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Chapter 229

The anti-government faction began to discuss in secret. It is about the response of the day and the direction of follow-up measures. Ippenya has been playing a role of distracting attention.

Sporadic destruction of gas lamps occurred in various parts of the city. It was not something that didn’t happen before, but this time the gap was especially short.

Every dawn, unspecified people repeatedly broke their backs and fled from unspecified places. It was not easy to find criminals because it was something that could be done only with slingshots. It was difficult to understand the movement because it happened in different places simultaneously.

In itself, it was clearly a minor misdemeanor. But the security forces were under stress, bordering on neurosis.

“Similar to the punishment of dropping droplets.”

Ruslan picked up the white ink and marked the next operational site on the map.

Nikolai, who was reviewing the operation together, asked.

“What the hell is that?”

“I’ve read it in an old book with a history. Torture from the old days. It is to drop water drops between the eyes at regular intervals while the whole body is tied up. It’s just a drop, but it’s just a drop.

Rock-paper-scissors have already been packed throughout the system. There have already been more than a hundred places.

“As time goes by, my head feels like it’s burning because my mind is focused on the droplets. I don’t even know how long this will last. The security forces must feel the same way.”

Only then did Nikolay understand Ruslan’s parable.

Cities are activated only when supplies and funds are circulated. The system, which has been blocked, is currently tied up all over the body.

In this situation, the security forces trapped in the city were fully overworked. Care must be taken not only to maintain security within the system, but also to guard the gates that have been sealed off. In addition, he is on patrol paying keen attention to weightlifting without substance or a broken hand driver.Even minor misdemeanors are on edge in a row. Which way will aggression explode when it reaches the critical point?

Hate for the enemy will be heightened. But the true nature of the killer is unknown. Rather than a ghostly enemy, the emperor who instigated this situation is much more real.

In this situation, can the security forces maintain vague loyalty?

Unlike the Knights in the Emperor’s neighbourhood, they are just the new people who have been called up as professions. The situation was similar for the Army.

The blockade order, which was implemented to catch the weightlifting, was strangling the emperor himself.

“But vague anger is hard to control. It’s better to make a catalyst at this point.”

Ruslan found the gate on the outskirts and circled it one by one. Nikolai nodded as if he understood. And I called the school kid to deliver to Liriya.

It just so happened that she seemed a little sore with the gas lamp alone. I readily acceded to the operation.

In the meantime, a large amount of gas collected by breaking the back had been embedded in firecrackers. After Liriya handed out firecrackers to the group I led, she took action herself.

Firecrackers exploded at several gates.

Because I wrote it outdoors, I lost a lot of power. But it was enough to smear the tightly closed gates. The visual effects of the blackened gates were considerable.

We just want to go back to our hometown!>

Albert, lift the city blockade!>

Let go of the power to destroy the people!>

At the same time as the terror, the leaflets were reprinted.

This time it was certainly appealing.

Fatigue from the Ippeniya incident was already high. The curse has slowly become less tangible. Most citizens did not feel the right inconvenience except for the occasional breakdown of gas lamps.

The skin discomfort was on the side of the blockade. The search for terrorists was often done by security forces to disperse residents of certain homes. It’s hard to get in and out of the suburbs, and supplies don’t come in easily.

The weather got colder and colder in the face of a tight distribution. In the meantime, anxiety rose that medicine might not be available if the flu or other plague broke out. This is because most of the medicines depend on raw materials produced outside the system.

Questions about the imperial authority began to spread.

In the early days, the public sentiment was united against the emperor. But if Ippeniah was really a weightlifter, there should have been an attempt to catch or talk at this point.

There is no change. The emperor curls up in the palace and makes no movement. He asked the empress what she did for her sins, and only heard rumors that she would spend time with the government instead.

Starting with the terrorist attacks at the gate, the atmosphere of the system was clearly deteriorating.

A newspaper bravely posted an editorial criticizing the status quo. With him, public sentiment began to shake noticeably.

Her approval rating was also on the decline before and after her divorce wish. The inciting of the curse revealed the foundation of the brief rebound.

“Your Majesty, would you like to continue with the blockade?”

Chancellor Otto led Nogu to the emperor’s deposition.

He knew there was some movement under the court. However, he chose neutrality without any sympathy or search.

The prime minister will soon retire. Exactly what he wanted to retire earlier was suspended for Albert’s support.

Now, we don’t know which way the fate of the imperial throne will head. If an incident breaks out, one side will surely die.

So the Chancellor did not choose either. This is because he had an intuition that the surviving regime’s handling of the aftermath was his last mission.

Most people who are not headed for the anti-government would feel this way.No one is loyal to Albert’s individual. There is no one left who truly inspires his character or admires his ability. They serve only the position of emperor, the stability of overwhelming sovereignty.

Albert also sensed such an atmosphere to some extent.

There’s little trace of a granddaughter. It must have been hidden away by someone in the papers. But if it’s too painful, it’s likely to be an outrage. Search personnel were also scarce due to a series of terror attacks in Ippenya.

The emperor is one man, the aristocrat and the many. It took a little more reason to touch them. That’s why you can’t crush poisonous mushrooms all over the court at once.

But I was wondering what to do.

He leaned languidly on the armchair. Charlotte, who sat on her lap, was up and down. He spoke as he bit her with a pomegranate grain.

“The order given for our safety is too much for the people to say. I will preach that those who praise them will be severely punished.”

“Hi, Your Majesty.”

“Why don’t we announce that we will phase out the lockdown? I will say that I will open up the distribution of urgent medicines first in the coming winter. It will not be long before the Empress is sentenced, so the date of execution of the punishment shall be the date of lifting the blockade.”

The prime minister is in a state of silence.

If it’s a lockdown order to be lifted with the punishment of the empress, doesn’t it mean that Epheniah wasn’t a top priority from the beginning?

The emperor spoke as if he were distributing work according to the set process. However, actual trials were increasing or decreasing at his will. The justice minister was caught by the emperor with a minor weakness and could not resist.

Albert looked cutely at Charlotte chewing on pomegranates without saying a word. Red water flowed down my wrist as I picked up more pulp.

His words continued.

“I guess that’s it. The Empress will have to take responsibility for the protection of the dead. It’s a pity to go into prison, but I’ve done it myself, so I can’t help it.”

The turbulent forces inside the court would most likely have held the day in great measure.

Currently, the only cause they have to offer is the rescue of the empress. It is also an appropriate bait to capture Philippe, who has left the team.

“If it’s hard to find an ant hole in the house, we’ll have to crawl out.’

Albert uses Batilde as a sacrifice to wait for the day when a flock of ants comes.

You can step on it and kill it when it’s crowded. If you trace the path you crawled out of, you can find your home. It’s not hard to strike a straight line to the queen ant that the swing serves.

It’ll be quiet once you sweep it out.

Let’s turn the game on the defensive at first glance. You can make a thorough cleaning inside the court and make a fresh start in a clean place.

They quickly have other ideas, but they think hard in front of the roof. The same goes for Albert himself. Throne and storage, and… will believe in the world.….

Charlotte will be next to him at the time.

Let’s put a pearl crown on it and use it as our own. Let’s give them a taste of the short-lived sightseeing.

He’s still picky, but he won’t complain about getting a pearl crown. Charlotte will also be obedient when other options disappear and receive positive energy.

At that time, I was going to release the mucus. You will gain more than a thousand soldiers and a thousand horses. There is nothing more to be desired if the execution of the fallen seed is achieved around that time.

He took the wrist of pomegranate water to Charlotte. She frowned, closed her mouth tightly, and turned her head.To Albert, even that seemed futile and lovely resistance and lovely resistance. I burst into a cool laugh and let him bring a towel.

The Chancellor watched the scene with a feeling of not knowing how to describe it.

Albert, who was wiping his wrist, realized the existence of the prime minister and spat out a pack.

“What are you doing? Go ahead and do as you are told.”


The prime minister turned his eyes to the blonde Chonghui, who took the Emperor’s knee.

She was as beautiful as ever. But she wasn’t the one shining brightly next to the count. Somewhere in the somber face, there was a sense of decadent futility. Maybe it’s more because it’s covered in skincare thin enough to show off.

“Your Majesty’s command.”

Is Chong-hui’s outfit and gesture an act to survive? Or, as they say, did they submit to the sweetness of the emperor’s appearance and power?

Whatever it is, the scenery is not an example for the monarch to be seen just now.

The Chancellor felt a few years older and went back. Albert laughed when he heard his footsteps grow apart.

“He’s pretty good, too. I can’t let go of my greed for a seat even after my father’s generation. There is a tinge of timidity in the old age. I’ll have to tell him to take a rest when this is over.”

“What are you going to do with Batilde?”

Charlotte asked. Albert replied very familiarly.

“I’ll cripple him and send him to the brain cell. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll refrain from heavy punishment. I reflect on myself that I was over-sensitive at the time.”

He added quickly. He was afraid that Charlotte would turn back bad memories and cause anger. He swept his white, soft cheeks.

“I’m just gonna burn my heels a little bit. Walking may be a little uncomfortable, but I can’t control my internal affairs lightly.”

“Huh, yeah?”

Charlotte thought for a moment. The phenomenon was identified by the crude flow of the situation.

I don’t think it’s going to pass quietly to speed up the execution. Philippe is sure to barge in if he hasn’t come up with a proper trick outside yet.

It was Charlotte herself who urged him to do so. Would it be beneficial to ease Albert’s suspicion now? I brought up harsh words on purpose.

“I want to put a needle in each of her nails. It was so bad of you to ask me to turn myself in together.”

“You can easily find your personality. If you’re going to wear a pearl crown, why don’t you kill that habit?”

Albert was a rather happy throw.

“However, we must use personal advisers to enforce the law. The execution will be over soon. It won’t take long. In the meantime, cleaning the empress and taking you would be perfect.”

“Albert, don’t tell me you’ve been…… like you used to sneak in there?”

“Pretend to be a good luck. Now I realize what I mean.”

It was a tone of questioning. Charlotte put on a forced smile.

“I don’t know until the day. I’ll be watching clearly from the side. I don’t know if you’re really organizing her and giving her a pearl tube.”

“How much time and gold do I have to pour in to clear up your doubts……. Yeah, I’ll keep an eye on it. Whether you finally choose me or not.”

Albert gestured to the servant over there. It was an order to bring lemon water. The other hand clasped Charlotte’s waist tightly and attached it to himself.

Charlotte noticed why he did that. I held back my desire to jump out of the chair. It was unpleasant to stand up and face each other proudly over a thin cloth.

I barely answered.

“If you go and change your words, Albert will kill you.”

“Right, you know that. I’ll run out of patience then.”The servant prepared a glass and poured water. I put in a few dried lemons. I also put the ice out of the tin can.

Albert hated the smell of water fish. The whole court knew the habit of dipping lemons in drinking water.

As far as Charlotte knows, it was a habit that began when she came to the system. He would not look back at the modem, but would recall that the water-flavored one was good.

Next to him, ready for water or not, Albert whispered what I wanted to say.

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll rip your clothes off and grab your bottom right away. I’ll lick mine until I beg for it. I’ll have to put it in to see if you like to turn your back around with this body, but I don’t mind if it’s me if the sensitivity is different. They say you can get pregnant if you put it from top to bottom.”

He laughed and took the glass to his mouth. Charlotte chewed her lips.

The next moment Albert suddenly realized something and threw the glass away. The servant sat face to face.

Hearing the disturbance, the guards rushed in. He pointed a glance at the end of the line.

“Drag it. Let’s first investigate what tricks you’ve done on lemons…….”

“Hey, you’re a woman, you’re a man who’s going to ruin the country! At least the Emperor never let go of state affairs!”

“I’ll correct you. Start with the author and investigate.”

The commotion has gone away. Albert opened his face again and looked back. When he loosens his eyes, he returns to his old model-like face.

“Is there anything you’d like to wear specifically on the day? I’ll do whatever you want, Lotte.”

Charlotte was chilled out.

His poor rationalization, before I knew it, came this far.

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