Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 221

Elise raised her voice reflexively.

“Hey, it’s Penny……!”

“Shh! I’ll hear you all!”

Liriyah was frightened and covered her mouth. I looked around, wondering if anyone really heard it.

No one is paying attention to this side. Market streets were crowded with people coming and going. It was unbelievable that the city was blocked and the volume of distribution was significantly reduced.

So far, it would mean that the system is self-sufficient. However, if the search for weightlifting is prolonged, it will be directly hit by the market for the working class. In a recession caused by the trade crunch, Ippeniah’s cause will be overshadowed at once.

Consequently, persuasion must be made as soon as possible. Liriya, who recalled Ruslan’s words, was in a hurry. whispered Elysee, who was frozen to the bone.

“Don’t do anything useless. I heard that you were in trouble because of my connection last time. If you report me now, you’ll only misunderstand, right?

Elise managed to pick up the memory of the temple’s interrogation.

Obviously, she has become a figure of interest since then. Even if you report Liriya, you’ll be questioned about where and how you came into contact with her.

Liriya was pleased with the response and relaxed. With his arms crossed, he dragged Elise.

“I’m glad you understand. Let me talk to you for a minute.”

“Well, wait a minute. Wait!”

Elise held on not to be dragged away. Uncharacteristic of her, she spoke quickly.

“I-I don’t have that raincoat right now. There’s no point in finding it!”

“Where are you?”

“It’s a weightlifting thing, and the bishops took it…… I don’t know the next one. Whether to keep it in the Holy Office or throw it away…….”

“Did you manage to take it as a trophy? It looks weird. It’s okay. A pair of raincoats.”

Lyria replied coolly. Elise didn’t even know the English. I’m here to get my raincoat back.What do you mean, it’s okay to be gone?

Lyria took a close look at such Elise. This is why I won’t be able to ask you any questions. First, I snatched an apple from a passing peddler and threw in a coin. He wiped the fruit with his sleeve and split it with a grip and handed over half of it.

“Is the child safe?”

“Oh, yes, thank you. Thanks to you.”

Elise received half an apology unexpectedly. Liriyah subtly dragged Elise through the gap. They moved side by side toward the river.

“I’m glad you’re doing well. Is everything okay with you? My lady you were looking after told me to say thank you instead.”

I also heard from the priest that this woman was pregnant. Elise blushed as she looked down at the round ship.

“I’m fine. You’ll see.”

I was full on top of my clothes because I was full of more months. It has grown exceptionally recently. Curiously, this happened after the pregnancy was revealed around. Like a cringing baby stretching.

When I was conscious of the child, I was awakened. You should not be dragged away to protect this body. Elysee stood firm and stopped.

“Well, look, I’m not gonna say anything, so get out of here. I’m busy with other business, and I, uh, don’t want to get involved with you anymore. I said it because I thought I was going to die. Now… …”

“I know, you’re on your way to the dead, aren’t you?”

Liriyah spoke out of turn and took Elise close to heaven. I jumped onto a fishing boat that hung a net.

“Get in. It’ll be faster and more comfortable than walking or riding a wagon.”

Elise could not easily relax her guard. However, if it doesn’t burn as it is, it may drag its sleeves into the stream. I had no choice but to board the ship because I thought I might harm the eldest child in my home.The person sitting on the bow began rowing without a word. The insensitive Elysee could also recognize his identity. I’m sure you’ll be the pawn of Ippenia.

A fishing boat skidded through a narrow ditch between the buildings. Liriya said as she rewrote her hair towel.

“You’d know by now. I’m not here to find a real raincoat.”

“What do you… want?”

Elise barely asked. I wish I could have a good sense of touch with even a small clue, but to her, the insides of the Ippenigans were foggy.

Liriya crossed her arms.

“To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. I contacted the archbishop based on the circumstances of visiting him in the hospital.”

“Dear Jonathan, do you have any business?”

“There’s a lot of business to do. There’s a lot, but…….”

Liriya lowered her voice.

“I don’t say much. Go tell the Archbishop. Don’t you have something to offer Ippeniah? If you say so, he’ll understand.”

Elise swallowed the apple she was cutting incorrectly. Coughing quietly, I asked back.

“What do you mean, “I’ll give it’s not.”

“The Archbishop himself knows what it is. If we get it, we have an internal agreement to repay him with it.”

The process to get there has gone by, so Liriyah didn’t want much back.

Archbishop Jonathan took a greater toll on Iphenya than any other empire.

I would never have forgiven Liriyah if he had his own personality. Rather, he would have considered it a great opportunity to execute the son.

That was the case with most of the leadership. They regarded the memory of being attacked in the sewers as a nightmare. There was also a lot of bad feeling about some of the priests and others being held captive.

Only Ruslan offered an opinion that was not biased toward emotionalism.

“You’re going to blow off steam by hitting the neck of a dying snake. You’ll feel good for a short time. But someone would say this. He’s reluctant to associate with anyone who stabs a dead snake anyway.」

Appearing for the first time at a leadership meeting, he naturally overwhelmed adults as if he had been in place from the beginning.

He didn’t even have to put up a decent royal bloodline. Some kneeled down in appearance resembling the dead king, but were only a few older.

Most of the remnants were sucked into the eloquence that quietly captivated the crowd. Even those who regarded the prince as a lost heirloom were no exception.

“I guess the snake bite must have hurt. But fortunately, he didn’t die. Rather, the snake is dying. In my view, our main enemy is not a snake, but a landman playing a flute behind us.」

“This is the result of their collusion. It is not as if the Archbishop forced himself to follow the emperor’s orders, but he sacrificed us to establish the authority of my church. Do you mean to forgive such an archbishop?」

“I am not your wage. If you’re going to call me, I’m good enough as a count. You can call me comrade in this way.」

Ruslan put it so bluntly, and expressed his opinion.

“I don’t mean to forgive you. It is a waste of our emotions and energy to such a person. It’s better to induce a situation in which he will be punished naturally.」

“Naturally punishing, what does it mean?」

“I’m sure the archbishop doesn’t know where I’m going in the fields. It’s better to let snakes use their teeth than to let the landman dispose of them.」

You can’t let yourself die in bed, Ruslan declared.

He’s so smart that he’s mean and he’s so good at division. He even affirmed that he had no intention of being a prince on such a subject. He even gathered the hearts of the royal family, which had been reluctant to survive.If we had cooperated earlier, how much would the game have changed? Liriyah continued, swallowing her precious heart.

“You know that. We did not spread the curse. It was all false rumors made by Daishinjeon.”

So once there was nothing but fear without substanceless. After Ruslan showed magic in front of the emperor, detailed descriptions began to be embellished. Or a magic trick that drives people crazy.

“If you’re a archbishop, you can prove the inside story. What we want is innocence. I want to get rid of the charge of the curse.”

Elysee’s spine has shrunk.

She herself realized that the curse was false. The priest was no different from Elysee. Nor was it particularly cruel or frightening to be a northerner.

I heard vaguely about Count Keitel. In fact, he is the prince of Ippenia. No, the Queen of Ipeniya is a child born to a Grand Duke man. Everything is wrong. I colluded with Ippenya to become emperor.Neney, there was a lot of uncertain gossip.

But he also seemed to have nothing to do with curses curses.

Jonathan, who was lying down, said. What he suffered was only because of his past mistakes. A girl named Juju, in fact, was an old friend of Jonathan’s.….

In the meantime, what would happen if a series of incitements were found to be all false.

Jonathan himself will be punished. We cannot escape the charge of confusing the country by scattering scaremongering. Depending on the interpretation of the law, you may decide that you prayed for civil war.

Jonathan said that with a nonchalant smile. Maybe one day he’ll get himself in for that charge. Elysée was afraid that it would happen, so she was taking care of her hospital visits.

But even the Ipheniyans in front of them reveal their sins.

“Stop, stop bothering me!”

Elise shouted in a trembling voice.

“He, he, he, he’s already blind! You have to stumble for the rest of your life, and how much more you have to suffer, huh……!”

I grabbed it by the side of my solar plexus without realizing it. Reflecting the mother’s agitation, the child in the stomach kicked loudly. My ribs hurt.

Lyria responded coolly.

“Does it bother you? My friend was stabbed by the sword when he was a baby. I’ve been limping all my life. Even that was attacked by the archbishop, so he cut it off completely.”


Elise swallowed her breath. I knew Jonathan had made a false incitement, but it was the first time I heard what he did specifically for him.

Lyria glared at her like that. Thinking I’d have grabbed her by the collar if it wasn’t for the pregnant woman.

“Yes, I’m a wooden prosthetic now. But he’s still walking around. I’m walking around on a cane. Even such a friend said he would forget the original if the archbishop cooperated with us.”


“Did you say your name was Elise?”

Liriya looked up at the ditch. It’s getting closer to the destination section. I beckoned a signal to a colleague sitting behind me.

Then he looked back at Elise with anxious eyes.

“I just got mixed up with my feelings, so my tone was a little rough. But Mr. Elise, I know you’re a good man.”

“Say that, at least…….”

“What are you mistaken about? You can’t see anything from you don’t get anything.”

Liriya stood up easily. He stepped on land and raised Elysee. I helped him not to fall from the swaying ship and disembarked him.

Elise stepped on the ground in a sloppy manner. Liriyah’s words continued.

“Mr. Elise, I still can’t fully like the Imperial people. But I think the attitude you took before me on that day is admirable. That’s why I lent him my raincoat. At least I want you to tell me what I really mean.””Give Epheniah something to offer…….”

“Yes, the proof to clear us of our false accusations. I’m sure he has it in his personality.”

Elise hesitated for a moment. It was a matter that could not be easily judged by her brief knowledge. It was difficult to drop the answer quickly.

Then, it crossed my mind that it was unfair for only one’s name to be known. She asked quickly.

“Well, what’s your name?”


Liriya lightly kicked the land with her arms crossed. The fishing boat drifted off to the waterway over there. Her last words were heard in the wind from a distance.

“I’ll keep waiting at the market I met earlier. Talk to me when you’re ready.”

The ship was sucked under a small bridge. He disappeared as if swallowed by darkness. When Elise suddenly became curious and climbed up the bridge, she was already nowhere.

The autumn wind passed through her.

Elise shrugged her nervous shoulders.

Anyway, I had to meet Yonatan. She crossed the street with a heavy body. It reached the main gate of the Archbishop’s residence. The priest in charge of the official recognized her and opened the door for her.

Jonathan’s in the bedroom. The imperial physician who was visiting was leaving the room. Elysee gave him a moment of silence and knocked on the door.

Strangely, there was no answer. When I knocked again, I heard a faint voice.

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