Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 223

Around that time, news of Philippe’s disappearance outside the palace was also obtained by Ruslan.

As soon as an extra flew into the arcade, he snuck into the bottom of the street. Then he began collecting other rumors through the hands of the ghost king.

This is what the story was about.

The Empress had an affair with a hand knight. The hand-written knight sneaked out of what the emperor had locked up for punishment. He stole a horse from the palace Massa and ran away from the palace after attacking a guard.’

“There’s a reason why a man who’s old and pretending to be fine has been single. This is why the empress was so healthy that she did not have children.”

The empress took the government to bed in the absence of the emperor. She pretended to be a princess, but there…….’

It was a strange phenomenon. Knights who have left the organization are dangerous even if they are short-lived. Nevertheless, the presence of articles in the words of citizens was too pale.

On the other hand, the empress’s weight is too great. It’s as if it’s meant to undermine Batilde.

It was a familiar trick. Ruslan himself was a serious injury.

Even then, Ruslan focused more on slandering his lover than on himself. Intended to sway the target’s psychology by refracting the attack to a neighbor.

“The Emperor must have encouraged you. Because this method was originally his best friend’s.’

Ruslan was already concluding.

‘The palace minister was ousted by the emperor himself. And yet you follow the worst of his tricks.”

Rusland also learned something from Dietrich. Public opinion manipulation through procurement of printing presses has already been beneficial.

The emperor over there seems to have learned a completely different lesson from the same situation.

“I knew it wasn’t a race to take the means to consider the cause.”

Justice or standards are of little importance to the man. A keen brain or insight is only used to protect a limited body.It can be said that it is wise for the Pilbu, but the bowl is small for the monarch.

Fortunately, the court is also aware of the fact little by little. The reality is that the Emperor deserves it.

They also know the last name of the emperor. Maybe even more than Ruslan, who’s only been watching for a year. Nevertheless, he has been invited. The stability of the court and peace on the continent were directly linked to our own well-being, so it was not easy to impeach.

It is also at a critical point.

Princess Dorothea was carefully taken to the private residence of the Privy Council. The ghost king’s successor also moved his workshop there. He pretended to be a door-to-door seller around an upscale mansion.

Thanks to you, the communication network was maintained. You can exchange stovepipe whenever the time comes.

Ruslan struck a match on the street at night. The woodwheel lit up a small flame from friction.

If anyone sees it, they’ll know it’s a soldier trying to burn the beginning of the year on patrol. Of course I didn’t have such a thing.

It was the middle of the night past midnight. I needed a light source.

Around the beginning of the evening, an autumn shower had scattered. A thin layer of rainwater on the ground reflected the match light smoothly. There was a shadow of a person coming through the walk next to the dock railing.

He has a big physique at a glance. Rusland didn’t lose to Kiro, but the silhouette was different. Unlike him, who was sleek and sleek, he was a thick man as a whole.

The opponent covered his large body with a long raincoat. Philippe’s face was revealed when he slightly hit the deeply pressed hoodie.

“It’s been a while. I almost missed it.”

Ruslan pulled his lips slightly.

“Does this suit suit you? I don’t even know if this side fits my theme.”

“Not much of a joke. I’m glad to hear from you.”

“I’m the one. Let’s go.”

Ruslan walked ahead first. Philippe followed without a murmur. There was a slight rattling metal sound on the night road, perhaps hiding the sword under the raincoat.

There may be someone watching this side in the dark. Ruslan swung the match off. I pressed the hair removal deeper.

“It’s a good thing we can meet soon. I don’t think you’ll be able to hide long enough with that physique.”

Philip burst into a small laugh.

“Well, if you go to the construction site, there’ll be a couple of people that size. Rather, isn’t it more difficult to hide your face with one hat?”

“That’s about it… When you say you have a lover, you usually step down.”

Arsenic flowed out to himself as he spoke. On the subject of incompetence who missed her. Unconsciously, he grabbed and unfolded his glove hand.

Magic can’t even change the features. Covering the forehead with hair and pressing hair removal was the only solution.

Nevertheless, there was a steady stream of people who guessed the overall image from the shape of the nose and chin.

Fortunately, no one noticed that he was a wanted weightlifter. But it was already a matter of leaving that dimension.

The ladies in the saloon used to talk to me. Perhaps because of the low-ranking soldier’s visit, there was no sign of difficulty. There was a person who gave me a glass that I never ordered. He even met a gesture that boldly recommended him to stay overnight.

It was a bigger stumbling block than a chaser in collecting numerical information. By the end of the day, Ruslan had been searching for Philippe’s whereabouts.

“The course of travel has been roughly outlined. He tied the horse from the palace to the guard post. Even with a polite message.”

Ruslan opened the front porch of the riverfront building. Philippe smiled awkwardly.

“Anyway, it’s the property of the Imperial Palace. I was in a hurry and rode out for convenience.””I’m complimenting you. The theft has left no room for blame.”

The stairs at the front door creaked because they were old.

“And I understand that the word of the Imperial Palace has its own mark on the horseshoe. If you’re caught in the chase, there’s no room for escape, and even if you try to change horseshoe, the blacksmith will recognize you. It seems like you’re all over the place because you gave up your horse and ran away. I lost track last year, too.”

“I’m ashamed of myself. I needed time to open a closed power failure with mucus.”

“Did you succeed?”

Ruslan asked dryly out of the blue.

Philippe didn’t read through the lines.

“Yes, I left the Knights, but not everyone saw fit. There was a colleague who took the risk of hiding it.”

“Even within the Knights, disobedience…….”

“There, I repeated my aura breathing, and I found myself almost back. I just happened to hear something, so I went to the rat race in the city, and then as you know.”

It was the base of the ghost king Bilma. Having heard the whole story, she contacted Ruslan through several bridges. Thanks to you, the contact was made.

Ruslan didn’t say the next word quickly. Walked down the hallway without saying a word.

Philippe looked around inside. It seems to be a building built for the purpose of moving in an office or place of business. There were several rooms lined up, mostly open. Shear bundles and daily necessities are scattered.

There were people. Philip, who made eye contact with some, recognized that he was an Ipheniya. I hurriedly drew my attention for fear of misunderstanding that it was considered a spectacle.

“I’m ashamed, but it’s the first time I’ve met a North Korean. I didn’t expect it to be an organization with children.”

“One of my comrades is building a school. They teach me stories and history in my home country.”

It was an unfamiliar expression for Philip, who was born during the imperial stabilization period. He was typically from the Midlands. It was close to learning ‘fat’ knowledge.

He also listened to Ruslan’s situation for the most part. But so far Batilde’s safety has been a top priority, so it hasn’t been very realistic.

I realized that the man who guided me was from a faraway country. The feeling suddenly became evident when the window reached the large room.

“That hair color……. I thought you had the same black hair as before because it was dark. This is the rumor…….”

“It’s a humble feat of my home land.”

Ruslan took off his hair removal.

The room was lit up with candles. The woman who was looking out of the window through a thick curtain gap looked back.

“He’s here. Oh, even the hand driver. How have you been?”

Philippe recognized Nadia. I said it out of the blue.

“You were carrying out Miss Juju……. Oh, I see. The Grand Duke was searched.”

“I’ve been separated, and I’ve barely joined.”

Ruslan replied instead. He loosened the front button of his jacket and hung it loosely on his shoulder.

Philippe also took off his raincoat and hung it on the back of the sofa. In the meantime, Nadia carried coffee that had been brewed in advance.

“I’m glad you arrived safely, too. What about your doctor?

“He’s sleeping in the next room. He’ll wake up in a little while.”

“Isn’t that too much? I arrived earlier than I expected.”

“It wasn’t that hard. The help of the Earl was great for me, who told me to use it.”

It was a charter district that knew the way to Michael in the South.

Currently, lockdown measures are concentrated on major roads in the central part of the country, including the system. Even with this kind of control, distribution is a mess. It was impossible to monitor the movement between provinces.

Of much less in the south of the capital donghae. The fact that East Yumin chose to go south last winter was also related to this terrain.

So I told you in advance.

“Ask the Southern merchant for help in the event of a threat to money or personal security.”He couldn’t resist even though he was squeamish about the proposal. This is because the list of southern vested interests in collusion with Ippenya will be coveted. It was a great opportunity to get rid of separatists who interfered with continental business at once.

So Nadia tried her best to blow up the battlefield. I added a request for transportation assistance.

Thanks to this, a cruise ship loaded with dozens of imported gas went up to jumbo. He was able to get on the boat and get to the central part of the country quickly. On the way, I transferred to another ship and infiltrated the system again.

“It’s a bold adventure.

Philippe admired it as well. Nadia nodded resolutely.

“There’s a lady in custody. I know it’s about time.”

“……it was a means to prepare for an emergency, so it’s good that you’ve applied it in a good way. I’ll talk to Lord Philip alone for a moment. Rest until your doctor wakes up.”

Nadia bowed down and stepped back.

Philippe then drank some coffee. I took a breather and spoke carefully.

“You’re a loyal man. Miss Juju had a wonderful henchman.”

“Because we have a story.”

Ruslan was as reticent as he could be.

The name referring to her disturbed my mind. Black liquid circled in the glass. I asked, pinching down my explosive feelings.

“I heard that you also met her.”

There was a horse faintly diluted by the wind.

Although tens of hundreds of Imperial Guard soldiers and Knights remained intact, how did Suga Philip escape out of the Imperial Palace? In fact, it was then said that the palace forces were mobilized to find others.

Philippe was heavily optimistic.

“I don’t have to explain it too long. Miss Juju told me to find a mouse racecourse. You asked me to save the Empress. He was a man of unwavering spirit.”

“……I’ve always been a strong man. Far more than that.”

“But I don’t think the situation is very good.”

It was also aware of Ruslan.

When even the granddaughter was known to have sneaked out with a stand-in, Emperor Albert was furious. I sensed a disturbing movement and had a sense of crisis. The Queen’s disposition was moved forward to strengthen internal crackdowns.

Troops have already been sent to the villa. The Duke, who was self-reflecting on the system, disposed of his pension without fail. At the moment, it stopped at the line of surveillance, but it was in a position to wait for it to be summoned to the system.

The empress was even more violent. Batilde was already considered guilty. He was robbed of his belongings and belongings, and even his clothes were restricted. She persevered in a life-threatening residence, wearing only a wooden dress.

No one dares to oppose the court. The anti-government faction held their breath and hid their minds. Overwhelmed, he simply feared the emperor and cursed the curse of Ipheniah in reverse.

“I heard a rumor on the way here. There are a lot of dirty stories to tell.”

Philippe inadvertently grabbed the sword that had been released on one hand.

“I don’t care what you point your finger at. But the words that seem to drive him into a witch who is enchanted with sorcery……even Miss Juju was told that she was daily arrested for mucus in the emperor’s sedimentation. The Emperor, with both of his hands, is the man willing to be ruthless!”

“Sir Philippe, you’re done with it’s done.

Ruslan said.

The knight came to his senses and cooled off.

“I’m sorry, I hope the count will endure the living hell. I’ve been the only one who has a fever.”

Then he became dumbfounded by the other person’s change.

Ruslan is obviously looking this way. I was sitting with a serene look on my face. But it was already far from being sedentary or calm.

Fangs dug into the tender flesh in their mouths. It’s torn. As I moved my lips to talk, blood flowed down to my chin.”Yes, please.”

He seemed to forget the pain, too.

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