.

“Why does the baby sigh and get mad?”

Servant Lancel, who is now taking care of me, the youngest and has no connection with anyone else, disliked whatever I did.

“Sheesh, why do I have to take care of the troublesome youngest princess?”

You know that I can’t understand me and do that.

What’s wrong with a baby who can’t speak!

I’m in possession. Not reincarnated?

Nope. Since I was born as a character in a novel, I think I’m going to be right.

Anyway, the world I live in now was very similar to the world of the war fantasy novel ‘The Men’s War of the Roses’ that I read in my previous life.

‘No, this is exactly the same.’

The Euclid family I was born with was a foe who shared a very long history of war with the Grand Duke of Lagrange.

If Euclid is the sun, then Lagrange is the shadow. I think Euclid will be more successful if I hear the words, but it is not so.

“Poor Camille, why did you die after having a child!”

Lancel grumbled while changing my moist diaper all night, frowning.

“Damn, if only Camille was alive!”

“That guy’s Camille, Camille.”

Camille is one of the numerous wives of the Grand Duke of Lagrange, where Lancel served, and was the birth mother of Dietrich, the villain who played the lead role in ‘The Men’s War of the Roses’ and opposed the protagonist.

“If so, I would have saved myself from this miserable scene. Why did you die after giving birth to such an ugly baby?”

‘Why is that child’s appearance from a while ago?’

I only grumbled inside and recalled the contents of the novel. Externally, it is said that Camille died while giving birth to me, but in fact, I was not her child.

Camille kidnapped me, the daughter of the enemy family, Duke Euclid, to establish her position in LaGrange.

’So you say the baby is Euclid’s child?’ I still vividly remember the face of Camille, who was observing me, who was still a newborn baby.

She was a rare beauty. At that time, even though my memories were dull like watercolors soaked in water, I remember only the beauty.

It seemed to be dozens of times more beautiful than Anissa’s birth mother.

‘Hey, so her son Dietrich must have that kind of beauty.’

She was close to full term, and was caught in the process of kidnapping me and moving me, but was caught and killed by Euclid’s knights.

“Kill her!”

“What about the baby?”

Shudder. The existence of Euclid, who has no sense at all, must not leak out.

The funny thing is that Euclid’s knights didn’t follow her to rescue me.

They found Camille to get rid of me altogether, and the baby in her belly dies at the same time.

I don’t know why I’m the only one who lives and is raised by the Lagrange family as Camille’s daughter.

The book didn’t show that kind of situation, and I lost my mind in shock the moment the knights killed Camille.

There was no crazy human being who pressed a pillow over the face of an infant like Anissa’s birth mother, but the situation in Lagrange was not particularly good.

“Oh, such an ugly baby!”

For example, Lancel, who is scratching the forearm with delicate skin of an infant by raising his nails for no reason, didn’t look like normal.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! crying!”

My skin is so soft that they look like dough. Even if he applied a little strength, it was soft enough to glow red, but if he scratch it with his nails, is there any way it won’t hurt?

“Cry more! Cry more!”

Lancel tortured me with a hard pinch on my forearm, whether I cried or not.

Why does Lancel hate me so much when I’ve never done any direct harm to him?

I stared at the black smoke spreading over Lancel’s heart.

That black aura that fills the heart tells of his hate.

Why do you hate me so much?

I was able to read people’s feelings with the aura.

It was also an opportunity to realize that the aura that looks like a fog is a character in the world in the book.

The first aura I saw when I was born belonged to my birth mother, and her aura was much more black than Lancel’s.

Her hatred was so severe that he even smelled too stimulating for a newborn baby.

‘You hate your baby that much because the baby don’t have the power of the sun. Although I was now Anissa, I felt a little sympathy for her.’

At least my indifferent parents didn’t hate me.

No, maybe they really hated it so much, but it may be something I didn’t know because I didn’t see the aura.

‘Oh no. Let’s think different, think different.’

I struck my head not wanting to recall my miserable situation on the verge of dying.

The last time I read before I died, ‘The Men’s War of the Roses’ was a novel from an observer’s point of view.

She wasn’t the main character, but the owner of the voice that unfolded the story was ‘Anissa Euclid’.

She had the power of Redia in Almighty, who reads people’s auras and foresees the future, instead of the power of the sun that she should have.

‘Isn’t it almighty? It was a role that was only used by Dietrich.’

Annissa knew the character and heart of the main characters, but she was a weak person who had no strength to protect one body.

When Dietrich learned that she was the younger sister of the main character Hermann Euclid, he trapped her in a shadow, make her act like a slave, and used her abilities to attack Hermann.

‘That was one of the reasons Hermann didn’t forgive Dietrich.’

I thought she was the sort of device used to emphasize Dietrich’s wickedness, also called the Demon Grand Duke.

Even I, who has no expectations for my family, thought it was terrible to read the description of a villain who used and throws away a person who grew up knowing as a younger sister.

‘I’m scared. This family is too scary!’

If I could only move my body, I wanted to run away right away. I looked up at Lancel, struggling inside.

‘Eh. It wasn’t black at all.’

Lancel’s aura, was shaking in front of me.

Although each person has their own aura, it is easy to read because all emotional auras are similar in color.

“Black, huh! Camille. Why did you die.”

Lancel’s aura began to turn blue. The blue color was sadness.

‘You must have really loved Camille.’

Even though I couldn’t pour out my tears, I could feel her sadness with Lancel’s aura shaking finely.

It seems that he hates me like that because he thinks that Camille died because of me.

‘But that’s not my fault.’

I never told Camille to kidnap me.

Lancel, who poked tears in front of me, soon slammed the door and left the room.

‘no? I have to give the rice and go!’

I’m hungry!

There weren’t many people in and out of my room because I was completely neglected by the Grand Duke.

Until Lancel came again, I was starving again.

In the modern worldview where the infant mortality rate is not so low, am I not starving like this?

Even if I look around with my eyes open, I don’t see anyone who will bring me food.

Lancel provided me with very minimal care to spare my life. Although it was resentful, it wasn’t something I couldn’t understand.

I was a princess, but Lagrange was overflowing because there were not many Prince and Princesses.

Derek Lagrange, the current Grand Duke of LaGrange, was too much of an expression that he had more than 20 officially registered children.

‘If it was considered a woman who would give birth to a great successor, I brought it right away and used it as a concubine.

Although Dietrich Lagrange is the world’s greatest villain, I think the real trash is Derek Lagrange.

Dietrich was a bad guy, but he was a romantic man who was neutral to the heroine Charlotte.

Anyway, since there are so many children, there are always children who are neglected even if it is a grand public.


However, Derek took care of only those children who had been filtered through harsh tests as candidates for Fuhu because he really had no heart to care for his children.

But that harsh test wasn’t just a physical fitness test or study. As all of them are imaginary Howol’s that surpass the common sense of the general public, it was a very dangerous situation for me.

For example, like now.

“Is he right? Is it okay to kill him?”

The countless trials of LaGrange included the murder of a brother.

‘To see if there is cruelty to lead the North, or what I say.’ So, no matter how many babies the Derek Lagrange wives had, less than half survived.

The infant brother was a very good target to kill.

“There is no one. Kill it quickly.”

The child, who was looking at me, exhales, exhaling coldly. I hurriedly reached out and opened my mouth to persuade the child.


However, only strange babbles come out. Tears seemed to come out of frustration.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I have a position too.”

The cold blade touches my neck. It hadn’t even touched the cool metal texture yet, but I got goosebumps all over my body.

No, guys. First of all, why don’t you listen to the baby’s position?

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