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Chapter 228

Ruslan answered the question without hesitation.”Let me teach you a viper cave that will threaten the reign of the new emperor.”

Several high-ranking officials put on a curious look. They were expecting technology offers, compensation adjustments, or cooperation in restoring the royal family.

What do you mean a viper cave? Was there any other threat to the Empire now? The greatest threat to their well-being now was the emperor. I thought the only factor that would be a variable was Ippeniya.

This notion was a chronic problem with the current imperial system centered on the middle ground.

It was good to introduce bureaucracy and new administrative divisions when the empire was established. The continent quickly unified under the system. The current peace and stability are built on him, but a century has passed.

It is time to reveal the defects that have been in place.

A triangular structure in which one emperor reigns over the top and has the rest of the people. Furthermore, the vertical system in which the midfield has a change with the outside region.

The court in the center is locked in here and is prone to darkness outside. Even in the top private unions, this gap existed. This is the point where a southern trader often vomited that it was unreasonable.

Ippenilla dug into the gap. It wasn’t until they were spoken out that the court realized its existence.

News of the forces crouching in the countryside was naturally late.

“The old Southern establishment. These are the real people behind Ippeniah’s funding, who tried to take over the imperial power by inciting chaos in the system. Ippeniah is willing to hand over their list to the new emperor. When the news of the emperor’s replacement comes out, it’s the party that’s going to bring division faster than anyone else.”

“Wait, are you trying to sell off those who once held hands?”

Someone asked. Ruslan rather asked back.

“Are you trying to make a point of justification? Let us put aside the argument as to how useful it will be in the present situation. To answer the question first, you’re welcome.”

His smile got cold.

“You’re the first one to quit. It was only after Ippenia lost her source of activity that she cringed helplessly at the instigation of the curse. They would have betrayed you with that determination, so they wouldn’t complain about identifying you.”

The anti-government faction exchanged glances at the words.

Although it was the first time I heard it, it didn’t make sense.

It is not known how far the old aristocrats in the South decorated their numbers. However, it was widely known that he usually had a strange rivalry with the central government.

There’s nothing to lose by getting a list. If they are that confident, they will also identify their networks and means of transporting funds. It is also a proposal to take risks. And this is an opportunity to find out where the water leak in the system has been.

Ruslan would have calculated all these responses and devised the numbers.

The preparations for the actual performance of the masterstroke would have gone too far, although little has been revealed. How much it took to convince the Ippennyans.

He’s a mean brother, but he doesn’t have the ability to overcome reading. Dorothea opened her mouth with admiration in her heart.

“Let’s see.”

I could feel the eyes around me. Just by showing her convincing signs, half had already been decided.

Ruslan put his cane on the floor.

“I’m sure people here have a lot of thoughts in front of trouble. But it would also be a tragedy to repeat the unfortunate fight between the two countries. Ippenia has put down much of the grudges over the long-term cause. Would we be drawn to the emperor’s manipulation of public opinion by maintaining a futile conflict like this? Or would you like to listen to this general meeting?”It induced the decision to narrow down to Lee Ji-sun. He made a decisive blow to change the minds of those who hesitated until the end.

“Little Grand Duke Licht raised this body as her brother, believing that you would make the right choice.”

When we reached this point, it became difficult to express opposition.

The opinions of the audience gradually became unified. This is good enough to be in the water. Dorothea stepped up to the plate and sorted it out.

“My mother often said that war was meaningless in her life. Uncle Anton was defeated for opposing the invasion.”

She lifted her eyes and looked at the fantasy of the palace. It was an unfamiliar place. It was a beautiful place. The empire destroyed this place and turned it into an abandoned palace.

It’s a sin that happened before she was even born. It’s just that she’s determined to rise to the throne, and she has to take responsibility for it and face the dead.

I didn’t think it was unreasonable.

She decided to come here with all her might.

“Anyway, there will never be an answer until we talk. Count, let me in. Granddaughter Licht will welcome the representative of Ipeniya.”

The greenhouse door opened and a priest with a chair came in. Liriya and Nikolai and other members of the organization surrounded her.

The two forces greeted each other and began to introduce themselves. A hand-written poster with Iphenya’s name was unfolded on the compartment of the imperial palace.

Ruslan stepped back to his seat a little further away and looked at it.

The middle of the talks was not his place. He couldn’t get in on either side.

He also tracked Ippeniah and helped Ippeniah. Today’s talks took place after going back and forth between the two sides. In doing so, his full duty as a mediator.

That’s enough.

Retreated to the edge of the stage, he quietly raised one hand. This is to return the relics left by the two mothers.

The white palace slowly melted into the air and disappeared. Hair and eyes returned to the color of the Grand Street.

He’ll live his life as an imperfect half-way through.

Just as she decided to live with Juju’s body and Charlotte’s soul.

“……that’s enough.”

Ruslan recited in a low voice.

“I can see you soon.”

murmured, ‘I thought I’d go berserk if I didn’t imply that. I realized that she wasn’t next to me even though I reached this spot.

The old man guarding his back said nothing. This is because he noticed that it was not for him to hear.

* * *

The long secret talks finally came to an end. One by one, the group quietly walked out of the street at night.

The performance was obviously great. Each got what he had to get.

Ippeniya, among other things, has won the pledge to release her long-cherished title. The priest and Dorothea wrote the documents themselves and stamped the disruptions.

It was largely thanks to the dramatic negotiation on the ownership of gas wells, which was the biggest controversy.

The terms of the treaty were as follows.

Admitting the responsibility of war and the need for compensation for damage. Part of the well is returned in view of the current population of Ipeniya.

The rest ended in the form of borrowing at the expense of the Empire for decades to come.

This was also a grace period for the complete excavation of the northern unexplored land. The cost paid by the empire was entitled reconstruction assistance.

There was a lot else to decide on. Principles of development of gas firecrackers, opening windows for other technological exchanges, military protection accompanying exclusive lending of wells, etc.

Ippenia sought great gains, even for the sake of her sacrificed life. However, in the form of unilateral losses on the imperial side, the credentials protest. There was a possibility that the negotiations themselves could fall through.Considering the balance between the two sides, the present was the best.

“It was a scene of intense bargaining with one or two wells. Even if this side wants to show that they are purely sorry, the world that must press good will when national interests and politics are connected…….’

Dorothea leaned against the chair, closed her eyes and thought. I could feel Linde’s hand untangling his hair.

You can’t die until the end of the rental period.’

For the first time I was grateful for my age. What’s the point of losing all the promises made today due to his sudden death, and another war breaks out?

It was a short-lived meeting, but it was enough to experience the weight of storage. I was determined, but there was much more to consider. It was heavy that if he made a bad judgment, it would not end up as a mistake alone.

It was amazing that Jong-sook, who went up to this position and thought of pushing others.

Linde wiped her hands and feet with a warm towel. I feel like I’m exhausted from work for the first time in my life, and the chairman came into my room.

“Oh, you’re tired, aren’t you?”

Dorothea opened her eyes wide. I sat down in a straight position.

“I’m a little sleepy. Didn’t all the guests say they were back?”

“Yes, everyone has returned home safely. I came up at the request of Count Keitel.”

“Your brother?”

The chairman laughed out loud. The maid pushed in the tea cart.

“Your Highness must have missed dinner today. My sister has a habit of skipping meals and sleeping. I would appreciate it if you could take this opportunity to correct your bad habits.」

“- they said.”

“He’s out of his way…….”

Dorothea went to the table, blushing her cheeks. Linde, who took over the milk jar, made a fuss.

“But, miss, you like yolk pie. Have some chicken souffles, too. The Earl thought of your taste.”

“Yu-cheong salad has a Ruslan taste. I’m telling you to eat vegetables and carrots whenever you have time.”

While complaining, Dorothea took a bite. The chairman sat opposite and laughed.

“You have to eat well. It’s not desirable to be a gourmet king, but it’s also good to control your mind with your appetite to carry out complex state affairs.”

“Did you think you could do a good job?”

Dorothea asked, swallowing what was in her mouth.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else but me.”

“Well, what do you mean?”

The chairman was given the liver milk brought by the maid.

“You have already conceived what and how to govern this country. You did a great job at today’s meeting.”

“That’s because I had to convince Ippenilla…….”

“I don’t know how many more years I’ll be able to do, but I thought I’d like to see a sketch of the “Federal State” you envisioned.”

In a friendly tone, Dorothea became embarrassed. He rummaged through salad and chewed on chicory.

It is not a figment of one’s imagination. The concept was discovered while searching the librarian.

A time when the continent was torn apart in a struggle for the middle ground. A form that appeared occasionally when kingdoms were merged and divided according to the times.

Dorothea wanted to expand it across the continent.

The great self-consciousness of the emperor Georg created a unified empire. Albert, the next, cannot handle the size and is preoccupied with self-interest. As a result, discrimination against the subjunctive national lineage, and the gap between central and provincial regions deepened.

Dorothea knew what she was doing.

One emperor is too small to carry a huge chunk of land. It only breeds delusions such as immortality.

So, what if it’s in the same form as a flat on that street.Under one roof of the Union, if each region has reasonable autonomy.

Imperial law will also be inherited as a norm in that country. The monarch heads as a common representative. However, each region will elect its own representatives to disperse governance, discuss them together and build a nation.

It is still far too far away.

It will take decades just to lay the foundation.

Luckily, Dorothea has a long way to go. And the privilege of being an emperor could be useful.

It remains to be seen how effective the order from above will be. However, I want to do my best to reach a voluntary agreement. So that at least one person can escape the rule of differentiating and eliminating.

While I was thinking, the salad ball was almost empty. Dorothea recalled earlier talks with Ippenya while drinking heated milk.

The representative over there was a middle-aged woman who claimed to be a priest. But she was more of a spiritual proponent. Dorothea quickly figured out that he was far from the real power.

There was someone else who seemed to be leading them.

It was a woman with short hair. The hunting suit was unique, but above all, he was an impressive person with full face spirit.

She was holding her hands behind the priest’s back like a faithful hound. While looking at the way the talks were coming and going, I suddenly brought up a word.

“It’s not such a good example in history. We couldn’t defeat the empire by fighting in the end. It has become a form of leaning on the good will of the granddaughter.」

What Ruslan said to him remained deep in Dorothea’s heart.

He remained silent throughout the talks and only spoke then.

“You can prove the power of good faith. Because I was born because of him, too.」

The direction of the action and the alliance were set. The movement began immediately the next day.

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