Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 222


It’s Jonathan, Elise sighed and opened the door.

He remained the same yesterday and today. When he took off his ceremonial robe and put on his daily clothes, he became a common young man everywhere. There was a splint bandage around the fractured arm.

He struggled to raise his body buried in a high pillow. Elise stopped him.

“Lie down.”

“I’m trying to make sure it’s you. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s right It’s Elise.”

Jonathan reached out his hands and groped Elysee’s face. The eyes are looking this way, but the focus is blurry.

Elise soon became weak and almost burst into tears. I decided not to do this and sat on the edge of my bed.

“You come every day. You’ll know just by the sound of footsteps.”

“Someone can tie you up and talk to you. Now I’ve become a man standing next to me with a sword or a rope. Huh?”

“Don’t say scary things.”

Elise spoke in increasingly miserable mood.

Jonathan looked at her, exactly where he thought she might be. When I noticed the smear in my voice, I forced myself to laugh.

“Well, thank you for coming. You’re a son of a bitch if you don’t understand.”

He lay down on the road. In no time, the long hair near the shoulder scattered on the pillow. I grew up in Sinab.

The durability of his veins has long been weakened. It was completely destroyed in the aftermath of the bitter shock. The body has become indifferent from the phenomenon of short-term growth by absorbing the aura.

Elise brushed her hair gently back.

“Have you eaten yet?”


“What did you eat?”

“I’m going to argue about being cold or hot like this. I ate what they gave me. Albert’s doctor seems to be ordering something.”

It was a random answer. Elise couldn’t easily bring up the next word.

Jonathan noticed the signs and picked up the pieces.

“……I’m sorry. Was it potato soup? I dip some barley bread in barley bread.”

“Only with that, are you okay?”

“Well, that’s all. Hey, Moden, when we were in town, we almost ate like this. Now that I don’t have to work hard, I’m full with just three spoons.”Jonathan thought of something for a while and added:

“Don’t be anxious. It won’t work even if you give me what you like. What did you eat?”

“Me? Today, Yohan suddenly said she wanted to eat…….”

While Elise was diligently talking about her daily life, Yonatan kept his eyes on the ceiling.

Moments like this were unbearably strange to her.

I remember this bedroom. Sometimes, whenever I secretly visited the Archbishop’s residence, I stopped by here.

It’s for the kid. It’s because I need a living expenses. I hypnotized myself. He opened his legs while immersed in the role of an innocent and unhappy widow. It accepted the perusal of the flesh without filtration.

At that time, it seems that the desire for affection in this bed was far away.

Juju poured out that Elise had been deceived. Elise was able to elicit reproach from her anger.

You can’t even correct the wrong choice. A hen dilly-dallying and dallying on unhappiness. The irredeemable of being dragged into the gutter by a man like a dog.

I don’t even know if her cry is right.

She must have been an angel who came down to save Elise.

But Elysee eventually chose a disastrous and grand failure. I came down to this purgatory of my own will and settled down.

A sinner crushed by the referee is lying here.

This is the limit of behavior for today’s Yonatan. This is the result of recovering from the shock of broken blood vessels.

He said he spends most of the day lying down. Like an old man, I’ve run out of stamina. He seemed determined to wake up when Elise came.

“The road inside your body is twisted, so you don’t have much energy. As a seriously ill person, we have no choice but to recover from meals and walks. At least for the sake of our daily lives. But the Holy Father is not motivated, and anyone who can’t see right away…….」

What the priest had said lingered in my mind.

Elise looked down at Jonathan. He turned his head alone. I guessed the direction of the sun rising from the warmth on my cheek, so I was avoiding it.

What Liriya left behind lingered.

Is Jonathan afraid that Ippeniah will come to kill him? Then, how should I put the message?

I resent the short judgment. It was that time when I was struggling to swallow my words.

The sound of the wagon wheels was faintly heard out of the window. The imperial physician was leaving the residence. At that moment, Yonatan keenly captured the situation and opened his mouth.

“He’s finally leaving. Elise, look at the door there. Is it locked?”

“Uh, uh?”

“Check if there’s anyone there and lock it. I have something to say.”

It was an urgent tone. Elise rose to her feet, pushed by the momentum. There was no one in the hallway or the side room. One after another, I locked the door and came back.

“What’s wrong?”

Instead of answering immediately, Jonathan rose to his feet. I fumbled the head of the bed and sensed the direction roughly. Then he stretched his finger in the air.

“Hey, there’s a new one.”

Elise quickly looked back over there.

There was a symbol of the temple on one side of the wall. Underneath it, there is a cabinet with a drawer. It was a place to display small-scale new items.

Elise wondered why Jonathan suddenly pointed at that.

“Go, twist the seat he sat on and open it.”

Elise approached it in wonder. The statue of Daesinjeon Hall was destroyed and demolished, but this is a stone statue that is intact. It was questionable whether he would twist his seat.

I tightened my grip. A groan of ‘yes’ came out of my mouth. My joints are numb in the aftermath of pregnancy and it doesn’t work well. I tried to try again, but the background was rustling.”That’s it, Elise, is that it?”

Jonathan stuttered this way. Elyse was frightened, so she put down her identity and supported him.

“It’s dangerous. Why would you come down……!”

“It’s because I don’t think I can. I’ve gotten worse.”

Yonatan found the identity with a touch of his hand. I guessed the position of the seat.

“Was it this heavy? Wait, I’m sure it’s like this.”

He tightened his hands. I tried several times and there was a metal scratch. The seat spun around and soon separated. Elise swallowed her breath.

Jonathan laughed bitterly.

“Even with a body like this, your hands are better than your sister-in-law’s. Now, do you see what’s in here?

He stuck out a separate seat. It was facing the wrong air. Elise moved her steps towards it. I looked into the square and deep inside.

It contains a pocket with a closed snout, like a piece of paper. Elise put her hand in. I was even more surprised to see the faces of the objects that came out one by one.

A handful of jewelry inside the soft velvet pouch. It is finished with work done. Probably kept the necklace or bracelet separately. I almost dropped it because I was afraid of the brilliant color.

The paper side was an envelope. There were several bills. The banks deposited were all different but huge amounts of money.

Yonatan opened his mouth, wondering if he had guessed to finish the confirmation.

“Take it.”

“This, this, everything?”

Elise asked back in bewilderment. Jonathan nodded.

“I’ve collected some money and a request for help here, but I buried it just in case. I’m afraid I’ll have to carry it around.”

“Oh, my God, why, now, to me…….”

“Elise, take it all.”

A short answer was returned.

He shook his arms in the air again and guessed around. When the bed was caught at the foot of the foot, he fell down. When Elysee returned to his original state of life, he said the following.

“I don’t need it. I think I’m going to die soon, with or without slush funds.”

“I can’t believe I’m dead. I’m alive. Like this…….”

“The kid who left earlier has a bad sense of humor.”

Jonathan affirmed.

Elise knew who she was referring to. It was about the doctor sent by Emperor Albert.

“The horse is called therapy, but I don’t know. Whether to poison a meal or medicine. Or maybe I’ll mix something weird with a glass syringe.”

“Yo, Nathan, you’re overreacting. Because I’m always lying here by myself. Even so, the doctor…….”

“Elise, doctors kill hopeless patients.”

Elise was speechless. Yonatan lifted his intact arm and supported his head.

“I don’t know how much hope I have in my body, but somehow Albert doesn’t seem to expect a chance from me.”


“I hear the Empress is going to be punished, too. He’s thinking about changing her back. In order to punish the princess, I have to accuse her of having a connection with the weightlifting system, but would it be fun if I said it was all a sham now?”

“Then His Majesty, the curse of Epheniah, is a lie.”

“I know, I know. That’s what he wanted to do from the beginning. I had only planned a heresy.”

Well, it looks like this because I made a move. A small murmur of gossip followed.

A moment of gloom, Jonathan went on.

“Just in case, I’ll shut my mouth. I thought at least the next archbishop would do something after being decided, but I think I’ll take care of it quickly. Albert, he’s busy having fun with Rotterrand.”I don’t know the specifics of the court, but I’m sure Albert is the only one who’s interested.

Jonathan watched the darkness before his eyes. I’ve gotten used to seeing nothing. Forever black scenery contrasts with all the colors of boyhood.

Moden, nothing special in the countryside. What’s wrong with a kangchon parish?

But it seemed better than a boring home. There are no family members who are uncomfortable to visit because they’ve been apart for a long time, and the baron Young-ae, who pokes one side of his chest, doesn’t make me feel bad.

It was fun for a while. Sensitive and sharp friend, back then, I had a little bad luck but I didn’t hate it…….

The freckled girl was smiling cheerfully at the time. Throwing holy water in the backyard of the Holy Office and breaking windows…….

“Killing is killing.”

Jonathan concluded lightly.

But the next word became a desperate tone.

“So Elise, stop visiting me. Hold that and get ready to move first. There’ll be a way out of the blockade through the river. If it’s that money in my hometown, it’s easy to do nothing for 10 years, so by myself…… No, I’ll talk to the maid separately. Take him away and take off some jewelry.”

Elise was at a loss holding her hand. It took some time to get a handle on the whole situation. And I didn’t know what to say first.

The first word was the simplest emotion.

“No, Jonathan, if you die…….”

“What can I do about the Emperor’s determination to kill me. Elysee, oh, Lotte’s right. Why are you still sticking to me? You know what I did!”

Yonatan also exclaimed frustratingly. Elise tried to withstand the emotion. My nose was wet before my eyes, so I sniffled.

He’s heard it all. What sin he committed. Why I fell into purgatory alive. In a way, the crime was worse than what Elise accused of as evil.

But she’s still out of her mind.

Maybe because he was a man who couldn’t be set up forever.

I set the direction that my mind points to. Said.

“Yonatan, if you’re going to be like that anyway…… why don’t you apologize?”

Yonatan paused.


“Ipenny, the man came to me. The woman with bobbed hair.”

Elise took her hand to his cheek. Sweep it down and let it lie down here. Jonathan fell on her lap, as if under control of irresistible power.

She recited what Liriya had said. She was hard to remember complicated things for a long time, but this time she did her best. After delivering everything, I felt proud of myself.

“Yonatan, it’s your fault. Apologize, and pay for it.”

She looked down at him lying on her lap. His face was distorted.

“The North Koreans, or is this Count Keitel? You’ve got a man possessed. If I reveal the truth, I think the church will come out. You’re gonna make an example of me and throw me away to avoid our responsibility!”

“But Yonatan. It’s better than dying.”

She took out the pouring sun from the window. The back covering the light was hot.

“You may die to clear your sins, but to live and reflect…… I think we need it.”

Elise also didn’t know what was right. Is it simply because they don’t want Jonathan to die? But it was the answer she did her best to come up with.

“Miss Juju said she’d kill me if I got in the way. After all, I stopped doing nothing because Juju had the same problem.””No way. I’m pushing you to kill me quickly, so you thought what would be painful!”

“Moreover, there may be better penitence than death. Jonathan, maybe that’s why our father’s creator is talking about mercy…….”

Elise briefly looked down at the evil in her arms.

Two children wriggled in the boat. Hearing the baby’s movements, his expression turned into a mess. Soon he raised his arm to cover his eyes as if to hide it.

“The price of his sins. I don’t know when it’ll be over. Live like this.”

“You can live. It’s okay not to see you for a long time. Yonatan, me too, stupid, clumsy. I’ll try to live.”

She grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach.

“He’s a sin, a sin and a punishment that we both owe…… it’s a miracle.”

Sandal is just around the corner. I’m old enough to survive even if I split my stomach. What gender and appearance are only known after birth. But Jonathan won’t know the face of an eternal child.

Nevertheless, Elise recommended that he live.

He swept his child’s belly with his fingertips. I bit my trembling lips.

He was the only woman who distrusted God to be supported as an adult. There can be no veto.

“You can’t even die at your disposal. I tried to kill and kill like the others.”

Words that I don’t know if it’s whining or hitting came out.

But he woke up. I found the rope next to the bed by hand and pulled it. Elise said, stunned by the loud ringing of the bell.


“I’ll do it. I’ll do it.”

He made the locked door open. I ordered the servant who came running to bring in the priest.

“I’m still wearing the Archbishop’s sign. Tell them to bring the hallway. Albert, where are you going to throw yourself out?”

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