Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 121

It was the hallway window of the shrine building behind the main hall.

Yonatan stood motionless. Arms crossed under the long robe of the archbishop’s robe.

When did he show up here?’

It’s the first encounter since we met in the North. His New Year’s address, which he organizes, had no opportunity to watch as he participated in the imperial palace ball.

In the meantime, Juju has been in and out of Daishinjeon Hall, and Yonatan never appears during the worship time of ordinary believers.

Or pretend not to show up. How many coins did you dedicate to a priest? Never been told though. There was a possibility that Jonathan would have shut up.

Did they say that they were actually still working in that building today?

Juju gave up speculation.

Next to her, Elise looked really surprised.

I can see why you said it was easy. It’s the type of person who shows emotion on the surface. In her response, Jonathan’s appearance was completely unpredictable.

‘That hat was sitting in the corner at the service earlier. That means Yonatan didn’t go to work, at least since then, when he went back and forth from the charnel house.’

It is indeed a lazy schedule. He was originally insincere, but I remember at least keeping to his daily schedule. Maybe it’s because there’s no one to control him if he goes up to the archbishop.

Juju had been glaring at him for a while, and Jonathan picked and smiled with his eyes. His figure slipped away in the window frame.

It was not long before he walked out the entrance leading to government administration. In the back, a common priest and a priest are included as attendants.

Juju was conscious of their eyes and bowed slightly.

“The Archbishop. It’s been a while.”

“Nice to meet you here.” It’s the first time you’ve met Shinto and Shinto, isn’”

Farmland that he’s reflective on a woman. Juju squeezed her lips and laughed.

“How can I forget seeing you in the north?”

“Really? I guess I’ve never been forgotten? If you hate Count Keitel, you’ll lose your donation.”

“I have long remembered the miracle of your Holiness.”

Juju snapped back at the nonsense.

Jonathan just smiled round and round. Then, he approached Elysee, who had stepped away. Before she even allowed it, she rushed the child away.


“So, how did the congregation say hello to my cute niece?”

“I saw a memorial in the charnel house. Your Holiness knows what’s going on.”

Jonathan also played a part in driving Dietrich into a corner. Doesn’t this guy have any qualms about that?

Jonathan lowered his eyes, ‘Hmmm.’ On the surface, he looked calm and unperturbed. Said the babbling child, accustomed to aging.”I understand. It’s not something to talk about, so let’s leave it at that.”

“Your nephew looks a lot like you.”

“There’s nothing interesting. Unlike his brother and sister who didn’t look like the Grand Duke, his father looked almost the same as me.”

That’s because the Earl is an adopted son, quit Juju, who was about to add. Long excuses are rather suspicious. It was best to laugh it off.

Today, we ran into each other and had a child, so it was not appropriate to try anything. First, let’s aim for a chance to get closer to Elysee. And for the time being, I decided to focus on Irene and said hello.

“It’s amazing how genetic it is. I should get going then. Holy Father, sometimes you preside over worship.”

“Oh, by the way, one before that.”

Jonathan caught on out of the blue. Juju did something about it and narrowed the gap between her eyes.

He kept his back and gave a chin to a lay priest.

“Follow me. I hesitated, but now that I’ve come to this, I’ll have to talk to you. Tell Earl Keitel himself verbally.”

The lay priest walked out saying yes. Juju whispered to Yonatan because she couldn’t make head or tail of his intentions.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing.”

The lay priest, who was walking to the wagon waiting station, lowered his voice extremely.

“One of the gods reported in his confession. It seems that heresy is rampant at the lowest level of the system, so I’m going to investigate it because I can’t wait and see as a substitute.”

“Lee Ethan?”

“I don’t have any knowledge, but there’s a saying, ‘The ritual of the fallen Northern States.’

Juju has a stiff look on her face.

In the meantime, I arrived at the carriage I was waiting for. The lay priest added a calm explanation.

“The Holy Father said he had heard that the court was searching for the remnants of the country. The Earl is currently in charge of the agenda, so I want you to elaborate on it in detail. Do you mind if I hitch a carriage?”

The juju agreed quickly. The lay priest thanked her and escorted her instead. The wagon began to go down the hill, leaving a wheel mark in the temple yard.


Watching the wagon moving away, Jonathan turned around with the child in his arms. Elyse scurried to get into the building.

The engineering college came out of him ahead.

“What wind blew your wife into the charnel house?”

It’s a sense of distancing in the presence of others.

Elysee was conscious of the investigative agents walking side by side and spoke in unison.

“What, what do you mean? Today is the anniversary. Your Holiness’s inner brother.”

“Did I? I totally forgot. I was going to be stretched out after the big speech, and the cult members came out.”

He was on speaking terms. The eyes of the child in his arms were dim. The sleepy head could not be properly supported and shook.

Soon after, the child was buried in the shoulder embroidery of the robe. There was a sound of completely asleep breathing.

Jonathan looked down at the child for a moment. The expression disappeared.

“Your nephew is tired. You take him and put him in bed somewhere. Due date? I need to talk to my wife for a while.”

The investigative system accepted the child in a cool way. Elyse tried to call out the name of the child. The arm was grabbed from the back and turned.

Jonathan pushed open the door facing the aisle. It was a room like a warehouse, so there was no one. He clicked the door and whispered softly in Elise’s ear.

“Did you feel good to see your husband after a long time? I took Count Keitel’s girl for a walk.”

“I don’t want morality from you, so I don’t want you to have a conscience. Did you come out here to spy on me? Ugh…!”

Jonathan pinched the nipples over the neckline dress.

“That’s right about the third part, but wrong about the rest. You know that the investigative agent we were working on earlier was a girl? When I counted the calendars, it was time to set a date for next month. It’s the way Albert’s forces will produce the latter.”I’ve been forced to handle the charges. Jonathan muttered and quickly tore through Elise’s clothes.

Elise tried to push, but it didn’t work. The hairpin fell on the floor. The hand that invaded the bottom of the skirt swung over the underwear. Enduring her skillful hand movements, she bit her lips with complicated meaning.

Jonathan was serene as opposed to violent behaviour. The snow fell quietly and the lips drew a neat line.

“Don’t you think it’s funny? The priest asks us to keep celibacy, but why on earth do we decide when Albert’s will strike?”

“You don’t understand the meaning of imperial posterity, nor the sublime that breeds new life…… because it’s a corrupt soul…….”

“Why, didn’t you hear Juju say you looked like her? It makes me feel pretty good to imagine that the son of a bitch that Josef even killed was mine. The crystal of me and Elise’s great love.”

Jonathan took off his gloves from her. He grabbed and fiddled with his left hand trying to avoid it.

There must have been a rose crystal ring on the ring finger. After confirming the fact, he became taciturn.

“Or, Johan, are you my baby?”

“You don’t have the right date! Please!”

“Just in case, women handle things so well that men don’t know them. I look into the astronomical chart every month and think, how is the Empress suspicious? Isn’t that too much of a problem?”

Jonathan was on a brief basis for reasoning. Elise pulled her trembling chin back. Hot breath came out of my lips.

He pulled out his hunky fingers with a smile of remorsefully.

“But my sister-in-law isn’t the type to come up with complicated tricks.”

“Please, holy……where…….”

“Where, this heat-poor, 200-year-old junk? I’ll cleanse you as Archbishop in case you’ve been buried with dead soul debris. I’m going to wake her up and cry before I find her.”

Elise quickly weakens when she bets on a child. Staring at her wet eyes for a moment, she gently turned to the door.

Then his arms stretched out with a low giggle of laughter. Yonatan hugged from behind and played tricks on his chest like he was playing around. From the back, the pressure of the body’s stiff engagement came up.

Elise rather tried to empty her head. Then her lips fell on her ears. A sweet voice tickled the neck.

“You’re the best, Elise. You’re the only woman who begs so lovely. I’m happy to drown in you.”

* * *

“Oh, hah, hah, uh, uh……!”

Every time I exhaled hot breath, the glass was damp. The condensation could not bear the weight and rolled down.

“Yes, Lou, Seul, Ra, Aang!”

The same was true of Juju’s body. Body fluids, which could not withstand the friction, flowed down the bridge. I’ll throw away my stockings, but I don’t have time to care.

The heat that penetrated the body was concentrated all over the body. At this moment, the muscles in the lower body seem to exist only for one point.

Now she and the man are in the study doing affairs instead of quiet.

The everyday dress has been peeled off and stuck on the sofa a long time ago. Garter, who fixes thick stockings, was still barely hanging. Underpants fell on the floor, revealing their hips and sound doors. Every time a penis was stuck there, endless fluctuations wriggled.

The chest poured out of the halfway-drawn camisole was crushed by the window glass every time Ruslan pushed it. The cold nipple was tingling.

Don’t tell me there’s someone hiding in the garden down there. I don’t think anyone will hear it in the hallway.If so, you’ll soon be seen how instinctive it is now. The juju was in a state of mind. The hand holding the window frame slipped.

Then another big hand was folded on the back of his hand. The other arm hugged her. I dug deep.


“Face, show me……. Let me see.”

Ruslan pleaded.

Do you feel better when you see a pretty face? My mind twisted for nothing. It was also loosened by a pat on the cheek.

While Ruslan was bitten back, Juju became leaning against the window. One leg lifted and weighed on the man’s arm. The empty entrance became tight.


“Uh, whoo, whoo……. Haha, I couldn’t hold it in…….”

Ruslan hurriedly pushed up his waist, speaking as if he were self-helping. Juju shook her head in the excitement of poking her stomach and turning it upside down.

I’d love to fall on a rug if I could. I hope you can fully feel the weight that Ruslan is pouring out.

However, it was a desire that began in a hurry, as the posture and place were. The urge to taste the top was also severe.

Juju looked up at Ruslan with blurred eyes. The front is open with the suspender on. He pulled his shoulders with his hands and leaned against the chest in front of him. Uh-huh, uh-huh, regularly spouting gynecology and rubbing his cheek.

Ruslan’s arm was tightened. It was time to wonder if he would be crushed in his arms like this. What I was hoping for came right in.

“Oh, hahaha, Ahn, ah, ah……!”

I begged you even though you were already in my arms. My body, excited at its peak, was twisted and I couldn’t let it go.

Ruslan did not let go of her as requested. Kisses followed to pick up hyperventilation.

Ruslan, who dropped his lips, looked sad. Sweeped Juju’s cheek with lingering feelings in his thumb.

Juju stepped on him, feeling ambivalent. I pressed my lips one by one on my neck, chin, and cheek.

‘This body is effective in comforting you…….’

It suddenly occurred to me.

Heresy accused in the temple was not unexpected. It has been identified as the remnants of Ipeniya.

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