Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 227

The wagon had a large chest on each roof and back foothold. It is a gimmick to disguise itself as a band that went on a field trip. If caught in a check-up along the way, the security forces would have found only stringed instruments and beaded costumes.

Liriya, who got off the wagon, took off her fur as if she were an opera actress. When the skirt was pulled, it was revealed that the hunting pants were worn inside.

“I can’t wear it anymore because I’m frustrated. What’s going on inside?”

Linde, who happened to open the door, rushed up to her. Whispering sent word about the current situation.

Hearing the story, Liriya looked back at the man in the carriage.

“They’re still discussing how to occupy the palace. What are you going to do?”

“I’ll wait. Until your lover brings the priest.”

“Nicolai is a friend. Not yet.”

Liriya said with a grumpy look. When he found a man tampering with the crossbow, he turned the subject to it.

“Does the practice pay off?”

“Now it’s enough to match the mark on the wall. Still, soldiers aren’t used to it, but they should be able to shoot just in case.”

He pulled the demonstration and tightened the knot. For a moment, the lips, which had been lost in thought, suddenly opened.

“Did you find the answer to what I asked you before?”

Lyria understood what he was referring to.

He asked Liriya one question after returning from his mission. Do you know how to destroy the power failure and blood vessels from the outside if they are closed by mucus?

However, even articles fluent in this field failed to give a clear answer. Liriya, who had learned purely by herself, was never able to find the answer.

“I was worried about something else, but I don’t know. As the hand-written article says. The person has to use the aura to solve it, and if someone touches it, it will be twisted. I’m about to break the rope with a knife and my skin is about to burst.”

“Well, I heard you’ve been paralysed before. I thought you had your own tricks.”

“You mean when you’re in the back alley with the juju?”

Liriya folded her arms trying to remember the past.

“That’s a blood transfusion. I guess Mac and I just hit him. It’s less precise than mucus. It’s not much different from hitting a vital point.”

“I see.”

“I solved the paralysis on my own for a little while ago.…that’s the point. It’s not the trick, it’s the will. I came to my senses because I said I shouldn’t collapse here.”


The man recounted the word. Lyria went on.”I’m rather surprised. I thought the destruction god would be back soon. I don’t know how good the Emperor’s mucus is.”

She also looked questionable.

“Aura is the power of the soul. It’s also the soul that can’t get over it easily.”

“Is it a mental problem?

“Well… your lover says he escaped the knight in the meantime. It could be depressing at heart, right? Especially in the current situation.”

Liriyah saved her breath. It was quite conscious of the man’s reaction.

Rumors were heard in her ears, too. Blonde government lying in the emperor’s bed. A lot of stories about her.

Rather than taking a bathtub to the room and taking a bath together, they said they serve the emperor’s temple with their claws dyed, and finally they were busy mixing their bodies against the backdrop of the singer’s aria.

It was nothing but unfamiliar news. The atmosphere of fear, contrary to the euphoria, triggered a court backlash. I don’t know how true the rumors may be, but it’s true that they played a role in accelerating political change.

She could really have fallen to the Emperor. Or maybe you’re going through a difficult time to express.

Either way, it was clear that the man in the carriage was shaking. Nevertheless, it was rather ominous that he was calm without showing any signs.

‘Oh, well, Nicole told me not to say anything or touch anything.’

In time, a follow-up wagon entered the garden.

Only then did the man lay down the crossbow. Instead, I came down the platform with a cane. Chung-bok, who was keeping his seat, followed behind him.

“It’s about time. Young master, please come inside.”

Ruslan looked at the Ipheniyans getting off the wagon. I went through familiar faces one after another.

It is the first time that Ippeniya tries to talk to the imperial leaders. Feeling responsible for myself, I opened my mouth.

“I am neither your representative nor your king. But as agreed in advance, I will enter first, inevitably. Let’s start negotiations after coordinating from the inside.”

“I have no complaints.”

Nikolai said.

“The negotiating table for the reform of Korea’s liberation is just around the corner. You’re the one who made this meeting.”

“Well, even if you’re negotiating, you’re negotiating with your sister.”

Liriya nodded once, and put into his mouth the title he had hoped for himself.

“Please, Count Keitel.”

It was a tone of trust.

Only then did Ruslan loosen his stiff face slightly. He greeted his compatriots who had acted together for a short period of time. And walked out the stone path without hesitation.

One would have hoped that he would take the lead as Prince of Iphenya.

In fact, some of the old men in the remnants had even made a temple to Ruslan. They had a lot of requests to tell him.

Please go with me to the empty snow field with only the gas well left. Rebuild the palace and sit on the throne. And restore the reign of King Zahari, who died early.

Your Highness, please lead us. The old man only wants to be loyal to the royal family again.」

Unfortunately, it was an unacceptable request.

Because he grew up keeping them away. Because I didn’t know them too well to rule them. I thought I was ineligible because I didn’t share the joys and sorrows with my compatriots. As things got better, I didn’t want to be shamelessly on top of my head.

However, a thousand people carved in his veins led him to this position.

I hope I can pay off my debt to my parents and benefactors here.

We’ve come all the way here. The fruit of your saving me has finally come to fruition.’My dear second mother, who died in a chagrin.

Let’s pay off all the grace and debt we had when we were born. So that the next lifetime can be spent on anyone and how.

The round lamp of the greenhouse was bright. Entering the dark garden, Ruslan closed his eyes for a momentarily. I opened my eyes only after adjusting to the light that permeated my eyelids.

He had black hair and red eyes.

On the opposite side of the long table, a sister of the same color is sitting. I was surprised to find a black dress and gray wolf fur. I don’t know if I looked like a wool in my life.

And all sorts of nobles and bureaucrats, soldiers and imperial blood around.

There are different facial expressions. Surprised, curious, suspicious, thrilled, mixed colors.

It was a foreseen event. Count Keitel, who has been unaccounted for since the Daishin War, has finally appeared as the mastermind of the remnants of Iphenya. He even raised his head as if he was innocent.

Dorothea was only looking this way. He looked similar to when he gave his late brother to dinner.

“Everyone, be quiet. Don’t make a fuss.”

She ordered naturally.

It’s an impeccable attitude. If it were private, I would have teased him for growing up quite a bit, but now he couldn’t.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about. It’s a book that I invited to get help with.”

“Your Highness, the Grand Princess. But the author was accused of attempting civil war…… or, before that, wasn’t he always a threat to your safety?”

“I’ve already cleared up old misconceptions. It was all my Jong-sook Albert’s split, so it’s only split considering that the safety of the change was shaken.”

Indeed, Ruslan intended antagonism, but even he slipped the blame on the emperor. The fundamental cause was provided by the emperor, so it was not much wrong.

Dorothea said to those who still seem anxious.

“He is my brother in private. I came here in honor of my brother and sister’s friendship.”


Ruslan took it lightly and bowed to familiar manners.

“It’s been a while since I saw the Grand Princess.”

I said hello conscious of being in an open position. It must have been a pre-planned statement, but as an older brother, I felt a bit awkward.

A child hugging a doll and clinging to his mother. There’s a girl, looking down at herself, who thought she was a brother even though the blood wasn’t mixed. I’m accepting engineering naturally.

I’ve only come this far.

The girl is sitting in the middle of a curtain around the imperial center. He intends to win the country in name and reality.

“If there’s anyone in here who can outperform him, come see me. I’ll give you a chance to show your skills.”

There was no one. There couldn’t have been.

Only then did Ruslan smile when he saw the atmosphere in order. Someone who found a bright impression blushed casually.

No wonder he is dressed in the robes of the Opposition. He was dressed up as a soldier for a while.

However, it was not the black line that he used to wear.

It’s white. I put on a moonlight-like gift. The collar cape was wrapped around the shoulder. The lining contrasted with the white exterior was bluish.

Krabatman is as dark as the night sky. The harmony did not seem to match the color of the eyes at first glance. But naturally, he turned his icy face around.

The hands in the old gloves clasped both ends of the cane. There was a lot of room on his face.

“I was wondering what kind of people it was to build a new country. I’ve known them for a long time. I don’t need to say hello, but I introduce myself for those who don’t know.””Count Ruslan von Keitel. Don’t be fooled by your specialty pun. What this side wants is the Earl’s track record and transparency, in other words the truth.”

The chairman of the Privy Council intervened unstoppably. Ruslan smiled.

“I don’t know. The rumored ingredients from my birth, how much Ippeniya’s remnants are involved in, and what suggestions I’d like to make. I’ll reveal everything later that can’t be more transparent. However, I think self-introduction will be important.”

“What the…….”

It was the moment someone opened their mouth. Ruslan did not wait. I took off the hand holding the cane’s head and took it to my hair. With him, the magic on his body came off.


There was a rumor. That’s what they said when the temple turned out to be a prisoner. But it was a phenomenon that some considered futile. The truth came out of the blue.

He didn’t stop there. I turned the cane lightly. As soon as everyone’s eyes were focused on the sudden stunt, he reached out his other hand and responded to the atmosphere.

The man who was about to shout hurriedly covered his mouth. The noise in this seat should not leak out.

A greenhouse filled with exotic plants disappeared from sight.

Instead, the place was moved to a strange palace. The hall was as beautiful as snow and ice. Even the table in the middle looked transparent.

It’s just an illusion of the eye, but the influence of vision is powerful. Everyone here has forgotten the smell of grass and the warm touch of wood.

“Everyone with eyes would have checked here. As you can see, I am a descendant of Ipeniya, and this is what the emperor calls a curse. It’s the art of Epheniah, called magic.”

Even Dorothea looked down at the table, a little stunned. She was also the first to see fantasy magic.

Not to mention the others. I was lost for words due to a strange phenomenon. Ruslan spoke to them leisurely.

“It only stimulates the eyes and brain a little by adapting the aura to the atmosphere. It’s far from a man-harming sage. I don’t think we’ll have any conversation until we find out that the curse is a forgery of the Emperor.”

“I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with your body…….”

“I’ve seen it somewhere, is this the palace of the North?”

Each murmured. Instead of answering every word, Ruslan brought up the subject.

“And as an Ippeniya, I’m here to deliver one suggestion.”

Dorothea faced him with the eyes that he had come. Ruslan continued.

“It’s a negotiation that we couldn’t even begin with because of the murder of our master during the war. He wants an answer from the next imperial monarch.”

“A demand to accept the lifting of the title.”

Dorothea arranged the gist in advance.

“What do I gain by promising it?”

This is a play that is scripted. The procedure to put together the prepared shells one by one. The following words were therefore fully anticipated.

Ruslan stretched out two fingers.

“I’ll give you two trophies. One is assistance.”

An explanation ensued.

“For Ipeniya, the empire is clearly an invader. But a small and powerful country. In order to settle the grudge against both the emperor and the emperor, defeating the enemy as the enemy is the realistic means. Therefore, as long as there is a commitment to accept our country’s demands, we will fully cooperate with the grandmother’s work.”

“And what else?”

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