Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 225

Initially, Ruslan decided to get caught as a weightlifter if things went wrong. And decided to be a sinner who tore the emperor’s throat himself.

Charlotte was disobeying. She chose to endure the Emperor instead of Ruslan. Not only that. She chose to remain alone in the cage and flew the others away one after another.

Then Ruslan had no choice but to respond to her wishes as much as possible. He chose not to leave a single blood stain on the road ahead of the new emperor.

Government offices should not be usurped. The process will be done gracefully and serenely. No matter how historians interpret between lines in the future, external relations should be a peaceful uplift.

May my sister walk out of the crystal clear hole.

The blood flowing in the shade should all lie on its knees and wipe it down.

The emperor only needs to stay alive until he vomits with his own mouth. Disposal of use will be made by a new poison in the East. As their mother did, I wish them a quiet and painful deathbed.

With this, I hope she’ll be satisfied.

It was heartbreaking that the final hit could not be agreed with Charlotte.

Above all, her physical condition bothered me. The cause of all this was the arrest of the mucus. From what Philippe says, he seems to be an untouchable territory.

Ruslan was not good at using the continent’s aura. In this area, no solution quickly came to mind.I wonder if Liriya could answer something. Because she taught herself the continental way. When I joined the team later, I first concluded that we should discuss it again.

I pressed down on the hair removal. After getting up, tidying up his coat, he said to Philippe.

“That’s all I have to say. You must be tired. Go rest in the other room first. I’ll finish the rest of the work.”

Nadia was waiting in the doorway and guided Philip.

Ruslan left the room. I spoke softly to the man on guard.

“Give it to the egg dealer. All the shells are here, send me a candy gift.”

Dorothea can’t hide in the Speaker’s private residence for long. From now on, it is fast and fast. Even if it’s just to get rid of the dust that Charlotte is enduring.

Before I knew it, it was aware of it. The window glass at the end of the hallway was swollen with a mist. I took my glove hand and rubbed it. He murmured over his handprints, gazing at the morning view.

“There’s only a little more to come. So a little bit more.”

Don’t even shed tears in the cage.

Because your tears are billions of roots. Every drop of it will crush your heart.

I had an illusion of a recurrence of a long-standing dull pain in my chest. Ruslan put one hand on top. He secretly put his name on his tongue, which was hard to pronounce.

* * *

“Lotte, Lote!”

As the bird suddenly flapped its wings and shouted, Charlotte shook her shoulders in surprise. The collection popped out of the bottle in my hand and scattered.

The singer’s song, which was originally sung on the other side, was also cut off. He seemed to be wary of whether it was okay to sing it afterwards. It’s not a blonde government, it’s a look at the emperor’s misconduct over there on the sofa.

Albert looked this way with a broken face.

“You’re disturbing me. So why are you bringing a cage all the way here?”

I don’t want to sit next to you and admire Aria.

Charlotte hid her thoughts. I tilted my head and laughed.

“The feeding times overlap. It’s pathetic to starve. If I leave it here, she’ll call Arya, too.”

“I’ve heard singers chirping like birds, but I’ve never heard of birds singing aria.”

“You’re mimicking people. He’s singing along because you keep calling him.”

It’s not a very precious name, but I’d rather cry than call Albert.

Charlotte sardonically poured the feed into the feeder. The bird came down from the perch and began pecking at the feed.

A cage with metal bars shaped like a bell. There is a wooden box with straw for bed. Food bottle. Water bottle and bathtub. A horizontal perch.

The current Charlotte was about the size of a single hand. I took Crystal Hall out at dinner time and wanted to listen to the music alone.

The bird, which had eaten a lot of feed, chose feathers. As Charlotte remained bird-watching until then, Albert strained his eyes and blinked. I did a quick chin.

“Go away.”

The singer and the band bowed out of the hall.

Albert woke up when he heard the door shut. Climbing behind Charlotte’s back, he wrapped his arms around his waist.

“Was it boring? Would it be boring if it wasn’t a big theater stage?”

Whispering mixed with breath and touched the earlobe. It was a nice baritone, but Charlotte secretly wore a haughty face.

“You know everything.”

“That’s why it’s easy to hear. You were excited until the curtain call. I still remember it.”

Charlotte twisted her lips.

I was wondering why he was listening to old opera with a vague title, which must have been Albert’s hobby these days. He frequently recalled memories and tried to provoke Charlotte.The focus is off. At that time, Charlotte first came across the spectacular appearance of the Great Theater of the Islands. I was simply excited about the costumes and stage effects. I don’t want to know Aria’s tune or lyrics.

Even if impressive, it is a memory Albert trampled on. Charlotte had no intention of trying to restore it. However, we should not show such signs now, so we turned the subject around.

“The atmosphere of the palace is hideous. Ariana, can I listen?”

“What are you talking about? It’s also the role of monarchs to keep their daily lives and maintain their center of gravity. You know what it means to have you in there.”

King Sijong brought his servant to use the food scattered on the floor as rain. Albert overlooked the scene.

“Look, the servants are already used to having you.”

His hand swept somewhere on the solar plexus. A dirty stimulus came to the blood vessels and soon became dull.

Charlotte put up with her face being distorted. Even if you try to solve the wisdom ring like this when your aura deserves to come back a little, you won’t have time to find an answer only when the shape changes frequently.

Thought I’d get a kiss if I held him like this, Charlotte took off his arm.

“I want to go back to my room.”

Albert generously raised his hands and stepped down.

“Let’s ask the singer to prepare a new repertoire next time.”

She glanced secretly.

It’s been days since Dorothea sneaked out. Upon hearing the news, Albert burst into a fever. The sewing child, who was a substitute, was held in front of him. As soon as I could hear the cry of Vera, I smelled the flowers in the vase and burst into laughter.

“You don’t think you’re going to get caught running away just because you’re mischievous? I don’t think the seven princes I know were this shallow…….」

This method worked surprisingly well.

Albert is weak in the eyes of others at any rate. It’s like struggling all my life to not look ridiculous.

It just so happens that Charlotte was his old lover, his henchman, a useful crophead and political partner. The fact that she was mocking and evaluating more than anyone else seemed unbearable. Sooner or later, the order was withdrawn for a good reason.

‘Instead, the court security was increased by wanted guards, and the road control was tightened in case the granddaughter was forced to the north. I think Batilde’s trial is about to be brought to a head.’

Does Albert know that this is an irrational move?

Aren’t we enemies everywhere? Granddaughter, Philippe, Ipenny, none of which is solved. The system and the court were ice sheets with heightened ominousness.

In the past, four young girls would have settled each field in this situation.

Security and search are in Pascalina. The court crackdown is on Dietrich. Irene’s solution to distribution strained by the blockade. It’s Yonatan who soothes the public’s anxiety. Albert would have taken command of them, but.

There is no one left now.

Charlotte is the only one beside him.

That’s why you’re so blinded to have me.’

Returning to his room, Charlotte lay slanted in a long chair and looked at his feet.

Albert was sitting with his chair close by. Change into comfortable clothes. This is because he opened the door of the side room and used the bedroom as if it were a one-bedroom. After spending most of his time with Charlotte, he stayed like this.

The maid brought the membrane-folded dye in a bowl. When the powder was poured into a bottle mixed with wax, sap and oil, the contents turned opaque pearl.

Albert stamped the liquid with a fine brush. Supporting Charlotte’s feet with the other hand, he began to apply the big claws carefully.”It’s only a matter of time before the Duke of Karnstein is summoned. Once the princess has been disposed of, I’ll send her right back. While we’re at it, we need to break the habit of trusting the glory of the ancient kingdom.”

He was always reminded of his craftsmanship. I shook my head with excitement and concentrated on toenail painting.

“It remains to be seen whether the runaway knight will make a scene. Will he prove himself to be a child who committed adultery with the empress with his knightly body? Or I’ll let my girl be dragged away.”

“Is that why you started the trial when the driver wasn’t arrested?”

“It’s a piece of cake, he wouldn’t miss it if it weren’t for you.”

Albert looked up and saw Charlotte. The eyes became half moon shaped.

Charlotte pressed the feeling of wanting to kick her tongue.

‘I thought you were trying to crack down on us in a fear mood.’

She apparently doubted the connection between her sudden hiding in the garden and Philip’s escape.

As expected, Albert is not a pushover. At first glance, he seemed to be infatuated with Charlotte, but he was still an emperor. I have an eye for controlling the board by crouching insidiously.

Now, even though he’s smiling and grooming his toenails, it’ll be a play house for him. When I came to the imagination that I would commit a crime if I made a mistake in the number, my dry mouth passed.

‘No, I’m not scared…….’

I’ve made up my mind.

The moment may be painful, but it will not scare Albert.

His job is to keep Albert in the nursery as much as possible. So he claimed to play the role of government obedient to the emperor. The maid and the servant also seem to be dealing with the fait accomplished.

Charlotte made an arm pillow and buried her cheek. To be faithful to the role of a languid beauty.

“If you do that and take care of Batilde, are you sure you’re gonna give her a tube on her head?”

“Of course, I’ll take it off the spot and give it to you.”

Albert answered brightly. Charlotte pretended to be sulking and pulled out.

“If you change your words, I’ll hang myself. I don’t go into the brain cell twice.”

“I brought him back and took him home.”

Albert laughed jokingly. He gently stroked his ankle bone and suddenly gave him enough strength to groan. I pulled my foot against my will.

“She’s the one who bragged about leaving the country. What’s the point of getting rid of a divorce that’s enough?”

“What… …”

Charlotte replied with difficulty. I almost cried because I was sick.

Albert finished painting his toenails as if nothing had happened.

“Lotte, even though I’m trying to get a piece of your heart. There are quite a few people who want to be a groom because they are emperors even if they rot. If we get a smooth divorce, you and I will try to fill in the blanks. Young-ae, a local marquis, or a western princess…….”

He also took the other foot and put it on my lap. The sticky brush also touched their claws.

“How hard it must be to get it all out. The next empress is desperate for an excuse to declare that she will decide as she pleases. I’m tired of being such a lady, and I’m going to lay a record on the maid that I can’t say I’ve found true love.”

Albert sighed shallowly.

“I feel bad, too. Why is it so hard to get married at will? And while we’re at it, I think it’s most convenient to deal with Ippenia on charges of internal communication. That’s why we’re pushing that way.”


“You know a little bit about how much I’m trying to correct my mistakes.

Charlotte smiled despondently.

There was nothing else to say. It’s a picture I was already guessing. Albert will soon take it back with a new logic if he points out a loophole.However, I put it in my mouth because I had a question.

“Do you want me that bad?”

Albert stopped using his brush. Some of them were painted, so I put them aside. He came at once with an ardent face.

“Getting you is getting an empire.”

“Even if you give all of this continent and the sea.」

What Ruslan said overlapped. Charlotte frowned casually.

Albert mistook the change for a reaction to me. He spoke in a more open tone.

“Lotte, I will never let you go again. This is your seat forever. I look forward to holding you and putting you next to me like before. When will your cruel heart know your true heart.”

Albert’s hand crept under Charlotte’s head. Raising his upper body to lean against his chest, he and she quickly became prone to layering.

Then the bird cried in the cage over there. Charlotte used it as an excuse to laugh.

“That bird, it wants to get out. Wouldn’t it be better to blow it up?”

Albert, who heard that, glared at the moment.

“Won. You should move the cage somewhere else……. Take a look, Lotte.”

He stood up and approached the cage. Unlocked the locking ring, opened the door, and let it go outside. A bird that came out of nowhere circled the room. Soon after, he entered the cage and landed on the perch.

Albert was elated and closed the cage.

“Why would I go out when there are so many places to relax? Missing the wilderness is also a prejudice of the ignorant. You’re supposed to be back in the cage anyway.”

He came back to Charlotte and bowed down. I put my thumb on my lips and rubbed it like a rouge.

“I’ll forgive you for being torn until you get the pearl crown. It’s confusing because it’s the first time I’ve encountered a man other than me. But Lotte, look. It’s like you from a long time ago.”

Charlotte smiled briefly, ‘Ha’.

“Isn’t Albert mistaken?”

“No, you’re confused.”

Albert affirmed.

“You have to do that for me and for you. If you receive the pearl crown and hug me again, you won’t look like a boy.”

At the end of his speech, he escorted her up as elegantly as a ball. His face, which saw the tip of his toes shining in pearl color, became bright like a star.

“It looks like you’really dry. It shines on the rug, too. Rote, try on the new industrial slippers. I’m sure you’ll like it…….”

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