Ongoing There's No Loyalty To A Wicked Woman

There’s No Loyalty to a Wicked Woman


Country Viscount’s illegitimate daughter, a crow-like Charlotte.

She dedicated her love and devotion to her powerless childhood friend, the prince.She’s done everything she can do to get rid of so many obstacles.But Albert, who became emperor, quietly sentenced her.

“Mutualize it and lock her in the prison.Her family that establishes discipline die from extinction.”

A false charge and a thorough betrayal.

Charlotte was stuck in a prison with her leg broken by her friends.

After crying, begging, delusional, resigned,One day she realized it’s been five years.

Charlotte decided to wipe out all the crap.


“I’d like to ask you a favor, won’t you kill the Emperor?”

The Grand duke of the Great House, a man of unidentified birth.

Duke Ruslan von Keitel appeared before her.

“This child’s body and the magic of immortality. You can be reborn with that.”

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