Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 230

Albert has already come to the brink. Things have deteriorated enough to be seen by Charlotte, who is trapped here.

The heart that had subsided for a moment shook in time shook. A cry of blood from the servants rang in my ears. I held back from laughing out loud because my mouth was loose.


Charlotte made it happen!

He carefully induced Albert to devote all his attention to himself. Sometimes it’s like running away and disappearing soon, sometimes it’s like I’m already leaning towards him. He became unknowingly anxious, obsessed with Charlotte, and hoped to neglect the rest.

The result is here. That group of servants. A group of passive loyalists. There’s finally a traitor out there!

Now she is the evil woman who led the Horn army to depravity.

I didn’t actually do anything.

I was just standing here enduring Albert’s desire. Charlotte’s presence, despite being the most helpless state of her life, itself had become the harm that contaminated Albert.

The paradox was ridiculous.

It’s no use thinking about it.

I don’t know what to do with Albert, put a dagger in his throat. Days that I couldn’t do with a cruel dream.

‘Oh, he was right.’

I turned unnecessarily far away.

Falling into Albert’s woman must have been the right way to the destination.

The kisses that comforted your heart, the whispers that loved your soul, were unknowingly received. The wicked crow fell into a side road that did not deserve to enter and was drunk on flower viewing.


I guess it was.

Then this is enough.

He’s already been captured. Then I’d rather be the last feather to bring this man down. It’s okay to be recorded as a wicked woman who ruined the king. He will also endure criticism that he was servile in front of power and changed men.

At least someone didn’t get caught. And if Batilde is saved safely. If Dorothea ascends to the throne safely.As long as Ruslan was alive somewhere, Charlotte could bear it.

For his sake, I decided to overcome any hardship. I won’t cry if my knee breaks again.

How nice it was for Charlotte to hear of a series of terrorist attacks. The confusion outside seemed to be an indicator of his survival. I was much more desperate and missed.

She pressed down on her tumultuous desire.

I pulled my lips a little. For the first time, I smiled with sincerity.

“Are you sure you’ll do what I want?”

Albert flinched. He noticed the change, too. I realized that I had forgotten because I hadn’t seen you for a long time. Charlotte used to laugh like this.

He was also brightened up.

“Until when do we need to confirm? You said you’d fill everything you wanted. There’s nothing the Emperor can’t do.”

“I’d like a white dress.”

He dug into his arms with a hint of folly. Under Schmiz, the skin was at odds with the stiff material of conquest.

“That’s a perfect match for a pearl crown. Decorate it like a wedding dress. So that no one can puke.”

“The national spirit will be renewed anyway. You’ll wear it somehow.”

“You have to wear a ceremonial robe according to protocol. Not like that, but I want to dress like I’m having a wedding in a modem.”

Charlotte raised her hands still and stroked her shoulder. Albert became a giddy face. Breathed out a big breath into my mouth and picked it up.

“Yes, I will. You should be the bride of a small castle like back then and in my arms.….”

“I want you to put on a hand-made race in Nambusan. The master has to squeeze it himself. I don’t like it woven with a weaver.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I don’t like clothes that drag me. I think he’s copying Batilde. The Imperial tailor is so old-fashioned that he doesn’t even know how to make it. I’m going to look at the catalog of the dressing room.”

“As much as you want.”

Albert seemed to have finally reached his limit. He picked up Charlotte and flipped over. It was time to roll up Schmidt and try to put himself together. Charlotte took off her slippers at once and slapped him in the face.

“I haven’t given you anything yet. Who told me to go at it already?”

Said coldly.

Albert seemed to have come to his senses only then. The dazed snow slowly returned and looked at the indoor shoes.

Shame and anger mixed with his complexion and died down. He smiled hard and asked.

“Lotte, do you still want to kill me?”

Charlotte stood up in contempt of him. My head went hot from squeezing words to wrap my heart.

“I always want to kill you. If you try to abandon me again, I’ll kill you. I’m gonna kill you and I’m gonna die, too.”

Because it seems like fate is already tied to other people’s eyes.

Albert managed to pull himself together. I hugged Charlotte affectionately.

“Yes, your heart roots were that deep, and I’m sorry I made you suffer by making you suffer.”


“That’s why I’m trying. Anyway, I’ll do whatever you want. Was there a favorite hangout in the system? I don’t really remember…….”

Albert laughed low.

Charlotte secretly swallowed a bitter smile.

Now, the tailor outside the palace will come and go to spread the rumor. This is the moment when the true nature of the woman who the emperor sat in the sediment is revealed.

Albert would have aimed for that, too. He couldn’t have allowed an unreasonable request for nothing. It’s to take this opportunity to lay the groundwork.

I wonder how he will look like.

“A thousand waste of the state coffers in the presence of eleven years old or many emperors.”This is most likely to be accurate.

Most of what was previously written in phonographs were fabricated slander. But to some extent it is now correct.

After receiving the imperial order, King Sijong shudderingly put a stovepipe out of the palace. They, who were born in a family with little dignity, were not able to bring up objections against the emperor, usually only from noble backgrounds. Even those who bravely attempted to poison have died a heroic death.

An order was issued to enter the dressing room secretly. Inge came in with an assistant and delivered the catalog.

He looked quite surprised. Because of the atmosphere, I just couldn’t open my mouth recklessly.

Charlotte turned a blind eye to Inge. I was so engrossed in the catalog as if I had never met them before.

The tapped dress was shaped like a bell with a shin-length skirt. It was a costume like a male dancer. That is exactly what I liked.

If the skirt is too long, it’s hard to run in any case.

Clearly something is happening. It was a complete darkness for Charlotte what would happen.

But even if the worst comes to a head, he will find something and act. At that time, the dress shouldn’t have been in the way.

“There are fewer diamonds in your clothes. More. The emperor has a face.”

Albert, who came to see the sample, gave him a good lesson. He leaned over and whispered a piece of news in Charlotte’s ear.

“The woman’s hearing is complete. To the bitter end, he refused to confess.However, the verdict has already been decided. Don’t worry and prepare hard.”

It was obvious that he was trying to convey it. Charlotte only roughly agreed.

The role of the wardrobe is to procure and send fabrics and patterns. The foundation and Gabon were agreed to be done by Imperial Palace personnel. I had to wait a few more days for the fabric to arrive.

No wonder the dress was so extravagant. It’s a little short.Only, the ingredients were luxurious. Thinly woven fabric like a net was to be layered with thin silk thread. Diamonds smaller than fingernails will be processed and run. Like the Milky Way of the Dawn Star.

* * *

Fortunately or unfortunately, Albert did not cling to Charlotte during the waiting time for the fabric.

Perhaps there was a subject that could not be discussed in sedimentation. He was also planning a hunt, discussing procedures to punish Batilde.

“Are they going to inspect the inside of the Knights and the Army and decide on the guidelines for action on the day?’

Charlotte gazed blankly at the patched fireplace and thought.

‘You’re trying to keep the line from leaking to me. You’ll never trust me completely until I’m pregnant and caught up.’

If it’s proof of thoroughness, it’s proof. But does Albert know that he lost everyone around him because of his personality?

It’s funny that Batilde didn’t know for years. It was doubtful whether there would be any awareness that he was abandoning his wife during those years.

I didn’t know when I was a kid. He’s that kind of person.’

It’s just that the man looked beautiful. I thought you were sweet. There were obvious signs then, but Charlotte didn’t know.

He expressed his little dislike louder than others. When I thought I’d been wronged, I’d ruminate a hundred times. It was extremely difficult to change my mood once, and even I had a hard time of my temper.

Charlotte tried to understand whenever he didn’t. I guess it’s because Albert is smarter than others. And it’s not strange to be hyperactive if life threats are always embodied.He was a nice guy, anyway. No, he wanted to be evaluated as a good man himself.

So Albert didn’t blame Charlotte for being ugly. I didn’t scream and push violently. I whispered a pretty push from my poetry book.

And Charlotte is in a good position to be next to him. Born to be dirty, not gentle, and with many shortcomings, you are second to none.….

I’m Albert. I’m Albert.….

‘……it’s a turn around here after all.’

I feel exhausted.

Maybe it’s because he spends time alone without his grasp for the first time in a while. Maybe it’s because of the chilly air in late autumn. I have a lot on my mind.

My shoulders were cold even when I was enjoying the fire. Charlotte cringed in her arms.

At a time like this, there is no one around who I want to lean on.

Until recently, it was natural to stick together with him in the same room. In fact, it wasn’t meant to be. Why didn’t I know it was a luxury I’d never have in my life?

You’re such a fool. You killed him. I thought I could live like everyone else.’

I scolded myself for a moment.

Still, I’m confident that I hope he’s safe.

It reminds me of gloves. I wonder if Dorothea delivered it safely. I hope you wear it on a cold day like this. In fact, I’ve never seen his hands open before. But we can’t let it get rough.

I hope you’re not angry.

I’m afraid he’ll blame himself for disobeying his plan. Just imagining it makes me miserable.

At the time, I believed this was the only way. As a result, Charlotte was safe from entering here. Albert turns a blind eye to much under the guise of wanting Charlotte. If he had been caught on the contrary, he would have been left with a single cut.

However, as the length of time in Albert’s arms increases, even the meaning of the sword seems to bend and deteriorate.

I’ve imagined meeting him again tens of thousands of times. He had various facial expressions. He said various things.

But it was only the first time I was friendly. In repeated imaginations, he changed more and more. Now most of the faces were scolding Charlotte for doing something unnecessary.

I got more and more depressed.

The urge buried in the ice cave was released from the heat and popped up.

The foundation work is complete. If things go to their worst after that, if Albert wants to sow the seeds on this body, then he’ll take off his own borrowed soul…….


“Here we go, get him!”

The thought of spinning alone was completely cut off.

It’s like a commotion outside. I put a shawl on my shoulder wondering what happened. He pushed the window frame open and pushed his upper body forward.

It was dark because it was night time. Only the gas lamps installed between the landscaping trees glowed pale. The night snow was terrible now that the aura was blocked. I looked around and got the picture.

The sound of the footstep of the guards running around in a raucous fashion. The one over there looks like a station wagon. It seems that he was in the middle of lowering supplies brought in from outside. There were several boxes that looked like a chest of clothes.

“Did the fabric for my dress arrive?’

The fabric in the box wouldn’t have turned into a firework, what do you mean by condensed milk for a disturbance?

Charlotte, who had thought so far, suddenly paused with some imagination. When I looked down carefully again, I wondered if I could, and the change happened.

There was no one around the station wagon because the guards were chasing something. In the meantime, something came out of the unattended clothes chest.

It was dark and black. It ran as fast as a swallow flying low. Then, he disappeared under the shadow of the landscape near here.An animal? It’s more like a human being by its size.

It was the moment when Charlotte was nervous and swallowed a dry saliva.

He suddenly appeared among the branches. When I pulled back the hood that was deeply covered, my face was revealed. Upon encountering him, Charlotte shut her mouth to scream.

It was Ruslan.

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