Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 41

Act Six – An Untamed Bird The year-round warming system also has drawbacks, so it is hot.

The central area of the continent is surrounded by the Great Mountains in a circle like a natural wall, and is a topography that penetrates the middle of the Janggang River. Naturally, in summer, the humidity rose and the scorching heat was unusual.

Licht’s anti-aircraft residence also paid attention to measures against the heat this summer. The curtains, which had been changed making a fuss since late spring, were shaken by white and thin linen.

So every morning the bedroom lit up violently, but Juju didn’t get up easily.

I woke up a while ago. However, he fell asleep leaning on the cushion while doing gymnastics, which is his daily routine. When Angela heard the door open, she came back to her senses faintly.

“He’s still dozing off. Isn’t it about time you got better? Maybe it’s because it’s hot, but it’s going on for a long

Juju opened her eyes procrastinating.

When I got up, the morning paper that I had flipped over while reading slipped. Finish the new commission at the top of the Army.The words > flashed across my eyes.

I tried not to, but I heard a tired voice.

“Angela, good morning. Have you eaten yet?”

“It’s already noon. I had lunch. I heard you had breakfast here this morning.”

“Yes. Meat pudding, cucumber…Was it …?”

“I’ll tell them to serve chocolate instead of tea for lunch. I always drink a whole cup.”

“Oh, no! I’m dying of sweetness!”

“That’s the best way to cheer up with a small amount! I heard you can’t even eat a lot with that body!”

Angela scolded strongly and pulled a chair around her head. The coming meal was horrendous, and Juju wore a haughty.

‘I expected it wouldn’t be easy to recover…….’

It’s been a month since I lived like this.

It has been that long since Pascalina lost her life.

In the meantime, I got news of post-processing from time to time. The emperor’s mourning speech was greeted with derision. This is because the habit of mobilizing sentimental poetic words like those in old modems was full of public vocabulary with minimal courtesy and disappearance.

It was the same for him when friendship dried up.

No matter what I say, I killed my old friend myself. I was prepared for a mental aftermath. I hoped that people would scold me if I felt a sense of agitation and guilt belatedly.

However, I was rather surprised that there was no sadness at all.

A little bit of bitterness in my mouth. Anger I shouldn’t have betrayed in the first place. They were only occasionally squirmy. The mind, which caused paralysis due to sharp stimuli, rather strengthened its sense of goal to become more thorough in the future.

This is not really the way to live a good life. Every time Juju became aware of such awareness, she let it slip into her own eyes that Albert had become the evil woman she had hoped for.

Now, the physical condition rather than the mind was a challenge and a concern.

Immediately after killing Pascalina, he suffered dehydration-like symptoms. Just as a body lacking water causes thirst no matter how much it drinks, blood veins constantly wanted an aura.

At this rate, it is likely to develop into internal injuries and destroy the power failure. Several first aid treatments managed to save the day.

However, his physical strength deteriorated rapidly due to his physical disturbance. Even after recovering from the aura, my body easily became tired. I had no choice but to refrain from going out under the pretext of a summer cold.

However, considering the future, the social relationship cannot be completely let go.

I thought it would be okay after a month, so I just attended the neighborhood’s multi-party, and it was like this the next day.

“I want to eat deer terrine. I want to eat goulash with a lot of onions on the rump. I want to pour all the wine Angela hid in the front leg of the pig and bake it!””Don’t touch my treasure and help yourself to the rest. If you ask the count, he’ll order the finest.”

“Why is one plate of food wrong with this body? You have to eat three plates if you want to run!”

Even though he was so strong, he had a disease in his brain cell.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling this way, too. Juju took a deep breath after complaining. I secretly apologized to the Wonju owner, who must have been mixed up somewhere in the ceremony.

Meanwhile Angela went through Juju’s robe and dug up the front of Camisole. I took out a long wooden coffin and started a stethoscope.

“Heart sounds good. No problem with power failure. As expected, blood vessels are not stable. You have to keep accumulating aura to boost your energy.”

It was the same conclusion as usual.

The fuel efficiency of the body is fixed anyway. It’s hard to suddenly increase the amount of food and exercise.

It was the fuel efficiency of the soul that mattered. The answer was to breathe as much aura as possible for a quick recovery.

Angela pulled the stick out of her leather pocket. He is trying to practice Eastern medicine, which he had encountered at the port. A hand-sized needle was stuck in parts of Juju’s body. It stung, but there was no better treatment for blood vessels.

While examining the condition for a while, Angela carefully brought it up.

“Why don’t you be stubborn at this point?”


“Contact therapy. Wouldn’t it be better to close your eyes and try? Why leave the boulevard and choose a side road.”

Angela rolled her eyes down as she wrapped it up.

“I also talked to Count Keitel about it. He said yes if the therapy is best.”

“You don’t have to ask me useless things. He doesn’t know how to fight with an aura.”

Juju said cleverly. I’m not lying. Familiar with highly precise usage, he was extremely poor at simple operations that strengthened the body.

Angela saw through the signs of avoiding and pushed back.

“Well, you wouldn’t know. When I went to Cheongjin, my Danjeon was surprisingly developed. If it’s that level without training, it’s a talented axis. The Knights would be sorry if they knew the truth.”


“Aura is the power of the soul, so contact therapy works for the general public. It boosts your affection and activates your blood vessels. The danger is that the opponent’s energy is rather low…. with the count, it’s probably no problem if he sucks half of your aura.”

“I know, so I’m doing a little bit. Well, that’s good, right?”

Juju finally confessed. Angela replied back.

“Of course you do. There’s been a lot of buzzing around these days. Isn’t it because you’re thirsty for an aura?”

“You know what you’re talking about.”

“I’d rather get rid of it than make a fuss. What’s wrong with a relationship already?”

Juju finally pulled out the stick from her arm. I felt a little light in my body because my veins were open. I kicked the blanket to get up.

“Whatever it is, it’s my body. I’ll decide how to recover.”

“You’re a good patient if you follow the doctor’s advice.”

“I’ve never seen a doctor interfere in bed affairs. Okay, pick this one. I’ll finish a cup of chocolate as you said.”

Juju lifted Camisole’s shoulder and opened the lob. I was too lazy to call in a maid to change, so I left the door.

Angela, who was following behind, added a word.

“There’s no precedent like you, Juju. Even I, as a doctor, am not sure what’s right. Wouldn’t it be better to do everything possible?”

The lowered voice contained sincere concerns. Juju couldn’t just stand up to her doctor.It wasn’t just a good stubbornness that slowed the recovery. I had my own calculations.

Excessive display of one’s skills can lead to futile vigilance. It would have been natural to be surprised and exhausted if he stood up to the army chief with a “foolish plan.” I decided to lie down intentionally for a while because I could spill words through my employer.

But surely, a month is a long time.

“……I’ll think about it.”

Juju wrapped up the story with that first.

On the other hand, Angela’s words bothered me. The issue in which Ruslan replied, “It’s OK,” would not be just a kiss.

I was surprised that the man even made such a resolution to this contract. Does he intend to endure revenge and mixing his body with a mad bitch for a purpose?

‘Well, this face is a beauty. It’s tolerable to imagine being the original juju.’

Will Ruslan want to touch a woman who is rough, mean, harms her friends, and even kills an old man? He must have considered gains and losses because he is a quick calculator. Juju smiled bitterly as she touched her soft cheeks.

* * *

Nadia welcomed me when I went down to the restaurant. While eating lunch, the housekeeper approached and reported every day.

“This is the mail for you this morning.”

Nadia took the silver tray instead and sorted it out.

“There are four meetings, two saloon concerts, two recitals, three picnics, and two proms.”

“He says he’s sick, but he doesn’t stop. Instead of a message of rejection, please.”

It was annoying, but it wasn’t a bad thing. It was evidence that Ruslan’s status in the court rose after the Pascalina incident.

Nadia, who picked out the invitation, found the imperial palace letter and handed it over to this side. It’s from Batilde. Along with his words of concern for his safety, the question was whether he could enter the military on the next date.

I’m sure we’re running out of dragon hooves. Don’t worry, Empress.”

Nor do they move purely in good faith. For Juju, this relationship was rather good.

Thinking to write back later, he put it in his arms and said to the old lady, picking up a chocolate cup.

“Thank you for the message. What else do I have to do with the mansion?

“The maid suggested that we need an apron for the summer. How much will we budget?”

Juju took a pen, wrote down the amount, and handed it over.

“I’ll give you this much, so you can order. You can put up to two lines of lace for anyone you want.”

“You’ll be glad it’s your new work uniform. Then I’ll put it on the account book and open the safe.”

No maid would wear a fancy apron at work, though she talks like that.

Such a thing was scarce in the employment situation. If you’ve already gotten it, you’d want to rip it off and use it somewhere else. You’ll feel like you’ve got an unexpected extra money being paid for your new work clothes.

Loyalty comes from a salary. In particular, since the body was known as a maid, it needed to be given a gift not to buy vagina.

However, it was difficult even if it was considered servile after being overly generous. Therefore, they often chose to shed money indirectly like this.

Forced to drink all the chocolate, Juju rinsed her sweet mouth with water. I said a word to Nadia when I woke up.

“Go get to work. By the way, the count seems to be busy, so he asks me to serve him in the parlor.”

Ruslan was told to be there all morning. He seemed busy because it was the day the report was posted in the north.

Juju left the restaurant to visit him. The servants, who were waxing the hallway, made way with snow. In name and reality, he treated the mistress of this mansion.But the reality is a contractual relationship. It may not be real, but…….


Juju rolled up the drawing room curtain.

Ruslan sat knee-deep on a long polite sofa. After noticing the smell of Juju, I put the document down on the table and looked this way.

“Did you wake up? It’s a big deal that you’re still having a hard time going out. I didn’t even change.”

“It’s just annoying. I’m feeling better because Angela let me go.”

Juju sat next to Ruslan. The man who noticed something smiled faintly.

“I guess you’re still feeling uncomfortable. That’s what you want from courtesy?”

Juju swallowed a dry saliva and nodded.

The agreement is over. The moment Ruslan thought he was approaching this side, his lips bumped. The tongue came in after several frictional sounds between thin flesh.

At first, the embarrassment and embarrassment of one day were diluted. Adaptation is a scary thing, and the clumsy Ruslan has now naturally taken his hand to Juju’s waist. He soon hugged deeply.

Juju casually spread her hand and wrapped the back of the man’s head. The pressing fingers trembled with force.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…….”

His aura is flowing in. With the stimulation of the mucous membrane, the freshness of biting mint in the vein rose.

The heavy body was rejuvenated. Drunk on it, Juju forgot the meaning of her actions and coveted saliva indefinitely. As soon as Ruslan took a breath for a while, he begged from this side.

“More, more, please…….”

Ruslan returned his lips without delay. I got stuck with a passionate spirit. With the weight on, Juju tilted.

Questions arose in the fading reason. Since when did this happen? How did this guy lose his mind on his lips?

Needless to think, of course, it was from the day Pascalina was killed.

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