Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 224

Philippe was embarrassed. I searched my arms for something to wipe.

“You brought up my performance. I’ve lost count of it.”

“No, no. It’s okay. Even if you don’t mind…….”

Ruslan shook one hand and pulled out my handkerchief. I folded it twice and pressed it on my chin.

The white cloth spread red. I was worried that even embroidery that reached the fingertips would bleed. Initials crooked with poor workmanship.

“You use things for a long time, too.」

She said that when she saw a handkerchief. It lingered like an auditory hallucination.

Ruslan gently closed his eyes. Late on, the torn mouth began to throb. Like when I drank hot tea without realizing it.

“You shouldn’t have said that. Stay still. Let’s see what’s wrong.」



Charl, Ro, Te.

The name referring to her, and the mixed news comes in pieces like broken glass. There is a Ruslanid who hurriedly swallows a piece of debris and vomits blood.

Desperate and precious news hurts to death.

Again, it was a sense of guilt that supported him. I held out with a feeling that I should not act young because the current situation is entirely my responsibility.

Philippe watched such Ruslan for a while. It was not long before he calmed down like an old man.

“I apologize again. I lost my temper inadvertently, and even the count was shaken.”

“That’s enough. I’m getting less ashamed of myself.”

The blood stopped for a while. Ruslan took off his handkerchief and smiled forcedly.

“My side should apologize. I thought you were a man to be respected because you are a straight and upright person. I’m afraid you’ll turn into a dark person like me.”

“You’re lowering yourself too much. The count is doing more than enough.”

Philippe spoke firmly.

“Patience is not the answer. If you’re upset, why don’t you tell it like a man? I also… .. swallowed his anger to forget his bed, so I don’t know his mind.”

Ruslan let out a deep breath. It was a short review.

“You’re a true knight.”

It would be nice if I could just pop it and shake it off. But Ruslan couldn’t possibly be that simplified. The long-awaited vengeance and hatred for the man who took her away quickly become a mess.

Would she have felt at ease if she had rather tried to stay in control? Charlotte, who would have done everything in her power to escape Philippe in the midst of hardships, was good.

I much resent myself for keeping her there, rather than a bitter enemy.

This kind of thing is not something to tell others about.

“Once again, it’s all right. It’s stopped the bleeding. It’s not a big deal, it’s just the appearance.”

“But, Earl, I’m sure…….”

“I’m so tired. Stop it. I resent the inability to open the idea of entering the palace immediately.”

Let’s get back to composure. Ruslan hid his handkerchief in his arms with exaggerated movements at first glance. Think of yourself as Parakho.

I changed my posture completely. Lean against the backrest, he folded his legs.

“But it would be a great help if you came this way. You’re one of the best players in the Knights, so you’ll be able to perform in a short.”


Philippe affirmed.

“That’s what Miss Juju told me. Save the King Batilde on his own. There is no reason to hesitate.”

“Even though he’s an imperial knight.”

Ruslan emphasized. Philippe was unshakable even though it was a word of inquiry.

“The count speaks too highly of me. Chivalry has long been a violation. I can’t tell exactly which one is the right chivalry.”The importance of the article, the code of conduct, is faithful. In order to control the aura users and armed groups, they are indoctrinated from early apprenticeships.

Philippe was no exception. Having had few ups and downs in his life, he had no reason to rebel, especially against the given environment. At the end of the succession war, he was promoted to rank rank rank, and he accepted the new emperor without any doubt.

The flat life began to become strange after meeting Batilde.

an unsavory event Wouldn’t it be better for the national spirit to fall through? Maybe that’s the way to be happy for her.

But the question of one article was trivial. Batilde wore a pearl crown. And I spent a marriage without any joy.

Philippe just watched it from a distance.

Because she’s the empress. She’s a woman with a master as a husband. He didn’t have a penny to dare intervene. I’m determined that only true service is the right chivalry.

After Batilde revealed his mind, he even gave up. At least keep a distance from the body. I was just hoping she’d leave the country with a clear conscience.

In the meantime, this is what happened.

I would have endured humbly if I had been punished for crossing the empress. However, will this situation be punished for taking Batilde into consideration?

“He clearly declared that he wanted an exit. Isn’t it the emperor who didn’t readily accept the divorce wish? You brought Ippeniah in and ignored his wishes.”

Philippe’s words were mixed with righteous indignation.

“No matter how formal the temple meeting was, it wouldn’t have taken so long if a mutual agreement had been reached. He dragged on and caught Miss Juju, and suddenly he got punished.”

It is a trick to push Batilde away when there is a new person. It was obvious to Philippe, too.

“I thought he was, before the lord, his husband. I tried not to take it as bad as possible. He was a bit picky, but I thought he was smart and not vicious. One, now.”

“Let’s deal with the threatening competitors. The disaster-hit local people are left to their advantage and loss. He turned a blind eye to his own friend’s death.”

Ruslan commented coolly.

Philippe agreed.

“This is what the late leader would have taught you. Nevertheless, it is chivalry to be loyal. Would that be a true knight?”

Philippe’s next words became more cautious because they were directed at the deceased.

“You have sinned in war because of him, and you have been rewarded.”

“……Ipeniya, I can’t help but ask. Is your opinion the general trend of the Knights?”

“Half and half, please.”

Philippe replied.

“Half are questioning the status quo. So a colleague who hid me came out. Half of them are saying that they will only fulfill the duty of the knight no matter what the draft blows. They will remain in place even if the emperor changes. Just like the late leader did.”

“Well, the Knights aren’t threatening in the post-mortem processing of anti-government.”

“Except for one, I’m the current Knight of the Order.”

Philippe put on an embarrassing look.

“Hellga was a close friend of mine. It’s complicated, and I hope there’s a way to convince you.”

“Wouldn’t friendship be difficult?”

Right away, a cold question flew in. Philip shook his head.

“I originally thought of the Earl’s vengeance only as a head. But now I understand how it feels. Considering the unfair hardship he must be going through…… I’m putting up with it now.”

Philip grasped his wrist, as if to suppress his desire to hold the sword right away.

Ruslan looked down at the candle in silence for a moment.

Philippe’s feelings were fully understood. Now what he will observe was herpes when this article is put in as a hangout.As it happened, the wick was locked in candle wax and the fire weakened. Scoop the candle wax out of the lamp plate. I took out a new match and lit a new one.

He took the pack out and put it on the table.

“It’s good news that the Knights are not blind to Albert’s individual. As I said, I am a little blinded by the skill of my hometown, but I have no talent to enter the imperial palace by myself. So I was collecting the necessary shells.”

I spilled a matchstick from the box. First of all, I picked one up and put it across.

“First of all, the sister who will be the next emperor and the anti-government faction who follows him. They are currently gathering people from both the Army and Jongsil.”

As long as the emperor takes control of the military, it will be difficult for him to government. Internal cracks were needed. It just so happens that Jopi, who follows Dorothea, has sown seeds, so it’s time to harvest.

“And a sign of confusion. It’s Sir. The queen’s guardianship will be a great help to the next emperor, so I hope you will rescue her in advance and take her to safety.”

“Leave it to me.”

“But you can’t have a country just by coming in and slapping your throat. Even if the cause is the life of the empress, if it is simply against punishment, there is room for distortion in the half-year of the aristocracy. Above all, the false accusation of communication needs to be completely innocent. That would be the emperor’s decisive mistake.….”

Ruslan said in a significant way.

“I got a burnout during the day on this part. We’ve got someone who’s supposed to cooperate.”

Liriya said he had obtained the Archbishop’s answer through Elise.

As predicted, Jonathan is never a great man to die alone. He must be vindictive of the emperor for abandoning himself in a moment.

This is a rehash of failed works. Initially, there was a plan to attack Elise and bring down the archbishop. This time, I decided to use her to turn the archbishop to this side of the aisle. The idea was to force him to rise to fight his death.

If Elise had failed to persuade Jonathan, Liriyah would have taken his wife’s recruit hostage at once and threatened the archbishop.

Fortunately, it was resolved without using violence.

There was something on my mind. Is Charlotte’s choice to save him as he is?

However, this was a maximum efficiency squeeze from the current situation. If the Archbishop’s death benefits the Emperor, at least he cannot be allowed to die. Even if he died, he had to be vindicated and killed.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to reveal specific issues to him.”

Articles are part of the game to the core. I’ll be happy to save the Batilde myself.

Philippe did not ask about the identity of the cooperator. However, he looked down at the matchstick, which had stopped in the shape of a “d.”

“Is this the end?”

Ruslan took the last Gabby to the empty equinox.

“There’s still post-processing. If you drag him out of the square and stand tall, your heart will be cool, but it will be difficult even if the reign of the new emperor opens with blood and wind. So…….”

It was time to take the chance to explain what. I heard a knock just in time. Ruslan felt his doctor was awake.

As expected, it was Angela who opened the door. She faltered at the sight of Philippe.

“Oh, I was just going to say hi, but I guess you were talking about something important.”

“No, I just wanted to hear a story. I’ll skip saying hello. Did you get it safely?”

“Of course.”

Angela took the stuff she had prepared and put it down on the table.

Philippe looked like a wooden orgel at first glance. As evidenced by the speculation, the leaf came loose when the lid was opened. The cylinder played a clear tune as it bounced metal pieces.This is a masterstroke? By the time the question arose, the music was cut off.

Angela turned the leaf counterclockwise. Then the metal device popped up and the hidden floor was revealed.

There was a handful of dried grass inside. It gave off a strange smell. It was the first kind I’ve seen in the Philippines.

Angela turned the orgel so that Ruslan could see well.

“This is it. When I searched the harbor, there were still gangsters who were scared of blonde women with ribbons. Thanks to the disturbance at that time, the influx was almost eradicated. This is the East Sea Islands, tiny amounts that for the anesthetic near the scratch as a result of this year. “

“Thank you. It’s a difficult request, but you did a great job.”

Ruslan carefully picked up some grass with his gloved hands. It was a little crispy because it was dry on the way here.

“By the way, as you know, raw materials alone don’t work. I need a refinement. Didn’t it burn down the documents and disappearance?”

“I remember.”

Ruslan affirmed.

“At the time, I was reading the organization’s documents that were secretly importing them and memorized them. I can write every letter here without missing a word.”

I can’t forget. I know what it’s like, so I can’t forget. I burned my brain with resentment and engraved it clearly.

“I’d like you to reproduce it exactly as it is. Can you do it?”

“It’s not hard if you know how to refine it. Who do you think I was an adviser to?”

Angela closed the orgel with a wicked snort.

Philip, who was listening to the conversation, wondered.

“The last shot the Earl prepared…… Is it glue? I think it’s a kind of medicinal product from a short perspective, but what is it?”

Ruslan’s eyes sank. The voice also became heavy.

“It’s the East’s poison candle. It’s not yet widespread on this continent. It was secretly prepared in the eastern harbour, then flowed through an organization that traded human beings.… it was in the hands of an emperor’s water fountain.”

“How could the count do such a thing, ah.”

Philippe suddenly realized. Ruslan was optimistic.

“It’s a poison that Emperor Albert presented to Grand Duke Licht.”

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