Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 226

Act 19 – Dawn Star is not far away.

The meeting place was decided by the Privy Council chairman’s private residence. Specifically, it was a greenhouse built on one side of the garden.

There was a good reason for not choosing a basement or ballroom.

“It’s spacious. Linde, you saw it on your way here. The greenhouse in this house was built in isolation.”

“Oh, you mean the one with the glass roof?”

Linde sat Dorothea in front of the battalion, chatting knowingly. After checking if the brush was poisoned, I started brushing it.

“The North built such a thing.The glass will explode last winter. I don’t know why I made a big deal out of it.”

“Chimae-rae. They have some kind of southern plant that’s in fashion in the springtime. That’s why it’s not strange to invite someone to come and see.”

Dorothea applied violet-flavored ointment to her lips.

“The system was sealed off just in time. The flow of goods is limited now, regardless of status. That’s why they say it’s a comforting gathering while tasting the rare fruits grown at home. They say you can avoid the suspicion of a surprise at this time of year.””Because it’s bloody. You’re here holding your breath.”

The private residence of the chairman was not a safe haven. It was not completely unknown that Chairman Hwang Je-je had usually interacted with the granddaughter.

During Dorothea’s stay, strangely, there were frequent visitors. It was usually a visit under the guise of gifts or scorpions. In fact, it would have been the three works sent by the Imperial Palace to spy on the situation.

Every time, I hide in the basement or in the closet several times. Dorothea held on, though. For the sake of my brother, who’s been going through a lot harder than this.

Days are numbered when it will be submerged under the water.

Today is the day of the meeting. As it disguised itself as an evening party, it was scheduled to have a night time.

The greenhouse that was lit up late at night would be noticeable, but there was a way. I invited guests to the ballroom separately and gave them double confusion. It’s a fraternity that has nothing to do with power. In the meantime, the greenhouse building will be covered by visitors’ wagons.

Dorothea himself was the organizer of the Greenhouse Ambition.

She didn’t come here to be a puppet of the aristocracy. Smiling quietly in the midst of adults doesn’t suit my personality in the first place.

Dressing up is a means of establishing authority at this very time.

You don’t have to try to look beautiful. It’s not that good-looking, it’ll only be seen as a struggle to hide one’s young age.

It is also the opposite of Albert’s. He had a history of mass-producing portraits by actively utilizing his shining appearance in the early years of his ascension.

She’d better draw a line that’s different from the start.

After brushing, black hair was glossy. Linde had a thick braid after having her hair slicked back with a half-moon comb. Instead of pinning it up, the hair was naturally stretched out.

“Hey, kid, get the dress you hung up! It’s for you to wear, so be extra careful!”

Linde’s voice grew, satisfied with his performance. A little maid brought me a dress. Linde took it with a smug look and began to dress Dorothea.

Dorothea laughed a lot. I would normally have said a word. However, Linde, who suffered together, has a chance to raise her nose for the first time in a while. I changed my mind to let it go its way.

One day will be fine.

Linde is also so eager to carry out a granddaughter in a precarious.

There are people who risk their lives for themselves. Then you also have to keep a reasonable attitude.

I also want to act unashamedly to Jofi, who is guarding the North. She got out of the bedroom with the overglove closed thanks to her teaching. It’s only when you do it on your own without Jofi. Let’s raise your chin.

It was time to eat after changing. The chairman knocked on the door of my room.

“Your Highness, it’s time to go.”


The chairman, who witnessed the attire, smiled faintly.

“I feel like I’m seeing His Majesty Anelis again when I was young.

“Are you that much like your mother?”

“I saw you when you came to the new temple. Back then, there were many princes and women in the royal family.Only…….”

The chairman, who was making his way ahead, said quietly.

“There were people who felt sorry that they had to be like him to be king.”

Dorothea was not necessarily surprised or excited. I just said, ‘Well.’

Grand Duke Anelis von Licht was indeed such a man. She devoted herself to defending the cold change. Even when the people around me fell one by one, they fulfilled their responsibilities. And finally lost his life trying to save the homeless.

She was a strong mother. It was scary when it was strict. However, there were many days when she hugged and soothed her daughter, who was often ill.I’m so busy outside that I don’t want to be ashamed of myself. I’m sorry I couldn’t take care of you. He said he didn’t know if he became so weak because he had a baby late.

Every time Dorothea would bury her face red with heat.

Mom, don’t say that. It’s Dora’s fault. I’m sorry I keep hurting you. I’m sorry that I have a fever and cough all the time.

I wonder if I can succeed my mother properly. I wonder if I can rule like a mother. Dorothea is weak and terrible, so what if you pass it on to another child because he’s a real child…….

“You can go that way and eat it. Your Highness, Granddaughter. Ippenia hasn’t arrived yet, but everyone who wants to follow you has gathered.”

Dorothea was awakened from her mind.

He raised his head and straightened his shoulders. The face that had been locked in the past became determined.

When I lay sick, I was busy chasing my mother’s back. But now she’s not here just for that.

The faces of those who were responsible and rewarded, and the colors of the world that I had seen and heard, crossed the girl’s mind. As the weight was placed on the shoulder, the tone of the voice was dignified by itself.

There’s no need for loud talk to anyone to rule.

She gave a brief order.

“Guide me.”

* * *

There were various aspects of the anti-government faction. Some of Dorothea’s aides were already familiar with him personally, while others joined him belatedly.

Most of the members were nobles and bureaucrats. In the meantime, soldiers who were captured and the royal family of Banggye were also involved for some time.

The positions of each other are different, but they had something in common. The fact is that he was antipathetic to Albert’s rule. One of them was anxious that the emperor would also remove himself.

They were all dressed in robes. At first glance, it looks like a gimmick to disguise the nightlife. In reality, it was more like a ceremony for them to greet the king of the house.

Instead of glasses and music, there was a big map on the table. It was a map of the entire imperial palace.

“Your Majesty is now here. He’s on trial in court.”

A Justice Department official explained the status quo. A long baton pointed to a particular building.

“The Attorney General seemed perplexed, but there was nothing he could do about it. Her Majesty has endured several hearings between the Imperial Palace and the Queen’s Palace due to the tides.”

“How long does it take to decide?”

“It’s a trial that comes to a conclusion and takes place in a perfunctory manner. Usually, it’s just in time for the Emperor, but considering the precedent…….”

The next word was in a difficult tone.

“In the case of Viscount Moden, I remember it took about two weeks.”

Dorothea recalled someone she had known. After measuring the date for a while, he opened his mouth.

“That’s a pretty rough ride considering the normal trial period. The physical evidence presented is nothing more than poor. Even if you pick flowers from other people’s flower beds, you won’t be punished like this. Does my brother Jong-sook still want to go ahead with the charges?”

“That’s always the trick of the Great Mouse. He’s a man who’s in a hurry to follow authority, let alone follow the example of the emperor’s achievements.”

Someone helped me. Another spoke soothingly of Dorothea.

“Your Highness, the Grand Princess. But don’t worry. The emperor was out of luck with just this many people.”

“You’re right. Albert’s position now is no better than his last years. What’s there to be afraid of if we all stand up for the big day?”

“Wait, easy optimism at a time when you need to stay alert.”

Several people, including the Chairman, were up and down for a counterargument. Dorothea raised her hand to stop them.

“I’ll tell you, wait for me. You must not know what it means to lose your life to the Emperor yet.”The audience became quiet. At first glance, it wasn’t for a minor girl to say. Dorothea, however, was by far the most knowledgeable of him.

“I’ve seen it in person. My mother, Grand Duke Licht, was in good health, usually without any changes. He got on and off the horse to warm up like a habit that day. Then he suddenly collapsed and died.”

She stared at the audience still. Sitting upright in the top seat, I tightened my voice.

“There’s always poison in the gaps like this way. I appreciate that you’re here for me, but it’s hard to make a big deal out of this discipline. Have any of them ever had a bear-throwing a bear in personally.

He couldn’t have been. The central area has fewer predators as it has a high population density. As long as it didn’t go deep into the Great Mountains, even if it went out to the suburbs, it was only a fox or a wildcat.

“It’s an annual event in the North. Flood control and budgeting are important tasks every year. There are times when a bear wakes up from hibernation and tries to give a congratulatory speech. Once upon a time, there was a way to punish, but sometimes there are victims, just like my father did.”

Dorothea took the baton from a bureaucrat. I stood up at the top of the table and pointed out a spot on the map. It is the crystal hole in the center of the court palace.

“Jongsuk still has a roof and storage. Dozens of knights and hundreds of standing soldiers move at his beck and call. Or maybe there’s someone on this occasion who’s trying to get the crumbs from this opportunity.”

She took turns pointing to the Knights and the Army’s main quarters.

“This is a much more cautious issue than dealing with bears and wolves. No optimism at first glance, even if it seems like he’s not on my side. Judgment of the situation is important, but I hope you will keep in mind that it will save your lives.”

After speaking, she handed over the baton and sat down. Then I called a man who was hiding in the cornerstone over there.


“Oh, yeah!”

She stood up, hiding her leafy ears with her hair. Dorothea beckoned to come this way and said.

“You don’t have to hide it. I heard that the forest people helped me last time. Thank you for taking the courage to come out here, even though the Emperor must be under a lot of pressure.”

“That’s, I’m flattered. It’s just that I owe you so much.”

“You know the greenery of the Imperial Palace best. Wouldn’t you tell me if there’s a side road or a loophole that can be used to escape?”

Emerencia nodded quickly and picked up the pen. Then the loose atmosphere from earlier disappeared. When there was a topic to focus on, serious military doctors began to come and go.

The nervous chairman breathed a sigh of relief.

I guess you’re getting older and worried about nothing.’

It couldn’t be better.

Although he has mastered the atmosphere in the court palace for months, it is not usually a burden to win the top seat at such a meeting. As soon as he entered, he looked rather old-fashioned.

But Dorothea did not cringe. You said you’d make it, because you’ve been in meetings without a say in the North.

Even in her dress, she looks solemn with wolf fur around her black dress. Since he was tall and fattened during his stay in the system, some would have made a first impression with a considerable strong bone. You may have misunderstood Albert as a cold-hearted grandmother.

But she made it clear.

I worry about the lives of those who are here. Be careful not to be sacrificed.

That, at first glance, was a word that did not come true to Albert the last few years.He was an emperor who said he was worried on the outside and hated him on the inside. It was a car that everyone was sick of.

On the other hand, the Grand Duchess declared plain. You don’t hesitate, you don’t have to look down. You don’t have to look down.

Naturally, the atmosphere was concentrated.

Not all of these people here desperately supported the Dorothea individual. There was a man attached to this side because he was a powerful emperor to replace Albert. Some thought it was just a girl in the halo of the deceased Grand Duke.

Before they knew it, they began seriously to come up with a plan to raise her to the throne.

“Some feared that the young grandmother would be swayed by the breath of others.’

Who would be worried about this?

“If you supplement it with all your might, you will indeed become a wise monarch.”’

While the chairman was thinking, Linde, who was guarding the doorway, hurried across the greenhouse. She spoke to Dorothea in her ear.

“The Count has arrived.”

There were several wagons that I couldn’t see outside.

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