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Chapter 31

After spending some time talking deeply with Ruslan, Juju was able to reach a conclusion.

Still, it can’t be a cliff to grow old. He knew exactly what to know.

It was also clear about the virtues performed by men and women in relationships, the procedures for physical contact, or the principles of the results of deep relationships.

But there was something crucially lacking. Ruslan’s idea of love was similar to foreign knowledge that he had never seen before. Juju pretended to know the valley of the East or the desert of the West.

To put it simply, the reality is strangely out of place. It was natural because I had no experience. The love he knew was all about books and plays, and he played separately.

Coincidentally, he is good at appearance and intelligent packaging, so he has only developed skills to pretend to be a player to strangers.

“What are you doing in the North? How could you do that when you weren’t stuck in boarding school?”

“I was stuck in a mountain villa instead of a boarding school.”

Ruslan avoided looking embarrassedly. He got out of bed and poured another cup of mint tea for nothing.

“I was fourteen years old when I became adopted, but I couldn’t come straight to the front, so I stayed at the villa for another year. You heard my name after that, right?”

Juju quickly counted her fingers. Ruslan was seventeen when Charlotte was trapped in a brain cell. Before that, I heard about quantum news, so the numbers were about right.

“Before I was crowned at the age of 20, I had limited social attendance. Besides, wool doesn’t like the messy atmosphere here.”

“Earl, no matter how quiet you drink tea, I think you’re in love.”

Juju lifted her chin and said indifferently. Ruslan only looked down at the tea water. I kept rubbing the teacup with my thumb.

‘Which one is weird. Was the modem dissolute by any chance.’

I began to doubt the color of the area.

Moden was a different town before and after. On the outside, he weighed his face and dignity, but on the inside he was full of spirit.Right now, even Charlotte was born from jumping on the bandwagon. She learned to cleanse and was cracked down, but mostly out of politeness. One day Albert asked her not to return home, he realized that it was all the more trivial nagging.

Even if you were a thorough lady, how dare you have a veto over the prince?

Juju sighed as she buried her memories of the mess.

“Oh, anyway, I know how far you know. If anyone asks deeply, just change the subject. Especially what pregnancy means to a woman!”

“According to you, it’s a matter worth risking your political standing.”

“Some people think politics is more important, but I don’t think it was Batilde.”

Juju recalled Batilde looking at Philippe. Her eyes were strangely familiar to the empress.

When I didn’t know the situation, I thought it was a reflection of a friendly and loving personality. After learning the truth, he belatedly discovered Tokyo and Yeon-mo.

Once upon a time, Charlotte would have given Albert that look. A twisted smile came out.

“Anyways, it’s worth getting Albert’s habit wrong now that it’s worth it. He doesn’t have a history of caring about how a woman deals with a baby problem.”

Precisely scared that Charlotte would cause him trouble and chose to take care of himself rather than consult him.

I could offer as much as I could. But if you have a child before you get married, you’re an illegitimate child. The fear that this would ruin Albert’s relationship was soon plagued.

It doesn’t matter because he’s dirty from the beginning, but Albertman is faithful to the rule that he should always shine like a star.

Ruslan, who heard the story, narrowed his forehead slightly. Suddenly a cold voice came out.

“That’s an unpleasant story to hear.”

Juju was a little surprised by the tone.

I thought he would smile in agreement as usual. Or he was going to laugh at the fact that he was embarrassed by the story of an outsider.

I was so surprised by the blatant dislike that I spoke quickly.

“Isn’t that a misunderstanding? I didn’t do anything terrible. I mean, I’m the first to take birth control…….”

“I know what you mean.”

Ruslan spoke with it and spewed out half to himself.

“You don’t give a shit about such a story.”

Juju has become even more difficult to understandable.

“You knew that. I was originally Albert and…….”

“Excuse me in the middle of the story. I need to go to bed.”

Ruslan suddenly finished in a hurry and opened the door leading to the next room and left. There was a crash.

Meanwhile, empty teacups were neatly turned upside down on a saucer.

Juju blinked, not knowing exactly which part offended him. Did I tell you too much of a provocative story? Do you think he’s grown up to be a man of himself?

‘Should I apologize…?’’

I thought I’d open the door in front of me. But he hesitated to wake up a man already in bed.

Eventually, I decided to talk in the morning. I turned off the light and chose to lie down. My mind got complicated and I hugged the cushion.

It would have been nice to just talk productive.

Batilde asked to put embroidery together. This gave me an excuse to come in and out regularly. She doesn’t have to risk it, but you can put the dragon’s hooves on this side. If he supports the empress, his relationship with the emperor will become more and more divided without having to drive a wedge…….

I’m busy just talking about revenge.

That’s what Ruslan and I were like from the beginning.

He must have been immersed in role-playing since he left it in the next room. He accused himself of crossing the line after meditating to make it feel real.’It’s hard to be a contract lover…….’

Maybe it’s harder than a real lover. Thinking of that, Juju tossed and turned several times.

By dawn, Ruslan had woken up.

Sometimes, even when he was asleep, he had tremendous memories and operations that disturbed him, and now it was.

My brain couldn’t rest enough because I was in a bad mood just before going to bed.

Disposal of the Army Marshal. the mood of the Emperor The Empress’s Secret. Hundreds of predictions and numbers were drawn as various situations came to his mind at once. I shook my head and shook it forcibly.

The most disturbing thing in the meantime was the door leading to the next room.

‘Apologize… …’’

What right do you have to be conscious of her relationship with the Emperor?

It was a contractual relationship that was proposed for convenience from the beginning.

Buying all kinds of dresses in the dressing room, escorting at the ball, and dining together on the terrace were all fake acts. It was just a role play based on the knowledge that couples do this.

But these days, I feel a little different.

On my way home from the stifling palace, I felt bright to imagine that she would come out to the front door of the mansion.

I used to look forward to the moment when I was brutal with a sweet smile.

It was such a waste that I couldn’t see how lively it was in the teahouse.

Maybe it’s because she’s as inexperienced as she is. Ruslan was sometimes perceived to mistake imitation for truth.

She knows real love. Therefore, unlike himself, the distinction between authenticity will be clear. I am faithfully performing the role of ‘Juju’.

By comparison, he was immature. I often misunderstood the familiarity expressed by alliance. Whenever she showed signs of regaining her memories with the emperor, she felt unknowingly offended.

I was embarrassed to see the nature of it.

It wasn’t because I was worried that resentment and hatred would be dulled.

While she does not know, she has experienced a real relationship, and she is unhappy that she shares it with an enemy whom she hates to death.

Even as she said earlier, there are times when there is a hint that there was a lack of proper respect.

Every time I sensed it, I was filled with sour anger. A cry came up in my throat not to turn it over like a joke. There was also an urge to grab the emperor by the collar.

‘……you’ve been around for a long time, Ruslanid. Walking on the head of a stick and feeling like a new man.’

He laughed at himself hotly and got himself up. It’s wrong to go back to sleep.

I washed up and came down to the restaurant. While brewing the morning coffee, Semyon brought me a morning newspaper and imperial palace newsletter. He opened his mouth while comparing his tone with others’ opinions.

“Semyon, do you still remember what my father was like?”

The old man opened his mouth after confirming that he was busy with his own work.

“The last time I saw you, you were two or three years older than the current young master. He died at an early age, but he was like a bamboo. I heard that you were confident even in front of the Emperor.”

Semyon cleverly made up his words to remind anyone of his predecessor, Count Keitel. Only Ruslan understood.

A name that remains in one’s real name. King Zahari, the last ruler of Ipeniya.

His impression was blurred because he was a father who had never seen his face. Her biological mother was also extremely reticent, which made her feel like a character in the history books.

When I was helpless in front of a powerful invading army, I decided to share my fate with the country. I heard that he chose to give himself up to minimize the massacre.As a result, he kept the secret of immortality to the end thanks to his early death.

“How was your relationship with your mother?”

“Are you suddenly curious?”

“It bothered me to talk to the emperor.”

Semyon’s impression softened as he retreated to his old memories.

“I’ve never seen anyone so dear. It was said that if there was no fault like a saloon house, it would hurt my dignity.”

“……And your mother?”

“If it weren’t for the love of the husband and wife, it would have been difficult to decide to come out of the snow alone and give birth.”

As a result, Ruslan was speechless.

The answer was not to give birth rationally or politically. For her mother, who was still young, giving birth was a high risk. It would have been better to remove the child, change his identity, and find a new life cleanly.

Nevertheless, he gave birth. He chose to entrust himself to the Grand Duke of the Enemy Country. Hiding in a mountain villa, he raised Ruslan himself.

That’s what a man’s child means to a woman?

I was in a complicated mood and thought hard when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

It was Juju, who appeared at the restaurant, cringed uncharacteristically and read her countenance.

Ruslan recalled the words that had crossed his mind and hurriedly opened his mouth.

“Last night…….”

At the same time, we spoke and looked at each other out of breath.

The juju side laughed first. Pooh pulled his lips.

“What, you didn’t worry about going into bed, did you?”

“You’re not as energetic as you were yesterday when you walked down the stairs.”

The atmosphere quickly eased up. Ruslan is much more relaxed. But I couldn’t get my heart off my chest, so I drew a suitable excuse and apologized.

“I’m sorry I cut you off on the way. I was so tired that I got sharp.”

“As a matter of fact, it’s okay because I stayed up late.”

Juju was only relieved. I’m glad if your attitude or topic wasn’t wrong.

It was also good that they apologized first without holding grudges. She still had a habit of implicitly judging men by Albert. Ruslan was anxious about what to do if he was so offended.

I said, looking down at the print of the newspaper on the table.

“You’re not going to enter the palace today, are you? Are you going to get a report from the North from here?”

“You can’t neglect being a detection dog. I’m thinking of digging into the background of the mainstream.”

“What didn’t Albert like about the man in charge of the imperial liquor……. Let me follow you.”

Juju dropped her eyes significantly, tapping the letters “Army Marshal” and “Suspect” in the Imperial Palace Newsletter.

Ruslan replied, smiling face to face.

“If you’re free, accompany me. It will take some time for the seed to sprout.”

Perhaps a summons will be made before lunch is over today.

As Ruslan predicted, Emperor Albert had been heading to the audience room since early in the morning.

After working in the afternoon, I couldn’t get my hands on the morning shift. But I didn’t want to meet my ugly face over the lunch break.

As he sat on the roof and winked, the servant rang a decree announcing his permission to enter the university.

Pascalina, unwavering, stood upright and walked straight in.

At one time, the attitude was considered as reliable as a high mountain. I didn’t even like him today.

At the end of each other’s ceremonies, Albert poured out his shrill voice without having to hide it.

“Army Marshal Lord Pascalina. You can’t take care of your husband, can you?

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